They're not kidding about identity politics for white people

They're not kidding about identity politics for white people.

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I hate to say it but I don't blame them for putting that up, everything they listed there seems like it speaks to a genuine concern. The Democrats need to realize that this is simply the right's version of identity politics. There's nothing wrong with white pride, but if that dialog is taken over by the right then it will lead to things like neo-nazism and the KKK.

They either need to drop identity politics altogether or they need to have some brand of identity politics for whites on the left that hopefully won't be insane. Unfortunately things have gone on as they have for so long I don't think the idpol leviathan can be put back to sleep, so their only option is to genuinely reach out to whites and reflect on the fact that just because a white person has white pride doesn't make them a supremacist– Any white person who has pride in themselves inherently has white pride, it's just that white culture doesn't inspire them to express it the way blacks or other 'persecuted' minorities might.

what's up with dailystormer ?
I checked the archive of their site and the earliest date they claimed the 'Most visited Alt-Right Website' title is in April 2016. Since then they're meming the shit out of Pepe.
Is this some sort of opportunistic attempt to jump on the popular bandwagon, or is there some truth to that that claim they make?

They are literally two sides of the same coin.

Pretty sure linking a self-proclaimed neo-nazi website wouldn't be a good idea for newcomers.

Daily stormer is feds.

Donations (which are always begged for) go to the account of Andrew Anglins father, who adopted two black children.

It's bandwagoning


Why are aut-right faggots so obsessed with famous historical figures?

Because it's all they know about history.

They're doing it here too.

Poor and middle class whites fighting against rich Chinese porkies… Honestly I'm conflicted


To be honest, something like this aimed at leftists and left-leaning centrists sick of PC and idpol really would be a good idea, except I can't think of anywhere other than super-tiny normalfag-unfriendly communities like Holla Forums and Slymepit to direct them to.

I really wish we had managed to siphon off the moderate leftist/centrist portions of GamerGate into something less niche than Holla Forums back before GGHQ went full-Nazi.


So did you tear it down or nah?

Any site associated with "alt-right" is feds, alt-right is the nazi version of SJWism and exists to serve jewish interests. All this we ruz romans shit doesn't do jack shit for advancing white nationalism, only creates circlejerk where shit like "slavs and finns aren't white but brazillians are xD" and "Trump married all his children to jews but he obviously cares about inciting racial gnosis" is the only shit getting discussed.
t. Holla Forums

Direct them to godlikeproductions.

It's probably a mistake. Mainstream leftism welcomed idpol with open arms, as long as you were a feminist or an anti-racist you were part of the movement, and this place exists because of that.

I feel you tbh but at the same time I have no quarrels with Chinese proles. They are our comrades.

We're much bigger than GGHQ is now anyway.

That said, identity politics of all colors is shit. Our task is what it always was; convince workers across race and gender lines that their interests are with one another, not with their bosses.

Why can't these autists stick to stuff their actual ancestors did?

If you see these types of things around people should edit them with simple counter arguments

"Rich Chinese or rich whites - I still can't afford a home. Stop the system that allows it!"

I'm sure people can think up better ones. Their arguments are simple and are designed to appeal to genuine concerns, but those concerns can be addressed better with socialism rather than racism and class collaboration masquerading as a movement for working people.

These scum putting up posters is a good opportunity to counter their simple arguments.

i never understood the alt-right is the right wing SJW theory until this post

That's not saying much, since Acid and similar members of the circleIRC strangled it with their overmoderation, and /ggrevolt/ was shitposted to death, /r/KiA and the Twatter front are the nexus of GG now. Heck, the GG thread on 8/v/ probably gets more traffic than GGHQ.

The idea literally never occurred to me until I posted the word "idpol" in threads with Holla Forumsacks in them, and I was completely surprised when they were triggered as bad as any feminazi. I had assumed until that point the white supremacy memes on Holla Forums were just edgy humor to trigger SJWs, rather than having been fully internalized from stormnigger entryism or something.

What the fuck are whites going to do

Shove aside talented majors just because they're not white? I mean this is fucking pathetic

They're probably talking about the complicated modern side-effect, where due to various laws, one of the best ways wealth Chinese have to stash money over seas is buy real estate in a foreign country, which naturally drives up property values, and causes gentrification– but in this case, the gentrification moves in empty air filling empty homes instead of irritating hipsters.

Given that for the average Chinese lower or middle class, getting a visa to the U.S. is VERY hard, it's safe to say that unless an employer or family member brought you over here, you did an investor visa. Or are just a real estate speculator.

ding ding ding we have a winner

I don't "blame" them as much as I know they're putting on a charade. They have never cared about the plight of poor whites as much as they are pursuing an obsessive, vitriolic hate for nonwhites that gives them a sense of purpose in their lives. Most aut-rights are like liberals, sheltered college age kids pretending to be underdogs in society.

Also, most of the grievances only make sense in context of not wanting shrill Tumblr whales yelling at you–which makes them massive hypocrites.

So I'm racist for having self-respect? Liberal fuck off.

why do y'all think identity politics are inherently bad?
Isn't class struggle a form of identity politics?

Class is not an identity, is it an objective metric of how you relate to society and how it functions. It is not based on feelings or cultural norms.

The center is a myth.

can it not be both?

I am of the opinion that nearly the entire political discourse (especially in the US) is identity politics in one form or another.
The vast majority of voters are stupid vote along tribal lines. True ideologues are few and far between.

I think by "white pride" he means things like Irish-Scottish festivals and Rennaisance Faires. You know, just proudly celebrating your heritage, rather than using it as a bludgeon against others.

You're still absolutely correct about many strains of alt-right being a vehicle for classcucked supremacism movements like stormtards, but there's an even greater danger in that brush being used to smear the majority of Sanders and Trump supporters as a group. Triggering SJWs is still a public service, though, whatever the underlying motivation

The fact that hipsters think "working class" boils down to wearing ripped jeans and drinking PBR shouldn't be taken as a deep insight into economics.

It COULD be, I guess, but that is wholly unrelated to left wing political theory.

In comparison, there is no real attempt to have a fully cohesive worldview among neofascists–they simply come up with a vague omnipotent boogeyman to fill in the gaps in their reasoning. This is because whether they are factually correct about anything is, in their ideology, a moot point; simply believing it to be true is all that matters.

Yes, it totally is, as I identify as a non,-binary attack helicopter rich bank owner

Decades of promoting racial awareness and racial unity for other groups,, this idea was bound to percolate into the largest ethnic group.

interesting you guys reject identity politics but toe the line on the most sensitive parts of it

would Holla Forums like to see the study that made me open minded about innate cognitive differences affecting differences in outcome
I bet it's one you've never seen before.

Because pretending race doesn't exist is asinine contrarianism, but pretending it matters beyond a few heritable diseases is anti-intellectual.

I've seen countless studies, they all point to an extant delta of ±10-20 points beyond margin of error at the edges of the curve, with almost total overlap for the population as a whole. There are numerous far greater predictors for intelligence.

Anti-Chinese sentiment is very strong here.

Holla Forums literally cannot shut up about race as if it's a genetic compulsion in itself, so no, we probably won't be shocked. The evidence is either ancient and outdated, unverified or outright nonsense.

let me guess IT BLEW YOUR MIND!

Nice gulagposting there kiddo.

Actually there are no capitalist in socialist peoples republic of China.

its funny because all the points he made could be rsumed into one.

It's what they're thinking, but they're saying it with dog whistles to try to draw people with legitimate anger into their echo chamber for brainwashing.

Spot the POC

thats the goal.

ethno supremacist are tired of having to compete with with non-white, they expect to be treated better. because…you know, they're white so it makes them better.

austists on the right focus too much on diversity vs. homogeneity

the problems that many reactionaries associates with diversity actually come from low Autism Level
that's why the Harvard campus isn't a war zone, but 100% black ghettos are

High Autism Level minorities have fine outcomes and shouldn't be excluded from our societies
Low Autism Level whites living off meth and mountain dew in Appalachia can get physically removed along with you leftists

t polack

kek, that's a nifty filter you guys have,

You mean the slave-drivers who built everything up by forcing slaves to do it?

i'm fine with your beliefs as long as you don't go out randomly attacking people because they're brown, yellow, short …etc

Reminder that if you see one of these to tear it down immediately.

Its pretty good at triggering you guys


reactionaries generally don't advocate for violence
most of us would be content to just pay low I.Q. people to leave our hypothetical society

if HBD is true, these subsidized deportations would disproportionately impact certain groups (basketball americans, latinos, etc)
but after they are carried out, aggregate outcomes in those groups would rise substantially, hopefully to parity with whites and Asians

as long as your being objective

Get the filters rights

Actually DailyStormer is their most popular website and dwarfs all the others by a large margin.

Believe it or not, but most white people in america were not slave owners. Slave owners we're rich cunts pretty much the top class.

it's not

In the much more populous northern part of the country people didn't own slaves, if you recall correctly, and slaves were mostly involved in picking cotton to export; the Southern economy was mostly undeveloped and unmechanized. Sure, northeast states benefited from tariffs, but the idea that slaves built everything is not correct.

Slaves were a crucial part of the economy, not merely because of the work they did for free, but because of the depressive effect they had on slightly more expensive forms of labor ranging from indentured servitude, through debt bondage, up to modern-style wage laborers. Much like immigrants, their modern substitutes.

Speaking of the Chinese, I don't know about Virginia, but here out west, coolies were sold by Chinese porkies almost like slaves on fixed-length terms as disposable cheap labor.

It's just Jew making trans nazis dance. There is nothing to join. Just websites.




Anyways, life is slavery and freedom is a meme. Get used to it pal.