Are you ready for COD?

Are you ready for COD?

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Yes goys, kill more nazis

They are going all out this time.

Can't have the younger generations of goyim forgetting about the 6 million now can we?

But don't worry, it's okay when the allies do it because muh holohoax.

I've been fuckin' ready for cod for twenty years lad.

What the fuck is this shit? Are they making ww2 all about saving jews now? They were an afterthought. That was a war to save England and France.


I still remember it happening in CoD 2; mass played vidya is fucking cancer.

Are you actually this stupid? WW2 was literally Germany versus Communist Jews and their golems. Are you one of those retards who still think that the United States were "duh good guys" in WW2?

At least the USA had a strong anti-war/anti-Jew/anti-Brit-kikes movement going before Pearl Harbor. The japs attacked…foolishly. The American public had to "get in there" and mix it up with Germany. I blame the International Jew. You blame low information working class Americans that were actually inclined not to get involved in another (((European war))) before the Japs roasted the pacific fleet in a sneak attack.

Pearl harbor was an inside job

I know…but there's no way that 99% of Americans would be able to know that in 1941.

Actually no, fuck that. It was a LIHOP. Let it happen on purpose. Not an "inside job".

Yeah you're right there. My mistake.

I assume it's going to be another video game where we can't play as germans.

Makes sense.

Nice machine gun straw manning, you massive faggot.


The Japs fucked up during that war. I wish they hadn't, but they certainly did. That said, Internationalist Jews are to blame.
Do you have any idea what breeds of "American" that were doing all the rape?

and it is the japs fault for getting tricked by the (((Roosevelt))) admin into attacking Pearl Harbor. During the 30's there was an actual planned facist coup by white patriotic businessmen against Roosevelt. It got foiled. So do you blame America for a war that was already started by the British kikes 3 years before America entered into it? The popular opinion of the average American before Pearl Harbor(besides the kike war mongering media) was "fuck that, the Brit kikes can fight the Germans again. We're all set with sending our boys to fight in another European war like we did in 1917". That's just a fact. It took a totally underhanded LIHOP operation to drag the Americans enthusiastically into the war.

lel. Apparently getting taken POW is one thing but OH SHIT GETTING SENT TO JUDEN FUNCAMP IS A BIG FUCKING DEAL. You know what an interesting premise for a WWII game would be? An American platoon gets taken prisoner and sent to a Nazi POW camp. As the (((Allies))) bomb Nazi supply routes, shit at the camp starts getting really fucked when they begin to run out of food and medical supplies. So the American POWs join forces with the Nazis running the camp, form a ragtag band of warriors, and fight to protect the supply routes from the (((Allies))).

Why are you niggers so adamant on trying to convince people that the Americans dindu nuffin? Even if we pretend they aren't responsible for any of their action during WW2, they still gave half of Europe to the Soviet Union and have spent the last 70 years fighting wars for Israel.

Because the kikes tricked us and it hurts to this day that we helped the badguys win WWII?

They "gave the Soviet Union Eastern Europe". No, faggot, the (((Soviet Union))) invaded from the east and claimed that territory as they raped and pillaged thier way to Germany. You think the American public would have been up for another massive military operation against the mongrels from the east after the 500,000 casualties they sustained? Especially after all of that kike media "Uncle Joe" Stalin propaganda in the media?

This feel drives me insane. Can it be done boys? How long would it take? How many people would be necessary? I don't even want it to be something on steam, just something people can share for free to tell the story of my ancestors.

Canadians were balls deep against the Germans since 1939. Yet they get no criticism on Holla Forums

Create your own story to tell

I'm surprised they added swastikas in this game, in BO3, they just had the Aquila/Eagle instead.

No, don't assume that. I'm looking at it from the point of view of the United States entering the war, it was done because of Pearl Harbor and to bail out England and France, the camps weren't even known about until after the war and then embellished even further after that.

This post made me really laugh because it's spot on. This game couldn't be even more fake and shitty if they worked at it.

Jews historically DO NOT serve in combat arms (besides in Israel)
How many Jewish Americans were combat infantry during world war 2?
Probably a few fucking dozen at most.
Same with the blacks, who mostly drove truck or worked in the field kitchens. Suddenly, they're propelled by the media into front line Medal of Honor decorated war heroes.

Best you can do is play Day of Infamy or go even further back… get an older game called Close Combat 3 (or others but that's the best) and install mods to make it feel new/fresh. There's one specifically for Grosdeutschland division that is good.

It's not just the shootan and action I'm after though. As much of a trite piece of shit CoD has become, I did like how it wove the narratives of different soldiers together. It's something I'd dearly like to see for the axis.

Probably because our PM was a Nazi sympathizer.

I have both experience with 3d modeling, programming and the likes, and in my college days I had attempted to work on a few different games. A few problems arise, depending on the quality of the game, working in small teams will take years, lets say 2-8 years(who knows what will happen in that time). In that time, you will then need dedicated team members, and you also have to work out agreements. If somebody leaves, you have to disregard all of their work so they don't come back and request compensation for their work once the game is published. It then works best to work with people you have long prior relations to, so you know they may at least in some sense be dedicated. To push out games like that in such a short time takes money, the hardest part of working as an individual or with a small team is then dedication to the project. Among this comes compensation, and profit sharing, which may be quite a mess to deal with - as for someone who has spent such a great time on this would like proper compensation. Keep in mind each person will have to take time out of their schedule to work on the game a few times a week/ few hours a day depending on when you want the game done by. The other part is hardware restriction, back then(3+ years ago), low poly models were a must - basically you had to make a model less detailed, but still look detailed enough to pass itself off(which took a bit of time. I assume, that would not be an issue today, if you think about the future, but in such a time, you may have to update your models and whatnot. It is possible to make games for nearly any platform, as you have Unity and Unreal Engine plus others, but those are the main two. Though Unreal is more for AAA titles, Unity has potential, but just requires more work to compete - there's also coding languages and whatnot. In conclusion, anyone can make a game, but it's sure a hell of a lot of work(If I had to bet, fighting as the Axis would be a fairly limited market, unless you added both perspectives perhaps).

If this is intended as propaganda it's not a good approach. People don't pay attention to the stories of these things and think "muh ebil nertzies," they think "cool, look at all the action and explosions." Honestly, I might buy it. I never finished the campaign for MW3, which was the last COD I bought, but people likened the gameplay to COD4, and I haven't played an online game in two years, so I kind of want this for that. I enjoy shooters for the mindless fun that they are. Getting lost in the dumb action can be fun, and I need some kind of fun in my life again to get me the fuck away from politics. I still remember being a little kid playing COD1 online, playing the Medal of Honor games, watching all the WWII movies. Loved the action, loved the scale of the war. It always amazed me just how big it was. Too large to really comprehend. The only thing the propaganda aspect ever did to me though was make me think "oh god, not more of this holocaust shit." When they steped outside of my enjoyment bubble and tried to introduce the propaganda I'd immediately feel that way. I imagine a lot of kids felt that way, and a lot feel that way now. Forcing propaganda so blatantly, even to an ignorant little kid, just isn't going to work. At least, if that kid is anything like I was.
Actually this makes me think of people with their dumb fucking sports obsession. With politics being shoved into their faces and them being forced out of their enjoyment bubble, they'll get angry like I would with the constant holocaust shit (since I was as into war games and movies as they are with sports).

If the enemy is German, then online play would have to include Germans. Obviously there's not going to be a campaign option to play as a German though. Well, with a better developer there might be. Most devs. though only give a single-perspective campaign though, for obvious reason. Giving a perspective from both sides basically means making two campaigns for the game. Some devs would do it. Most won't.

This was one of the maps for Day of Defeat on Steam. Fucking loved that game. I haven't played it in years.

that is a distinction, but it really makes you wonder.

If you own COD2 and want to play as Germans here's a mod that swaps the teams.

It really does depend on the intelligence of the kid, for instance I have relatives that eat this stuff up, just because they're too ignorant to view the other side. Although there are many other children such as myself and others whom I had grown up with that cod and history channel had gotten us interested in the third Reich/ww2. It's much more likely that a youth that can critically think must surly be in the minority. At least you redpill a few out of thousands, and the rest remain the same I would guess.

World at War has a mod that changes the german and soviet uniforms. Not exactly what I'm looking for either. Still, pretty fun to shoot up hordes of commies in the Seelow heights.

It still may be interesting to see all the historical inaccuracies in the game, gotta catch em' all.

For a newest game Post Scriptum ,it's WW2 version of "Squad" , I don't know if uniforms have swastikas or iron crosses so you have to check
The key thing is community , that can give you feels
I only play Squad(also WW2 games almost never have a Polish faction so) , and "we" always joke about fighting for oil , scream allahu ackbar and sing russians songs in affiliated teams,but there are also a lot retards who didnt even read the controls so you need to filter and find good people to play with

Never forghetti, goy.

Maybe that's what they told England and maybe that's what they told France. That's certainly what they told the Americans.
Nonetheless, the Jews owned the papers in all three of those countries and the purpose of the war was retribution against Hitler for kicking them and their banker buddies out. Hitler was forced into war by the Allies. He explicitly did not want war and went far out of his way to avoid it. Also I'm sure they wanted to clear Hitler out of the way for the CCCP to steamroll Europe. Hitler probably saved Europe by exhausting Russia, which was planning an invasion. The kikes had to go with plan B as a result… The EU.

I would consider such a project, though it may take a great deal of time. Requesting books on: WW2 events/Almanac, WW1 Jewry, the Sudetenland(and German prosecution), as well as pretext to WW1. Looking to do a bit of research on the topic then, hence would appreciate any book recommendations of the following.