(((Pope))) Francis Guilty of Heresy

End Times for Pope Francis? Traditional Catholics say he is Guilty of Heresy


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the pope is playing chess with the media and the politicians and he's trying to gain more and more support from the secular left so that when he will show his true nationalist colors and start redpilling them they'll trust him much more. just wait, he's a great long-term strategist

Time to start purging shit

The Pope just trying to keep the bleeding of fidel from happening. Chaotolics are loosing ground in Latin American and Africa against evangelical churches.

It's a fight for fidels and money. Don't forget the church is a big money making organization in the first place.

Who do you think manages most of the illegal immigrant and refugees centers in italy? Yes Chaotolics groups. And guest who's asking to have more illegal migrants. The Pope.

Francisco is a publicity stunt. Ratzinger is the real spiritual pope that the church needs but don't want.

5 shekels has been deposited in your Vatican bank account.

that's exactly my point, this pope is smart enough to know that he has to posture as a globalist leftist to climb the ladder of the vatican but now that he has almost reached the amount of secular leftist supporters he planned to have i'm sure he'll start going going full nationalist since it should be clear that behind all his chess moves he's an hardcore right-winger


I, for one, appreciate the parody.

Ratzinger was forced out
he can prove this, and then he can excommunicate Bergoglio

it'll be spectacular

I guess you want to see a full blooded spic or Kang of God.

Yeah let me go wash some crusty refugee feet right before I power flex my shirt ripped open revealing a giant swastika tattoo'd on my chest. Where are you mental gymnastic "IT'S ALL GOOD GUISE" autists coming from?

btw, this was supposed to be the last Pope, but since many see him as an Antipope, there is still hope for the real Petrus Romanus to show up before Rome destruction:


Theyre using the Pope as an analogy to show the cognitive dissonance of Trump supporters. Are you that brain dead?

My bad, but y'know the saying, any community that gets it laugh by pretending to be fools..

You made me laugh IRL.


Holla Forums has no real community consensus, sure there are various agents and factions that attempt to forge them, but foolishness is an individualistic trait and in this case, that's you.

Degeneracy must be purged.

Kikes must be gassed.

Family first, clan second, race third, nation fourth.

Communists deserve ten times the horror they brought to the world.

If you don't want any of the above, you're not Holla Forums. That is consensus for (((you))).

He is listing the differences among us, you are listing the commonalities. Neither of you are wrong.

At least he doesn't have a Jewish daughter I know about.

Man 2017 has been an amazing year.

Oh man, what if the schism turns into inter-Catholic warfare?

Top it all off with Irish Protestants taking the opportunity to start trouble and you've got fun, fun, fun 'till my mommy takes my tendies away.

It is not a schism, is just a grunt from inside the church most conservative circles.

If you read the letter it clearly states that they are loyal to the pope and they want just to give him advise and clarify on many points of his policies.

There is no need to schism, Ortodox church already exist and has none of the "modern" bullshit that Catholics have been pandering to since the second Vatican council.

The Pope needs to go into the oven

Except the (((Bolsheviks))) slaughtered nearly every Orthodox priest in sight, and it's going to take at least a couple hundred years to get back to pre-Communist rates.

I agree with them, hes a total heretic.

He's a Chatolic so that makes him a heretic from the get go.


As an ex - Catholic, in recovery for probably forever; I hope the religion is done away with, it can't even be reformed.