UK politician (Diane Abbott) suggests to BAN WHITES from elections

This cook again suggested creating shortlists with only non-white candidates to forcefully increase the number of non-whites in parliament and constituents.


Niggers ruin everything, more news at 11.
a thread died for this

What is that supposed to mean. This isn't something people care about? It has huge implications, even positive ones.

At least embed or webm you faggot.

Oh look, someone shilling a Youtube channel on Holla Forums, let's do the check.

Pic related.

I vote on racial lines, White ticket. Never vote a shitskin into office.

I don't know what those channels are supposed to imply.

What's your point? You can't possibly think the owner of the channel gets to determine what shows up in "related channels", do you?




Yes they do, they are able to set any channels as "related" manually.

Oh. I just assumed it was based on what content their audience was viewing.

It's not really relevant either way. The video is an important one and deserves to be shared.

Whats wrong with Colin?

He's an "e-celeb", so his videos can never be discussed here, regardless of the content. ;^)

I, a white man, why should I (a white man) speak at this lovely event? hehe.

Reminds me of the Democrat meeting in the US where some (((white man))) was making jokes about how they should cheer the white male suicides increase.

That's my channel. I linked the vid because the original is an hour and a half long and I cut out the relevant parts. I'm not an e-celeb. I can't make a cent from YT. I do it to spread shit I think people will like or need to see. I don't see the reaso for drama. I'm not Generic Cute Gril #75 that repeats mundane Holla Forums opinions for ad revenue.
For that matter I haven't set any channel to related, and there's channels in there I don't like or watch (styx, rebel media, sarcuck,..) and some I don't even know. So I'm not sure what you tried to proven even if I did set them manually.

No, you can not set "related channels" manually. It forces you to called it something else, defaulting to "Featured Channel"

The only jewtube channels I like are Varg (though he can be depressing, I think he's too isolated where he is), Murdoch (occasionally, still suspicious of their TRS affiliation), and E;R (the best by far).

Your channel is great, in particular the videos dealing with antifa. Keep it up m8.

I'm just a little too old to have caught the massive YT/eceleb explosion so I don't really know many of the people that get referenced all the time. A buddy of mine sent me the Sam Hoidel video about a year ago and turned me on to Hyde/MDE, which has some hilarious shit. I guess they had a show on adult swim that got cancelled over Twitter drama or some bs. It seems the biggest issue is that no eceleb will go full 1488 (though I think Hyde has basically done it through ironically not ironic irony), so there's always a fault line to pick at. I'm all for spreading red pills so I see little issue with ecelebs, as long as they name the jew.

Not to mention he is a murderer and seen as a god in the satanic edgelord music scene.
Why people listen to this faggot is beyond me. His checklist of accomplishments reads like a Jewish wet dream.

☑ Murder fellow white friend
☑Burn historic churches
☑ Pioneer extreme metal with satanic cult following


Thanks mate. I'm glad that video at least served it's purpose. I feel after it blew up people started talking differently about BAMN and Antifa.

Most are cuckservatives or sjw-lite by now. Since a few months ago they really turned left, most of them, and started attacking the 'alt-right' and right-wingers, as well as race realists and pro-whites.
Most of them genuinely just parrot Holla Forums opinions and don't offer any new insight. They're regurgitators.

You missed:

Is GloomTube /ourguy/? I always notice about a 10 minute delay between a habbening thread and the start of a GloomTube habbening stream. Could be coincidence but I've always wondered if GT was a lurker/user.

Probably then. Holla Forums is virtually the only places that is aware of every happening the moment the first reports come out. Often before local news even reports it. It serves as a unique collective for happening-minded people which is something even large news corporations can't create, because it's voluntary devotion.

Rudimentary google search shows…

His past as an edgleord arsonist definitely colors my view of him, but I really don't care if he killed a fellow degenerate. His message is overall a good one, but has tendencies towards apathetic blackpillism (probably part of being a morose black metal ex-con.) He partly redeemed himself by fathering white children, there's no "inb4ing" that. Honestly I don't want to draw too much attention to him, because there are far better people even on jewtube for impressionable young whites to turn to, like Blair Cottrell.

How do you figure?

Every fucking time.

Fuck off OP.
Here's the mp4 for everyone else.


No. He's stated on stream (in chat) that he doesn't browse Holla Forums and thinks it's stupid, and spent most of the Hurricane Harvey broadcasts blaming Holla Forums for faggots fucking with the cajun navy rescue operations with zero proof for his accusations and a blatant disregard for anyone requesting he post proof. He's content to steal the happening meter, but hates Holla Forums and only allows "wrongthink" in the chat for the sake of free speech. By all logic, he probably left Holla Forums when Holla Forums stopped being lolberg and went full fourth reich.


Thanks user.

We we ARE becoming the hip thing to be.

Let them starve themselves to death. Rejoice over the piles of millions of nigger corpses that will mount up under nigger rule.
Sage because OP is a faggot who needs to lurk moar.

They should let Abbo speak more. She makes such an ass of herself every time. I can only imagine how many people she's driven to the opposite side.

It was niggers that 'fucked with' the CR guys. 'fucking with' as in shooting at them, trying to steal their boats and shit.

That works in Africa. That doesn't work in the West where whitey will always be blamed for mistakes and will also always pay to fix them.

You're right user, just let the UK die and all the whites there get wiped out because some nonwhites will have some inconvenience. Fucking kike.

You should really check out the adult swim show they did. It had some great sketches.

Not to worry, one of your cohorts is creating a new slide as we speak, kike.

if you don't know how computer works, you should definitely fuck off from using one.

Get ready because there has been another huge "creator" push. So much clearly fabricated bullshit with studio quality that normal jewtubers could never afford all popping up at once.

If you kill a faggot and give birth to 7 white kids, that's paying off in my book.
Yeah, it's bad PR and a dick move but preaching the word of Europe does make up for a church. One more, one less, it's not like the people going there are not Israel-loving cucks.

I could care less really.

If you're talking about, say, Black Pigeon Speaks tier of quality, any user can do that with enough autism. He doesn't make those effects, he just uses libraries of effects for video editing software.

Anybody that wants to follow this path should just torrent a bunch of crap and courses (e.g., After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, etc) and learn how to use the tools. Good propaganda is always desired.


what's wrong with millenial woes?
I mean that seriously as I don't watch the channel and only know it from Xurious

I don't really see him actually making a lot of graphics/cool animations. I think he just has an autistic level of dedication to finding a shitton of cool short clips and edits them together smoothly. That you can learn in a week tops, or in the first few classes of an editing course.

Curious too, heard something of him being "hurr destroyed" by Kraut and Tea, but somehow I doubt that someone with the intellectual lacking of Kraut could destroy anyone.

This retarded whore is actually great. Even the Left cannot defend the idiocy she repeatedly spews. She's been involved in more labour controversies than I can count. From her racism (she said black mothers are better than white, and the host said "then why do blacks have such problems with crime and low grades?"), to her hypocrisy ("I don't believe in private schools, all kids should attend public state schools?" - "Then why does your child go to a private school?") to sexual degeracy (she had sex with commie corbyn - filthy race-mixer), to typical nigger stupidity (We can pay the police a £3k salary).

Her general incompetency is hilarious to watch. She's only not been fired because she fucks the labour bosses.

How about we just kill all the niggers and attach Jews to their corpses and cast the lot into the Sea? We still lead them all by numbers but with each year this gap narrows. So, if anything is to be done it must be accomplished soon.

Our will is our greatest weakness.

He has engaged in faggot behaviours in his youth at art school and is still soft on the Poofter question to this day even though he claims to have found a woman. I still like his content regardless.

Kek. I've been sending that nigger hate-mail for months. She went on a splerg in parliament about it a few months ago.

Here's her email if you guys want to join in:
[email protected]

Woes is okay except for his past faggotry but we have a ban on all eceleb threads.

ah, makes sense, and good, I'm glad there is a ban on e-celebs, that in the rules or something?

She's french
See above
Oh now come on, why would a successful musical artist be living off of government assistance?

what the fucks wrong with millenial woes you cunt?

Who gives a fuck

I'll stop shitting on e-celebs when e-celebs stop being red hot untermensch trash.

The only ones worth a damn are people nobody's ever heard of, like Florian Geyer, Julia Evola, Sven Longshanks, or Adam and Mary from GMWA. But if nobody has ever heard of you, you're not really a celebrity, now are you?

ban niggers from life itself