Make the NRA regret giving us the right to bear arms

What did liberals mean by this?

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it means these pussies might finally fucking do something

but they wont lol

liberals and conservatives are locked in a cycle of reaction and counter-reaction of ever escalating severity

the problem is both these groups are growing increasingly divested from one another as the various media outlets that support their worldviews diverge along ideological lines.

basically you have two "post truth" groups that cannot find a middle ground because their ideologies have become so rigid and mutually exclusive that eventually the only option will be to come to blows. trump and the hysteria surrounding him is evidence of the political and social machinery that enabled conservatives and liberals to function is breaking down, and since they're both inextricably tied to the system that creates this conflict, without radical change they are doomed to collide


I honestly don't understand what is it with americans and guns.
Even if you had similar laws as my countr regarding gun ownership, who cares? You want to amke a revolution, how hard it is to gather 40 or 50 people, invade a police station, kill everybody inside and get all the guns?
How fucking hard it is afterwards to inavde a military base and steal tanks?
Fucking idiots, like having laws changea fucking thing. Homicide is illegal everywhere, yet prisons are filled with killers.

The NRA didn't give anyone any rights. You have those rights just because you're human. I guess liberals are trying to play the terrorist. They won't succeed. They don't know what they're getting into.

You're more likely to die doing this. It's a matter of expedience.


The liberals are learning

means the fema camps will be filled with leftists


It kinda is according to Cracked.

you could not say anything funnier than that
the NRA is terrible though, they're a lobbyist firm that is willing to lie to their consumers to get them to consume more I would purge the fuck out of them


Socialize your Islam priests reactions, they are fucking top kek

yeah you got any more of these m8ty

How is the NRA lying?

Memri TV is an untapped goldmine 2bh

Remember when they helped stoke the fires of Obama gungrabbing in order to get people to go hoard and then the manufacturers raised ammunition prices ridiculously? Yeah, that's the NRA for you.

You're overthinking it. People are simply very petty and care more about spiting one another than forwarding any sort of societal ideal.

Yeah, but Obama did turn gun grabber.

do you have the "this comment gave me cancer" one?

He didn't do shit and you know he didn't do shit. It was just a way for the companies to make a ton more money and to make people more scared and paranoid. Fuck the NRA.

So he didn't make a move to get congress to pass legislation? Just because it failed in congress doesn't mean he didn't try it. He also banned importation of ammo and Russian imports.

He tried it because it got him brownie points, he didn't give a single fuck about it.
We're in the middle of a red scare, they're going to do way worse than that. Expect the banning of all russian weaponry at some point in the next decade because they don't represent the freedom that America is about :^)

Got your back fam


And yet he tried. I somehow doubt a Republican would have tried that.

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So the liberals, the people who are scared of firearms and only account for about 10% of firearm ownership, are going to start a webelution.

This is gunna be good.

It's the volunteer's dilemma, everybody wants a revolution, but everybody wants to live to see said revolution succeed.

If you're fighting to live, it's OK to die.

If this is a wahabist channel why does that iman prefer to commit suicide than going to saudi arabia or iran?

He was being facetious


That is not the face you should have at all, we don't need revolution if we reach post-scarcity and you can live in that VR horseland you really want to live in.

Fucking retards don't even know about the second amendment.

Isn't your kind distrusting of polls? Besides, who would honestly tell someone "taking a poll" their politics regarding guns? For all your conspiracy theories y'all are naive as fuck

in the end we all knew it had to be this way

There's a national guard armory near me and they don't even guard it properly. I've literally reconned it all by myself.