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The next four years are gonna be fun.

You could say Trump was asking for a safe space.

No apology 4 u, Trump


meme magic is real

This is exactly why the dems were fine with losing to Trump, but not Sanders. Sanders would have _actually_ been more for the people.

oh fug.. YT formatting.. I'm outed


Apparently he's in connection with Alex Jones and called him after winning


this is news?

This is classic trump strategy really, and people took the bait. Pence wanted the boos, it heightens tension and the us vs. them mentality. No breaks in the accelerationist train fam

11d X 3 dimensional chess

Porky wants the people to hate him

you guys are so far removed from the average american it's ridiculous.

the average american is an obese fucking retard

thats right, keep talking down to people, that will convince people to side with you.

There is no such thing as the "average" American.

If anything the left needs to be more vicious towards liberals. If this election shows anything its that liberals are about to keel over after they figure out legawdEmpoorror is a fraud.




I don't care what the alt right does, I'm not them.
This certainly doesn't hurt the don, the more the left attacks the more people will get fed up with them.
All I'm saying is that it's ridiculous that a man can't enjoy a play without being attacked by the cast.


this is why you guys will fail, america isn't even the fattest country anymore.
now it's mexico

I can kind of understand why an unpopular president would want theaters to be a safe space.


funny reaction pix

if this keep happening… leftypol might have been right



Thanks for the compliment :^)

This is a bad thing?

You reminded me of this.

pick one

Hes a fucking public servant you cuck! He is obligated to feel scrutinized and demeaned at every turn! Its called holding their feet to the fire.


Seems to have worked for trump. Maybe we should take an example from it.

no shit

Wow Trumpsters are as sensitive as SJWs.

Reminder that this is all porky distraction. Nobody is going to talk about privatizing infrastructure, cutting Medicaid and SNAP, decreased funding to education, etc.


Did you see what the cast actually said? If you call that being attacked, you have VERY slow standards for what constitutes an attack.

They LOVE to feel victimized! About as much as the "leftists" they demonize so much.

Should be very LOW standards but hey maybe your standards are slow too, I dont know you.

the average american probably couldn't pick mike pence out of a line-up and sure as hell doesn't care what theatre gays are up to, but that doesn't mean we can't laugh at this

We can laugh at it, but we shouldn't let it dominate any part of our news or analysis beyond a brief bit of "ha that cuck got cucked."


with you on that bb


Pence is a big boy surrounded by SS. He'll be okay.

Your emperor-king is crying for a safe space. How does this make you feel?

Of course they are. They're the NEW SJWs.

This and only this.

Literally TMZ tier bullshit meant to keep you distracted from anything that remotely matters.

It really…really isn't. Again, extremely low standards, if Pence finds that to be an attack he can't deal with he's in for a very rough 4 years.

Nah, it isn't. An attack would be get ting his face beaten in by a brick. They voiced their concerns and that was it.

Can the left ever not be hypocrites?

Oh you're a Holla Forumstard roleplaying as a SJW, hilarious.

Anime is popular culture now you fucking normie.

as expected of a retard who needs to spam reaction faces xd

microaggressions never existed beyond the mind of deranged liberals desperately seeking something to get upset about


postmodernism was a mistake

Wrong, they exist. It's that shitlibs tried to make people feel extremely guilty about them that was the problem. The little things we do and how our culture is constructed to exclude things that stray from the norm is a pretty well accepted part of left criticism. Shaming someone for saying, "No but where are you really from?" is clearly bad, though.

you're such a faggot lol

Leftypol is always right.


I am a real American.

And what do you mean?

Wait.. Wasn't he just "booed"?


Oh boo fucking hoo. Pence doesn't even deserve the respect he was given tbh

this is pretty gold, tbh

At least liberals sometimes get triggered by actual inhumanity (e.g. oppression of minorities, women, etc.)

Meanwhile, people on the right get triggered by fucking Starbucks cups and a shitty ahistorical Broadway play.

both are petty grievances tbh fam


it's like would-be theocrats can't even have safe spaces anymore WAAAAH


here, have a cute porker


Pretty sure Saudi royalty aren't those people's elected public servants…


Both groups are WAY better off than they were 50-70 years ago. Nothing more can be done for them until class supremacy has been addressed.



the problem is the average amerian is so far removed from the rest of the world


Wow, entertainment by and for the people amirite

by that logic I can follow bernie sanders around all day dressed as a banker and say I feel he threatens my safety

yes! correct!

I think you get it!

yes, you can identify like a bourgeoise, doesn't mean you aren't one

do you now understand why class isn't IdPol?


But are you really a banker or just a liar?

Ah, I totally agree. But in context, Pence represents an immediate threat to at least gays because of the gay conversion therapy his state funded while he was governor. There's also evidence of voter suppression in Indiana under his leadership. Whether or not he will continue that spooky shit while VP is unknown, but I think the people in that theater have a right to let their displeasure be known.

I wouldn't have to dress as a banker if I was a banker

Literally tumblr.

So then that argument sucks

Yeah, I remember that. It's crazy that in the current year the governor of a state could get away with driving around in a van and kidnapping gay people for gay conversion

I don't want to be a banker, I'm going into psychology so I can be a shrink and give people answer they could come up with on their own.
easy dosh

now that's what i call spectacle

Well they don't call him "The electric" Pence for no reason


Mike Pence is our first gay VP.

Are you saying he bears no responsibility, as a state governor, for allowing literal re-education camps to be state-funded?

So what's the process for sending people to enter gay conversion therapy?

Do NC jails just send anyone arrested on sodomy charges to them?

Wow, stage protests have gotten much gayer since John Wilkes Booth


The Average American isn't white and probably hates you and your family.


Someone should strike Mike Pence's head with a land mine

To be honest, it is a bit unprofessional for a theater crew to boo a specific member of the audience. It's not an issue of safe spaces for members of a certain ideology or group, like SJWs, but an issue of theaters being professional and impartial to their audiences. I don't care if even Hitler attended a theater and got booed by the crew. It's just stupid and autistic to do that. You're an actor in a theater and should maintain a professional attitude. Want to make a statement against Pence? Make your own damn musical that is entirely anti-Pence.

Basically, Mike Pence didn't mean that he wanted to have a safe space dedicated to christfag conservatives like himself but instead that he wanted the theater to be a neutral and impartial place that doesn't have biases beyond the play itself. His shitty wording is just due to fact that old people are shit at the internet and thus probably didn't even know what a "safe space" is.

Kill yourself, please. I noticed that you and your scum are invading leftypol hard. You would've been called a reddit-tier faggot beforehand.

Seriously, just because he's "red" doesn't mean he's the reincarnation of satan.

And, Mike Pence is too powerless as VP to really fuck around with the faggots.

Again, if the audience booed at Pence, I would've been fine with it. But, the theater crew directly booing him and being all "muh diversity". Pure faggotry at its worse.

On another note, at least I know what christfag conservatives and SJWs have in common. They worship elitist capitalists who fuck over working Americans and want to create a centralized, anti-democratic state. The enemies of the republic of virtue are everywhere, and this can not be left unattended to. We're going to need a Reign of Terror to save us from tyranny, oligarchy, and the cancer that Alexander Hamilton started.


Go read statistics nigger. Seriously, you particularly are a cancer on this imageboard. Fuck off to reddit, faggot.

statistically speaking, yeah, the average american is white

but you're right about the rest

But the average American is white.


The midwest isn't America. It's the Midwest.

They wanted Trump as president, they got what they wanted.

If you want to have a society free from nastiness all of a sudden, elect a different president. You didn't. This is the result.

Parents in the Midwest are to busy chewing on the asbestos of Bush Administration stuffed animals and slashed education to give a shit about cause and effect, so now they're getting furious on Twitter like you are over a politician getting booed

Sodomy laws are mostly illegal in the U.S. now, but there are many instances of parents loading up their twink kids and shoving them in these places to have the gay prayed, drugged, and sometime shocked out of them

I know you are brain-damaged being an anfem and all but the midwest is part of America and your personal disdain of this fact does not suddenly make it wrong.


The same as any tumor is part of the body


I'm hiding every post you make

Nigga, RIOTS used to be commonplace at theaters. Actors in the 19th century would basically lead posses against rivals.

Yes and no, but you understand he will be President Pro Tem of the Senate, right? The Senate that is filled now to the brim with people who mostly think like him.

You seem kind of torn between understanding what Pence and the Trump administration represents and hating those will be hurt by it.

no need, there is no net access in the Socialist gualg for unruly disruptive comrades!


I swear, I had no idea there were so many rich people in the US when I started seeing these idpol retards everywhere.

Holy kek, kek, leftypol was so much better before trump won. I thought Holla Forums was the unstable and insecure board.

I literally used to come here to ignore people getting baited by trump, but here we are 50 posts in arguing with statist faggots

Is this literally your first exercise in realizing Broadway is increadibly expensive

how old are you

I think you are missing the part where they didn't boo him. They just had a conversation.

That dude totally takes it up the pooper

Nobody cares about how you don't want anyone to respond to the current president of the United States

Nah, I've heard before, but I'm not in the loop on this shit & don't keep up with it. Every time it's still shocking to hear

thanks for the you gayboy

Still better than dying of AIDS tho

Wrong anfem. Thanks for the you gayboy


How dare you insult our vice president


Wow, that's actually really polite. I thought the cast of Hamilton had shamed him or something. They only took the time to address him, and that's okay because he's a public figure. Honestly, Pence and Trump are such pussies if they think this counts as an attack.


I really love the stubless hiding

It's as if a post has never existed

we're all anfem now


Remember when all those Bush administration politicians had gay scandals

I bet it was Mike Pence



Well, unfortunately for Indiana, 200 new cases of HIV have been documented there in the last year amid an outbreak, and Pence ignored epidemiologists' recommendations of responding to it by funding needle-sharing programs to help prevent new cases. IN has a huge heroin problem in some of poorest counties, but Pence was too busy being a virtue signalling Christfag to do any real good.

It doesn't really matter because he doesn't know how to talk shit


Why is only one of these considered a legitimate argument?

Are you comparing a Saudi Royal to Mike Pence?

How dare you shame our Vice President

Because Mike Pence looks really gay. So he's gay.

Because it keeps happening, over and over again.

Who the fuck attends Broadway and looks like Mike Pence does

Who isn't gay?

Wow, homophobic much?

I'm gay

stereotypes are based on some truth right :^)

forgot your anfem flag

isn't homophobic. Anyone who goes on broadway looking like that is gay as hell

That is exactly what should be avoided. Considering that presidents got assassinated in theaters, I'm willing to say that we should probably try to make theaters as civil as possible. Keep the fighting to the streets.

Oh, I see. Now, Pence is looking pretty stupid in his reaction. (Though, I despise their stupid statement still. Fuck diversity. Just more proof that SJWs are Hamiltonian porkies.)

The anfem user is still garbage though. Kill yourself. The Midwest, South, Pennsylvania, and a huge portion of the West voted for Trump. The 60% statistic is nationwide, not in the Midwest. The Midwest is more 80% white if you include Detroit and Chicago in there.

I don't even care about race, but pretending that whites are a minority already is fucking retarded. I've seen white nationalists do the same thing, and I BTFO'd them the same way.



Presidents should have the same likelihood of getting murdered as a rich man is likely to be robbed in Compton

What if homosexuals know something about the dysfunctional lives of homosexuals that most heterosexuals don't?

Then they devote their lives to being reporters on Breitbart

link please, i want to see


Because being gay is a personal feeling, unlike the other ones

Mike "College Liberal" Pence, everyone.

What a pathetic board. What do you have to show for yourselves…

leftypol, like the theater, is not a safe space for trumpfags

Do you even psy war?

pol's damage control over this has been delicious

This is why you are losing and will continue to lose. We are in power. Think about being under Trump rule for the next 8 years.

But we wanted Trump to win you fucking imbecile.

I look forward to drinking all the Holla Forums tears about their precious god emperor getting absorbed by the establishment and destroying the economy. Meanwhile actual socialist orgs are getting much more attention and the neolibs are getting kicked out of the democratic party.

Do you even accelerationism breh

I miss Jim Harbaugh. I miss him so bad.

t. Seattle Seahawks fan

Top lel


Actually, the election of your Cheeto-In-Chief has done nothing but finally push me and others to reach out to fellow comrades, get off the Internet more often to organize/protest, build a new Left, reject idpol, and all-around make the next 4 to 8 years nothing but fucking miserable for you and your kind.

And he ain't even inaugurated yet.

Strap yourself in, we comin'.

it's happening

Oh, YOU are in power now? Sounds like defeating the Jews was easier than expected I guess…


Where have you been the past year? Trump is a master baiter and an epic troll.

Some guy at the last showing started standing up and shouting "TRUMP WON. FUCK YOU. YOU LOST. GET OVER IT" and made all the liberals literally cry.

He is destroying liberals with their own arguments though. He's just not doing it ironically. He accepts the idea of safe spaces, just applied generally, and to himself. Not in the way that libs enjoy.