Is this accurate?

Is this accurate?

Anarchists are right-wing for attacking social contract.

No lolbertards are bot moderate rightwingers


There're just different branches

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idi amin

No, not at all.

Ye… This is left and right in 'Murica and that's why 'Murica has no idea about politics.

nazis are extreme right.
Faggots that dream about crusades and IdPolers are not even political, lolberts are far right.

Stefan Molyneux is fully Holla Forums now tho isn't he


Didn't he get raped by antifa or some shit? I think that explains it.

also there is a slight difference between social rightwing and economical rightwing

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is it a female or a trap?



what did he mean by this?


Oh wait I just got it.

You're saying Anarchism is further left than Marxism.

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ugh.. what? when did this happen?

No, the only relevant forms of anarchism are the post-ideological ones, which includes the left-right spectrum


how did Lenin become such a butchered figure?

Yeah, Nazi is right wing. Hitler literally purged socialist elements from the party.


Just cause I'm an Anarchist doesn't mean I'm a sociopath

"I have never read Stirner": the post



are you joking