Is there Holla Forums Discord?

If there is one, link?

Other urls found in this thread:

Warning: you can put quotations around some of these "socialists"

wtf everything is locked

Holla Forums kept getting its hands on it so they vet people. It's whatever.

then how the fuck do i join

Post something theory sounding in the #new channel and call snow a faggot? I guess. I don't know.

You don't.

Beauty of cointelpro

I think the Octopus channel is going to set up a discord bridge at some point.

There's only #announcement

Weird. I said so in the server, and, personally blame it on me being the only person I've ever met who knows how to set up the options on anything ever.

Also, is this a good argument against central planning? :v)

Wow I heard Holla Forums is bad with memetics but that shit is just fucking bizarre

It's old repurposed propaganda. People are very attached to the images of previous attempts.

I've seen a few good ones on your side, my advice would be to just scrap everything and start from scratch.

It wasn't really refuting anything, and I didn't really see it as an argument either. I was just saying, leftists are attached to their older attempts.
You fucking autist.

Your inability to take any criticism means your memes will always be dogshit


one more

I think you're confused. I was just explaining something to you. No need to be so edgy and retarded.

we have a multi-platform chat option now


Hi Green

The octopus is owned by a fresh off the boat redditor who banned raids because he thought it was against the rules, because it is on 4chan.

Well at least I'm not being called prickly this time.
This entire board is made up of retards, but at least the board bans the turd positionsists.