NBA Coach: ‘White People Especially’ Need To Be Made ‘Uncomfortable’

NBA Coach: ‘White People Especially’ Need To Be Made ‘Uncomfortable’
San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich claimed on ESPN2’s “The Paul Finebaum Show” Monday that “people have to be made to feel uncomfortable,” specifically singling out white people.

“Well, because it’s uncomfortable, and there has to be an uncomfortable element in the discourse for anything to change. Whether it’s the LGBT movement, women’s suffrage, race, it doesn’t matter. People have to be made to feel uncomfortable, and especially white people because we’re comfortable. We still have no clue of what being born white means,” he stated.

“If you read some of the recent literature, you’ll realize there really is no such thing as whiteness, but we kind of made that up. That’s not my original thought, but it’s true,” Popovich said.

He added, “Because you were born white, you have advantages that are systemically, culturally, psychologically there. And they have been built up and cemented for hundreds of years. But many people can’t look at it. It’s too difficult.”

“It can’t be something that is on their plate on a daily basis. People want to hold their position, people want the status quo, people don’t want to give that up. And until it’s given up, it’s not going to be fixed,” the coach stated.

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He's a jew.

Good, once Whites stop watching or even playing any form of niggerball then it's another dead kike power structure. Let the kikes chase their money-makers away, less people engaging in breads and circuses means less braindead automatons walking around. It's time that Whites grow the fuck up and step up to the fucking plate

He's right, white people do need to be made uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that they can't ignore the (((problem))) any longer.

Fucking kike

Choose one and only one.

go sit in a McDonalds, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, iHop, Denny's ←— and don't give me the "those places are shitholes" chose one of your own liking and if your WHITE the NIGGERS that come in are going to be eye-balling and giving you hard stares. And the problem is, INTIMIDATION is not a crime, and the police won't help you when it escalates into violence if you continue to maintain eye contact. I am worried about being attacked from behind so you have to follow age old advice. AROUND BLACKS, NEVER RELAX.


So I guess we don't really have to think about what being born white means since there's no such thing as whiteness. What is thia faggot trying to get at?


This is so fucked up
The population is 99% white. A town is formed, several generations go by, the demographics remain the same. THEN… (((policy-makers))) bus in, and transplant blacks, latinos, and asians into the town, they then proceed to call al of the whites in the town that are basically going about their business mindlessly, yet are those had ancestors that built the town, that had erected the statues to honor their ancestors as is normal anywhere, they, the new arrivals then proceed to attack and tear down white institutions, take away white employment opportunities, and attack and murder certain whites because the whites are the ones that are racist.



I'll kill them all myself before this can happen.
NOTHING ELSE MATTERS (except killing kikes)

Nigger in Germany stops a car…
but he doesn't know that inside there is bunch of POLES … instant KO

I've been brainwashed to call this racist. HELP ME



Yes. More of this.

Or with the "take a knee" shit we show folk just how stupid it is by doing a proper kneel. A kneel of respect and reverence will make the folk of the "protest" confused.

We literally live in the movie Demolition Man.

I grew up minority White, shitskins don't get better once the majority, ignore the jew?/clueless virtue signaling "White."

Here is the shithole that San Antonio has become.
Notice how crime avoids white people as it always magically seems to do.

I'm sure they already are.

I would laugh if DOTR came and some irate crime victim taped him to a recliner in a superfan man-cave,
drugged him with heavy psychedelics, and forced him to watch the end of his family on a widescreen TV
all to the sounds of stadium cheering.

If there were any time that was ripe to push classic kike dialogue such as that, it would be now. Force these pieces of shit to explain their doublespeak to all the people it's aimed at. Force them to explain how they can say Whites are evil and oppressive while saying they don't exist in the same fucking sentence. How can White Privilege be real if Whites don't exist?

Well as one whitey who is about to be killed by shit skins, I would have loved your kind of thinking in my fellow countrymen. Sadly no such luck for me.

Stop being a pussy and go fight. The worst that can happen is you take out a few dozen literally retarded shitskins before you get done in.
They expect one of us in the shipwreck, matey.

Sad fact is that I've been stabbed in the back more times by my fellow whites than any nigger or spic.
Whites don't help their own, they compete against them and that's why we're being outbred by subhuman animals.

Stop hanging out wiggers & crack/meth faggots then

this kike literally rules over a bunch of niggers.

why are there no black NBA coach's?
why has he not given up his position to a black man.

because he's a kike and everything that comes out of his mouth is lies.

Go for the (((head))) first.

Grew up and worked with college-educated middle class whites who are the worst to deal with.
It's also why there is a decline in marriage and families in white culture because our women are feminist coal-burning tinder whores and porn actresses.

That si why the target needs to be the Jews. I've experienced blacks being kinder than whites, and easier to get along with. Many young niggers that are filled with rage and hatred for whites are that way because of the JEWS.

In the 1980's and 1990's Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy, and black in general were much eaiser to get along with. It's the JEWS

This this this.
Kikes are the goddamn problem with every fucking facet of this war.
I still hate all niggers though

If white women can be so easily subverted by jews, they aren't worthy of my semen.

t. kike

Parents both Eastern European
Graduated with a degree in Soviet studies
Speaks fluent Russian
(((Considered))) career with CIA
Shares marxist view that whiteness is made up

Yeah he’s a fucking Jew 100%

You can't handle the truth, bitch. White women are weak-minded whores, easily led by the worst of humanity. I refuse to breed with them.

It is best that you don't procreate.

Enjoy raising your white wife's nigger spawn, cuck.

That makes you like 2nd place on the day of the rope, right after the kikes.

OK keyboard warrior. Meanwhile, we both know that you will, in fact, fail to take any actions at all.

Might be because I live in Canada, but I've never found myself being stared at/intimidated, especially considering I have social disabilities and anxiety and would make an easy target.

Again, probably because I'm in Canada, but fast food places have never seemed to be "minority territory". Mostly seniors, and I get along with them.

That doesn't follow.

Also, the word is getting out to normies about you.

user don't you get it yet? It doesn't matter, and no I don't mean that in the way you're likely thinking. The kikes and other elite scum have had decades to condition, demoralize, and reprogram everyone. White, Black, Spic, Slant, it doesn't matter. The conflicts of the future will no longer be over resources, insults, ambition, or even politics. It'll be over collectivism. Tribalism. Race. The kike distorts and warps everything it touches, and that includes it's own plans. The kike has awoken a long dormant monster in its desperate need to finally eliminate the Whites. That monster is primal collectivism, the purist form of racial loyalty you can find. Blacks are beginning to feel it now, obvious to anyone who spends a minute online or on the television set. Spics are really beginning to feel it now. Arabs are being subjected to the same "hard reset", eliminating the core essence of civilization and reducing everyone into smaller groups that will eternally fight. That's how they're gonna get their power and salvation from the goyim.

Best course of action we can take is to begin nursing our own people's All of Europe, now isn't the time for petty grudges and dislikes growing collective and ensure we keep our place on this planet while completely eliminating any future threats. Every single kike will have to die, regardless whether it's 200 years old or 1 minute old. The kikes as a species will have to be rendered irreparably extinct with every single trace of it exterminated whether physical, mental, or even genetic. Every White held piece of land will need to be fully cleansed, no matter what corner of the Earth it may lie, with every neighboring potential threat completely and unequivocally subjugated and contained. Our numbers will need to be bolstered as well, needless to say. Not to mention repairing the signficant psychological and physical harm done to our peoples. Which means doing everything in our power to create the breeding grounds for healthy families and individuals. Rule of Law must be once again declared and permanently enforced, traitors of any kind will have to be dealt with as harshly as possible. Then we can begin dealings with the other races

Be reminded that women follow the social norm, and if they observe that the social norm is to hate niggers, they will hate niggers.
Basically just ignore them for political matters. They have little innate power and they will follow along with what society in general thinks.

This needs to be done worldwide. Not just white-held lands.

Get a clue, child. If white people we're truly skilled at organizing and helping their own, we wouldn't have to resort to commiserating on an image board run by a pedo kike hiding in the Philippines.

You're just a white-knighting faggot who proved my point about weak-minded whores.

He's a commie cianigger.

Get this. This seriously happened to me once about 10 years ago. I was waiting for a ride in front of a store and two black women pulled up, they said, hey we saw you standing there from across the street and since it's cold and out today we decided to buy you a hot chocolate and a donut at Crispy Creme. God bless, etc. They got in their car and drove away. I wasn't homeless, or even unemployed, I was simply waiting for a friend to meet with me and I was smoking, and didn't want to smoke in the car I was driving. And while I was standing there the conduct I was receiving from the whites people was uncomfortable, women clutching their handbags, locking their cars door super quick, some whites would even go so far as to choose to park in a parking space and then see me standing there and then abort their parking space choice and park closer to the door, or even further away from the door just not close to me. And I am not a scary looking or degenerate looking guy. I'm nordic and actually attractive in a Robert Patrick sorta way (so maybe I am scary). But, even that, the conduct by the whites, of being so fearful. I attribute all of that to what the Jews have been doing in the media.

We really need a conflict to prune all these weaklings and cucks from our society, it wouldn't even need to be a big prolonged fight.
Just one to remove those that are already submitting on a daily basis to (((their))) influence.

That's what I meant user, for White held lands I'm talking about removing shitskins. With that it'll be ultimately be up to the various nations and lands how they wish to do so, ie violently or nonviolently


It's one of the great crimes of the kikes and an essential step to eliminating any group: destroy their community. We have no community anymore user, hence why everyone acts like that now. And it's everywhere, no matter the circumstances. There is no community anymore. Once upon a time kids could play around town or the city and nobody would care yet, a time where the saying "it takes a village to raise a kid" was still very much in play. When you could go get your mail and keep up to date with all your neighbors, when you never had to lock a door in your life outside the bank or public restroom. It is imperative we bring that community back user, it is vital to us as more than a civilized race. It's essential to us as a species. The kikes could never suffer enough to atone for what they did by destroying that vital part of ourselves

yeah, it's called a country

spotted the rural. enjoy your little enclave while you can, visit toronto or montreal-east if you want to get a taste of your future (5-10-20 years?)


You're on the same page as this jew: Growing up minority White I've always been operating solo, a community would be nice but not necessary to operate.

whites have intelligence and agency. we should stop blaming others, even when it's justified, because it excuses our own shitty behavior towards each other. how many white people have you ever truly helped? how many will you help today? it's easier to larp than to take personal responsibility for your own actions.

Do these fucking retards go to any other country in the world and see that the natives openly and savagely discriminate against everyone else? Whites are the only people on the planet that hand shit to others on a silver platter and say, "here you go, you can have this."
Muslims in western countries have all the liberties they never had in their shitty sandboxes. If whites went to Saudi Arabia and started demanding that they drink booze, eat bacon, and knock down mosques to build churches, pfft, they'd have their heads cut off.
Blacks have rape, murder, and corruption follow them everywhere they go. They are openly committing genocide against whites and no one cares.
So why is it in in white majority countries created by whites, built by whites, and maintained by whites it has to be different? Why must we cater and give everything we created, built, and maintained away to a bunch of animals that flat out say they want to kill every one of us?
Makes my blood fucking boil.

yeah, i preach white empowerment and accountability, therefore, i must be a kike.
meanwhile, you do nothing in the real world to help your race and are likely still living with your parents like a typical clueless millennial.

Do you kikes feel uncomfortable when we speak of ovens? You need to be uncomfortable because we expect a change.

You're talking nonsense, unless you have a low IQ you should be able to discern between blame and excuses to not operate at a dumbed down level for fear of mixing things up. Your argument is akin to insisting you need cuckstianity because how else would you have morals.

As if he did that

1 hit K.O!

Eat shit, Moishe.

One, I didn't accuse you of being a jew, two, apparently you are low IQ needing crude strict rules to follow lest you mix things up.

you fags are just proving my point.
tuck into another hotpocket your mommy made for you and keep attacking other white people while you larp on an image board.
at least i can look myself in the mirror knowing i actually do my part to help my race, even in spite of clueless faggots like you.



Just filter the torpedo and move on. Really wish the filters would hold the torpedos. Too bad chodemonkey won't put in a tor filter like forcing anonymity.

As a TOR poster you simply lack credibility.
Years ago I had a girlfriend and her reality was 90210 and Melrose Place. That was the life she wanted to live, and it's an impossibility because TV shows like that do not depict the reality of life. And yet the influence upon people is, that is their reality, and that is why they act and respond the way they do all sorts of various situations. And Jews much smarter than I acting in concert as a conspiracy know this and you don't. You buy into or wish to promote the "muh personal responsibility" and it's not that your completely wrong, it's that you're only half right.

At least I won't be sitting in pound-my-ass prison for decades. Why do the dirty work when I can leverage teh meem magicz and have it done for me by dream-state lemmings??

Pro sports ARE reparations for slavery.

Crossing the ocean killed off a lot of weak nigs. The stronger ones made it. Shit was harsh. Black Americans have been filtered for strength and durability. (Not intelligence, lol).

Today, the descendants of the survivors have those characteristics, and they get paid huge money from white people to use them between the lines on the field or court.

Is community necessary for survival? Of course not. But it's necessary for Civilization to grow and thrive. Atomizing ourselves does us no favors user, not in the longterm

Ultimately you are correct, our downfall was our own doing, but that does not mean we should ignore the threat in our midst. Regardless of blame, the kikes must be exterminated I truly believe. And who is to say I don't help others when given the chance? I understand many people are content to be armchair leaders but I've always fully and truly believed that leaders must always lead by example. If you wish to see any change you must be the one to bring it about. If you don't practice what you preach, why should others listen to you then? I do my best to live by my morals and values everyday of my life in every way that I can. My greatest wish is to see a healthy and prosperous White society, where kids can once again be kids and men can embrace without fearing a hidden knife. I will do my best to affect my own corner of the Earth but I implore any here who feels as I do to also take the initiative to lead tall and strong. There is no greater personal joy than knowing you made a difference, in seeing the fruits of your labor being born before your very eyes. We can only have salvation if we take it, the duty of every man and woman on this board who is aware of all these problems and also the solution to them as well

I'm as against him as you are, but blz don't debayes yourself widh a shit-tier ad hominem like that. Ids more transparent than muh dead 6 gorillion.



you certainly can't handle criticism well, and fuck-stick, this conversation isn't ABOUT YOU. It's about whites in general.
Wow are you one insecure self important individual, let me ask you, are you a Cop?

you chose to accept a vapid whore as your gf, m8. you could have specified to yourself and any prospective female that you won't date a girl with low standards, but you chose to simp for pussy, since, by your own admission, you weren't happy with her low brow characteristics.

keep consoling yourself that you are somehow not an impotent larper who will accomplish nothing of value in society.

I thought kikes liked eating shit.

If you find that niggers are commonly "calling your bluff", you need to adjust your methods. Niggers always back down for me. Probably because I'm certain of my ability to drop them in an instant and that confidence is conveyed to them through body language.

Get a gun.

I already know this, fam. It's what sets me free!:^)

Only works if you're not a framecel manlet.

Oh yeah, sure sure sure, she was a product of her environment. Everyone here see's how you turn the conversation in a conversation about yourself (I'm Great) and you insult everyone else. You're either a fucking Jew, a Nigger, or on insecure douchebag of a white female.

I've not argued atomizing, I've pointed out I grew up in such an environment and that you don't have to get a group together before you start as the jew(s) and sad sacks in this thread have been suggesting/concern trolling.

I'm betting nigger.

You are absolutely right, brother. The greatest sin those filthy yids have perpetrated on our kind is destroying our unity.

Nope. Born in Indiana, his daddy was Serb and mom Croat, so probably raised Ortho or Roman Cath, and almost certainly no jew blood. The most common non-Anglicized spelling is Popović and it means "the son of the priest." There are some jews with that surname, but mostly they were from Poland, Belarus, or Romania.

While it's true the jews are ultimately behind most degeneracy in the west, I do get tired of people claiming out of ignorance of genealogy or history that non-jewish people with odd surnames or appearance must automatically be jewish.

Sometimes it's just a shabbos goyim.

Did he ask a librarian to set up Tor for him? Doubt a nigger can figure it out for themselves.

Did somebody say Indiana?

If a nigger can figure out thepiratebay, he can figure out Tor Browser Bundle.

I told you to get a gun. If you have a gun, you will be more confident in your ability to drop a nigger. Your confidence will be conveyed to the apes, despite your manlet body.

Body language isn't about what your body looks like. It's about how your brain uses your body. Get a gun, learn how to use it, and your body language will change. Worse case scenario is you have to drop a nigger and get off scot free because you knew your legal rights and acted within the law.

face it, most Holla Forumslacks give females a pussy pass for all their misconduct and never hold them accountable, always choosing to blame some flaw in the male instead. this is just another example of whites attacking their own, instead of working together.
yes, white females have been subverted, but they eagerly embrace every degeneracy and they should be called out and shamed for it.
white women no longer feel shame and they have utter contempt for white males because we still are willing to accept them as they are , instead of demanding higher standards, like this fool's gf

This is why disproportionally black women in America are so god damn huge. it's common to see 200 lbs or 300 lbs nigger females and that is because they were though of as being breeders for other larger male slaves, they worked in the fields pulling ox carts and tree stumps out of the ground. Now they run amok and fight in worldstar videos.

The petite female nigger was often the masters house slave, or whore, and bred the skinny light skinned niggers we see today.

… unless you're in Commiefornia or gun-law equivalent where you'll go to pound-my-ass prison for killing one of their pet apes.

This is true.
This seems true but I think we might be getti…
See pic related.

it doesn't matter that i'm dropping truth bombs on you because muh tor.
did you just show up here a week ago? this site has been compromised countless times and anyone who surfs here naked ip is beyond stupid

Yea probably should head to NNTPchan. At least they have darknet + image posting, whereas darknet posters can only post text here.

Of fucking course.

He really reeks of matzo.

i'm glad we have so many polish and russian migrants around here. they aren't as cucked as the typical german and will help us dealing with all these niggers coming in.

Get the fuck out of Commiefornia you idiot.

Good observation. Their israeli training reinforces this behavior as well.

It's ALL getting declared racist, the anthem, the flag, the NFL, the first amendment, the second amendment….

This has been the plan. They just jumped the gun for reasons that I'm sure someone here is more confident to speculate about that I am.

There is a very real reason why men orgasm and ejaculate once and then have a sandwich whereas females can have multiple orgasms and can have sex repeatedly per session with multiple male partners. It's not that they "embrace every degeneracy" they have been bred through-out the millennium to be this way. Prior to understanding that the act of sex resulted in conception and thereby the child was a product of the father females had sex with the entire clan, including her brothers and father. This is why humans once operated under a matriarchy society, patriarchal societies came about as a result of this knowledge but the nature of women had been set.

You are so confused, you'll spout degeneracy and then use it as a means of control, control of the women, control of men, and the shaming of men. Moreso than any other one person here you are the root cause of the problem and don't even know it.
It's like that idiot snake handler that committed suicide and had his wife divorce him over a domestic violence incident they had. It's invariable that men and women are going to fight, frankly it's human nature for it to occur, at least it's a safe bet, and it's invariable that men and women may become violent with each other, like other males and other females do, but you'll buy into the narrative of higher standards and then in the same breath call another person a degenerate and take away by shaming any control they had/were expected to have. Your such a ZOGbot. Come the day of the rope, I'd love to kill niggers with you but come the end of the day I'm putting a bullet in your face too.



Confirmed Kike

I am white knighting nothing. Simply putting forth my unique opinion.

all you have is ad hom, brah
not an argument

While you champion MGTOW. It will forever be White women to produce White children, there is nothing else.

except they're producing jamal's and pedro's children

Israeli wrote a song about a gentile?

slamonline. com/media/slam-tv/gregg-popovich-showed-the-spurs-an-israeli-rap-song-about-himself-video/#dLEA4pq0bMPwiKoi.97

Worry about your own moshe, a bigger drop in female jews having jew spawn while we Whites have a billion demo and still relatively small coal burner percentage, we'll survive, you won't.

The vid is already embedded.

Whites need to stop falling for the jewish whores.




you need to make a kike effigy out of another white so you can attack it and make yourself feel better.
i doubt many kikes bother with Holla Forums because there is no threat from larpers who never leave their basement to fight real battles.

you really should based your "unique opinions" on historical fact, pussy worshiper

and, that's objectively not true…

Kikes have continued to steal white genes for millennia.

Yes, so much so they reference this place in their articles, tv propaganda outlets, "think" tank thesis', college classes, "hate group" listings.


"matriarchy" is the 'social form' of the stone age, for proof, look at niggers in present day

Now run along hebe.

it's only after a bunch of women started using 'it takes a village to raise a blah blah' that it actually STOPPED HAPPENING. this is why you never speak of sacred things - Jews will do everything they can to make sure their sacred things are never spoken of but remain presumed/unassaulted/hidden.

Not only have Jews and ennui killed god, but it's killed community - and only niggers and other lesser intelligent races are 'stupid' enough to not know it, so it's like it never happened.

start talking about your sacred things as if they're something you deserve or are entitled to, and they die.

Nice deflection tradtard.

wow, had no idea Holla Forums was crawling with cryptofeminists, but all the blaming of men for women's shitty behavior shouldn't surprise me anymore

*nu/pol/, aka Amerilards from reddit.

Go back to your twitter circle jerk you fucking twat.
You nazbol faggots are so easy to spot.

True, how they've been blending out their ugly jewish looks.

huh? What they call 'matriarchy' is really just the stone age nigger-tier social life where the only parent that is known is the mother and everyone lives in squalid misery

Patriarchy is the social innovation that makes civilization possible

You are right. Leaders MUST lead by example 100%. Anything less even slightly less invites the chance of loss of credibility. The saying 'do as I say not as I do' is one of the most contemptible phrases humankind has ever constructed. That's where tyranny comes from. It's the Jewish motto.

Keep sprouting random retarded shit you might hit bullseye once, tradtards. How small does your autistic world have to be to link the two together?

Frog jumped out of the pot and started seig heiling, so they decided to bring the carving knives out to kill it instead of boiling it alive.

This will surely make more people watch niggerball, good job.


Just because you're a genetic dead end doesn't mean everyone else is. You're little better than a degenerate faggot.

You couldn't be more obvious. Into the filter you go nazbol trash.

You can't make up nonsense words and expect everyone to just accept them. Especially one as stupid as "tradtard". Filtered for exorbitant faggotry.

White Spurs fans need to boycott immediately. Shouldn't be hard in that area of the country to do it. This NFL boycott could start an avalanche and spread into all the jew sponsored sports and entertainment outlets. It's exciting.

Forget sponsored, what sport isn't all owned by jews?



the dubs don't lie

I ask again.. :)

Filtered is here for spam, and not for when you're feeling triggered over your world view being challenged, reddit always trying to turn this place into an echo chamber.

Also, naziboi? same language as tradtard, we watching sock puppet theater?


How do you not know what nazbol is? That's not an invented term by any means, though I'm not seeing what spurred that accusation in this case.

This is completely wrong and shows that you have limited experience and/or understanding of women.
Women constantly rebel against male authority. If the "patriarchal" norm is "you don't have sex with niggers", then the woman's drive (to rebel and 'shit test') becomes to rack up as many niggers as possible and to be seen in public with them, kissing, holding hands etc.
This is an ancient biological program meant to filter out weak men. Before the times of Jewish laws and useful goyim cops to enforce them, her white love interest would smash the brains out of the nigger holding her hand (or lynch him - this is what many lynchings were about) and they slap, publicly humiliate and hold captive the woman until she learned some respect.
This decisive and absolute control over her causes the juice to flow in her vagina and gives her the "tingles", ensuring that the man who brought her into line will be granted access to her reproductive resources and receive children as a reward.
All very fine, until you add the Jew and the feminist.
Now women parade with niggers in public, holding hands and kissing, and instead of the nigger being killed on the spot and the girl receiving a punishment in the form of thrashing etc, other women beam with approval, strong, powerful White men look at the ground as butch dyke and homosexual "police" watch on, there to ensure that no man is allowed to express his natural instinct.

Oh look, one immigrant fighting another over pillaging rights, how cute.
This whole "muh based Poles" meme is Jewish in origin. The aim is to cause acceptance of resource-thieving Polish immigrants in Western countries. The Jew knows that many Western White men will never accept non-White immigration, but has learned to exploit the "look at THESE immigrants, THESE ones are 'based', they are your friend, they help your country and aren't weak like Western men!"
This is both a demoralization tactic and a blowing up of a hostile, anti-White immigrant group that certainly does not have the interests of their White "brothers" in the West in mind when they invade our countries and cause social services to collapse under the weight of their burden.
Undercutting White workers to take much needed jobs from students and the working-class, stealing the funds required for the raising of a family through wage theft and raising their own welfare spawn on the native Western tax contribution.
tl;dr Kikes hope to normalize parasitic Slavic immigration as a stealth genocide.
Do a little thought experiment and you will instantly grasp the hypocrisy of the Poles.
If the dregs of the British council estates rose up and immigrated to Poland (imagining Poland had higher wages compared to Britain, as Britain does to Poland), started taking jobs, claiming welfare, using the taxes of hard working Polish men to fund their families, even when those children are still at home in Britain (yes, child benefits really are claimed for children still in Poland) there would be OUTRAGE in Poland, riots, demonstrations and attacks against the British wage thieves.
The usual response is "muh Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Brits did exactly the same".
First of all, "Auf Wiedersehen Pet" was a pre-emptive social engineering to create favour for the economic migrants which the Jew was already planning to bring decades later.
Secondly, Germany had literally not enough labour for the rebuild, British builders did not go to Germany and find work by UNDERCUTTING German builders - they filled slots which could not be filled.
That is absolutely not the case in the UK, the economic migrants are not covering a labour shortage, they are "stealing" jobs by illegal practices and exploitative practices to bypass labour protection laws through inventive use of agencies.

That oint aside why are we talking about women when some rich nigger owning kike is talking how it feels to be white when he clearly is not. Remind the Kikes what they truly are.


No way, I grew up in the late 1960's and 1970's and it was "mind your own business" and what "happens at home stays at home" people didn't air the "dirty laundry in public" so is Aunt Claire was a closet drunk no one spoke about it.

That is complete Hillary Clinton bullshit. What I remember was, so many things were no one else's business. How often do you hear someone say nowadays "mind your business: that used to be a common rebuttal, and people did, they minded their own business. Parent's used to fist fight over another parent interfering in how another raised their child. Not to insult you but it saddens me in a way you've bought into the narrative so completely that you know own it.

To be factually accurate, these societies existed before writing was invented so little is actually know of what they are like.

So many OT posts.
If the coach thinks white people should be made to feel uncomfortable, maybe he should be made to feel uncomfortable.

This motherfucker… If he had said blacks don't exist, he'd be fired today and blackballed by the league.

White people built EVERYTHING. We don't 'need' to do ANYTHING. We don't need a 'black friend' or to condone faggotry. He wants to talk uncomfortable? A normal persons brain reacts to faggots like they do, to the sight of maggots.

I bet this monkey herding cuck has a daughter at some Marxist school whose been feeding him this bullshit. Oh and of course where does he say it? On a kike's show. Finebaum.

Fucking retard imagines people would think he ever had an original thought. Oh someone wrote some bullshit down therefore it's true. These motherfuckers are really asking for it…

Your jewdar needs calibrating, he's a kike himself.

Clinton drinks water too. This is hardly the exclusive domain of leftists, NSDAP policies clearly showed they thought society had a role in raising children and it does in fact make the most sense that we need to ensure proper morals in the upcoming generation to have a strong people.

You're not seeing the deal with crying nazi.. OK, antifa.

lol wut

i grew up and live in san antonio - im white and a minority here… i know that knggerball is worshipped as a god in many places but here in sa, the spurs are literally the avatars of the gods themselves… they can do no wrong in the eyes of the (mostly taconigger) fans
spurs fans are the most dangerous lunatics there are. if you go out in public with a competing teams jersey, you will be in palpable physical danger…
a few years back there was a beaner riding around on his motorcycle while wearing a lebron james jersey. other beaners in cars began road raging on him. he tried to evade but the car beaners RAN HIM DOWN AND KILLED HIM…
it was big news
the following sunday, in the single hearst owned newspaper we have here i looked in the op-ed section to see what people had to say about this murder - i was expecting to see at least one or two letters saying something like "wearing a sports jersey is no reason to lose your life"
but no…
every single letter published that day was

tl,dr; spurs fans will joyfully murder you if you dont LOVE the spurs…

Then go live in an open carry, stand your ground state friendlet. Now you can eat at your greasy spoon with a calm smile if your man enough.

Learn what nazbol is, nazbol is not natsoc.

I'm a really big sports fan (not of basketball because of all the niggerish behaviour from the players) but that is insane. Anyone who is into sports that much is a brainlet and clearly crazy.

How about no, "nazbol" sounds stupid because it is, I'm not going to go running saying it, I'll leave that retardation up to you.

nazbol is short for national bolshevism. They were an active political party and still are in some countries. They defend Stalinism. You're so fucking stupid that you think that its some recently invented insult.

My Polish Jew radar is lighting up.

Your race? You come from people who CHOSE to become Jews like joining the YMCA ffs.

You say the same fucking bullshit to everyone. Yeah everyone is a tinder whore or porn actress. Fucking delusional asshole.

What's this 'we' shit Jew? Look whose in the Whitehouse faggot. Now go jump out of a window.

Your idea of morals in society today are nothing like what morals in society were like in the 30's and 40's. In the 30's and 40's it was common for 14, 15, 16 year old girls to marry 35 year old men. Watch the movie Hatred 2016 (Volhynia)
people talk about morals in society today and it's an ever more repressive quagmire they use to restrict and control others. I think you really have no conception or what it was like. Morals in society in the 50's and 60's were that if nigger walked into a restaurant the whites could kick their asses all over the place and no one called the cops, and if the cops did show up it was just boys fighting, that's what boys do.

you've just described every filthy spic in this town, lad.

Yep, fucking retarded, pure faggotry. Oh hey, need another term for communism, but obscure that comes off as something else, oh wait, no we don't.

Yes, the degeneracy being taught today as "morals" are fucked up, that's not a valid reason to not teach proper morals.

Please regale us on the multitude of variations of communism and how everyone should really be steeped in them.


I should say, multitude label variations for the same bullshit.

Everyone on this board that's not an absolute retarded newfag already knows what nazbol is. The fact that you actually thought that calling someone nazbol is calling someone a nazi shows what a fucking moron you are.

yeah so the police can arrest men, and people for everything, via morals. People look at and do things differently as they age. What applies to a 20 year old has no relationship to what applies to someone who is 60 years of age. What may apply to you doesn't apply to me.

No, and no ones cares, nor should they, nor should they know the name of every xyzblah retard communist group, you are flying solo on this.

Faggots and race mixers should be punished by the state(or have the state turn a blind eye).

No retard, you're the one flying solo.
Fucking kill yourself already.

What the fuck is going on in society? How did we go from a rational, logically thinking people to this fucking abomination of a society where being born white comes with some inherent debt that must be repaid by sacrificing of yourself to enrich others whose sole qualification is being born black? White guilt, privilege, antifa, its like society has gone full on retard… I am white and I dont owe ANYONE a fucking thing, nor have I experienced a moment of this privilege I'm supposed to have. I feel zero guilt over ancestors I never met and who died centuries before I was born enslaving others, the whole fucking world from Persia to Sumer was keeping slaves but the ONLY slavery we focus on is North American? Go fuck yourself

God forbid white people not flagellate themselves constantly and cater to every demand of fragile little shitflakes who always want to invent some new oppreshunz causing them to be a sub 75 IQ ape. God forbid white people put their own interests first.

Nope, nobody is familiar with your commie boy band, but fear not, the angst you have from this thread will fuel your next album.

I realize that must be a comforting though but most of this board isn't subhuman.

I know the problem, you're used to being on leftypol where all the commie commenters know all the commie groups.

No, I'm used to people here actually knowing the history of 1930s Germany.


gas yourself newfag.

Look at you, you're being a newfag and no one can stop you.

Wrongthink pls. Do you even doublethink yet?

They have there own form of elitism one way or another but any outdoor sports such as mountain biking, surfing and rowing tend to be white.


You "all" are missing it, where it's at is the national bolshevik front, or if you're into chess, the united civil front, you "guys" are keeping up with all the latest greatest commie groups, amirite? You're a square if you don't know the secret handshake and have their backpack patch, really should spring for the beret while you're at it.

Hey stupid ass, women are like dogs. You don't see a misbehaving dog then say "I hate all dogs". You train your dog to serve you properly.

The fact that you're all hurt and feely by a misbehaving dog truly shows how beta and weak you are

Stop trying to make excuses for being an idiot and just stop being an idiot.

Go outside and get some fresh air.

Actually I just came back from biking to the store.

Congratulations on making an effort for the first time in this discussion. Of course you still only came up with the current party and not the history, national bolsheviks go much further back than that. I'm not sure of the exact origin date but I know that they were around in the 1920s, so they're at minimum 90 years old.

translation: women are useless whores because men are lacking something
fuck off, cuck

He's not wrong. Its like yelling at a poorly trained dog who pissed on the carpets instead of training it not to. Women are inferior to men, holding them to the standards of men is just going to end in you being a bitter genetic dead end. You can train them or you can complain and fall for the kike trap, pretty clear which you've already chosen though.>>10666508


if you really think women are nothing more than dogs to be trained, it shows how beta you really are.
women are capable of adhering to higher values, they just choose not to for reasons of selfishness, lack of honor and because a degenerate society allows them and praises them for their "empowerment"
your dog analogy is just crypto white-knighting because you are removing their agency and accountability. this is the epitome of cuck reasoning, making every excuse for shitty female behavior and laying the blame at the feet of the superior noble male
you truly are a massive cuck

When properly trained.

this is the same as saying they have no agency or accountability
cuck confirmed

They literally are though. Modern women are untrained dogs.
Women are only capable of that if a man leads her to do it. Whether it's her father, brother or husband.

You're absolutely out of your mind if you believe comparing a woman to a dog that you need to control and train is anything close to white knighting. I'm not saying women shouldn't be held accountable for their actions - they without a doubt should. I'm saying they need to be controlled and trained by men to become good mothers and wives.

Boomer scum. Fuck him, fuck his boring ass team, fuck Tim Duncan, fuck San Antonio.
Also fuck Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, KD, and everyone in Sacramento, especially the technojews and their street shitting vassals.


kek, enjoy being a genetic end who's a disgrace to every single one of your ancestors. I'll enjoy raising my four children.
No, our children, as in genetically the children of both myself and her. I'm sure that the thought that the choices are to be a simpering failure such as yourself or a cuck raising some nigger mongrel must be reassuring but its a false dichotomy. If you can't get your shit together and do the bare minimum to avoid white genocide, have children of your own, you should fuck off.

No matter how you try to reframe the argument, its effect is always an attempt to protect females from all responsibility for their choices and behavior, which is how pussy-worshipping cucks like you always react to any criticism of the unassailable female.
You try to frame your reasoning as alpha behavior, i.e. "training your dog" but in reality, you are the one wearing the collar, cuck.
Women are not machines to be programmed, they know right from wrong, which is why the court system sends women to prison (albeit with lighter sentences) when they fuck up. The judges don't say, oh well, they're just dogs who need to be trained, it's our fault for not making them behave properly. Your dog analogy is just a weak cover to allow you to white-knight for them and relieve them of all responsibility, so that maybe they will pat you on your head and accept you.
You have to justify to yourself and others of your own desire for love and acceptance from these degenerate, selfish whores, so that's why you defend them by attacking other white males in a cowardly, risk-free way by being a keyboard warrior on an image board.
I truly feel sorry for you, cuck.

What a fucking retard. Has nothing to do with what I was talking about but I can see to a closet homosexual such as yourself it's your self evident hot button issue.

I predict the Detroit Pistons which just moved back into the city will start an epic swan dive.
Now since nigger ball is back in nigger town expect the arena to be over half black and watch white attendance slowly trickle down.
I am anxiously awaiting this little social experiment.

The thing is that training dogs is for all intents and purposes the same thing as holding them accountable for their actions. We reward them for doing as we desire and punish them for going against those desires. The dog still has some semblance of its own agency. It chooses to obey because subconscious processes make those choices more appealing or compulsive. Similarly, if you poorly train a door, their anxiety will lead to compulsions toward undesirable behavior.

Holding women accountable is how we even begin to train them, yet you advocate absolving women of their accountability. I concede and agree that men have failed in the sense that we collectively don't hold woman accountable. This is because we don't respect man's inherent authority to enforce this accountability on women. The male protective instinct has been subverted though. Women only understand pain and men have to be conditioned to inflict pain on women at appropriate times and in appropriate measure.

Emotional pain hurts women more than physical, which is why they do thinks like "slut walks" to try to dissuade males and society from shaming them. They're trying to say, "don't bother, because you can't hurt me," but you will hurt them with shame, more than any other form of punishment, females fear social ostracism.

This isn't a nigger in Germany being fucked up by Slavs, this is Animal Control.

Same shit, different day.

Really, we shouldn't give a shit what this black cum-eating cuck thinks, but unfortunately a lot of sportscucks do.

If you had spoken with me just 1-2 years ago, I would have said the exact same thing. But…

Eventually I realized the complete lack of logic linking together the idea of the first statement with the second. I would have once agreed that there is no such thing as "whiteness", especially in America, as almost all of us are mutts with so many different ethnicities in our genetic heritage that trying to define what is and isn't white was like deciding where Yellow becomes Red in the light spectrum. What always tripped me up was that the whole concept of "white privilege" cannot logically exist if there is no such thing as "white", thus those who adhere to such an ideological stance are inherently wrong. I used to think these people were just misguided and that if a rational person believes the first statement is correct, they could be convinced that the second is false through logical reasoning.

Then a lightswitch flipped on and I realized that it was the second statement which was true and not the first. These people claim there is no such thing as "white" but logically, by the very action of assigning a label of "white" to the group referenced in the second statement proves that such a group must exist. The definition of what this one person considers "white" may not be perfectly exclusive, but in their mind, there is such a thing and by their statements I know I am part of said group.

These fucking idiots would have won if they had the restraint to refrain from creating the label of "white" and assigning it so broadly that any person of European heritage, or even moderate success should they be light skinned, could consider themselves part of that group. The first statement is correct in that there are enough differences between peoples who could be considered "white" that we would have never had a reason to consider ourselves as a cohesive whole. They themselves have created the label with which we know identify and their actions only further the clarity with which we can see the separation between what is Yellow and what is Red. Soon there will hardly be any area of Orange which isn't exclusive to one side or the other.

Dumb fuckers.

I haven’t been alive for centuries
How can I hold centuries of privilege

People don’t seem to get why Slavs will rule the world by default

Don't forget shitskin or a chink.


The self immolation of sports ball in this country is amazing. I wonder how many this will wake up

Pryor and Murphy knew how to make fun of themselves and their culture which something modern blacks can't do because "wayciss".

This "whiteness" bullshit is even made up. I'm 50 years old and it was always "caucasian" that you had to check on forms. I still don't know where this "white" comes from; unless it's, of course, another created term by social "scientists", lol.

You are guilty for being born, but you have no legitimate self-interests. You are not a moral end in yourself. You don't matter and you must pay for being born

Guess again you hasbara kike.

The cognitive dissonance is strong with him.


He's a confirmed CIA nigger.

Once again that Leftist obsession with making people uncomfortable.
They just can't resist spreading their misery to everyone they meet

Raid 100% confirmed.

The fucking cognitive dissonance is infuriating

Speak for yourself Pop. Guy's talking about a group of 100-million people like he knows them. Like there's no variations within that broad group. Plus he's a millionaire.


The nerve of this multi-millionaire pandering to the poor black man.

Every. Fucking. Time.

Football viewer ratings were down 20% last year. Here's hoping the same is true this year, and for niggerball too.

Shit. Who even watches niggerball?

Fuck him and his PROTESTABALL


Nigger ballet coach

No shit that's a by product multiculturalism. People in an in group are found to trust and rely on eachother significantly less.

The only time I attended a Spurs game, about 2% of the seats were filled, and they were almost all white. What's it like now?

Only claim to a slav ruled world would be ussr/communism and that's jews, not slavs.

Lies. Kikepires have no soul and therefore no reflections.

Greg Popovič
more like
Fucking burekmejker sellout šiptar. Move to Albanija and see how you like it you old boomer cuck

How old are you? I'm going to cast doubt on the diea you were even old enough to be fucking conscious of such things in the 80s and 90s, quit pushing this fucking meme that BASED BLACKS are fine and compatible with whites and white society just so long as the Jews don't rile them up. IT'S A REALLY FUCKING STUPID BULLSHIT ARGUMENT AND "KIKES ARE THE MAIN ENEMY" AS A STATEMENT DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO PRAISE AND HOLD UP NIGGERS. KIKES BEING THE MAIN ENEMY SHOULD BE EVIDENT TO FUCKING ANYONE, NIGGERS ARE JUST THE GIBS ME DAT FOOTSOLDIERS IN OUR SYSTEMATIC REPLACEMENT AND KILLING.

lets chill some time

white people don't belief in the self, those are the kikes.

Do these retards not realize that ZOGing up the entertainment and only escape white people have probably isn't a good idea? Especially as the kikes ramp up their shit.

That's what I said about GamerGate. They're tampering with the soma.

More than you might think. We're inoculated from the lemming normie filth, so it's easy to be deceived sometimes. Whether or not these retarded messages will have a lasting impression on these same lemmings is another question. They'll usually feel pangs of guilt before going back to whatever their routine may be.

tl;dr: that dickhead coach's speech is nothing but empty rhetoric for the plebs.

Mostly niggers, California spics and California gooks, unsurprisngly. (((ESPN))) has tried to meme the NBA into some hugely popular league but it remans a niche sport only popular among minoritiesthat's barely more popular than hockey. So a bunch of NBA niggers protesting won't actually change shit since it's mostly other niggers/shitskins watching the sport.
But NFL is the big thing since the average NFL fan is a straight, white, patriotic male. Kikes fucking with the NFL and actively alienating its target audience has a potential to backfire in a way that would make Gamergate look like nothing. And I can't wait.

the spurs were made 'especially' irrelevant with the advent of the warriors.

Brotha Mugabe welcomes all who wishes to be free from the white conspiracy of civilization.

NBA is crashing and with the NCAA Corruption this past week where a bunch of Nigger College basketball coaches fired will just add. You have a bunch of liberal retards defending the niggers getting paid in college to play. College sports are the new slavery plantation. The Justice Department are just opening up the can of niggers and kikes involved into the funneling of money, through bribes and payoffs, as part of an unlawful conspiracy. The purpose of the conspiracy to influence star recruits apply to certain colleges and influence NBA prospects into hiring certain (((investment advisers.)))

I agree.

He is a jew or crypto-jew or evil good goy. I am betting on a jew.

Mexicans hate basket ball. Without whites the NBA will die.


he's right

White people are fucked, LMAO, you can only blame the "KIKES" so much, before admitting that whites willingly bought the poison being sold to them.

Do you think it's a kwinky-dink that a lot of this sick shit, be it promiscuity, homosexuality, pedophilia, transgenderism, and the transient nature of both platonic and romantic relationships, and rationalization of treating your fellow man as cum dispensers and food vouchers come from secular, and ironically "humanistic" sources?

We're spiritually dead, and fedora tipping and tree worshiping ain't gonna fix that.

If places like Japan or Iceland, or Norway are your endgame, the white race deserves to get reamed, because those countries aren't going to last when (not if) the third world hordes come-a-knockin, because in case you haven't noticed, our ethnic population is dwindling the fastest, we can't even BREED right.

It originated as ethnological term in 1500s, m8.

If only that was true, kikes like you unable to reproduce.

how the bloody fuck
Such bullshit only happens in Murrica. How is this possible?!

Niggerball coaches need to be made dead. I hope I don't forget to kill one during the war. So many people to kill.

They want to be harassed. The ideal way to handle this is to cause maximum shekel loss for all of these sports stars and (((management)))

>People have to be made to feel uncomfortable, and especially white people because (((we’re))) comfortable. (((We))) still have no clue of what being born white means,” he stated.

(((They))) lost control of BLM and antifa lost it's appeal to normalfags, and damaged the reputation of the left. The average golem doesn't give a damn about politics unless the yids are riling them up. Now they are trying to rally minorities from the sports world to carry the momentum of what the former two started. The NFL and NBA need a shekel shoah.

Women are naturally obedient to perceived authority. Your narrative seems to suggest that women seek the negro because we tell them not to, but the truth is that even now, they are doing as they are told, as they perceive the schools and TV shows as the authority, and the authority tells them to racemix.

Another part of your narrative is that all women flock to the negro, and this too, is bullshit. Racist girls, who would only ever date white men, are everywhere despite the constant propaganda. Traditional girls who grew up obeying their fathers do exist.

At the end of the day, the other guy is saying that the corruption of women is because we have failed to grasp authority, and that stronger men demonstrably bend women to their will, so all white men must endeavor to become strong men.You, on the other hand, are whining that it isn't your fault that you cannot do something as simple as getting a woman to obey you.

There is a reason why cuckolds have always been shamed even if they are victims: it's because a men must have control over their households, and to lose control is to fail as a man.

Any white that watches or supports the NBA in any way, is a cuck.
Any woman that has a husband that watches the NBA is a slut that wants a cuck for a husband.

This pretty much cinches it.

beautiful dog.

Fug I forgot to save all these, does anyone have the thread they were posted in? I feel like it might still be up.

Keep your children away from organised sports. This is just another area where your kids will learn others bad habits be introduced to shitskins and waste a lot of time they can use building ironman/mechs for the coming of the breaking of the world.

This. So much this. It’s fucking sad. Recently I’ve been screwed over by two guys I have known for 20 years. I’ve legit started telling other whites “you and your actions are why whites are dying out”