Online Safe Spaces

Im probably breaking rules here….. but what is your opinion this shit being so blatant now?

What are my options to combat it?

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Wow its like censorship actually made it so the censored content was no longer there any more. Such a big win. Much wow. No shit.


Obvious safe spaces and direct bans are low-tier for propaganda purposes, they don't have much influence outside of their bubble and can even alienate normalfags by banning them for inconsequential reasons.
Strictly enforcing the rules on groups/individuals you don't agree with allows you to control the narrative, make your opinion seem more popular (or other people's less popular) all while appearing unbiased to average posters.

The son of Castro & mother Trudeau shitposts among us. Much honor.

(((TV))) is dying and a new host (the internet) is needed for mass brainwashing.

Honestly, and I'll get called FBI for this, but all of this ultimately culminates in white people getting uncomfortable and angry enough to get up off of their asses and exterminating every fucking last Semite on the planet. If that doesn't happen, this horseshit will never end. Every single Semite needs to die for things on Earth to be harmonious.

It also helps them sell their narrative that the bans are being narrowly applied when the reality is otherwise. "See we're only banning the evil Nazis!" But of course we've all seen even the most mundane political opinions labeled as fascist when they diverge from leftist orthodoxy.

Your options personally? Stay away from the cancer. It is an outright lie that participation in social media is mandatory to be successful. I have no presence online that leads back to me but I'm a successful lawyer. Make no mistake, they're asking for you to sell your soul to participate in their little game and their house of cards will collapse after they fail to ensnare the upcoming generation that has no interest in hearing them parrot the social democrat status quo.

It's the same stupid shit that commies say about the working class, guess what ? Nobody cares, most people just follow the herd.

microscopic version is the Cum Town subreddit. It's a show with a funny guy with alt-right, Sam Hyde style humor (Nick Mullen) who cohosts with a literal DSA Jewish, israeli passport holding comedian who acts every bit like a John Oliver style smug liberal while trying to still seem cool.

At the start the sub had some really hilarious fuckers and lots of racist humor and "think pieces" about politics and comedy.

The Jewish cohost pushed his twitter universe and social media in support of ChapoTrapHouse guys and lots of those fans started coming to the sub. It didn't help that Nick is friends with some of the Chapo hosts, leading many to believe he is a socialist despite his non stop racism and verbal deconstruction of leftist fraud and failure.

Anyway these guys, this fanbase, would just instantly downvote any humor that had the slightest racial tint to it. Anything that was too edgy, anything that mocked liberals in any way would get downvoted within hours despite it being a 1,500ish sub at that time

It's now twice that size and twice as bad. The real funny people seem to just not bother with them. This isn't the act of moderators but a kind of self-policing. Once these people get involved numerously enough and have any way to influence something (in this case thread and comment votes) they sanitize it completely. They seem not to engage in hatefacts and contrary evidence without personal attacks and faux aloofness (translation: "i'm not triggered, look how relaxed I'm acting. upvote this comment if you also want to appear to have this attitude")

Meaning the Chapo posters and the people within that whole twitter, reddit sphere. You think you can have another viewpoint on to make it balanced or more interesting, but what I described probably happens in a similar fashion in many real world social institutions and social groups.

Too true, and the empirical falsification of virtually every Marxist concept is why there is a massive campaign to censor any true social research. Furthermore, every philosopher worth the paper their books were made of has come to the realization that the vast majority of people are absolutely incapable of ruling themselves (let alone others). It should be obvious at this point that it is not nearly enough to simply reveal the rot, as too many within our society are more or less addicted to it.

Make a new account, then make fun of them on the o&a subreddit.

That's sad. Nick had some good bits.

try it's safe as fuck

Triple dubs checked, and shit yeah. The problem is, is that when it comes to actually FIGHTING the (((establishment))), people don't want to give up what they have, so unless we have suicidal bombers like sand niggers, the (((ones))) who need to die, simply won't. Not until there's literal war on home turf (the US).

OP is a gigantic fucking faggot
That aside

In what fucking reality yid?

The skypes and googles are less of a problem now that we speak in code. They're too stupid to understand.

Ready here

Reddit is full of cucks, so reddit is just responding to market incentives. The reason websites like Holla Forums exist is because there is demand for them.



So, censorship of [insert newspeak term].

Holy shit! What science!
This just in: A new study suggests that when you hold a gun against someone's head, they'll do what you tell them!



"Duuuude, the RAISE Act is awesome bro!"

Second Tweet:

That sounds like a challenge. What should we do?

Did I step into a fuckin time machine?

You Can’t Stay Here: The Efficacy of Reddit’s 2015 Ban Examined Through Hate Speech

alt 0173 will let you add an invisible character to a word, essentially bypassing a wordfilter. It doesn't work everywhere but slipping a random nigger or heeb here and there does wonders for communities with normies and lazy mods.

They've convinced themselves that if they somehow stop people from saying certain things then eventually people will stop thinking them. In their minds, this isn't a campaign to stop "hate speech", it's a campaign to stop "hate thought". They literally think that by censoring people they can end thought-racism on the internet.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. We're on the fighting stage right now.

taking away people's release valves always works great. I mean look at what's happening to the NFL, people are just accepting that coons hate America. And why wouldn't they think that, I mean they had such tremendous success with GG, nothing bad came from that for them.

Strategically speaking? Make Reddit so shitty that everyone leaves. Relentlessly troll and false flag. Harass mods until they quit. Make Reddit and Advance Publications employees so miserable that they resign. Draw them into legal quagmires.

Tactically speaking? Coordinating raids isn't done here, for several mostly legitimate reasons. I don't know of any other place where it's done. To accomplish any of the above you would need at least 10-20 dedicated (4+ hours a day for weeks or months), technically sophisticated (that can buy a botnet or write scripts) anons, or you would need 2-4 decent organizers and to call in the horde. I don't see either happening.

keks will be divined by dubs of nine, so it is written so shall it be to leddit to shitpost as kek commands me!

Simple. We need to gang-stalk spez until he backs off, or we find some blackmail on him. He created a fucking cannibalism subreddit, I'm sure he's up to something.

Wtf I love censoring free speech now

These cunts are getting so rekt they have to put out fake bullshit in an attempt to lift moral. Keep owning them. No rest until the last Jew is gassed and nigger hanged.

Wow, groundbreaking. Let's see if it works!