Trump's tax plan: raise taxes on 1%, lower for buisnesses and middle class

Trump draws red line on tax overhaul
Associated Press
September 27, 2017

Looks like the (((1%))) will have to return their shekels to the goyim

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OP you faggot post your source and learn to format your posts correctly

Taxation is theft.

This will eventually turn into good bridge-building rhetoric, once the DNC has squeezed out the last whites.

>raising taxes on the (((1%)))

Pardon formatting, I'm phoneposting

Next you'll be telling me democracy isn't a perfect system. Fuck off lolberg.

thanks bru

it isn't when your country isn't a white ethnostate

What kind of a stupid fucking comment is this?

What the fuck, I hate Hitler now.

I'm going to post a shitty comment too

When your taxes are used to pay for parasites to invade your country, mentally ill trannies to chop off functioning organs, feeding violent criminals and funding the marxist subversion of your children I would have to agree that taxation is theft.


>looks like the (((1%))) will have to return their shekels to the goyim
oy vey. that's antisemitic!

So is being a mooch.

Cutting corporate tax to 20%, along with some basic simplification, would get an extra 1-2% GDP growth every year without costing any revenue. Effective corporate tax rate is usually in the low teens.

And adults are willing to tolerate a small amount of theft to pay for roads, military, police, and courts.

Surely congress will pass a tax plan that will fuck them and their (((masters))) in the ass the most.

Where is the source? Where are the documents nigger

Yeah we have to protect Israel at all costs
Good thinking user, just think about how awful the world would be with no police to protect our wonderfully diverse people of color
Why not just install 100k/year minimum UBI for all kikes then since you love giving them money
last of all
Polite sage for shitpost.

ACA wont have a chance to be repealed until at least after the mid terms. Under the assumption that the Democrats are still flailing like the failures they are, or are at least bigger failures than the Republicans. Or until McCain drops dead. Whatever comes first.

I hate lolberg likes, but roads are super expensive and terrible for the environment.

Things need to be localized, and if transportation is absolutely necessary, it should be conducted by air

The highest tax brackets used to extend all the way up to like .1% or something. (((elites))) eliminated those higher brackets, and lowered the entry level for the top bracket. The end result is useless assholes that don't contribute to the economy (bankers, stock brokers trading in futures, shorts, etc) get lumped in with successful small and medium sized business owners.

The whole thing was a kike operation to get successful, hard working white people to petition for lower taxes for the top .1%.

I would be very happy to see tax rates for money over $10 million or something go through the roof, and everyone below that gets a tax break.

We need to re-open those higher brackets.
For example, in 1940, the highest bracket was $5,000,000 (adjusted for inflation). Now, the highest tax bracket is only $441,000 for head of household.

We need to restore higher tax brackets. And we need to make sure they hurt bankers, hollywood, and kikes the most.

Do you know how China grew its economy so fast? Roads, rail, and power plants.

Having top tax brackets of 70% or more doesn't actually get their shekels. They move, or invest in municipal bonds or some other tax shelter. You have to look at ways to increase the effective tax rate, and that actually comes from lower rates with fewer loopholes (kikes always maximize the loopholes).

Have you even thought this out? Roads are super necessary. You sound like a city-dwelling 1% kike, with your personal helicopter, and fuck everyone else.

This is the dumbest post i have ever seen in my life. Go back to facebook and never return

Kikes hate public infrastructure because it denies them the ability to be slavers by controlling transportation choke points. All great civilizations build great infrastructure: Rome, Charlemagne, America, Imperial Russia, Germany after Bismarck, Japan under Meiji, and now China is challenging us by simply copying our playbook.

The correct amount of tax money to take from the income of citizens is 0%.


They, themselves, don't actually move. They just buy property in the Cayman Islands, list that as their home, and shuffle all their money off shore.

I have thought it out.

Every plot of land should be self sustaining with all products being used as feedstock for another component of the system, and no outside inputs of resources being required to maintain the system in operation.

Driving around heavy machinery causes huge damage to the soil, because soil compaction destroys soil structure causing nutrient leeching and anaerobic decomposition of organic matter. Paved areas also create huge runoff issues.

We want their shekels before they leave.

Are you arguing the shitty version of environmentalism here? Unless you're talking about proven things like dumping toxins directly into the ground water supply, we're not having that bullshit.

I don't give a flying fuck about their shekels, I want them GONE.

Good. Fuck bankers. Jews are a plurality in the 1% anyways.

Reminder business should serve the greater good of the state.

^Just filter.
What a waste of good dubs.

The real theft is in allowing private entities to issue currency on interest to a nation endowed with its natural right to issuing its own with no interest.

the plan would make child tax credit available to everyone, not just low income families

You have that exactly the other way around. The state should serve the businesses, the businesses should serve the people.

If that's all my taxes paid for… imagine that paradise…

I'm sure you loved the automaker bailouts then.

Serving the state means business does what is in the best interest of the state which, in a functioning society, is in the best interest of the people at large.

The rich don't pay taxes past a certain percentage, any and all attempts at doing so leads to them simply loop holing the tax and continuing on their business or they take all their assets and leave including all the benefits that comes with it. Every communist regime has tried and failed to get the rich and they always ended up with nothing. taxing the rich is pointless and is just a good sound byte to hear.

Majority of their infrastructure is moving around assets and scams to avoid being taxed.

You greedy kikes.

Not in itself. The current model that double and tripple taxes, threatens violence, and doesn't provide a process for tax payers to control where their payments go absolutely is.

Taxes are a fee for extracting resources from the pot. Paying a percentage back in ensures it can't all go to one party. Brackets are shit. Flat rate for everybody, including buisinesses and the poor. If you extract nothing, no taxes. Simple.

It's the land, sales, and other "privilege" taxes that are shit. I am working on a proposal myself.

NSDAP had brackets. The issue is that currently our taxes are going to our own replacement, that's the bullshit part. For being a natsoc board it always amazes me how many people here don't know NSDAP's actual policies such as their tax structure.

99.9% of people making more than $5 million are kikes. I want them to leave, if you don't want them to leave there's something wrong with you.

Do you have details?

My understanding was that NSDAP had two brackets. If you made over a certain amount (a few million) you got taxed and if not then you didnt.

You're thinking of the additional 50% war time tax that was levied under the Wartime Economy Ordinance. Amount was less than millions though, 4% of Germans had to pay it, others were below that threshhold. That was on top of the taxes they already had in place.

it is when it occurs without representation (like representing K Street or israel instead of the actual, native, voters)

Maybe, but only about 40% are Jews. Kikery transcends races and religions.

literally what?

Ovens for you.

He needed to reform health care BEFORE doing anything on taxes. Doing it this way means more debt. Stop being niggers and hating on anyone whose success. Tha's cuck shit. Also, the '1%' isn't all that in a land infested with spics and niggers. A guy who owns a couple of car washes is the 1%. You want the 0.01% for the true wealth. Going after White family businesses so Tryone has more gibs is just fucked up.

How is it Trump's fault that Congress has not put an Obamacare bill on his desk?


Why do you think we've been focusing on people making $5 million plus?

Fascism is bulshit authoritarian communism, not unlike what is seen in the US today.

The only thing they did correctly was push nationalism by adopting Darré's Blut und Boden concept.

Not really. They go to those in need, like elderly, disabled, unemployed, veterans, and children.


Shit policies are shit policies. Every person gets out what they put in. Right now ~75% of tax filers are not taxed and most of the money comes from the . Businesses pay very little and most of the tax money comes from the 1%.

the businesses who pay

Wake the fuck up you nigger apologist. White people provide a net-positive on taxes throughout the life while non-whites provide a net-negative.

Why not push to reset all debt in the world to zero instead?

Why the fuck don't you know about payroll taxes and capital gains you faggot? Why should we suffer morons who get their economics information from Mitt Romney quotes on CNN? Trump's tax plan as laid out on his website is the very best one for productive people without explicitly making it a race based system. All we need to do now is kill welfare and watch the parasites scatter.

Fucking end all income and fica taxes. The government functioned for over a century without an income tax.

And SS is bullshit. For reference if, starting at the age of 20, you put a scant $125/mo in savings (roughly the same as what SS tax is on you if you make $24k/yr before all taxes which you'd make at a full time job at $11.5/hr), and did that every year for 35 years, never putting any extra in, never assuming you make more and can save more BUT assuming a 6% annual interest rate or return on your investment, you'd have nearly $200k after 35 years. If in that same time you bought a house and paid it off, bought a decent car and kept in good repair later on so you wouldn't need to buy a new car for 15+ years (note: my own vehicle was made in '95, and still runs just fine)… you could retire at the age of 55 and live off taking a bit out of savings every year. Meanwhile, SS you can't start drawing on until you're nearly 70 years old, by which point most people are nearing death anyway so you can't even ENJOY your older age, you're stuck in a wheelchair or a bed and your body barely functions

Medicare/caid is about 1.5% of your income, so 1/4th of the SS amount. If healthcare was unfucked and you could pay for health insurance for, say $30/mo, you could easily afford your own insurance and not need those welfare nets in the first place. Not to mention how many people pay into those systems and never even use them in the first place either because they dont get sick, they die before they're able to start using them, or they're at an income level where they aren't allowed to use them? Which means its just a drain on you, your entire life, for absolutely no benefit to you.

Meanwhile, we got by on a federal level WITHOUT income tax for a long ass time, and the budget never went fucking $20 trillion into the red with over half a trillion in the red each year added to that. The budget stayed fairly balanced, we had a sizeable military, and bonds were issued to pay for projects and other things, while other taxes were used for general funds but were ultimately pretty low and what amounted to essentially a sales tax in different ways, ie: you could avoid it by not buying the items taxed.

In short, the only "tax reform" we need, is a complete removal of the income and fica taxes and all such taxes made completely illegal for the rest of forever.


Fiat currency won't be reformed until liberalism dies. It makes the right people at the top of the pecking order to much wealth.

pony up some shekels goy you have to pay for some senile grandma's pension just so she can use her phone and credit card for buying stupid shit after rotting 24/7 in front of a television.

Niggers and spics don't pay meaningful taxes so it won't help them.

oy vey trumps clearly raising taxes on the poor oy vey

I love how Democrats and Republicans like to focus on the poor or rich but there's no real party for the single most important demographic or vote holding up the majority of the country, the rapidly shrinking middle class. At least Trump is fulfilling his promise to help out the middle class but that's only because the establishment of both the horrible dnc and gop hate him. We need to destroy them in future congressional elections, they're both worthless.

What the fuck are you spouting? You couldn't be more far from reality if you tried, you dumbass retard.

Made an edit for you bruv

underrated post.



Abolish social security and medicare first. I'm fucking sick of being forced to pay into something I never signed up for and getting nothing out of it so that the niggers of age (elderly) can get gibs and sit on their ass thanks to my work.

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Growing stronger

Taxation is not theft, It's protection racket. Thief does not care about other thieves stealing from you, racketeer (and state) do.

Being stolen from is never beneficial for victim; paying racket money might be, by limiting damage - it's usually better pay taxes to bureaucratic state, than to thug or warlord

Yeah just load up a few Boeing 777s with steel coil, bulk coal, grain and auto parts. Completely economic.

Exactly. You can tweak corporate taxes but it won't help domestic manufacturing against competitors that have fundamental advantages in access to cheap efficient transportation and low energy costs.

Typical lolberturdian.

except most plebs don't into corporations

indeed. when we have removed our racial enemies we can revisit this topic