2016 FBI Crime Data Table By Race Broken Down

CNN, NBC, ABC, WaPo, NYT, VICE, HuffPo, Buzzfeed, BLM, Antifa, Feminist, LGBTBBQ, Cucks & the NFL BTFO badly.

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2017 Crime Rate Broken Down

Total Violent Crime - Blacks 356.6/100,000 | Whites 97.01/100,000 = 3.68x more likely to be involved in a violent crime around blacks

Property Crimes Broken Down

Total Property Crime - Blacks 702.22/100,000 | Whites 297.11/100,000 = 2.36x more likely to have your property fucked with around blacks

Other Charges

I don't understand your usage of commas and decimal marks - things like 8.421.481 and 4.221,94 make little sense to me.

Refer to FBI Crime Data Table Chart. It is copied from there.

Note that the majority of the "white" criminals are not ethnic Europeans.

Somehow you failed at copying and pasting, fix your shit and learn to check your work.


DAAAAMN IT! I just grabbed it from cuckchan and broke it down. Now I gotta go back through all that shit again. Fuck!

I'll get it fixed guys….gimme an hour.

I mean, it's not related to the thread here but you do realize that if you block javascript on cuckchan you can't access the catalog, right? Go figure, set up TOR and block JS, then go to cuckchan and try to go to catalog. Not to mention the garbage threads and the entire reason for the split in the first place. Why would you even want to go there?

You fucked up, OP, but here's a bump for interest

They are counting beaners as whites?

Man they really don't want the public to know how little crimerate whites actually commit.

Too strong, too influential, needs to be defended. I know almost everyone here has been disrespected by littlechan and their MODS, god knows I have. But you guys do have to understand this, the power that site wields reallllyyyy can't fall into the wrong hands. Plus convo flows, it's alot slower here, usually takes like 10 minutes to get a reply to most things.

I found out, im going back through it and fixing everything now.

this, that's some serious kikery right there.

Does the white column include dark whites too? If so, the figures are too high.
Pic related.

Hey guys, I don't like having off-info up. Im going to drop this thread, go back through everything, get it worked out then repost. I'll have it fixed by tomorrow.

Damn look at all those white people. We need some more muslims to keep our societies safer from the ebil whitey.

They don't btfo, they say it's due to black victimization, crooked cops and stats or what have you not. It's like a religion. Facts are ignored.


Statistics only work for the intellectual and even then they cuck out, because of muh oppression.

What is effective is having names, news footage, and bonus points if it is an animal or girl.

Statistics are just that, you need to associate them with real stories like Trump did on his campaign.

This is a place for intellectuals.

I made these too

When did 'white' become a race or even a category? For that matter when did 'black' become a race/category. I enjoyed being Caucasian at least that told you something about who I was. Term (racist) was coined by our good friends ((())) so I hate using the term. But graphs like this are pretty damn racially charged without actual having any racial content. Is there a color chart in the station or something like those paint swatches, you must be this dark to be 'black'? Can someone please tell me what this chart is trying to illustrate its seems like pure nonsense…..

That's swell but it's going to take convincing more than us.

I bet white became a category when they could do this

Don't they use the term Caucasian when on a manhunt? "We're looking for a Caucasian male" means WHITE male, "We're looking for a white male" likely means mongrel and Mestizo.

In europe commas are used as decimals and periods are used to separate periods


Reminder that rich niggers commit more violent crime than broke white men.

yes, they count beaners as white. i work for a public sector consulting agency and i see that shit ALL THE TIME. IN EVERY STATE.


Where the fuck is the Hispanic/Latino table? What the fuck. You know what that means, right?

exactly, not doubting OPs efforts but that is not an accurate stat to represent white crime. its much lower, MUCH lower

Why not just use The Color of Crime?
They have sorted through this all to get the most useful stats.

even so, even with the inflation, niggers are still the highest despite their 13% pop

no doubt brother. at least that is a more accurate reflection of reality

Breddy sure the FBI is the one responsible for the (((stats))) user, not OP.

Because lefty cunts always try to use sophistry and mental gymnastics about how the data it's based on is too old and flawed despite it being peer reviewed. This is the latest stats and worse is that they padded whites with spic stats and still it doesn't even come close.

no shit faggot. thats why is said i wasnt doubting op. are you fucking retarded or a kike? which is it?
think before you speak

Just change the cell formatting region, OP.

Your spreadsheet software automatically presents the data with the number grouping and decimal mark of your default country. It will do this regardless of the format of the data you copy. Just go into the cell formatting for numbers and change the region to Great Britain or US or another English speaking country.

Is this what is being slid? Bumping for a revised table from OP

As you said, 8/pol/ is slower. This thread will still be here by tomorrow

I understand the feeling but since you have a huge pool of normies, it's a pretty good thing to do some covert op and plant seedlings here and there and let the idea grow up.

Let's meme a black-on-white race war into public awareness. Niggers are violent animals, and the numbers bear this out.

Also, those "crimes against families and children" numbers fold spics into the white tally. There's a lot of kid fucking going on in the Mestizo homes, and real whites are sharing the blame for it when it's not us. Ditto for the larceny and assault categories.

They can't just change this overnight. Not to defend the government, but the plan is to change over and make Hispanic/Latino/Spic its own category in the 2020 Census. After that, we'll see massive butthurt when the crime stats come out again in 2021.

Something to live for, I guess.

Good point. I remember those mugshots of supposed "white" criminals when almost all of them were clearly spics with brown skin

It does include hispanic and latino crimes. I would be willing to bet the real percentage of actual white murder is in the low single digits if not under a single percent.

Heh i would tell you to chill out dickwad, but it's too fun watching you sperg breddy sure anyone who's lurked Holla Forums for a day or two would be aware the stats are stacked as lies against yt. Maybe you can write posts a bit more lucidly in the future to more clearly define you're antagonism target? :^)

Do you really think that will be (((allowed))) under the current circumstances user? I mean, just look at the social engineering convenience factor heh.

im sure it was fun, thankfully you have nothing to say

From the numbers you can deduct it's about people so it can't be 0,94th of a person, instead it is 94 people. It's the European decimal separator especially in science it may be important to denote the extra one thousand of a centimeters as 1,9440 in order to have fine tuned calculations. You also can't have a half of a crime which would be 0,50 so a murder will be denoted with a 1

The US use of a comma in numbers would be $1,495.500.20 which would signify one million four hundred and ninety five thousand five hundred dollars and twenty cents. In Europe this would be 1.495.500,20 the latter makes the most sense to the majority of the world due to the metric system which if the British had their way, the Americans would have driven on the wrong side of the road as well.

You can't convince a leftist who is adamant about denying reality. They will either have to learn the hard way and relax around blacks or keep on spewing baseless claims like, "the police are clearly racist and invent these statistics." Plausible deniability and benefit of the doubt gets stretched so far into the realm of delusion with these retards.

On the flip side, these stats are instant redpills to people who are on the fence, aren't left, and so on. They soak up information like this and realize that there's more to it.

Bump. Is this fixed yet?

We all kill. That is how I interpret those statistics.

t. psycho analyst

The graph looks very nice, and I appreciate you setting it up and fixing it. When you revise it, would you mind including some way to show percentages for many of the numbers?

This isn't anything knew. If you've lurked around Holla Forums (even years ago pre-exodus) there were screenshots of the profiles of """"""""""""""""""white"""""""""""""""""""" criminals who have skin the colour of footballs, are never taller than 5'10" and are all named "Jose", "Juan", "Carlos", "Raul", etc. And half of the time they happen to be some gang with a name like "The Mexican Mafia"… you know, as is the case with white people.

It's truly insane.


He's old, you aren't. That's how it used to be done.

Yes which is why you then mock the idiot denying the facts thus forcing them to address it. They're vain assholes and it's an effective technique. No mystery meat should be speaking to you as an equal. Remind them of their place. They'll either break or more likely runaway ashamed and angry. Tell them their inability to comprehend what's before them is why they weren't and never will be Kangz and are just a bunch of dick washers and homo rappers or sportball tards. Question their ability to read. Throw in a joke about their missing dad and never being read to. You and go on and on with it.

This might be the thread to ask this question. A while ago I saw some user had an FBI source or some other kind that showed that hispanics illegal invader beaners in particular were behind the most DWIs and reckless driving tickets. I can't even find the report on Jewgle.


Eurofag, namefagging, and not checking accuracy on US data. You should definitely lurk more.

who woulda thunk it

Based Asians.


What is "suspicion" and what are indians (feather) doing it so much more than niggers?

I'm not sure how many Hispanics are identified as a race other than white. If the amount is negligible, the Hispanic numbers could be subtracted from the White numbers and broken out into their own group.

Does The Color of Crime not sort out hispanics from europeans? I've never read it.


cool idea but needs visual graphs/charts, not just a wall-of-digits.

Without denigrating the value of statistics to the more rational thinkers, it's worth noting that most normies will always be more persuaded by emotion-evoking anecdotes than cold, impersonal numbers.


top kek


Hey wait what are those two yellow boxes in the Asian col-
oh, asiabros

Two things that shouldn't be illegal anyways.

All spics and South Americans are under white.

Good job. But there is only one issue with the whole table.
We need convictions.

It's interesting that Hispanics have the highest gang participation but their homicide rate is about the same as Caucasians.

A thousand times this. I'm a actual criminal scientist who regularly uses the UCR and I don't know (or really care) who's ass OP's chart was pulled from or why it's using European numbering standards. But we do actually have statistics on mixed race individuals and they're more likely to be involved in criminal behavior than even natives. Also NIBRS is more accurate because it corrects for a lot of the data collection shortcomings of the UCR wherein almost 30 percent of crimes don't have the race of the offender recorded (mostly from overworked urban precincts so the vast majority of that number is going to be blacks).

Shitty eurotard math conventions. It was the only thing white countries agreed on and you had to fuck that up too.

Before people cry white privileges or systemic oppression, are there data adjusted for socioeconomic groups or data from cities with mostly black police department?