Star Trek Is A Psy Op... And Still Gay

It's complete cancer, like all tv. It will further brain wash the liberal retards who will identify with the characters and demonize Nationalists.

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It was meh. Didn't like the whole girl power theme. I'm a girl. Though, I did like Capt. Janeway. She was reminiscent of Capt. Kurt. Got through the first 40 mins of the new show…might watch the rest…probably not tho.

Have you seen The Orville? I quite like it!


If I leave there will be only 2 people left on this deserted island.

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Isn't this the series where the creator basically said 'we don't care about Star Trek fans because you greasy needs will watch it anyway'?

I used to enjoy Trek, but over the past few years, I've disconnected almost entirely from pop culture.

What tipped you off first? The racemixing propaganda they put on network television in the 1960s?

The best thing about the show was the obvious (unintentional) real life parallels:

- Klingons are now religious fanatics (there is even a literal suicide bomber)
- The Federation officials insist that they can be reasoned with, and keep telling them "let's talk instead of fighting", despite Mary Sue trying to explain to them that Klingon culture glorifies warfare and they only understand violence
- They dismiss Mary Sue as an ignorant racist for warning them about Klingon culture being fundamentally incompatible with peace. She even points out "race and culture are not the same thing!"

Even better, there are some musings that "why are the Klingons doing this now after years of being silence, there is some other force behind the scenes causing this for some end" - from the fact that apparently nobody in the Federation OR the Klingon Empire has ever heard of a cloaking device, it's probably the Romulans.

Ie, the premise of the new Star Trek is that a warlike, barbaric, religious fanatic alien culture is invading with the intention of wiping out human civilization - and the Federation is just going to sit there and get shot at while repeatedly whining "we don't want to fight, we just want to talk", because fighting back against them would be RACIST. And this is all the master plan of secret space communists who are lurking in the shadows controlling everything.

The funniest part is that they clearly created this true-to-life, surprisingly redpilled scenario completely by accident, given how pozzed every actor, writer and producer seems to be in all the interviews. Not to mention the gender-bending Strong Womyn of Colour Mary Sue protagonist.

Still not worth watching, as they somehow managed to make space battles tedious, not to mention that they get so much wrong that it's downright painful to watch if you're a Star Trek fan.

Seems like the general audience and trek fans hate it.

Who would have thunk a series predicated on downplaying the differences of people to be largely inconsequential and proposing more advanced scenarios that test morality wouldn't translate well to feminist ideology and ham fisted political soap boxes.

Are you fucking kidding me?

In the first minutes, THE MAIN LEAD GETS FUCKING CUCKED. Then he gets back together with his wife.

2nd episode is a fucking "muh strong indepdent womyn" and the 3rd one is about gender equality and transgenders are not that bad goy

Watch Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, fuck Orville.

my mom can speak clingon and even she was unaware that there would be a new ST series on TV
I'm asuming it's a new series cus klingons kinda joined the federation by the end TNG, i don't remeber if it was the Cardasians or the Romulans who were the new "not Nazis/not Soviets" of the series

They claim it's set in the original timeline, ten years before TOS.

This is obviously complete bullshit given how much is wrong with… well, everything, but that's what they claim.

Older Trek is mostly pretty good, some pozzed things but it had lots of strong points. STD is nothing like it, as everyone with sense saw coming from the very beginning of their awareness of it. New 'Klingons' are especially egregious faggot shit.

but there already was a precuel that nobody watched
it was called enterprise if i'm not mistaken
i kinda liked that for the first time in the series there were non antropomorphic aliens
there inteligent acuatic creatures as well as insectoids and other kinds
i remeber they were searching some ancient deathstar things left around all over the universe but neve got to finish the series

Thank you.

It amazes me that anons think Star Trek being pozzed is a recent corruption, rather than the default from the very beginning. It was jewish communist propaganda from day one.



agreed, I always disliked startrek for some reason

B-bu-but Tng whose main character was played by a notable fag enabler was good!

sounds like they do to these nerd shows what they did to videogames

The video game industry was subverted. Star Trek is subversion.

Who gets this ass mad? Control your tisims.


I don't even want to see your tits, just gtfo.

The one silver lining with this show is that it has no chance of survival. CBS got too greedy with their paywall scheme and no one is going to touch their subscription service.

Search for CBC or any other (((media))) + Star Trek

low quality bait

captain chong dies trying to invade a ship full of based klingons

nigger still get's sent to star trek jail for mutiny

don't forget the entire cast took a knee in protest of le ebil drumpf and racis american flag and anthem

as far as i'm concerned this series never happened, i'm memory holing it completely

That and i don't think i've ever seen a show this universally hated before. This isn't getting more than one season and it will probably end Star Trek once and for all.

Sometimes I wonder if some hidden white supremacist force pozzes intentionally all these shit to wake up the white males from their escapism.

Video Games. Comic Books. Nerd Shows. NFL.

once again jews destroy beloved childhood franchise.

i could have gone with a black lead even, i liked ds9, but this shit is on a whole new level of virtue signaling. sisko pulled off the role and and was the only one in the history of star trek not to race mix or species mix. they are way too overt with this. it's not star trek, it's sjw trek

Even the_donald gets redpilled

While you're at it, why don't you post links to the various faceberg groups you're in?

Yes, the guy gets cucked by a blue alien right off the start. Have you live in real life and talked to white women from major cities. They are brainwashed and do this in real life, Seth MacFarlane shows you a real social problem in the very first episode.

What does Star Trek do in the the last 5 decades, talk about fake social problems that don't even exist any longer, "muh racism." No one ever gets cucked, because muh women are perfect in Star Trek.

Yes, the male lead in The Orville doesn't know he's still being used after he breaks up and is on the Orville with her, and doesn't want to be, and everyone thinks she's a bitch behind her back, because she is.

The Orville is probably the first show, besides Breaking Bad that has talked about social issues that actually effect white America. Our women are whoring behind our back, and it's an issue we have to confront. I'm not saying this like "lol, goyim, we made them whores." But it is something that we have to confront. And warn other males, that it can happen and will happen, and we don't have to stand for it.

The main character doesn't, he breaks up with her instantly, instead of letting it continue. But he also works in "a safe work place" and can't get away from her in real life, ….. like in reality.

This hasn't happened in any of the last three episodes. So you are shilling, he just works with her, under a military organization, which he has no choice to unless he wants to get discharged, possible dishonorably, because the show hasn't even expanded on what their military rules are.

The 3rd episode is all about how forcing trangenderism is bad kids is fucking horrible, and transgenders are bad. It was the most read pilled of three episodes.

2nd episode is about a female alien with super strength with anxiety. And her female prone anxiety fucks up things during the first half of the episode. She did not come off as "muh strong woman" emotionally at all, but only because she was forced to follow an order.

This show has totally turned Star Trek's SJWism on it's head.

I'm pretty sure Seth MacFarlane is not red pilled, but he does know TV tropes from numerous series, and knows how to turn them on their head for drama, and that is exactly what he did here. He might be some Freemason freak or something, since he "accidentally missed a flight that crashed into the World Trade center" once. But on the whole, I can't tell for sure, and the last 3 episodes are subversive against SJW stuff, not subversive for it.

It is a great show. You just don't understand subtly.

I checked out macfarlane's one. It was breddy good. I'm not watching that other shitshow, the "official" new star trek. At least macfarlane's seems funny.

You also like Rick and Morty don't you?

No they're not. You are a cuck if you think that's normal.

Same female alien that is used as a good example in 3rd episode.

No. The episode ended with the child getting the procedure because "you don't understand their culture goy".

Watch Electric Dreams, it's superior to The Redditville

Problem is, I wager its not truly portrayed as a 'social problem'. I'm not willing to watch the shit-tier show to find out, mind you, but you clearly did so perhaps you can offer commentary or even vidya evidence - how is it portrayed? Is he portrayed as reasonable for not wanting to be with her? Is she portrayed as detestable and whorish? Do they vividly portray her as a terrible person - beyond the manner in which modern media portrays EVERYONE as horrible people - or is it just a 'joke' they use to introduce the cuckolded MC?
I rather doubt the people behind such media would portray such a message as regards marital infidelity on behalf of the woman.

Sounds like they're just setting the stage for it.

It sounds like you're drastically over-analyzing the show to create justification for portrayal of harmful narratives as positive, for subversion as resistance, for good goyim being called bad.

I understand subtlety just fine, which is why I know 99% of modern media - and 100% of Seth McFarlane productions - completely lack subtlety and instead smack you in the face with degeneracy you're supposed to laugh at.

Problem is, I wager its not truly portrayed as a 'social problem'. I'm not willing to watch the shit-tier show to find out, mind you, but you clearly did so perhaps you can offer commentary or even vidya evidence - how is it portrayed? Is he portrayed as reasonable for not wanting to be with her? Is she portrayed as detestable and whorish? Do they vividly portray her as a terrible person - beyond the manner in which modern media portrays EVERYONE as horrible people - or is it just a 'joke' they use to introduce the cuckolded MC?
I rather doubt the people behind such media would portray such a message as regards marital infidelity on behalf of the woman.

Sounds like they're just setting the stage for it.

It sounds like you're drastically over-analyzing the show to create justification for portrayal of harmful narratives as positive, for subversion as resistance, for good goyim being called bad.

I understand subtlety just fine, which is why I know 99% of modern media - and 100% of Seth McFarlane productions - completely lack subtlety and instead smack you in the face with degeneracy you're supposed to laugh at.

Tiny brain - being against other cultures is racist and therefore bad.

Average brain - Race and culture are not the same thing, you can be against a culture without being against the race that built the culture, dodged the racist accusation.

Euphoric gigabrain - Race and culture ARE the same thing, if a culture is shit that means the race that built it is shit as well.

Fitting name.

I have bad news for you, they are. They don't tell you on the first date, but if you go through their stuff, you will find that a good chunk are. Makes me the opposite of a cuck, because I find out if they are, and avoid them. Unlike naive fools like you, who don't know all the gross shit women can pretend they don't do, but do.

Oh, she sits in a mock court, and asks a mock question of one of the navigators who is the white buddy cop duo of the white and black guy. ….. What else does she do that is so subversive on this episode that hasn't been on TV troupes for the past 40 years? Pretty much nothing.

Hahahaha, no. The whole ship almost decides to go to war and drag their whole space union into it over one baby, because they are not happy about it. Then they drag in this Maya Angelou looking alien to subvert the whole strong black woman troupe into "Don't fucking mutilate your babies private parts."

Also, there is no part at the end of the episode where any of the humans go "oh shit, well I guess that is just their culture." No, the whole crew looks sad and depressed they lost defending the child, and even his father looks depressed, but tries to raise his fucked up child anyway. They understand their culture, and are still pissed off about it.

If you think it's pro-trangenderism, you are thick as a brick.

Even in the 80s, they were pushing the porn meme.

just fuck off, you don't belong here.

woman should be at the kitchen, not getting involved into politics.

Retard, it's one thing for women to be whores that fucked other men before you, and another for your wife to cheat on you and after you find out you take her back.

Remember when the whore white uses in court the white male (of the black&white crew) as the example of dumb males?

This was a nudge at Religion of Cuck™. In the end Religion of Cuck™ won. Religion of Cuck™ or Jews. They dindu nuffin. The episode was good propaganda because it presented females as strong independent shit (after all, the cucked husband asks for his whore wife to represent in court the case) and also that some cultures "are just like that, accept them you bigoted nazi".

they also don't give their females any rights

Triple dubs checked. And shit, I keep passing by it, wasn't too sure on it, but I'll have to give it a shot user. I thought it was a weird type of show for him to do, but I guess I'll see!

I don't think the ching chong faggot was a selling point of the show, he was just dramatic.

He is portrayed as reasonable for not wanting to be with her. The whole crew talks behind her back, not is, to make this point known.

She's portrayed as clueless to how much she's hated, the white "dumb" navigator even looks down on her enough to pretend he wasn't just belittling her in front of everyone, because even he as the clown character is higher on the pecking order than her socially.

Yeah, could be. It's a dumb TV drama, and he will probably fuck a bunch of green women inbetween her, while they write in drama about him getting cucked by her, and then going off and turning her into a female cuckquean herself while he bangs green women in front of her.

I'm not saying it's good, but it's fucking Talmudvision, and they have been doing that on shows like Cheers with Ted Danson, and that show ended almost 30 years ago. They are going to do a lot of stuff people shouldn't do in real life. But your missing the point, it's not SJW tier like Discovery, but is typical of TV tropes that are already old as shit, that weren't in Star Trek. It subverts the new Star Trek by injecting 70's and 80's tier sitcom troupes onto a clone of a series that was high jacked SJWs that think their shit don't stink on a show that pretends it's shit doesn't stink since Next Generation.

It's massively subversive of any Star Trek series that has been on since the original series. I know it's not red pilled, but if you were a Trekkie that started out with the original series and then saw it go where it has gone since then, you would understand what Seth MacFarlane is doing is massively subversive to the SJW Star Trek series whether he's doing it intentionally, or is just a weird guy that watched too much TV and likes subverting troupes and is unintentionally.

Would be the case if I was a child, but I'm a grown man who can watch a show and decide what is crap that I'm not going to interject into my own life, and what is good. I wouldn't show The Orville to a child, but I'm a race aware white guy that can watch a show and no better.

I would agree with you if about that if it was just Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland show. ….. But then I watched The Orville, and saw he actually created a drama, not a pure comedy, that has story arcs that directly fly in the face of the Star Trek mythos. His past shows have been just cheap shots at degenerate comedy. Which was why I was surprised that he knew so much about the Star Trek mythos to subvert it on The Orville, and it was pretty good.

There is even a Nazi tier Xenophobic Robot as one of the crew members that saves the day in the background if you haven't noticed, and it's totally taken for granted that he's racist as hell.

Ferengi females are also goddamn hideous.

As a kid of the early 80s, they say I was around for the best Star Trek series. Most people think Next Generation was the best.
My dad loved it, but Star Trek and Star Wars have always been faggot shit to me. Born in 1980, I have never watched more than 5 minutes of any Star Wars movie because I have always thought it was faggot shit.
It took until about 2010 for me to be proven correct, but I was indeed correct.
Both Star Wars and Star Trek are pozzed snoozefests.


Cheating is high, even in marriage. It's one of the main reasons for divorce.

I thought you referring to the gravity strong alien girl, not the cheating who. …. The cheating whore doesn't question the navigator, that I remember. She is the main defense, but I think it was gravity strong alien at that point. ….. Doesn't matter which, because the whore loses the case, and she's not that important in the role as the lawyer, but the whole crew is still freaked out the kid is getting their genital chopped up.

Ugh, …. do you even watch Star Trek? Every Star Trek race is portrayed as such as some point in the series, and The Oriville was directly mocking these Aliens, not Judaism or whatever, but the Jewy Aliens on Star Trek.

Spock has to do some sexual violence thing, Klingons have their own rituals, Feregis are literally money grubbing Jew that abuse their women, and it's Okay. It's almost never questioned on Star Trek.

Third episode of The Orville, and the whole crew is like "lol no, we are not helping you mutilate your baby, F-U, and your culture."

This is why I doubt you understand the subtly of this, because you would have to watch a good deal of Star Trek to know that this is subverting Star Trek tropes. Either you don't understand the subtly and still seen the other Star Treks Next Generation and after and are not just getting what he is doing. Or you just are not aware of Trek enough to get that what he is clearly doing that any Trekkie would get.

It's not a show that was made out of thin air, it's directly commenting on the stray path of another famous series, and one that is culturally as significant as Star Wars in America. It's not just about, "is this show red pilled or Jew propaganda."

It has it's problems, because it wouldn't be on TV if it didn't. …… But it's massively subversive of what SJW and Jew corporations want Star Trek to be forever. And it's better than most of the stuff on TV right now because of that.

When did people stop watching Star Wars? I thought it was when this negro shit started and Jar Jar Binks shit? Wasn't that around 2010? I'm old and shit. I have no idea.


I would say 1999 with the prequels, and 2015 with the gay mexican, gay african, and transexual lesbian protagonist.



Warhammer is the most Aryan Sci-Fi series ever created. Don't let the fucking faggot SJWs find out though.

They haven't been able to figure out how to put a black woman in space marine armor, yet.

Fuck this shit I'm just going to watch ST:TAS again, or maybe finally play all A Final Unity.

Star Trek has always been gay, the kike who made it designed it to be social engineering.

I haven't seen much of TAS but it didn't seem like the rest of the gay series. There was an episode about bird muslims threatening to go on an intergalactic jihad their exact words if their precious religious artifact wasn't returned, and it turned out their leader stole it so he could use it as an excuse to wage that jihad. Not bad for a children's show.

imagine if STD premiered in 1960. negro's would have been lynched that day

The Literally Whores look like controlled catalysts too. Maybe TPTB just had enough bulshit in the gaming world.

TNG had non-antro characters as well actually. Just not many of them. That ooze thing that killed yar. The insect things that picard was supposed to speak their language to in order to make contact, the Q were not "anthro" characters either technically and could take any form, the little parasite things that tried to take over star fleet, couple episodes of aliens that lived IN space, even a "living" ship at one point, the crystal thing that lore worked with, and I'm sure there were a few other ones I dont remember.

Voyager also had its weird space things from "fluidic space" as I recall, and the thing that took them halfway across the galaxy to begin with was some weird space jellyfish thing

They just werent ever a continuing presence in the various series, probably due mostly to budget and lower tiers of cgi so they wouldn't have fit in properly over the long haul interacting with normal humans. I mean, those weird "alien" like things from voyager were such awful cgi that to look at it now is cringe worthy.

Anyway, on the topic of OP, you expected a new star trek to not be pozzed all to hell? I mean, itd been on a downward trend since TNG. TOS was really more about upholding morals and doing the right thing, Kirk did a lot of shit because it was the right thing to do morally, things picard would never have done and when confronted with similar problems picard made opposite choices (IIRC both kirk and picard faced a situation wherein a more powerful alien race was keeping another race as childlike, in kirks version they were cattle and were eaten IIRC, for picard they were just kept in a little cage world and the outside world was constantly watched/controlled when they showed up and told NOT to even attempt to interefer with their "children," kirk said fuck that and destroyed the aliens or something, picard pussied out and bowed to them and ran away, kirk freed them despite knowing life would be harder for them in the short term has they had to learn to stand on their own, picard chose to let them be perpetual children forever ruled over by another species), and picard was a far more liberal faggot character because of it. Kirk was basically the "yes I'm going to judge your culture/ways, and bullshit wont fly" kind of guy, and picard was the "its not my place to judge your ways no matter what they are" libfag.

DS9 was about a nigger captain being space jesus fighting the evil nazis (cardassians) on behalf of the religious space kikes the bajorans (the happy merchant space kikes are ferengi). And voyager was about a stronk wimminz who slit her own crews wrists for the benefit of others on more than one occasion, and who spends episodes later down the line (in that giant dark void thing) crying in her room and being an emo cunt rather than being, ya know, a captain.

Thats to say NOTHING of the constant race mixing going on. Troi and Worf, Belana and Paris, Dax and Worf, fuck even Ezri fucks Worf later on… seriously that nigger got all the white bitch pussy thrown at him. And for all the "swag" they tried to show Riker having, he really didn't bang many space bitches, and was "happy if shes happy" with worf/troi basically cucking himself to the nigger.

The shows got worse and worse as time went along, more pozzed, more liberal, and less interesting. Were you really expecting ANYTHING to come out of kikewood to be anything less than that?

I liked TOS, TAS, and TNG just fine, though TNG was kind of a commie cuckfest. When Picard decided not to genocide the Borg they tipped their fedoras a bit too hard I think.

Has there ever been a War Trek comic or storyline where the federation discovers the Warp and has to drastically overhaul everything in a hurry?

in the mirror universe, which is shown in a bunch of episodes, humans pretty much enslave everyone else.

21st century
"Humanity's first contact with an alien species in the mirror universe began exactly as it did in the traditional universe. Upon detecting Zefram Cochrane's warp signature, a Vulcan scout ship landed in Bozeman, Montana to make first contact with Humanity. Instead of welcoming the Vulcans in a spirit of friendship and understanding, the mirror Zefram Cochrane killed the first Vulcan to set foot on Terran soil, with a gun, as the Humans boarded and ransacked the Vulcan ship after killing the first officer also. According to mirror Archer, the Vulcan first contact was considered a prelude to invasion. "

before the stupid reboots and le evil space nazi klingons there was le evil mirror universe nazi humans.

Then in this mirror universe spock rose to power and turned them all into a bunch of hippy weak losers and the empire collapsed and they were enslaved by klingons by the time it came around to DS9 mirror universe episodes.

23rd and 24th centuries
" He began instituting major reforms that were very popular, turning the Empire into a more peaceful and less aggressive power. Unfortunately, Spock's reforms left the Empire unprepared to defend itself against the emerging threat of a united Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, which managed to conquer the entire Terran Empire, turning the Terrans themselves into a slave race. "

coincidentally this was just in time for black cmd sisko who was constantly triggered by slavery to go into this mirror universe and laugh at a bunch of enslaved white people while doing nothing to help them.

original > any other

The Klingon's are the Russians. In the original series the Klingon Empire is a star-trekkie USSR.

Good goy, better not break any ((laws)))

How much kvetching would warhammer movie cause?

Just watch Raumpatrouille Orion, the nonpozzed German TV show that Star Trek copied.

it wouldnt happen
if it did, it would be very kosher probably with a black space marine or two. most of the more mainstream games or media with 40k dont really delve into the darker and more redpilled aspects of the setting, not to shit-talk the games or anything, but theres a reason they avoid ever using anything Slaanesh related. Slaanesh is literally the god of immortality and faggotry, and in the lore his birth is caused by the Space Elves becoming so degenerate and depraved that their sick perversions created psychic feedback in the warp, birthing a god of pleasure, pain, trannies and faggotry (srsly, pic related, note the single boob)

There is no real difference.
If she's used goods before you marry her don't be surprised if her ability to pair-bond (stay loyal and not cheat) is also gone.

pic related is a far superior version of the Terran Empire post TOS, and it's my personal canon

Will u be my gf pls

DS9 was pretty based. Cardassians made me a nationalist.

muh 6 gorillion bajorans.

random pics of this shitshow

forgot, the fat jewish looking guy comes up after the episode is over for annoying commentary

At least they get some things right.

The empire rose and fell several times though user, there was not a proper strong emperor/empress to keep it together.

what is this thing in the 1st pic supposed to be anyway. is this a robot? or some stupid fucking helmet with screens on the outside of it for no reason. if it's a robot why does it have tits, is this some feminist robot? if it's cannon there are no sentient androids in starfleet pre-data, and suun never made an android with tits.

i'm pretty sure when the ship goes red-alert the stupid outer screen on that stupid helmet starts signaling red-alert too.

i think it was supposed to rise again with mirror slut hoshi but then they canceled enterprise


I actually wondered if it wasn't some freak with a prosthetic head, like an even worse version of Geordi.

actually it looks like they just ripped it straight from the breen completely disregarding canon, just just stuck a breen helmet on the bridge for no reason. let's just mix and match different set pieces why the fuck not.

speaking of canon, didn't the romulans invent the cloaking device and not some random Klingon nigger whose daddy left him a giant warship fsr?

i don't know about that one. klingons always had it


anything in there that proves that, user?

didn't think so.

Women have been involved in politics Way Beyond even the days of yore. The saying goes "behind a great man is a great woman." I do believe.

Well who gives a fuck, they obviously didn't care about canon past DS9 and threw it all completely in the trash with the reboot. Within the context of the original ST universe, they were given the cloaking technology by the Romulans when they were allies.

Here's a (You), manlet.

You’re basically a retard.

and that woman has always been at home cooking meals and taking care of the kids, freeing up that man's time so he can be great

starwars and empire were good movies but empire introduces niggers and kiddie sesame street scenes, return went full multicult and overdrive on kiddie, next were painful scripts, dialog, last three? were full blown sjwlgbt.

Well it's initials are ST and D.
Cool, ain't it.

Star Trek is fashy as fuck you stupid nigger

Star Trek is certainly pozzed, but remember that almost any piece of (((popular media))) can be used as a springboard for a redpilled message if you shine the proper light on it.

Every human character in Star Trek is white.

Throughout Star Trek, especially in The Next Generation, we're presented with this Federation which is supposed to be a perfect multicultural utopia where there's no strife or prejudice.

But the only reason this works is that it's not really multicultural at all. Every human character, whatever cultural background they're supposed to have, behaves like a white suburbanite with a postgraduate degree. Characters like Geordi LaForge behave in a completely whitewashed fashion - hell, in one episode he builds a wooden model ship to present to a visiting starship captain! Does that sound like a soul brotha to you?

And here's another interesting point - over time, we see characters from various human ethnicities: black, Asian, etc. But we never once see a Jewish character. Despite all the Jews involved in making Star Trek, we never see any human character who acts remotely Jewish in culture or manner. Do you think they had a subconscious understanding that the Federation could never work in a million years if there was so much as one Jew among its citizens?

Meanwhile, Gene Roddenberry designed the Ferengi with the intent that they would be the main villains of TNG. Isn't it funny how even in the most hardcore propaganda, truth has a way of leaking through?

Reported for being such a monumental waste.


How did none of you seriously notice the ONLY ship to be destroyed was named EUROPA and the only ship with a white male captain!

Did I miss anything?

I'm disgusted by how many of you are talking about Star Trek and how you liked the old shows. It's always been marxist. Fags.

To be fair, he mostly fought the Dominion, which are Illuminati tier jew aliens. Also Dukat did nothing wrong.

I can imagine it now

No Jews in Star Crap!? Call the JIDF!

We have to let the minorities win something. They can keep their sci-fi hugbox. We all know who landed on the moon. It wasn't three black chicks.

STD is like one part star wars, one part orange is the new black, and one part star trek.

It's pretty fucking gay.

Just goes to show you that most of those people were/are closet leftists who will nod and agree about the ideals being noble (they aren't) and what a wonderful world Star Trek depicts (it doesn't). I still can't believe that anyone is surprised that the original Star Trek was cancelled and largely popular with young woman. Of course it was! What self-respecting American man of the '60s was going to watch space communism with some racemixing?

The most ironic thing about it all is that by and large I actually enjoyed the rebooted Star Trek movies more because there was a larger does of reality in them. Somehow the Star Trek of the 2010s was less communistically utopian than the one of the '60s. Go figure.

Most sci-fi uses the human/non-human divide as a pretty clear analogy between whites and non-whites. This is merely a Trojan horse to sell the media to whites, as well as a subversive tool to depict reality other than it really is by fooling whites into thinking nonwhites behave just like them (because they saw it on TV!). It is no different from always portraying the smart/specialist/technically savvy character as a nigger.

Worf's adoptive parents appeared to be kikes…

You're right, the intent is to fool whites into thinking "they're just like us!" But you can turn that around by showing them how the "multicultural utopia" is only possible when there's one uniform culture and value system, and the Federation completely rejects different cultures.

The Federation can handle having Worf, a single Klingon in Starfleet who's one of the smartest and most talented members of his race, but if a large number of Klingons entered Starfleet and kept their native culture to any degree it would fall apart.

He's talking about Picard ya dummy. Takei was on the original series and was not the main character.

sage because who gives a fuck. Normies already hate the new one because it's just an objectively bad show anyway. It will be forgotten in a year.

Captain Kurt was the bomb though.

It's the old truth: racial diversity, stability, and liberty. You can only pick two. The only way to have a stable multiracial state is to have a literal police state without culture. All differences must be leveled and destroyed, reduced to a base and disgusting "common culture" that amounts to little more than sex, consumerism, and slave morality.

At any rate, I don't believe there's much redpilling you can do with Star Trek. Some of the characters are redeemable and some of the concepts are interesting, but the setting from the get-go is irredeemable garbage. It is literally communist fantasy; it can never exist. It is utterly divorced from reality. It is unlikely to reflect even the tiniest part of the world we actually live in.

Honestly you might as well just rewrite Star Trek entirely.

The Ferengi are an intentional Jewish reference. There's no way it was unintentional. The way they look, the obsession with latinum (which comes in blocks shaped like blocks of gold). The weird ritual culture (the "Rules of Acquisition", the Nagus, etc.). The sexual obsession with other races. The fact that their entire religion is literally a guide to stealing and manipulating people through commerce.

The Ferengi are most prominently featured in DS9 and the message there seems to be "they will always try to jew you because it's their nature, but you can be friends with them as long as you keep them in line", e.g. think of the relationship between Quark and Odo. Whether you agree with the message or not, I think the fairly redpilled Jewish-Ferengi reference is undeniable.

He switched the (((nose))) for big ears. Otherwise they're basically identical.


Check out the actors that played Quark and Rom. So much for muh ZOG.


lol wtf i thought that was a halfway mask they were wearing. they actually look like ferengi

You have to go back

i thought it was reversed, federation is the ussr and klingons are america

welcome to nu-trek
if they tried this in 1960 they would all be in prison

Stargate SG-1 is the real redpill

It's communistic, not fascistic.

These dumbshits are going to make vulcans jedi or something aren't they?


What did you expect watching TV in the current year?

Next Gen was fucking great,
Drumhead one of my favorite episodes.

I also liked how they were against miscegenation, and pro family/tradition when Worf found that hidden Klingon/Human camp

Janeway was good

But yes ST is far from being right wing or redpilled,

It was fine TV for its time….

Well some of it. Fuck Beverly, Wesley, and Troi

Ferengi represent the 'comical jews'

Bajorans represent the holohoax jews

The Founders are the most dangerous jews, shapeshifters who infiltrate societies and set up puppet regimes that worship them as gods

Star Trek has always been a "What if the liberal dream worked". Its so fucking bad that They traded ballistic weapons that would do far more damage in for shitty "phasers" that can always be "set to stun". So when they have an actual enemy like the borg, they get shit on constantly. A 12 gauge would of easily fucked one of these retards up but nope, gotta keep fucking with your stun gun in order to even mess with the god damn thing.

Andromeda did it better.

Daily reminder that "unintentionally" and "accidentally" redpilled media made by kikes
They want us to go back to being good little neocon zionists, and they want our money in cinema checkouts again, too.
The Alt-Right was too obvious a subversion of our ideas, so they've killed it. They're going to play the long game, "pause" (barely slow, but make a big thing about it) the flow of shit into White lands (expect European Trumps), lure us into complacency and then strike the last blow.

Quality over quantity, user.


He's anti SJW and pro GG

He's not ourguy by anymeans,
but as much as I like Picard on TV,
Kirk is the better person in life

old trek wasn't gay, just very subversive
STD is utter trash made by marxists

klingons were Spaniards and sometimes russians
Romulans some times russians too

never watched Star Trek. don't have to watch some other shit. Orville is reddit tier.

actually weimerica's metropolis

The entire "paralel ST dimension" is total shit, because they use the EXACT SAME SHIPS despite a completely different history and cultural philosophy.
They also have the same tech level, despite the TE happily ransacking and stealing tech.

Captain Kurt was legit the best captain doh.

Television is a jewish psy op..and still pro gay.


I just watched it because of this thread, it's actually pretty good.

Part of me refuses to believe he is a jew. He has zero jewish features. I think he was stolen as a toddler.

He was, in a manner of speaking. You're close, user. So close to the evil, ruthless truth of Jewish crypsis…

yeah, and everyone tells our like-minded artist "LOL GO STEM FAGET!"
we need more artists who are right-wing in the industry. we have to subvert as well

jews are kind of like muslims i think:
half are down-to-earth, good people
half are happy or ready to fuck you over

therefore it's better to stop adding until the bad 50% gets closer to 0%


Did you really just try telling me that half of jews and half of muslims are down-to-earth, good people? Where in the fuck do you think you are?

This whole thread is a bit "prying the cracks with the thin end of a nose shaped wedge".
Whether they can help their actions or not is another question, the greatest trick they pull though, is making people believe they don't even exist. Half are good is simply a perspective thing depending which side of their shekel you have been brainwashed by more.

How cute, now here's some fresh sage, go cook something with it.

Take your Jew paradise future to >>>/st/ or >>>/strek/ or >>>/trek/ or one of the many other make belief bullshit boards.

what the shit are these retards on about?

EXACTLY even the Daft Punk member on the Bridge had Boobies, equality…

someone should make a meme pic for socialist media and post in the #hastags or whatever

Why do they portrai nazis always as based alphas?

Is this the new cast of Star Trek?

From left to right:
- Black male / White woman
- White gay male / White gay male
- Asian male / Asian female
- Lone 70yr old white guy
- Negress queen
- Estranged black male lover (off to the side, but still present and center stage)
- Black male / White woman
- Black male / White woman
- Black male / White woman

Who wouldve guessed STD was AIDS


Why do kikes spend so much time with Nazi uniform details? Talk about obsession.

Also, anti-competition dysgenics means r-selected beats out K-selected, and therefore we never leave the planet or discover replacement resources.



this is proven in first contact when picard wrecks a borg with a holo tommy gun and then gets reminded by the sheboon he's escorting that he forgot to check his privilege

It's a love/hate relationship for them.


>Those boots live rent-free inside (((Rick Berman)))'s head

I remember First Contact being good. I probably shouldn't rewatch it.

Is it possible that French Canadian and Jewish are so pozzed and evil that they wind up antagonistic to each other when both are expressed? Like, if we crossed a big steamy yid with maple baguette, would it come out based?

Don't rewatch any ST properties.

Star Trek has always been a psyop. It cucked NASA. The NASA scientists and astronauts in the 50s and 60s were fighting communism. They sent a man to the moon. The later generations of NASA workers grew up on star trek. They sent a black woman into orbit.

and? it's quite a bit different from some nog klingon inventing it himself and the movie spending all of 10 seconds total talking about it. that was my point and it stands.

we wuz cloaking device inventors n sheeiiit

Alright, let's get this over with. Get 'em out.

Stupid part about that scene? The characters took the time to switch clothing.

Was it ever in doubt?
It’s based on the beliefs that socialism is good
After gene Roddenberry died, it went full socialism

It's got conservative white Christians visiting planets, learning new things, gaining new technology, and determining what races to nuke.


it's high-class literature compared to STD


Thanks for the heads up on Electric Dreams, fucking deadly so it is

You mean

That was always the plan.

lol all these niggas kneeling for the God Emperor ;D

Sadly accurate.

The show ends with the Ferengi government implementing taxes and having welfare programs and the leader of the whole thing is Quarks brother. An engineer.

The whole thing was kinda cartoonish. Really but at least it was a real show. The show was kinda weird in that it tended to be all over the place in regards to story line and the characters. While you might know when you're watching a filler episode you never quite know when you're watching an arc episode.

Guess that's the problem these days, how do you make something interesting that isn't a formulaic arc or just romatic/gay fillery crap.

He's our Jew for sure. They're rare but worth courting.

It's only natural that within such neurotic communities you'll get an occasional sane person as an aberration.

yeah, guys.. we can trust the good ones.

Most of them are of the "just gas us last" mentality.

Once you put on that uniform, you're never the same.

my nigger i spat my drink out.