Steven universe just made communist propaganda

So where was you when steven fucking universe made communist propaganda to children?
Just watch "gem harvest", you don't need to know anything prior to understand the plot of that episode in particular.
I mean the moment they started thanking everyone for what they did to make the dinner was just too fucking much. Or the comments about stealing. This wasn't just about "M-muh immigrants".

More like autism universe.

I don't know what "steven universe" even is. You should eat less burgers m8, it's turning you into a retard.


SU is shit but you get triggered by minor pandering to the point it's a big part of your politics.

Watched the whole thing.

The fuck was that shit? You call that commie propaganda?

More like idpol propaganda.



this was the gayest episode in a long while, and your interpretation was gay and wrong

Also, the guy was portrayed as throwing an intolerant fit at the illegal aliens, and completely missed the point that 99.9% of the aliens were indeed immigrating to destroy the Earth, so he was right to reject them by principle

Lapis' joke killed it, though

Where the fuck is the communist propaganda?

what's next? furries and ponies?
wait, there's this fucking board OC cat already…
fucking anarchists, why am i even still visiting this faginfested shithole

or maybe it's just yet another raid by Holla Forums convincingly shitposting with anarkiddy flags

you really can't tell with this bunch if they're regularly retarded or retards pretending to be another kind of retarded

at this point the only way would be to ban both or get /marx/ or something purged and running…

Kys, fam.

Stop making these shit threads you retard. This is tumblrshit tier. The only people who enjoy these threads are you, dipshit Lares, and Holla Forums.


It's a cartoon.

Well they weren't being that subtle tbh



Cartoons are for children.

you sure are butthurt, anarkiddy, maybe try killing yourself

Surely this thread was made by a Holla Forumstard hoping to make a screencap he could use to accuse us of being SJW
Glad he was told to fuck off

To be fair fam it does say CPGB-"ML" and they do hold most of those positions.

When was it not about class?

Nice idpol you got there.

If anyone deserves the gulag, it's your ilk. At least Catalonia had real socialism.