Transgendered Cheerleaders

The NFL has a problem. It reeks to high heaven of masculinity, patriarchy, and males. The NFL can be a guiding light for the whole world now by bringing in transgendered cheerleaders.

The league must do this to answer for their sins of white male owners and fans disrespecting Black Lives Matters by not kneeling in solidarity with our murdered minority brothers and sisters.


I believe in you but I'm gonna watch from the nose bleed section.


I wish they'd do it. The more shit that alienates people from the NFL the better.

Yeah, I like this. Boomers are already pissed about the kneeling shit, pushing trannies on them would break the camel's back and get them to finally stop watching nigger ball.

this would be some good accelerationism though

THAT, would be the strike that pierces the normies shield. Other degens would just making 'trap' and other shit the number one trending term on social media and Jewggle. All those cheerleaders have Twitters so you can harrass them. You know, nicely… at first. Just fuck with them like, 'why are there no' etc. Enough people ask and one will explode with some anti-homo rant that will make news and cost her, her job. NFL fires White girl but not drug using, wife beater blah blah.

Next year's Superbowl needs a gay pride demonstration before the Halftime concert. It's very problematic that they don't, wouldn't you agree? It's almost 2018 for goodness sake.

Maybe this is a dumb analogy but is anyone else seeing parallels with this football stuff and gamergate? Not in what has caused it but in the effect that its had, gamergate redpilled a bunch of people(myself included) by bullshit getting shoved into games, this could have the eftect of redpilling gen x and boomers by ruining niggerball for them.

It's literally GG all over again. All we need is some major news places to be absolutely retarded and blame the fans, and we barely have to do anything but sit back and watch the show.

It would be a wonderful way to spread gender equality and transgender issues to what are sure to be accepting sports fans who would just love nothing more than to have these progressive matters brought to their attention as they watch the game.

How do we get ESPN and Sports Illustrated to do this?

well did we learn anything from GG to turn this shit show to our advantage and not just die to ecelebs?

I don't think we should do anything to this one except maybe fan the flames. The fans are going to have to learn the redpill on their own. You can only show them the door, you cannot make them walk through it.

Transgender safety section in the stands ?

Gamergate was to our advantage simply from the number of people that got redpilled. We don't have to change niggerball to get a win, we just have to get enough niggerball fans to give up on it and realize that there's more important things going on, like an existential threat to our race.

cuckchan user posted some solid info. pics related

I'm calling it now, in two years every woman in the sports industry is going to be a "sassy"
afro niggress, or a mystery-genitalia neon haired face-pierced monstrocity.

There is only one "e-celeb" on twitter calling the shots this time.
It's Trump.

Pretty similar to gamergate and a perfect example of leftycuck virtuous bankruptcy, I also didn't give a fuck if the game industry died.
The difference with this is I absolutely want sports normalfags and paying ridiculous amounts of money for performing negroids to end, fuck football.
It keeps most fighting aged able bodied males placated with mindless bread and circus.

No women on the field either. They should be allowed to play. So should all trannys. They'd have to tone it down so far they'd be ultimately playing touch football and the women would scream rape constantly.


It's like poetry.

Will never happen. This should happen just so we can piss in their punch bowl. Unlike us, they deserve to suffer, they brought this upon themselves.

This thread is diamonds.

This is an awesome idea. (((Reality Stars))) are borderline retarded so it shouldn't be too difficult to trick them into supporting this.

Especially fucking full time shemales.

Trap = hot girl i want to rape

This will happen naturally. As the NFL continues to self destruct, ESPN and Sports Illustrated will blame the racist and homophobic fans for being so full of hate.

This always happens when liberals and leftists lose. They're not strong enough to look into the mirror and face themselves so they just blame others and never accept responsibility.

(((They've))) made leftism into a religion.

I have to ask, given the rise of the Khoisan nation and fall of sports, what would be a wise investment in the short (6-24 mo) term that I can ride for a little and dump at a moment's notice? Oil is good if theres a war looming, right?


It's fake.

Start with admittedly hawt trans outliers like pix related. But that opens the wound into the psyche of the normie.

even in your shitty small thumbnail the hands and shoulders give it away.

i believe the hashtag is #transleaders

You idiots.
It's genius.

awesome digits there.
it is genius. checked

trip dubs lad

Cry harder kike.

we are truly blessed by the presence of Kek.
good hope!

This has potential.

This. ESPN, especially, will naturally double down on programs like Sportcenter since they have some wypipo hating negress hosting now.

Why do such faggotry?
Are you too weak to call trannies mentally ill?
Are you too cucked to bring up tranny problems?
Are you too jewish to bring up tranny suicide rates?

Why should I do any of the things you propose when I can just combat transexual insanity instead?


What the NFL needs is a Muslim who rolls out a mat on the grass on 9/11 to protest bigotry toward Muslims such as the blocking of the ground zero mosque, or during the super bowl.

GNE (genie oil). its the israeli oil drilling company trying to get oil in golan heights. especially if the kurds get a territory. and if israel keeps bombing syria. its like 6$ a share and up 11% since last week.

dick cheneys doin it. so is murdoch and rothschilds etc. the whole fucking tribe. theres a lot of oil up there

I agree, its very sexist that there are no male or transgendered cheer leaders in NFL. If there is enough outrage about this issue the NFL owners will have to change their cheerleader team into something more modern.

The sooner a civilization ends the sooner the one we will mold is born.

I have found the tranny cure.

that's because this is the gamergate for normalfags and the majoirity of the white race that still watches nigger ball. it's their waking cal that you can't escape problems.
hopefully this makes stuff Battle of Nations more mainstream

I think we should take cuck-user's advice, the plan seems solid and relatively hard to fuck up


Once the idea is out there, lefties will take it and run with it. It doesn't matter if they trace it back to these lands. After all, they don't disagree with it.

How about #takeaknee4LGBT?

Hell yah. Has anyone tweeted this idea out?

That rhymes, it'll work

lol goddamn.


What's that ridiculous nerd Bailey jay up to these days? He was a Holla Forumstard if I remember right, just tell him it's for the lulz.

mfw one of them does a flip and they are pre-op.
but sure Holla Forums, let's meme this into reality.

You just gave me the horror chuckles.

Also push that the NFL promotes unhealthy, unrealistic body images by only hiring skinny cheerleaders. They need to stop fat shaming