South Korean Soldier Shot In Head Near DMZ

And on top off if this TheSun article is legit then Rocket Man is playing chicken with Trump.

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please let this be ember that starts the forest fire…

I think retarded Worst Koreans straying where they shouldn't and getting blown away is actually a fairly regular occurrence. Japan should never have tried to civilise the apes.
Mind you, at least they're continuing to do a decent superficial impression of Japan, when the British and French gave up on civilising niggers, they were back in mud huts pretty much immediately.

How is jewS media pushing this? Pro war (meaning kike false flag) or against?

There will be no dogfight. There will be no battle, as such. There will be a blip on the radar, a missile lock, and a splashed gook.

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"It's called the military option."
Trump said the US was responding to Kim's provocations, but insisted his replies were merely in response to rhetoric from Pyongyang. He also decried the situation there, saying he was left a "mess" by previous administrations.

"I'll fix the mess," Trump said. "We'll see what happens."

It would be an interesting battle between modern USAF fighters and old Soviet tech. Also if what I hear from various Anons is true, the USAF wouldn't have that much of an overwhelming advantage because our current fighters are kind of shit.

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Well they would have the advantage of actually being able to fuel and fly them and have pilots with more than 30 flight hours operating them. It would be a turkey shoot and the air campaign would probably be over relatively quickly.
The bigger threat to USAF planes are the AA systems, and even then I think the most advanced they have is the s-200 which would give any bombers a good fit and maybe even take a couple down, but it wouldn't be enough in the end to really do much. Also the first wave of any real attack would include the B-2's and the only radar that is even rumored to be able to pick up a stealth radar signature is the S-500 which I don't even know if the Russians have actually tested yet.

Well if Kim can get the US to attack them first then they can get the backing of China, assuming that China wouldn't back them anyway despite what they said.

it isn't the fighters, it is the weapons they carry. There won't be any 'dog fighting', for that is for dogs. Modern 'fighters' are more 'smart weapon transport systems'.

I honestly think this would be different from the last Korean War. There wouldn't be an invasion which is what the chinks fear and the reason they sent troops over the Yalu river during the last Korean War. If Trump is going to act, it would be an attempt at a decapitation strike coupled with completely and utterly destroying all major infrastructure from the air and command along side command and control. They would probably be seriously consider dropping tactical nukes on best Koreas artillery emplacements within range of Seoul. It would be an absolute cluster fuck.

if that happens hopefully dear leader has atleast 1 sub somewhere around los angeles

They would have had to have gotten it out of there a long time ago, the USN has had the Romeo Class signature for decades at this point. Anything that leaves those ports now are going to be picked up almost immediately, not to mention trying to get across the pacific undetected.

Is north korea real?

That would cross one of China's red lines specifically that nothing that will cause harm to any of China's territories will be tolerated in in a Korean war.

no it's just korea, south korea is just a made up name the jews invented for the the korean terrorists.


Koreans are cute, but they're terrible people. I wouldn't care except for the fact that the kikes will drag whites into this mess somehow.


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I hope he has more than one. If there's a war and we get out of it without a near-total destruction of the US military and no nuclear strikes on West coast population centers, consider that a big fat L for White America.

Man, glad I'm not in California.

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You really think this? The US just lost a war against Iraq.


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On a scale of "1" to "Nigger", how fucking stupid do you feel right now?

I kinda wish we stuck with letting China deal with Kim, but I understand why Trump can't let Kim talk shit. Too bad the media is twisting this.

Sure, if you ignore the fact shitty jewish ROE changes that forced soldiers to not do shit until it was too late. Iraq could have been completely BTFO easily.

But wait, isn't NK one of the few remaining countries to NOT be owned by Jews? They could stage a false flag nuclear attack on Hawaii or even California to force Trump to destroy NK and implement a new (((regime))). If there is a successful attack, we'll know it to be a false flag, because of NK's fail rate.

Let it be so, checked.

MiG-29S is pretty decent. It's actually reasonably more advanced than baseline 4th gen fighters, like Serbia's MiG-29A were. It's around F-16Block30/40 standard.

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I guess I just have to enjoy the madness.

How much of the US aircraft's edge comes from advanced electronics and wireless communication? It would be a shame if something were to happen that makes those fancy gadgets non-operational.

And do you think it is true North Korea is that ill prepared and you aren't just taking the propaganda as fed to you?

The war never ended you slanty eyed kike fucks. Bring it.

This will be a one sided fight.

Please postpone for a couple of months .. I'm going to Japan for holidays in a couple of weeks. After that you can all bomb yourselves into the stone-age if you so want. And invite China and Russia to the bomb party to make it big and make sure the US wont give any trouble for the next 100 years. Thank you.


My god people who say shit like this are so stupid. Same as the morons who say we lost tin Vietnam. Show me anywhere where the enemy had military supremacy. Bad long-term planning at the top does not equate to the military being defeated, you brain-dead rat.

Sadr city
The US still failed to occupy as late as 2007 and now the Mahdi army that was fighting the US is now the PMU and supported by the Iraqi government. Saddam and Sadr city are completely separate issues and the Mahdi army in Sadr city were even in conflict with Saddam before the war and just continued with it and fought the US.
Saddam was in conflict with the Shiites in Iraq (70%+ of population) for years before the US intervened and Sadr city was one of the main centers of the insurgency, the US actually backed the Shiite insurgency in Iraq but lost a lot of public trust after promising to back them in 89 and 91 and remove Saddam then
The US basically thought they would be welcomed in open arms which turned out to be entirely wrong, Iran was against Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war but didn't want a (even worse) US puppet on its border nor did the Iraqi Shiite population accept the initial interim government. troops were basically told to just stand around the city outskirts and do nothing even while facing Mahdi militia which the US made a truce with since the US didnt want the Iraq war to expand and Shiites to start a large anti-US insurgency as well (mostly only Sunnis fought the US)
Even while they were shooting burgers regularly, US troops had to just stand around a do nothing which became a huge morale issue and blackpill
"Juba" shot a lot of burgers in Sadr city, see and

Mainly though the US lost Iraq since the Iraqis refused to cooperate with US political goals. Under Saddam Iraq was led by the Sunnis, now the government is mostly Shiite, Iran is the largest Shiite country and heavily influences all Shiites.The US wanted a coalition government which included equal representation for Kurds and Sunnis, that didn't happen and Maliki became pro-Shiite
Now the PMUs(former Mahdi army) are part of the Iraqi defence forces and supported by the government, the PMUs are led by Muqtada Al-Sadr who is extremely pro-Khomeini and they outnumber the actual Iraqi militar.


If you're talking about the occupation you're right. If you're talking about the invasion you are so fucking wrong, the Iraqi army got curb stomped like they did in 91.

What is your point with this post? You're basically saying ROE are shit, and agreeing that long-term goals from the top were shit. The US military, allowed to fight properly, would have rolled through Sadr in a day.

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Nowhere in time nor space can you find a communist that is not controlled by a jew.

Nothing will happen, as always

South Koreans are Jews

Don't they claim Stalin purged kikes from the Soviet Union?

Nearly all of these were actually from Iran during the Iran-Iraq war, not US pilots–Iraq_war
Also the numbers are wrong in general, Iraqi Mig-25 pilots alone had 30+ Kills

We tried, and failed, first time we entered in 2004 and encountered heavy resistance the city was bypassed until a few years later but the US never at any point was able to pacify or disarm the Mahdi army even after making it the stated goal
Which is why we signed a ceasefire and peace treaty with the Mahdi army even while they were shooting US troops

About the only way to take the city would be to completely level it with airstrikes which would have caused nearly all of the remaining population to rebel and would cause Iran to take a far more active role, leading to more US troops required in Iraq at a time when this was politically unacceptable and a non-option as there was a shortage of volunteers already
It may have been possible to defeat the Mahdi army in Sadr city but it would lead to a situation that the US couldn't handle or would require a draft

Still bothers me that we never did to Sadr what we did to Fallujah. Fallujah was never really an issue after we sacked that shit hole.

I could end up drafted into a ZOG war, but I would also have valuable combat experience if I lived.

Actually there are a ton of examples of large US losses in Fallujah after the city was initially seized and the reason the backlash was limited is that Fallujah was a Sunni city and the US was at war with the Sunnis
Sadr city was a Shiite city and Shiites didn't fight the US nearly to the same degree, Shiites also had triple the population of Sunnis in Iraq, the US wasn't willing to piss off 3X more people than it already had when the Insurgency was already beyond anything the US expected to deal with

Its beating a dead horse at this point but the smartest possible thing the US could have done was to remove the political leadership of the Baath party in Iraq and replace some with suitable replacements while leaving most of the government and power structure intact. This way nearly all of the combat, rebuilding efforts and animosity against the US could have been avoided and it may have been possible for Iraq to actually become an Ally/Client state again

He killed a bunch of high ranking jews, but there were still a lot of commissars.

Those digits speak,

Really, so we went in and bombed them like Tokyo and Berlin? I'm sorry, but to even imply third world militia tier militaries are not only on par with, but superior to the American military, is fucking absurd and makes you look like a moron. I'm not talking politics here. The assertion was made that third world "militaries" are superior to the US military, and that's simply not fucking true. Stop trying to defend that point. We could use modern tech. to roll through these countries and exterminate them with little push-back if the politicians had no say. Their so-called incredible militaristic strength wouldn't do shit to stop us. Stop trying to defend that point and admit the politics are bad. That's it. End point. Their militaries are neither on par nor superior.

user do you really think (((they))) want the smart thing

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Did i say they were individually superior or had better equipment? The US was vastly outnumbered in Sadr city
Except we didn't with Sadr city
What happened in reality is that US troops sat around the outskirts and occasionally got shrekt while never actually occupying the city
This is reality and what actually happened, not your little hypothetical scenario sucking US military dick
The US made multiple attempts to take the city and failed, this is not a hypothetical scenario or something i made up, the US could not handle the political and military ramifications as a result
Ask any troops that served in Iraq 2004-2009, Sadr city was a huge no-go zone and they are all butthurt about it
There is a reason it isn't discussed much

I know, still there was so much wasted potential due to US incompetence all throughout the war, Paul Bremer is such a fucking moron that he should have been executed as a traitor if he wasn't a (((plant/kike)))

Anyone have any sources to confirm this? Even South Korean news sites would be good.

Really, so you're telling me if the US approached the situation completely unleashed, like in WWII, that a third world militia would defeat the US military? Is that what you're telling me? I'm surprised we even fucking exist as country then if a random third world militia is superior to our military. Mexico could roll in any day and genocide us from existence, as fucking weak as we are.

already answered this
Iraq was not WW2 either, nobody was even willing to consider thinking of imposing a draft after Vietnam, same with suggesting that the US could win in Syria today even if it meant war with Iran and a draft.
Nobody would be stupid enough to even consider somebody proposing this idea as acceptable, WW2 levels of public military support and nationalism were not possible even after 9/11 and likely wont be possible at all throughout the 21st century.
False dichotomy, Mexico doesn't have a higher population than the US in USA or at all (More Iraqis than Americans in Iraq) and an invasion/offensive maneuver and Siege like Sadr city and entirely different scenarios

Stupid, you're not comprehending my point, even though I pointed it out to you already two comments back. I'm not discussing politics or events, I'm talking direct comparisons of strength. That's what the original assertion implied. It implied the US military is weaker than a third world military. It is not. You're wrong in defending that stupid fucking position.
What's the problem? A random group of sand-niggers is more powerful than our entire military, apparently, so what does that say about our untrained populace? We must be like dandelion petals. Just blow in our direction and we're gone.


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It’ll all be over in an afternoon user, just like every other war America has engaged in. ;^)

Cook the rice, pay the price.
Reported for shilling for commies.

I already answered this specifically, also warfare literally is politics

Actually your original assertion and what started this was
To which i replied Sadr city, a place where throughout the entire active phase of the US in the Iraq war, that the enemy always had military supremacy as far as total strength within the city
You at first tried a false dichotomy and are now making shitty deflections

Doesn't matter - we can't do shit. If we attack, the norks will turn Seoul into a smoldering craterscape with conventional artillery. Could easily kill 10 million people in the first 48 hours. No one is going to risk that.

The NK dust up is nothing but proxy trade negotiations with the Chinese.
1. China gets scared they will get tariffed back into the dark ages.
2. China calls old pal Kim to do some military saber rattling.
3. Western countries cuck out and give the slopes what they want.

Been happening for decades.

Uh oh.


If you think we can do anything about fortified, camouflaged, and mobile conventional artillery positions you are deluded. It would take weeks or months to take them all out even if you had maps handed to you by nork spys.

Iraq war deaths:
Oh man, not lopsided at all, even with those strict-as-fuck rules of engagement basically tying our guy's arms behind their backs. Third world militaries are clearly superior. Politics aren't the issue here. Stop fucking responding to me nigger, you're annoying.

I never claimed it did, you are the only one pushing this argument

Again, you are the only one trying to argue about military superiority of troops on an individual level, i blatantly said that the Iraqis had a numerical advantage in Sadr city and you missed it
Politics and backlash is exactly why the US refused to escalate the situation and why your retarded hypothetical scenario never happened while in reality Sadr city remained enemy controlled the entire time

I said "politics aren't the issue here" sarcastically, nigger. You're not "hurting my fee fees." You can't dispute my point. The numbers don't lie. Your beloved third world militaries are inferior. It's a fact. If our military was inferior to a third world militia, we wouldn't exist. Simple as that. Not a single country on this planet bow to us. Everyone her eon Holla Forums seems to believe the US has Western Europe under its foot. How could that be if a third world militia is more powerful than our entire military? Maybe you think sand-niggers are superhumans. Who the fuck knows. Either way, numbers don't lie. I don't see the world storming our military bases and kicking us out. Maybe they know a bit more about military strength than you.

Its like you want STD's and feminism screeching at you.

So explain how the US ever had military supremacy in Sadr city
No they don't, the numbers of dead american troops as a result of Sadr city and the Amount of them in it (0) and the amount of Sadr city militants that are now part of the Iraqi gov certainly indicate the US failed military goals there
Again, Sadr city and removing Saddam/Baathists/Sunni militants are completely separate issues

Just so you don't misconstrue my statement

total military defeat of the US overall i mean*

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Nigger, not a single third world military, militia, or ten different ones combined could defeat the US military in open warfare. Fact. Fuck off.
Oh, so all of Western Europe combined is weaker than a third world militia. Okay. Just going by your comparisons here, after all.

So you admit you're talking out your ass?

no wonder south koreans are obsessed with plastic surgery. what an ugly people.
Without even having to bother with Vietnam

Not at all, another false dichotomy

One cannot deny that most asian communist regimes become pretty ethinc nationalist.

North Korea (best Korea) is uncuked, not like the faggot south.



Including the clickbait subject put by OP.

You're going in circles now. I've already responded to this shit. Since you bring up Vietnam though, let me give some numbers.
When has the US military, in history, ever been defeated? We've lost battles, but as I said, we've never been defeated. You don't seem to comprehend what I mean by "defeat."
I will reiterate one more time
What Germany saw during WWII was military defeat. When your military is destroyed, you've suffered military defeat. Every third world country combined can not do that to the US military. Not a single military on this planet can.
Filtered because I'm not sitting here for 70 fucking hours going back and forth with you, you autistic fucking rat. You're literally doing everything in your power to keep this going and you think I'm just going to fucking sit here all night and entertain you. Fuck off…

Actually you are, you keep responding to the same points i already answered while i keep elaborating why the US lost




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Why am I so upset over this misinformation? Is it because the words are so bitter?

Can add Afghanistan to the list.
It's amazing to hear all the media talking about Obongo "surge" and Trump sending more troops but no one about the tiny little thing called the "de facto taliban control of the country" (they've managed to control sections of all major roads).
The only reason to send back reinforcement is to avoid a "Huey city fall 2: Snackbar edition" scenario despite NATO still being very much engaged in the country…


Seems vaguely ironic as the generally acknowledged single greatest one-to-one aerial dogfight in history occured over the same soil. The Greatest Nation On Earth won ofc.

None of those stand a chance against f-15s, f-18s and f-16s in BVR. Let alone F-22s. Even the mig-29 is, despite its excellent dogfighting abilities, woefully underequipped for longe range engagements. It's also got a tiny fuel load and horrible situational awareness. Don't forget that US aviation already faced mig-29s in Iraq and Serbia, with predictable results.

If something were to happen that could knock out all the fancy avionics, the nork aircraft wouldn't be any better off. The MiG29 is a fly-by-wire aircraft, and all of them would rely on radar and missiles to fight. But if you seriously think that the avionics of military aircraft are not radiation hardened, you're fucking retarded.

Though it seems slightly counterintuitive at first, this is generally achieved by using older, clunkier (and slower) microprocessors and microcontrollers. The much thicker traces and slower clock speeds allow the devices to be much more resilient to damage from proton and neutron 'bullets', and will still run successfully after being completely riddled with nano holes. They do have to be quickly rebooted after a big EMP burst however, as the spurious energy throws off the logic of the system.

NOTE: By 'older' I meant the basic designs, not the actual in-service devices. US mil and aerospace avionics certainly constitute in general the latest and best nano chemistry money can buy, and constitute an over-sized portion of the bottomline cost of these vehicles.

Yea, no shit. Again, do you think that the electronics in hundred million dollar planes are not designed with radiation damage in mind? They aren't using consumer grade ICs for precisely this reason, along with other extreme reliability requirements.

Don't recall ever implying that user in fact, quite the opposite. Two things:
A) IDs are a thing, and
B) Decaf.

Ok. I assumed you were implying that "older more robust" Russian avionics will survive a direct nuclear hit while "advanced flimsy" American avionics will melt half the world away. Sounds stupid, but have seen this argument before by vodkaboos. The fact of the matter is, engineers designing this equipment are aware of the radiation threat, so newer equipment is designed with it in mind too. Sorry for the hair trigger

Koreans were illiterate shit-riddled savages in the 19th century, and (unfortunately) had railways, univercities, dams, schools, etc all built by the Empire of Japan, along with the biggest reforestation project on the planet, and doubled the population and life expectancy. And even after ww2 Japan has given billions of dollars of aid, and Korea has not paid back a single cent. This is simply a FACT, and a very unfortunate one at that.

Fair enough. The US has certainly enjoyed the upper hand in this arena (primarily driven by the needs of our vast space assets, including NASA's), but in point of fact China has been stealing/(((been handed))) US secrets for decades and now has sizable assets of their own. The basic physics and chemistry involved for survivability are well understood now for decades but the means of production have always been key. Is it any wonder that China will probably force WWIII over Taiwan and all those delish fabs?

A lot Samsung employees will perish, but when we flood the skies with drones doing no risk hunter killer missions. I would say it would be three to four days before the arty stops altogether either resupply issues, fear of instant death, or just no more orders come for the drones telling them where to shoot.

China controls NK wholly. Never forget the Li family in china is the power in that region, they are part of the Rothschild, Rockefeller globalist network, that includes das juden


The only issue modern US kit would have with these relics of the 60's is overshooting them before getting a good lock-on due to how fucking slow they are.

It's like you don't want a wife capable of marching in perfect step for miles and engaging in complex guerrilla warfare or something…

No shit I actually saw someone on TV say the same shit acting like wars are that easy. What in the fuck is wrong with society at the moment. Learn about your fucking history ffs. Are we really stupid enough to make the exact same mistakes again.

I liked anons earlier point about the cutting off the head tactic. If Trump is truly /ourguy/ then this is the option we'd all want. If he goes with troops on the ground he's an absolute a-grade moron and nothing more than a Zionist puppet. I think this is going to be the telling moment. I'm going to say though that all signs point to stupidity so far, that this ends in a two front war with North Korea and Iran. (seriously though Iran, Nuke Israel you know you want to!).

Whole situations stupid tbh.

Let Us Rise Up in Confrontation with U.S. to Win Final Victory

The entire party and army and all the people are called upon to rise up in the confrontation with the U.S. and mercilessly punish the U.S. imperialists to win the final victory.
Trump, in his maiden address at the world's largest official diplomatic stage, cried out for destroying the DPRK while denying and insulting its existence. This was a behavior of a mentally deranged man that can hardly be imagined as it was the most ferocious declaration of war against the DPRK.
The best option is to show off action to the silly old man touting what he pleases, being hard of hearing.
The army and people of the DPRK value their country more than their own lives and are ready to settle accounts with those hurting the dignity and the life of the nation in a do-or-die spirit.
The Korean people are not such powerless as to restrain themselves even though the U.S. imperialists trample down their country and they are not such disgraceful as to kneel before the U.S. and sell off their dignity in pursuit of financial benefits. It is the strong will of the army and people of the DPRK to wipe out to the last man those who are keen on hurting the dignity and life of the Korean nation by answering the enemies' rifles with artillery pieces and nuclear weapons in kind.
All the officers and men of the People's Army and the people will have to wipe out the root cause of evil and realize the cherished desire of the nation at a stroke once the respected Supreme Commander issues an order.


Why the fuck would that matter? If anything, you're confirming his point. F-14 was so superior that even a bunch of desert goatfuckers could rack up nice killstreaks in it.

Just pointing out that its not an example of American exceptionalism
Except the chart is wrong in general and is using made up numbers

Not to mention that Iran was using F-14s that were not export models and were identical to US aircraft at 1979 whereas Iraq had severely downgraded soviet export models, except for Mirage F-1s that were the same as French models
Which is also one of the reason why the US withdrew the F-14 from service and scrapped all aircraft except museum pieces, in order to keep Iran from getting newer parts
Also why France didn't use Mirage aircraft in 1991

Does he usually make threats this blatant, or is this actually escalating?

I am not saying the norks will put up much of a fight. I am saying that 10 million South Koreans civilians will die and the US will be powerless to stop it. If you can live with that, suit up, Call of Duty warrior. Trump is well aware that military intervention is not an option. He is just using threats as a negotiating tactic - with the Chinese on trade.

Jews gonna jew.

I think a false flag is coming soon, an american city will be "nuked by NK"

Hard to say but it seems one is overdue, no major false flag for an entire generation

Seems absurd to me, I doubt it will be that.

No, they will "intercept" a suitcase nuke coming in via cargo ship.

A famous guy once said war is politics by different means.

Same famous guy also said, the objective of war is to force ones wil onto the enemy.
The Vietnamese did this to the USA.

You do as if the US military is a different entity than the USA. *of course US military lost big time in Nam, despite body count and declaring victory many time* *What counts is who is last standing on the battlefield, obviously the Vietnamese*

Rolling for Saturday. Trump has a thing for Elton John songs (Rocket Man) and Elton has a song 'Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting', which I can imagine Trump playing in the War room.

Confirmed. War this weekend. Fuck you, electric company; I'm doing my part by moving to Good Hope Under God and scalping Bantus.

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Oh boy, it's Japan all over again.

We have advanced thermal imaging and terrain mapping both by aircraft (stealth and non) and satellite, and data going back decades. We have bunker busters and penetrators that will poke right though any cover. Removing soviet-era fortified and mobile artillery is one thing the USAS are exceptionally good at.


Im so tired of seeing kike-minded opportunists always driving a wedge between Korea and Japan in these threads. The people who shill this the most are left-wing faggots on Koreas end, and literal larp tier Yakuza rackets that are the laughingstock of everyone save themselves on Japans.

We have our differences, but we're racial brothers with a history that stretches back far deeper than our current spat. Anyone who tries to undermine that is being a kike.

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If that is the case, are they using NK as a gun to the US's head?



Also you have to account for the fact that jews have 0% control over their currency.

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Excellent, I will get to see a nuke used in my lifetime.


Yeah, I work with adults that were too young to remember 9/11. Glad you got the point.

It's actually very fucking scary how right this user is sadly

why are there bombers around north korea?

Because the US airforce regularly likes to fly B1's right through the DMZ to remind fat Kimmy that fire and fury is more than a meme.

Because we will be ready to rain fire and death upon any threat to our (((ally's))) at a moments notice.

I don't like the tone of your voice, user. It implies we don't have the right to burn someplace.

Are you fucking retarded?