Alright faggots, you all like talking about muh books, well I got an amazon gift card

alright faggots, you all like talking about muh books, well I got an amazon gift card.
first faggot to get trips picks the material I buy.

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Why don't you ask for good books instead

Don't think any Holla Forums library would be complete without it

because that would be boring, btw I already have the ego and it's own and the manifesto

Only the Holla Forums essentials

The Bible.

Conquest of Bread.

I have tons of bibles in my house, I got them when I was sent to church camp as a kid.
they are only for reference though, I'm a /fringe/ wizard

Classics of Marxism volumne 2

Or volumne 1 if you're new to leftism.

Skip all the Trotsky in both.

anyone else have some suggestions?

Debt the first 5000 years.


That's the spirit. I knew you'd come around eventually.


Information is free, fam. You have no excuse not to have read books.

I buy books all the time, tbh completely honest I really cut back but I have this feeling that someday society will fall and I'll need books to preserve the knowledge for the future

Society of the Spectacle

lol no.

one day it's all coming down, all that kindle bullshit will be useless, the internet won't exist and electronics won't work

Only buy really major and unique works that you will reread and want to get comfy with away from your computer.
Everything else is mostly not worth it. Especially don't buy some academic secondary literature bullshit that tries to explain to you some text or author you should be reading in the first place.

good to know

Buy an e-reader and just download everything from libgen


Unruly Equality: U.S. Anarchism in the 20th Century

you have a chance user, just get that trip


Fifty Shades of Grey and the Twilight series

tell you what user, I like your spirit.
I'll add it to my wish list and buy it with my next check

"Dialectical and historical materialism" by Joseph Stalin

Every book by Bill O'Reily and Glenn Beck.

no thanks

Works of Dr. Zakir Naik

true allegiance by benny boy shapiro

will anyone get the trips and decide a book?

mein kampf

Stuff by or about Piero Sraffa, Randall Wray, Paul Cockshott, Abba Lerner, Leonid Kantorovich, Ha-Joon Chang, Chuck Tingle, MichaƂ Kalecki, Oskar Lange.

Or how about stuff by or about Keynes (not Skidelsky, fuck that guy), Galbraith, Condorcet, Juck Tingle, Henry George.

state and revolution

Or maybe stuff by or about Nicolaus Tideman, Steven Brams, Chuck Tingle, Elinor Ostrom.

The Sublime Subject of Ideology

Or Kenneth Arrow and Chuck Tingle.

Read Zizek

The Ego and It's Own

Phenomenology of Spirit

Or you could try stuff by or about the famous triad: Schopenhauer, Chuck Tingle, Wittgenstein.

That count?

Fuck you and your marksucc shit in the butt with your own butt!

There you go OP, now you'll be an edgy retard like the rest of em.


not trips, doesn't count

an anarchist faq
for reference, great book.

Just because it's free don't mean you don't need it.

why don't you just call people you disagree with heretics and be done with it

good job user, but I have some bad news and some good news.
the bad news, I'm not buying it
the goods. I already own it

now who wants to get that nice 888 trip?

Quads contain trips, so they do count.

If you want another recommendation, I second An Anarchist FAQ and also that book about gay Dinosaur Lawyers by Chuck Tingle.

Fuck my gay life in the butt with my butt.

You know what, OP? Why not give some vague direction what you are interested in, and then we talk about actual reasons why this or that book might be what you are looking for?

First as Tragedy, then as Farce.

germany tomorrow by otto Asser

Literally the worst company you could get a gift card from.
Too late now though, just avoid them in the future. They're super antiworker.

4got about filter lol

most convenient for me to obtain books.

shut up you 16 year old faggot

if no one gets trips in an hour then just let the thread die, I need to finish my shopping.

So what's your alternative when Amazon is buying every alternative to them?

Conquest of Bread