Why were communists depicted as skeletons?

Looking at old anti-communist propaganda posters, one will find a common trend of communists being portrayed as skeletons. Why is this?
My guess is that whoever was making the images wanted to make them out to be "rejecting" life, possibly in a similar way to how an anarcho-nihilist or whatever will discuss themselves embodying the "negation" of capitalist society. But if there's an actual answer out there I'd much appreciate it.

Otherwise, skeltal thread

It's meant to signify the arrival of death you dumb mofo

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To symbolise death.

Like the "Judeo Bolshevik" shit. Nonsense to intimidate and mislead people.

Communism is a deadly economic warfare tactic that produces nothing but poverty and death.
Skeletons are the perfect mascots for commies.

Well, they proven right, weren't they? Communism is the deadliest ideology that the world has ever seen.

Hell yes

Yes. Fascists were proven right their deaths were inevitable.


Oh yeah, everyone who died totally deserved it. Those ukrainian farmers were all bourgeois AF :DDDD

proud member of the King Killing Association here

Selectively caring about mass death is a tactic of only the most devious of history's liars

Shit it seems so obvious now, thanks for making me feel dumb.
Have a skeltal


Do you mean kulaks?

I wonder, what did the feudalists say about early capitalists when capitalism was emerging?

Thank goodness it's been eradicated and we now live in a peaceful worldwide utopia free of death and misery :^)


I'm all in favor of mass death, just don't pretend that communism is capable of producing anything but.

Start with yourself

how can you put all the subjective blame on Capitalism? Is it not primarily other forms of government and oppressive regimes that usually cause the wars from Capitalism and not Capitalism itself?

It's like saying middle eastern folks are all evil just for being middle eastern, when it's actually their religion and choosing to be Muslims that causes the violence and collapse of society.

It'll be a while, but i'll get there, don't you worry. We won't meet in our afterlife though.

Hmm. Is this one of the reasons those right wingers were calling Undertale Commie propaganda?

It's much more generous than the Black Book of Communism. Do not throw stones in glass houses.

It backfired, skeletons are badass as fuck.

Most of the things on the list were done because of the profit motive, a central part of capitalism.

what ukrainian farmers? Are you refering to Holodomor hoax?

i think that our problem was that we killed few

Friendly reminder that the Holodomor myth was propagated by the Nazis in an attempt to justify an invasion of the Soviet Union as "liberating the Ukrainians."
Also Ukraine was anti-semitic as fuck iirc

that is correct, the holodomor was made up by Nazis to swing the ukrainians in their favor and to prevent resistance.

But what has anti-semitism has to do with this topic?

Because Marxism is metal as fuck

whoops, yeah the anti-semitism bit doesn't really fit here in this discussion. My b, just thinking about the nazis and my brain ran with it I guess

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There was so many starvations in Russia because of civil war. All western countries had ground troops to kill russians.

You're a little late to the party, buddy.

the famine happened during the civil war when Communists (Reds) were fighting vs Monarchists (Whites), basicly Lenin had this brilliant idea that they should burn down grains and destroy other food and blame it on the White Army by saying to peasents/rural communities that Tsar did it to inforce fear and obediance in them.

This shit backfired hard because several Lenin's communists were caught in the act but the damage was already done so shitload of people starved to death because of Lenin's greed and in turn he got alot of neutral people against him and his revolution.

Now back to Holodomor, Hitler and his Nazis claimed during occupation of Ukraine that STALIN inducted this famine in 1930's ONLY ON UKRAINE to kill off people in Ukraine because LOL HE IS EVIL. They used this propaganda to trick the local population and government into allying with them and to prevent possible uprising and resistance in rural regions.

And the proof whether Holodomor really happened or not is quite obvious. Todays Ukrainian neo-nazi junta claim that Stalin killed over 5 million ukrainians during the HOLODOMOR, Soviet archives for population of Ukrainian Soviet Republic show INCREASE in population in the 1930's so how the fuck is it possible that population goes up during the so called human inducted famine that killed 5 million people ?

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Brits were only in Russia as a result of fears that Germany would seize Russian ports during WW1, with their only significant contribution to the White forces being material aid. The Americans only intervened in Siberia to ward off the Japanese annexing or setting up a puppet state in the Far East. Overall no-one was interested (except maybe the Japanese) in stopping the USSR because every major nation was still reeling from WW1

yeah i don't think so


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Your ideological purity has never contributed to Holla Forums or the working class. There's a reason why you board is dead. >>>/anarcho/ is what happens when you abandon all praxis out of fear of hierarchy.

No, no. you don't understand the difference between victims of war and victims of socio-economic systems.

The holodomor for example has two aspect to it. On one the hand it was soviet state policy to destroy the independent farmers of the ukraine. The ukraine was the breadbasket of the soviet union, and virtually independent, because it was so wealthy and the russian politburo didn't like it. It was a political decision to deported, shoot and work people to death. They are not strictly victims of communism.

The millions of people who starved to death on the other hand, because of redistributive and prohibitive policies are victims of communism, Nobody gave the order to kill them, nobody wanted them to die, but they died anyway, because the economic aspects of communism rendered society so unproductive that there was shortage of food, medicine, clothes, everything. It's the same story over and over and over again. These people were victims of their fellow man, but of a system, an uncaring, heartless system.

Venezuela is on the brink of a civil war, because people are starving to death and there's no market economy where they can exchange value for value. Living in a communist country, even one of the richest in the world with enough oil to supply the whole world is a death sentence. Capitalism may be a life sentence, but communism is a death sentence. Pig = Maskot of capitalism, Skeleton = Maskot of communism.

This is post is a deviation of quality normally coming from MarkSocs.

Communist China gets their famines blamed on communism, but every other famine is a mystery. The capitalist world produces, and then dumps, enough food to feed the planet. The point of the image is that ascribing death tolls to ideologies is a capitalist trick as capital washes away any deaths under its reign as a tragic, unavoidable reality of the market.

genocide is a meme invented by the UN to arbitrarily invade countries for neo"liberal" capitalist gain

Long Live Arkan! Kosovo is Serbia!


look up here you retard

and Venezuela is on the brink of civil war not because of their socialism but because USA killed their leader then imposed sanctions and started creating OTPOR like organisations to incite chaos on the streets.

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Do the famines in India get to be victims of capitalism?

Titoist are typically good posters. Venezuela was never socialist in a weak sense, let alone Marxist. Private property still exist, and corporations did compete on a market. They're petropopulist.

There was an increase in the population, the death toll is mostly based on a population deficit, not whether there were actually 5 million dead in the street. We'll probably never know how many actually died, but what the Soviet archives do show us it that Stalinist Russia was one of the most repressive regimes of the 20th century.

lel, Tito was a communist as much Obama is white.

Please stop talking bullshit, femine that allegedly kills 5 million people and has population increase can only mean that either famine did happen or famine didnt happen, it cannot have both.

And so called "oppressive stalinist regime" is literally a post-war propaganda invented for the needs of Cold War, more innocent people were oppressed and killed during Lenin's Civil War and post-Civil War years than during Stalin's purge before WW2.

I never claimed he was a communist, I claimed Titoist are typically good posters.

The famine did happen, even historians who take a more sober approach to the Holodomer such as Mark Tauger don't deny this. It's a crackpot conspiracy theory.

During the Great Purge, an average of 1000 people were executed a day. Under the Tsar, about 1 person was executed a week. Taken from these estimates directly from the Soviet archives in PDF related.

Famine happened during and after Civil War

Holodomor is a hoax invented by Nazis to swing the ukraine to them and to prevent the resistance from forming so the so called "historians" that claim Holodomor is real when there is 0 real evidence to support it are bunch of revisionist retards

You are dumber than a ghetto nigger. That also explains your ignorance to current Venezuela situation.

And? Tell me tankie: what is a subkulak? They're not a kulak, they're not a peasant.

And here we see another similarity between Nazi's and Stalinist. Any historian who doesn't assent is a shill, and all academic journals are automatic shills. I'm not ignorant of the "current Venezuela situation", but I guess reading is hard for tankies, with their merger intellectual capacity and all. Just because I don't suck off every country that identifies as "socialist", regardless if they meet the criterion doesn't make me ignorant. It makes you a bafoon.

really makes me think

Because Spectre.

False equivalence.

What are you talking about? Subkulaks - ("podkulachniki") were members of kulak mafia. Subordinates of kulaks. Hired muscle.

And what kind of retard thinks that denial of some fact automatically makes someone a Nazi?

You may want to stop using that flag mate.

No, he means ordinary people.

I compared him to a Nazi for claiming every American historian is in on a malevolent conspiracy.

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