Valerie Plame Thread #2

Valerie Plame Wilson Forced to Resign

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Lost in all of this focus on this neo-liberal part-kike was another brilliant take down of the kikes from Phillip Giraldi.


She promised to hide her anti-semitism better in the future…

Tried to refind the tweet, but she has deleted it.

ALWAYS archive…



I hate them so much

Best CIA Nigger

Wow, if pointing out something as obvious as dual US/Israel citizens are pushing US to do war for Israel is anti-semitic, I don't know what isn't!

Well I think that about settles it, doesn't it? The kikes are a menace on society.


She is not jewish right? Pls don't be jewish

she said she has jewish roots, but the tweet in which she said it is gone

That's weird if she had jewish roots she would be able to get way with it. All the kikes and kike lovers on twitter are very vicious and vindictive they treat her as a goy. Oh well

She said she had one grandfather who was jewish.

That's 25% jew, which is enough to not be considered jewish.

also not matrilineal

my great grandfather was jewish (cohen). enough to have my DNA corrupted, not enough to not be able to rise above it.

enough to glow in the dark though

you know what you have to do user

Get em on board, I'll phone it in.

Were you circumcised? (Honestly, that repeated trauma generation after generation is the real reason the jews are as fucked as they are)


Nope. Centuries of inbreeding do. Though that is a factor, it is minimal when you account the deterioration of DNA.

DNA deteriorates throughout a single lifespan not through successive generations Braniac

He's clearly talking about what you might call dilution or corruption of dna, you disingenuous faggot.
Your leftypol is showing.

Genetic information is not equivalent to DNA you ignorant mongoloid. You guys sound like retards.

This. Repeated traumatic sexual torture has shaped their spirit. Spirit is immaterial and not carried through genetics. Think of it as a frequency that a conscious being can be tuned to.

When you have an entire population whose males for thousands of years experience gruesome sexual torture as their first experience of life, it turns them into jews. This is how the Khazars (who had nothing in common with the original jews) ended being just like them, hell, even worse: by sexually torturing their male infants using the same practices dictated by their desert demon.

Lamarckian evolution and epigenetics was quite possibly devised as an extended Shekel-grab for descendents of Holocaust survivors.

I wasn't arguing for that either. I was merely pointing out that DNA corruption throughout a single lifespan is not the same thing as accumulation of recessive traits in the genome and that by claiming that it is makes one look ignorant.

This is hysterical. Anyone recall the entire CNN/Rick Sanchez thing, where he said Jews had all the power at CNN? Response was: "How dare you say that, it's so untrue! and you're fired and will never work in media again."

I know user, I know.
I was never a hateful person through my whole life until my eyes were opened to the jew.
I literally cannot remember actually HATING anyone ever.
I thought it was a useless emotion, a hangover from our more bestial past.
An apendage that could fall away through lack of use like a landfish's fin.
How wrong I was.
Hate is the root of self preservation, that is why the jew must outlaw "hate".
They know if we are shamed into not hating, we are unable to properly defend ourselves.
Hate is beautiful and pure if rooted in love for justice and righteousness.
I now HATE with a white hot righteous fury because I LOVE goodness so much.

So fucking what.


You know, I don't recall many people using the term trope to describe stereotypes in my youth or later on. That term only picked up mainstream usage after the kikes pushed it.

Jewish enough to send yarmulkes spinning with the backpedaling.


now she's got more time to raise funds to buy Twitter.

crazy woman.

the powers desperately want us under their control, they make leaders for us to blindly follow.


Amen. There's also those arguments from duality. There is no love unless there is hate just like there is no up without a down.

Commander Rockwell wrote something about that.

Anyone got a link to the article itself?


It was really funny in the initial tweet where she pointed out the neocohen kikes forcing the United States to go to war constantly for pissrael, but it didn't take long for her to backpedal, announce her yiddish heritage, and denounce anti-semitism. So fuck this CIAnigger. Maybe some of her followers who were just there to gawk at her tits got redpilled, and a kikess CIAnigger gets her life ruined. Win/win in my book.

here you are sir





Not surprising considering that is actually a misuse of the word, which doesn't mean what Sarkeesian uses it to mean.
It was her who popularized the word to a generation of teenage and 20-something girls, who then spread it to the males who follow them on social media.
In actual fact, a "trope" is a figure of speech, tropes are when you use a word other than to convey its literal meaning.
Examples of tropes: metaphor, simile, irony.
They do this all the time, it doesn't make the people who originally misused it, or those who picked up on the term because they felt that it made them sound "educated", any less retarded.

This Ron Unz fellow seems like a good lad.


Shes a Jew.

Fuck her.

CIA. As Jewish as you can possibly be.

You mean Obama bin Ladin. They're the same guy.

The War Party-Panorama-BBC
Old but good.
Ignore the slight leftist gabs. They don't know these kike neocons are all ex-Trotskyites from the Left. Infact, they were so far Left, the Left started killing them.

Ever wonder why Jews only ever talk about their hatred for Stalin, never Lenin or Trotsky? Jews hate Stalin and much as Hitler. But they don't hate Lenin or Trotsky.

It all comes down to one thing for Jews. "Is it good for the Jews?". They live by this ethos… they don't give a fuck about some stupid political ideology. They will use whatever they can to make sure "it's good for the Jews".

The only way to destroy the Jew is to become one. Only the most spiritually and intellectually evolved can do this without going insane. Most people can't handle it because our societies are build around a code of ethics and honor. They crack mentally when confronted with the idea of becoming a Jew in order to destroy the Jews. We must Jew the Jew.

Following up a little… you may ask the question "how do we Jew the Jews?". First, you need to mentally prepare yourself with the correct tools, mindset and ability to become a Jew having a mental breakdown. The most important part of understanding the Jewish mentality is relativity. You see, inside the teachings of Judiasm, Rabbinic Talmudist doctrine are the teachings of "anything goes". The Jews believe in nothing and everything at the same time. This is how they operate like shape shifting chameleons. Study this and adapt it to your own counter activism. It will be mentally tough at first because gentiles are not raised in this way. Gentiles are raised with absolutist ideals' the basis of empire and organized societies.

The Jew can be defeated through a type of intellectual spam. Attack him with a endless flood of nothingness. Counter everything he says with the opposite. Deny nothing. Instead accuse them back of their very own accusation. Prepare yourself with examples of predictable accusations.

The Jews are predictable. You can prepare yourself. They are not wizards. Their only advantage against the gentiles is their belief in everything and nothing at the same time.

This guy is from Holla Forums. They have a new strategy of calling everyone a Jew whether true or not. It is discussed within their circles the "great results" this brings by causing infighting, lack of motivation, and chaos.

Gain the State power, then you kill all of the kikels.

Like I said.
Low IQ types like you are slaughtered like apes.

Can you provide an example? Is the end goal of this method to give them a mental breakdown?

She's a literal Jew though, so it doesn't really count as they all hate Jews. How did you think she worked for the CIA to begin with?

The absolute funniest thing about this story, is that it was posted on HuffPo, and there was only one comment.
Everyone else had exactly nothing to say:
Pic related, only comment made on HuffPo.
The Federalist's comment section had almost 200 cucks virtue-signaling over Israel, all from the right.
I found the WaPo version and looked at the almost 200 comments there: they were mixed, but mostly "anti-Zionist"

So, this little tidbit is the pol question of the day: How do the various groups really feel about Jews

Here are the results:
The HuffPo nuleft: (follows the media blindly, doesn't remember the media collusion with the neocons)
Sees the Jew, but would never dare speak their name. (probably waiting for a famous lefty POC to start doing it.)

The WaPo oldleft: (probably sick to death of idpol, and may be posting on Holla Forums shortly)
Sees the Jew, but only dares name the "Zionist"

The Federalist oldright:
Muh "our greatest ally!"

The crack in the wall has been revealed. Get your crowbars and start prying them forward!.

prepare yourself with the correct tools, mindset and ability to become a Jew WITHOUT having a mental breakdown.
You probably were confused there. Continue reading the rest. The answer to your question is there.

Or, go ahead and attack me like a Jew. I will respond by example.

200 Years Together YEARS.pdf

1) No proofs–a ridiculous claim
2) Even if it were true, let them fuck up as badly as cuckservatives calling shitlibs rayciss
In summary, git gud.

Ive always held hate is a sacred emotion, as is actual love. They truly are different hues of the same emotion. Notice how kikes push the narrative of love, but its not actual love, its lust in a fog of misguided confusion. They also push the narrative of hate, not real hate, but disagreement or not tolerating something as being hate. Kikes and their constant redefining of words, I truly do hate them though.

What is the state of Israel if not Jewish identity politics enshrined into law?

This is the power of …
Revere-Cultural Marxism
Reverse-Identity Politics

Do to Jews as they have done to us. In only a matter of a few years we have seen the beginning stages of 150 years of Jewish social theories collapse at lightning speed simply by reverse their own mechanics back against them.

Take away everything from them. Take their marxist language away. Take their identity away. Take their traditional voters away. Take it all.


No she wouldn't. There are gradations of jewishness that kikes are very conscious of. If she say has a jewish grandmother on her mother's side, she's technically a kike by tribal law, but it's a bit tenuous. Especially since she looks more europoid.

Wouldn't it be terrible if actual real Holla Forums infiltrated their so called organization to get them to do this. Perhaps it will stick when you see that there is a "Jewish" world you cannot go back to not seeing it.

As a former Marxist, this makes sense.
I never liked Jews, even though I know now Marxism is Judaism.

The (((HuffPo)))