Yvette Felarca arrested (again)

So BAMN leader Yvonne (Yvette) Felarca got arrested again about an hour ago for trying to attack Kyle Chapman (based stickman) and attempting to resist arrest during a Berkeley free speech march. Apparently, she's been seen a various marches around Berkeley with her BAMN posse or having her followers causing a fuss.

Does this bitch ever learn?

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You think she saw Sessions speech regarding free speech on college campuses today, or nah?


That face, she knows her handlers will be bailing her out shortly

I don't know, but it's not what I would call smug or confident. If anything, it's a glum face.

fuck this cunt

Hopefully this cunt gets locked up forever due to the "three strikes" law.

If I remember correctly, and I do, she was just recently arrested only some months ago. Looks like we got us a repeat offender.
Is she still teaching kids?

Put her in with the blacks.

Ah, so she's still a teacher ffs.




And she never gets fired from her college job where your tax money pays her salary to brainwash and attack your people

she keeps getting away with it because she's on the right side of history

It's even worse. She's teaches at a Middle School.

Surely going to these "protests" and committing assault on video is a violation of her bond release for her prior arrest. This bitch needs to rot in jail until her trial for both of these arrests and then go to prison for no less than 10 years.

She's already out on bond from a prior arrest. I don't think they let you out if you get arrested again while awaiting trial.

And she manipulates her young students into supporting her political activism. See:




alright alright
but seriously, am I the only guy who has an Yvette fetish. I mean, I just want to bang her, and not gently, but a violent throat/ass fucking.

She is sooooo hot!
I know she'd love it too. I mean, thats why she is the way she is. Like all mongrels, she craves the BWC, and shes just not getting any.

Its time for one of us to take one for the team, and turn Yvette back into the cute cuddly asian waifu she was always meant to be.

Not that I'm upset about seeing this cunt arrested but fuck that cuck too.

It's a well made, informative video. Have you watched it?

She's a flip, you degenerate.

People like you are the reason we have the Hapa Problem in the first place.

she's pretty fat and ugly for a flip too. jim has much better flips on his show.

not in the slightest.
also, your disingenuous nature is showing.

Digits for bail refused due to being out on bail.

Couldn't fucking agree more
Gas them both in the same room


was she already out on bail when she got arrested again?


Yep. Incitement to riot in Sacramento. It's a condition of her release she not associate with BAMN!


The police in that area ARE antifa… they are extracting her so she cannot be beaten or attacked after she tried to attack stickman

can i go 1 day without seeing someone's head split open? people in vietnam and ww2 and every other war saw less gore than the average user does every day.

be great if the law was actually enforced, but i doubt whatever kike judge she's going to be infront of is going to do shit.


Praise Kek
pee pee poo poo pisssssss

There's another Berkeley protest? Don't they ever get bored doing the same things over and over? I'm starting to agree with the normalfags, this freeze peach stuff is tiresome.


That's fucking awesome my man
Gonna put that in my personal stash

I didnt say I wanted to marry her. Just bang her. I would actually consider paying her cab fare home if she is willing to refer to my cock as "the patriarchy" and moan about white supremacy during orgasm.

Most of Yvettes problems are a reaction to being rejected by white males. This is why she has become an insufferable cunt running her mouth about trump. Its all projection, of her own desires and the fear that they will never be realized.

And I am being somewhat serious here. Alot of the antagonistic attitude presented by most minorities is actaully based on being jealous, unsatiated desire and desperate attempt to make themselves somehow relevant. It is very difficult for people like Yvette, born short, stupid, and brown … she will never enjoy the life of a large breasted freckle faced redhead …. and yet all the media has been teaching her since she was a child is that that is what is beautiful and fulfilling. And not only cant she have it, she knows she never will …. this is why she is lashing out.

I used to hate niggers, but I dont anymore. I know now that they are just animals, incapable of living in a civilized world. It is us who has placed them in the terrible position (or at least the cucks/jews amongst us).

I white people can save niggers. By shipping them back to thier natural habitat, …. the congo!

and only white dick can return yvette to sanity. Its the truth brothers!

One of us is going to have to bang her. Who will step up?

hitler was too wise


also it defeats the fucking purpose when you spoiler.

god damn, that motherfucker pulls his hands up near the middle and they're chopped off. that's brutal

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This is the laziest meh I can muster user. I hate shitskins of all shape and sizes slants included

Discuss the topic or fuck off. Not to minimod, but let the shitposters post and then the mods will sort them out.

This gorespam is retarded.

Fucking this.

Speaking of which we should meme unisex prisons because gender is a social construct.

wtf? right side of history!?!
hold my beer and fetch me the zyklon

i've known a dirtbag or two who had bonds stacked on top of bonds…

Webm or it didn't happen ass faggot

Is he ok?

did they both happen to be women or have steinowitz in their last names?

you're paying attention to her again and giving her a platform
she wins

Oh he's great man , full recovery


I want a good happening for once

Her face is expressionless. She no longer has any self will. Everything is for the movement. Potential suicide bomber.

If you post like this, please put the date too. I almost skipped this as a necropost, and hahahahahahahahaha I'm glad I didn't.

She's just doing it for attention.

I would rather stick my dick in a septic tank.

Is this one of those symbolic arrests? Even if legitimate antifa and bamn are lawyered up and she probably won't do time.

You think she tried to play the racist homophobe card on him?

Is this old dyke aware he's a trap lover?

Women like Yvette Felarca are the catalyst that got straight men to date traps. Women these days are such insufferable cunts guys would rather fuck a guy dressed as woman because they at least are trying to be ladies.

The soulless eyes of the corn-grubbing Indio.
Uplift was a mistake.

someone needs to convince her to go protest in real flip land and then plant a bag of heroin in her luggage when she gets there.

C'mon man. You know that's just going to make her more fucked up. Stop watching porn, it's clouding your reasoning. It wouldn't be like the fantasy at all. She's certain to have terrible hygiene for starters.

So many strikes? Also is she just protesting because she's ugly?



just another reason to absolutely never step foot in mexico or south america as a whole ,. you piss off the wrong person not knowing they're cartel members and this could be your fate

my thoughts exactly


What if she's brought to Duterte?

Click triangle thingy on offending post, click add filter, click ID +

All posts with the same ID are filtered.


Only until she gets sentenced because the Berkeley School System is fucking ass backwards. Once she gets sentenced she'll be fired according to the greentext below I pulled from t_d

Not mentioning that getting arrested while on bail in CA gets you a 2 year enhancement.

Its a cozy feeling isnt it? They've held up those mexican flags, called our country racist and bigotted, "celebrated" their "heritage," taken down our flag and put it beneath their own on buildings, even burned ours, called whites evil and oppressive, they want the entire southwest to go back to mexico's ownership, and all in all they despise us and our nation

And that.. that webm… is the reality they face when they go back there, or if mexico were given the southwest or retook it in a war, and so on. Thats what will happen to them. They'll be drinking water that turns their assholes into water fountains. They'll be abducted and forced into sex slavery, or turned into drug mules. They'll even slightly annoy someone linked to one of the cartels and suddenly they'll wake up just in time to see the melonballer scoop inching closer to their eye…

…But.. wait what is this.. i cant see out of my other eye and it hurts so much… whats going on… and then searing pain followed by never ending void, their hands suddenly in agony and they can no longer touch or feel things with them, they are frantically trying to run but they cant stand up straight they keep falling, they cant feel their feet because they are no longer there and then they are on their backs being held down, they hear the sounds of knives and cutting, voices discussing what to do next, and then someone mentions ears and tongue, suddenly they become aware that that agonized screaming they have only slightly been aware of this whole time? Its coming from them… they feel metal in their mouth and then the words stop, replaced by horrified gurgles as they struggle to breath, they're choking on something, they taste copper… and suddenly white hot pain in both ears and then the world is silent.. no more gurgles, no more voices, no more scraping, only silence and the feeling of vibrations in their throat from what are the drowning screams of terror. From there, all they know is agony, pain, searing, burning, merciless pain all over their bodies.. they squirm to try to get away from it, but they cannot escape.. their bodies spasm and contort.. slowly they begin to lose their minds, it feels as if this has gone on for eternity. "Am I in hell?" they wonder somewhere in the corner of their minds, the thoughts barely registering as every other fiber of their mind is forced to focus on the pain

And it continues… seemingly forever… pain… so much pain… they lose all control of their body, they feel warm in places, hot in others, cold and lifeless in others still. And so it goes.. the sensations slowly dull over time, replaced by pain in other places.

In the end, when the blood loss finally becomes to great and their bodies begin to shut down… they don't know the sweet drifting off peace of death, there is no slow fade to black by the world around them… they simply begin to slowly lose sensation, the old pains remain, but new ones slowly begin to stop appearing. But even still, it is all they can think of, all they can focus on. This is their existence.. how long has it been? Months? years? decades perhaps that this has gone on? They have no idea, it feels like it has been forever, it is all they can remember of life, it has replaced every other memory they have, there is nothing left but pain and suffering. And slowly it fades out.

The last thing they can remember, is how this has always been reality, this is all that there is, all that ever was. And the last sensation, is pain, because pain is all that exists in their universe.. as they slowly lose touch with it as well, until suddenly, there is nothing left.

That… that is the future they want, the "heritage" and "culture" they celebrate and "belong to." Oh how I wish we could put them all in boxes and ship them right to the cartels front door.

Speaking of which we should meme unisex prisons because gender is a social construct.



It has always been "fit for thee but not for me" and once they get a treatment of their own medicine, they'll cave like a house of cards. Which is honestly what they really are, paper tigers and all bark no bite. As much as they talk shit about "going all out" the second they do it'll be done for. No restraint will be held for them, as no restraint was held for us, and it will be worse than they could ever imagine. This sentimant of anti-liberalism has been around for quite awhile, and normies are waking up. DotR soon.


Dump my Felarca work






Good post

True statement. I was adting a Korean girl and she used to go on and on about her class status in Korea, as if I gave a fuck. She would act all miserable and be an insufferable cunt. I discovered she could ask for the cock like a normal whore could so she'd be a bitch and complain about driving, the rain, her hair, the phone bill, groceries, etc but once I laid the pipe for a good 40 minutes and filled her cunt with my junk she was right as rain for another 24 hours and as happy as a dogs ear.

I can see you've given this more than a passing thought.

Nah, actually I just wrote all that up after watching that webm. I've seen it before but never really thought about it. Gore actually still makes me a little unsettled, and so I'm still able to put myself in that persons position and imagine what they would be going through.

I mean, truly think about it.. you're tortured, your limbs are cut off but your brain still remembers what it was like for them to be there (phantom limb syndrome or w/e it is called), you'd lose your vision, your hearing, your ability to speak, as they slowly strip those things of you. And what would that leave you with? Only two senses, your ability to smell and your ability to feel. No sight, no sound, very little taste… all you would be able to sense is agony, unending agony, all over your body as you're cut and mutilated over and over.

It would truly be a nightmarish hell scape. Your mind would probably conjure up images, you'd hallucinate, you'd have visions of demons and devils and every nightmare you've ever thought of as your brain is flooded with the sensations of pain over and over and over.

But you'd be unable to interact, to move, to escape at all. All you could do is suffer. And the more miserable you are, the longer time seems to take to pass. If you get hurt, time seems to pass so slowly as you agonize over your injury. Now imagine you have no ability to see or perceive the passage of time, people moving about, the sun light changing, or anything else. Its all just silent blackness before you. Time would then seem to stretch on for eternity. And having no ability to perceive the world left to you, you wouldnt slowly begin to lose touch with it, it would all be there until it was all gone. No fade to black, no world growing dark, nothing. Just suffering that you feel goes on forever, until finally it stops and you cease to exist in the same moment.

I just thought Holla Forums would enjoy reading in words and thinking more in depth about the suffering they'll face. I'm personally indifferent towards it. I'd be fine if they just left and went back to mexico, even if no cartels or punishment awaits them. Just go home, go do your own thing, hell make your nation so great it rivals or surpasses our own, I really don't care. Just stay out of ours. But, its hard not to want them to suffer like that webm, when they refuse to simply live apart and away from us, and instead invade our lands and seek our demise.


This is some DnC shit right here, good try schlomo, but unfortunately for you you're trying to paint the things that make us human as "jew traits," and it never works. Just because your kind has no imagination, and lacks the ability to relate to the experiences/feelings of others, and has to reduce everything to mindless sexual fetishes, doesnt mean that the rest of us are like that.

You'll find no one here willing to buy your wares mister merchant, go peddle them somewhere else

yeah im not a zogshill, but I'll take it
my mind doesn't go to wherever it is you reside, I'd rather shit on it than dignify the depths.

I might actually copypasta your posts on some leftist boards, it got something visceral out of me so I can only imagine what it could do to a soyboy who reads it through.

Thats, well actually a good thing. What I posted should disturb you. That was the whole point. Again, like I said, what makes us able to imagine or understand the suffering they would go through, is part of what makes us human. Kikes have no such abilities, they cannot understand the suffering of anyone else, they cannot imagine the horror in a personal way. All they can do is get off on the delight THEY feel at inflicting pain and suffering on others. They cant imagine what it must be like for that person, they cannot sympathize with the horror they must face. That is part of what makes them inhuman filth, why they can rape and murder little girls and only feel pleasure from it. Why they can destroy nations and the lives of millions and all they think about are their shekels and keeping the goyim under their boot heels.

I think you understand these things, you just were repulsed enough by the actual content of the post and you knee jerked thinking someone must be a kike to be able to put those things/experiences to words, that only someone who would get off on it would really think about it like that.

But no user, a kike wouldn't think about or post from the perspective of the one being tortured, because they cannot understand or relate to them at all in any way. They would be posting from the point of view of the one doing the torture and fetishizing that, talking about the smell of blood, the delight of slowly mutilating the person, hearing their agonized screams and them drowning on their own blood as the kike listens with glee, the "feeling" of tearing away flesh and cutting then sinew and hacking away at bones. Because that, user, is what a kike gets off to.

Put it into context. We all know kikes are into scat, right? Do you think the ones wanting to shit on other people are getting off while thinking about it from the recipients point of view, the feelings they are going through? Do you think they even care? No, they get off on literally shitting on someone else and rubbing their own feces into another humans flesh, thats it. They dont understand the other persons views or feelings and they dont care, all they care about is their OWN point of view. And a kike would never fetishize themselves being mutilated like that, hence, they would never be able to conceive of it much less post about it.

I agree with you on this, however, I can't bear the thought of any of it.

You might be onto something with stylizing empathy and disgust, it's a highjacking of "shocking" rhetoric. Conceptually interesting, but there's a filter on it that I can't get through, and I'm positive that this has been done quietly before by leftist groups for other goy-centric causes.

It might just be as simple as narrative role-reversal. You seem verbose, so I'm sure you'll be delving into this at some point in the future again.

God, you KGBfags suck at English grammar. It's "America Smashes Communists." We don't just want to "smash Communist," we want to smash them all, KGBfagz.

Metallica had a great video with this as the theme. The guy who got fucked up gore style and tries to communicate in Morse code to the nurses and doctors through whatever movement he can do the following:

"Kill me."

Jewtube Yideo linked:

It's called chemo you cancerous newfaggot.


Also this

Isn't he that guy who was caught on facebook saying that being against diversification is bad, and that whites will be a minority in the near future and trying to stop it will have us share the same fate as the massacred whites in south africa?

Yvette is not good looking, apart from which her personality and spirit are far more wretched than her appearance. Maybe a donkey dick might shut her up for a while, but I'd advise any human, even my worst enemy to avoid that disgusting bitch like the plague.

Look up the movie/novel Johnny Got His Gun. That's what Metallica based their song off.

Bitch can't stop.getting arrested.
She thinks she will become some martyr, but leftypol commies hate her too.
Wonder if.Shanta can get her out of this one

Nice OC

the cartoony appearance on these flyers makes her look far more attractive then she actually is. change it to her real face.

That's hilarious. Got any screencaps?


I actually don't but I was trolling leftypol when the last Milo Berkeley got cancelled, (when Felarca and her druggie comrades smashed the city with police blessing)
So yeah, I made a BAMN/Felarca thread, turns out leftypol is completely against her, they say she has a "bad vibe to her" and stinks of fbi, she is doing them more damage than good that there is something not right about her and bamn.
I was very surprised.
What I was more surprised with even, is I think that leftypol really isn't our enemy. Of course you have some completely deluded snowflakes, but you also have a lot of people who are just misled, not stupid.

Your post looks like someone translated it from Morse code

She was arrested but nothing heavy enough to flip her. Or is there?

Does anyone know if she is being held without bail now?
Any user have any status on her?
If she gets thrown right back on the streets maybe we can kick up a fuss and change the courts thinking.

Seems like you just need to get laid dude, god damn

I'm thinking D&C to be honest, let's spread rumors she's an informant now.

Didn't mean to sage

That is good but she was out on bail for being a fuck wit and a prior arrest.
One of the main contingincies on any bail of almost any charge

The reason why we'd lose a meme war is because of you illiterates shitting up Holla Forums.

Is this supposed to demoralize us? She's fucked lad.

search yvette felarca and new york
Also smuggling underaged across state lines

I think she has to be a snitch for fbi yes,

More should be published about Shanta Driver, very interesting people

Most relevant thread to leave this in. Virulent.

Also thought it was her, but probably due to the face blindness autism Also, bug people all look the same

Apparently, the violence happened at the empathy tent. Mayhaps someone was seeking some unapproved empathy?

Well being jobless and spending your time protesting works up an appetite. Free meals and a place to nap when you are arrested. It's commie utopia really.

Another non-white woman whose aggressively socially active against whites. Why are all of our enemies, in the social sphere, aggressively socially active women? All the "men" are just "allies" or followers. Is being social the only thing women are good at?

My god, how can people say we're the same as that thing? That is the incarnation of evil.

How many times can you be arrested without doing any actual jail time? She got arrested again while out on bond ffs. She should at least forfeit her bond and have to remain in jail until both of her court dates.

BAMN is a known pedo org / cult org as presented by DarkResearcher and countless others. I believe her real name is Yyvone or something similar.
She's likely snitching or part of the domestic regime change op like the key witness and first person to call Fields a domestic terrorist at cville.

She wont forfeit bond unless she personally paid for it or it was ROR. Their legal fees are paid by someone else.
The commie I used to be good friends with got hit with a $5k fine he paid off instantly after sentencing. He's totally not sponsored by anyone and nor is she.

Couple articles on her recent history.