Kurdistan to Be a Country

Can't really find a news article for this yet, but apparently the vote in the Kurdish independence referendum was close to 100 percent for independence. That of course means Kurdistan will split off from the north of Iraq, and it may be a game changer for geopolitics in the Middle East.

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jaas.org/edocs/v18n2/Parpola-identity_Article -Final.pdf

And it will then become part of Greater Israel.

One more shitty sandnigger state to bicker with the other shitty sandnigger states will be like throwing a cup of violence into an ocean of violence.

Says who?
You commie kurd kikes?
Iran, Iraq and Turkey are going to btfo your entire existence.

Off the top of my head I can think of three reasons why this is bad:

1. probably more rapefugees
2. Kurdistan is an extension of Israel, so this would mean more power for kikes: theguardian.com/world/2004/jun/21/iraq.syria
3. I'm not the biggest expert on the ancient history of that particular area, but I know that "Kurd" essentially means "gypsy", so I don't think Kurdish land claims have any legitimacy (and their claims of Median descent are just made up): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origin_of_the_Kurds#Name

Happens when you kill all of the Assyrians and other various groups who would say no.
Kill yourself Holla Forums

If anyone should be supported by the West in that area, it's them, not fucking kurdroach communists.

not Holla Forums pal

they look white-ish. What are they? They can't be indo-european, are they semites before the arab conquests?

Commies BTFO by their kike masters.

Semites include arabs, they are interchangeable. They very well might have been indo european, whites were spread across northern African coast and ME back in the day. It was when mongols and Arabs went on centuries long killing sprees that this has changed and you still see indo european influences in the region, like Iran's language being of indo european origin.


Rolling for WWIII against kikes.


Hmm… Fictional Kurdistan takes almost ALL Syria's, Iraq's & Iran's Oil..
Just a (((coincidence)))

sounds like were setting up another israel. a group of marginalized people that we have used as cannon fodder for decades, that now owe their entire cultural existence and sovereignty to the US and israel. in a territory that extends all the way across the northern parts of the middle east. if this happens, then we will have a front line to invade iran. between this, the failings of ISISrael and its bastard cousins, and all the warhawking in congress and by trump about iran, i smell blood. and it will be ours that is spilled. for yet another useless desert war. and for what? to protect the sovreignty of a communist flavored kurdish nation. fuck this and fuck them

Fuck off retard. Niether Nor.

Many projections. People really don't know the exact area.
Pic related is where there are Kurds in the Middle East.
Their state would probably have that area, with the exception of the outlier settlements.

Glad you're a faggot fence-sitter. Based ISIS amiright?

Semites, cousins of the Akkadians that conquered Sumer
they had a period of dominance in mesopotamia from the 10th century BC to the 7th century BC where they conquered the entirety of the middle east including the Sinai region of Egypt, sections of Anatolia and what we today would call Iran
they rose to power in the vacuum created by the Bronze Age collapse and they were destroyed by a succession of rebellions by their conquered subjects finally ending when Cyrus would finally reunite most of the territory in the 6th century BC and create the Persian Empire

I wouldnt call Assyrians your friend, historically they were regarded as foreign brutal savages by the Ancient European Empire of the Hittites and by Ancient Egypt under the rule of User Rameses

but leaps and bounds better than the kikes and arabs tbh

Assyrians have been consigned to the dustbin of history ever since Cyrus, they exist as a marginal group in Persia/Parthia for centuries until converting to Christianity mostly in the 3rd century AD which didnt go well with Zoroastrian Persia while they were at war with Christian Rome
but it did save them from total annihilation 3 centuries later when the muslims conquered Persia
only in the sense the muslims didnt annihilate and rape their gene pool out of existence while they paid the jizyha tax while the rest of Persia that didnt submit to Religion of Cuck™ got ARAB'D

To those unaware this was a vote in the Iraqi Kurdistan area. Nothing to do with Syria. Infact the Kurds in the different countries aren't even the same Kurds. There is no one unified Kurdish people.

Hail the Lion of Syria. Fuck yourself with your red flag you fag.

The Assyrians of today are not the same as the Assyrians of the past.
The Middle East got niggerfied a lot since then.

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They haven't. Kurds were getting their asses handed to them by ISIS up until the USAF became the Kurdish Air Force.

That's a given. A coworker of mine used to be an Aramean (pretty much the same as Assyrians). He was a good dude, hard working, good sense of humour and honest.

Jew puppets trying to further fracture Iraq. Won't happen your removal is coming.

Saddam Hussein is rolling in his grave. Somebody revive him so he can gas these retards.

its not a matter of whether or not they are commies or feminists or isis killing heroes or whatever else you want to say about them. its a matter of, these people owe everything they have to us. we have been grooming them as allies of the us-israel warmachine for decades. they and their newfound territory are going to be used to aggravate more conflicts in the middle east and their airspace will be a safe corridor for both the US and israel to fly in and bomb iran indiscriminately. if you dont see how this is a bad thing, then you are fucking retarded. welcome to the next generation of us-israel warhawking in the middle east.

Kurds are mountain jews moshe

Makes me wonder how things would work out if they actually got kurdistan. Would they all move there, or take the jew route, stay where they are and bitch about oppression?

well of course
they're gypos
some scholars believe their language might be loosely descended from Parthian but thats not really a good thing
Parthians were nomadic and decentralised for all of time even when they briefly conquered Persia they let the satraps be so independent in rule they ended up rebelling and overthrowing them
Parthians were savages in the eyes of everybody, incest was commonplace in their culture and they were notorious for having no concept of mercy or compassion

Aramean is a descendant of the Amorites, more closely related to the hebrews, arabs, Phoenicians and Ugarites than the Assyrians, Akkadians or Babylonians

Ha! I take it you haven't met many Kurds in Europe. Undoubtedly

when the court trying Saddam for war crimes asked him why he used gas on kurdish civilians he just replied
"We had to gas them, they were Kurds"

Not sure about biblical history but they both speak a closely related language.



im talking pre-biblical here dingus
Amorites existed from about 3000BC in the Levant, on and off with its own collection of city states until they were subsumed in the wars between Hattusa and Egypt prior the Bronze age collapse

A video about the Kurds, by the Language-Jew.


Yeah its good the kurd bring forward their own demise. Anyone dumb enough to think kurds will get their own is a fool.

The only good Kurd is a dead Kurd.

Fuck those subhuman communist filth. They're even worse than arabs, which says a great deal.

The kurds have raped and massacred over 1800000 Indigenous Native Assyrian Christians in the last 100 years and they still continue to rape Native Assyrian women and children and little boys as young as 6 years of age. The kurds are a savage people who have no morale nor compassion towards humanity and the theft of Assyrian land has been happening since 1914. The kurds skinned and impaled and beheaded Native Assyrians-refer to Seyfo and Semele Genocide and you will see that the kurds are pure evil barbaric nomads who indulge in cannabalism and the rape of young innocent Assyrian girls and boys. Kurds have been annexing Assyrian land and continue to do so with the permission of their gypsy government and the KRG. The kurds are not natives to Assyria and never will be, they are a Iranian hindu creation whom migrated into Assyria modern day iraq. The well known British and French Archaeologist (Sir Austen Henry Layard), describes the kurds occupiers of Assyrian land. When Layard was unearthing Assyrian artifacts, Layard states that the kurds would plunder the homes of the native Assyrians and occupy Assyrian homes.

Ever wondered why Assyrians, Turks, Yezidis, Armenians, Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians dont like them?? Its no coincidence, they know that these kurds are occupiers from Iran and India. Kurds claim that their religion is "Zoroastrian", I challenge you to look up Zoroastrian. Zoroastrian is an offshoot of Hinduism but the kurds say its a "Persian" religion when truth is its actually a offshoot from the hindu religion which reached Persia. The kurds have been stealing Assyrian, Egyptian, Persian, Hittite, Mede, Italia, Greek, Phoenician and Guti artifacts and attaching it as "kurdish history". Pay attention to these kurds very carefully. One day they are Assyrian, Yezidi, Mittani, hittite, Hurrian, Gutian, Anatolian and Persian when reality is they are irani offshoot.

Source: archive.is/Zuac8

The Israelis want vassals so they can control oil. The Kurds have really only caused trouble in oil-rich areas of Iraq and Syria. If Kurdistan becomes an independent nation and Assad is deposed in favor of the FSA then Greater Israel will be much more viable.

Truly Saddam did nothing wrong.

Stop saying "Assyrian", these people existed thousands of years ago. The people who call themselves Assyrians today are not Assyrians.

if the Parthian hypothesis is correct the kurds come from the region of northeastern Iran south of the Karakum desert and north of the Dasht-e-Kavir desert

The "kurdish" ethnic group and kurdish nationalism are a recent invention. Read Christopher Dickey's "bordering on insanity". The "Kurds" in Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran are all genetically dissimilar and linguistically incoherent. The reality is that they are Irani offshoots who have always lived on other people's land. The Kurds in Turkey didn't even inhabit Eastern Anatolia until the Ottoman Sultan defeated the Persian Shah and gave a large amount of land to a Kurdish servant of his. 

This is totally a plus point for the Kurds.
Not India, no.
I know a great deal of it.
You're an imbecile, Zoroastrianism was a Religion from the Caucasus who migrated South into Persia and adopted Iranian elements - these elements from the Iranians were the same as the Aryans of India.
Do you know anything about the Aryans? White people.
They're correct, you're wrong.
It's not and you're retarded.
No one cares because people know.
So, literal Aryans? Iranian = Aryan.
Please, they were one of the many Iranian peoples of the past.


Lol that Turkroach shitskin shill that spams Holla Forums all the time is mad af


Turks ain't gonna like that.

Please don't post here ever again. If you think the Iraqis, Turks, Iranians, or Syrians are going to allow this then you're a real fucking idiot.

Reminder that it is PURE COHENCIDENCE that the southwestern border of Greater Kurdistan is at the same place as the northeastern border of Greater Israel.



Kurdistan to be a bloodbath, you mean. Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Turkey are gonna cleanse the entire region of those zio-puppets

What has kek told us here lads?

This is getting shilled hard. Hard enough Holla Forums doesn't realize that kurds are gypsy niggers who refuse to move again and are a nice thorn in the ass of the mudslime countries around them. Russia will get any of their oil, the Iranians will bitch but behave.
Kurds will buy horses and guns while destroying any cities they control. The narative that they kill christians any more or less than the muslims in the region is zionist bullshit. Let the middle east have another shit country that martyrs can blow themselves up in.

Saddam, get the gas

First post
Truth post

>3. I'm not the biggest expert on the ancient history of that particular area, but I know that "Kurd" essentially means "gypsy", so I don't think Kurdish land claims have any legitimacy (and their claims of Median descent are just made up): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origin_of_the_Kurds#Name
If they can kill enough people who try to keep them from taking the land then they have claim to the land.


Don't ever fucking post here again you faggot

Honestly I fully support the Kurds out of pure spite against Turkey.


oh lawdy, it took them this long?

Roach chimpout soon.

To clarify; While the vote pertained to territory claimed by the Kurds within Iraq, Turkey must be thinking this will lead to more trouble with the Kurds within their borders.

come on, 1337s get this going

If they weren't commies I wouldn't mind. they are whiter than iraqis. However considering they are not sacred iraqis > profance kurds


Underrated post.

Yea it is a damn if you do damn if you don't. I don't have a fondness for Turks either and would rather have them split. Yet at the same time having Kurdistan formed, would definitely mean Israel would gain much. Only good thing is that with the rise of kurdish nationalism means a molding of a newer identity. As it is surrounded by enemies many of its people will look away from the muslim religion. Though the largest negative is that this could actually lead to WW3.


It very much is related to Syria, an Iraqi Kurdistan means the Kurdniggers in Syria will be more uppity

This, and before that they were Gypsy diaspora from India

Turks are garbage but Kurds are an even more cancerous form of garbage, it would be best to gas them both

Kurds specifically select their most attractive women which are light skinned to use for propaganda/media, the average Kurd is pretty indistinguishable from most Arabs and Iraqi ethnicity varies highly by region
North and Western Iraq are darker and more Arab/Kurd related while South Iraq is nearly entirely Shiite and closer to Iranians/Persians

Not a good thing when that identity revolves around being unironic feminist Marxist SJWs
Also there have been much better efforts in the region to create a new identity, Baathism was one and promoted National unity over sectarianism and in Iraq heavily promoted Babylonian/Mesopotamian history/culture.


What a surprise.

the roaches are assblasted with this, so it's fine by me

Assyrians are Caucasian and are rightful heirs to the land they are persecuted in. They're about as white as it gets in that area and should be universally backed by all of European civilized descent.

This isn't Serbia; Russia won't allow that land stealing to happen again and Assad is ascendant in Syria. Syria will be united and the kurds will be annihilated from AT LEAST three different sides as the Turks, Syrians, and Iraqis have gotten sick of their centuries of horseshit.

Sage since shit threat and OP used the wrong version of the pic


They're not Arab. What's the problem here?

Kurds are communist shitskins. They deserve naught but nerve gas.

They're much worse and unironically communist faggots that are pro-Israel, 2nd pic is their planned economy system
Also Kurds are heavily Arabized and over 90% Sunni Muslim

They're not shitskins. Actually, Levantines are.

They don't even speak Arabic, and every Muslim is a disgrace, be them Sunni, Shia or whatever other Cuckism.

Show a single genetic study that doesn't show Kurds have significant amounts of Arab admixture

lmao, total bullshit
Source for any study that shows Kurds not speaking Arabic or the language of the majority population in the country they are squatting




They seem to be "communists" in the sense the North Vietnamese were. Nationalists that were happy to fly the red star as long as it supports the cause.

Kurds are shitskins. Their skin is the color of my shit after I eat too much cheese.

Communism was popular during the cold war though and the North Vietnamese would not have gotten Chinese/Soviet support without it, Kurds are still voluntarily Marxists long after it became unpopular and they would get the same or even more support if they were not communists and most of their support is from non-communist nations like the US

I'm the lazy one? Isn't it you, retard? They're genetically like Armenians and Iranians.
There's nothing of Arab in them though.
Lol you're retarded. Do you know anything about Indo-Iranian?
Hahahaha now I don't know if you're really retarded or is just pretending.

I think it's the aesthetic that they are used to. Barzani/kdp doesn't seem as Marxist.

I can say having been to Iraq and dealt with Iraqis and Kurds that there is nothing more difficult to deal with than an Arab.

Obviously you, especially since you just used the exact same line unintentionally
Wew, fucking called it

They are closely related to Lebanese and Palestinian Arabs and most speak Arabic
Furthermore you cannot provide a single source that shows them with no Arab admixture, all you can do is kvetch hebraically about how they are related to Armenians
Indo-Iranian existing does not change the fact that any Kurdish language is an invented bastardization of other languages in a feeble attempt to try and create a culture

Post some proof you fucking retards. Assyrians are still homogeneous, even though we have foreign DNA admixture. You'd realise that this is common sense considering even in the Assyrian Empire, there was a policy of relocating and assimilating conquered populations. Even if you don't count that, Assyrians have been marrying Christians (Armenians, Greeks, Slavs etc) for centuries, and even marrying converted Kurds/Arabs. I don't know why you're talking, since Kurds have the biggest cluster fuck of a gene pool. I wonder how many Kurds today are Assyrians whose ancestors were kidnapped and raped.

People who call themselves Arameans while speaking Syriac are Assyrians. Syriac is the Western branch of the Eastern Neo-Aramaic language we call Assyrian. Proper Aramean is a Western Aramaic language. There are some thousands of actual Arameans left, but those Syriacs who are adopting the name Aramean are Assyrians. The new Aramean movement is a reactionary one to counter growing Assyrian nationalism.

Yeah and so was Hitler.

Also any modern living language is a bastardization of multiple languages that came before it

NatSoc =/= Marxism
Barzani supports Apoism which is a direct offshoot of Marxism and far more kiked, to the point of being pro-Israel
Except most Kurdish languages were created/formalized more recently and the promotion of them especially only started recently as a way of trying to force Kurdish culture in order for them to claim more power


What are you even talking about
They're close to Armenians, Iranians, Assyrians, etc
But they are not white, these are all filth shitskins, fuck off.
You just proved my point, and thank you for stating the obvious of genetics.
Not at all, didn't you read what you posted? Inform yourself more, you seem to be either a shill or some heavily brainwashed guy.
Well, there are no genetic studies that studied them specifically. What we have is DNA testing companies and volunteers, and these people were tested and sampled as being like Armenians, Iranians, Assyrians, you name it.
I never claimed Kurds didn't have Arab ancestry too, it's you saying that I said that - they have as much Arab DNA as these close groups above, which don't pass the 10% mark, totally different from the "heavily" you say. Just for comparison, modern Syrians are about 50% Arabs.

It's not hard, Kurds are Iranian peoples.
My god, you were not joking, you truly believe this nonsense of "invented language" hahahaha
Well, you're such a low effort shill. Are you unable of searching things for yourself?

The guy is a fraud, get with the times. But what you said is true, Assyrians are less mixed than normal Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians.
But they're genetically like the Kurds, and when you shit on Kurd genetics, you're also shitting on Assyrian genetics.

Fuck Barzani, but what you just said is bullshit. The only thing they share is the fact that they're Kurds. Ocalan and Barzani are two extreme opposites, and Barzani is not, at all, a Marxist.


They were formalized recently because they have a dozen different dialects. It benefits the Kurds to stick to the most popular dialects (Sorani and Kurmanji). Doesn't mean the languages are new.

Please elaborate further

They're basically the same people genetically, but with striking cultural differences.

Okay, do you have any proof of this?

It's up there, I just saw it now myself.

meanwhile you posted
And proceeded to autistically defend the Kurds
Pick one
Backpedal harder faggot
It showed them in the same grouping as Turks and Palestinian Arabs while they were closest to Iraqi Jews
Actually you claimed

Baseless bullshit
again, see


Fuck Kurds

My father is an Assyrian who grew up in Dohuk. Kurdish is used far more than Arabic in cities like that. Please don't talk out of your ass. Also, calling Kurds "Arabized Kikes" makes no sense whatsoever. The whole point of why people hate them is that they aren't Arabized and keep trying to separate from host nations.

Issue with both posts is the sample size. Not denying we have similar DNA. We've lived in the same region for centuries. Only difference is Kurds are slightly more mixed, but it depends on where the Kurd is from. Honestly, many Kurds really are just Kurdified Assyrians/Armenians. I honestly believe the reason why the people in the region are closely related to Assyrians is because of a high amount of Assyrian DNA in all of our neighbours

Holla Forums taking the side of Arabs over an ethnic groups self determination….

Ok, I said that. Let me rephrase: none of them are White, Syrians are much more shitskin filth than Kurds though, who are Iranian peoples, not Levantines.
I'm not even defending them, I'm shitting on them all, specially Muslim and other Middle Easterners scum.
Lol I'm not backpedalling, you proved my point, read what you fucking posted instead of cherrypicking.
It broke their ancestries and showed them in comparison with different groups. For instance, by your useless brain logic, Croatians and Palestinians are together too, which is nonsense, they just share a component.
I was talking about Arabic languages, not DNA, retard, which was what you were talking about. MUH THEY SPEAK ARABIC
For the Syrians I have the source, directly from Harvard.

That same ethnic group is destabilizing the region with the support of Israel and the USA and claiming they are oppressed by Arabs while oppressing Assyrian-Chaldeans in the region. I'd support Kurdish independence if they weren't scum

Well, you're wrong because Kurds everywhere, even from outside Assyrian borders, are genetically like Assyrians.
It's the dynamics of the thing, they spent thousand of years together conquering themselves, they're the same people, even the Kurds living of Iran's far east are like Assyrians.
And no, there's no such "more mixed", they're as mixed as everybody else there in the region.

Do you have anything backing that up? Actually, you don't need it. They would need >99% replacement level to achieve what you're suggesting, so you're just full of shit, sorry.

They know they are being used and are using US and the kikes in return. For the current situation they use whatever material support they can get and fly whatever flag they have to.

I guarantee you he knew Arabic as well and used it when talking to non Kurds, hence Arabization and Kurds speaking Arabic, otherwise you're just making up shit

Yet you literally said "they are not shitskins" while doing nothing but defending the faggots
While making excuses why a greater Israel and Kurdish kikery/balkanization is acceptable

Nobody is making them act like commie faggots though, in fact the US would likely give more support and the Turks would have less of an issue if they were not Marxists

Obviously provable. But do you have their genetics before and after that? As I said earlier, for what you believe to have happened to happen, you would need almost every Kurdish men raping outsider women for 11 generations.
You're just full of shit.


apparently just a "turkish conspiracy theory"

https www.timesofisrael.com/turkish-media-warns-israel-planning-to-send-jewish-kurds-back-to-kurdistan/

according to turkroach theory, Israel is planning on sending 200,000 israelis of kurdish descent back to Kurdistan should it gain independence. No way to verify this, probably just a rumor, but clearly Turkey is not happy

Do you?
Its pretty safe to say that their genetics and Assyrian genetics were significantly changed during this time period and the Kurds have a history of being rapist niggers before that as well
Source faggot, your claims of " They would need >99% replacement level to achieve what y" and degree of Assyrian admixture among Kurds are bullshit

Because they're like Armenians. You are right though, I was too soft on Southern​ people from the Caucasus: they're all filthy shitskins. A shitskin is a shitskin no matter what.
Never defended any of that. I dropped by parachute here.
But yeah, Kurdistan wouldn't be so bad, if it triggers you so much.
You're retarded. I didn't backpedalled about anything genetic ever.
You realize there were 3 Caucasian races in the past and that every Caucasian has their ancestry, right? That's why Palestinians and Croats share a descendance. But it doesn't have anything to do with Arabs.
You're trying to navigate your way on the field with nothing but sophistry, that's obvious to anyone seeing.
I was talking about the language, and you were talking about the language too.
Are you afraid of being exposed as an idiot in an imageboard, muslim filth?
HAHAHAHA. No one knows when it was born.
In comparison, did you know Modern English appeared around the same time too? Languages changes and have ancestors - the ancestral language from which the Kurdish languages came is Northwest Iranian.
Not at all, retard.
No, I'm not an imbecile like you.
These are all the Kurds ever sampled. Did you see their geographical distribution in the map? They did a good job, sampling Kurds from literally everywhere.

Pathetic, you're just that. Don't even deny you're not White, and that you're Muslim.
Get out filth pig.

Holla Forums faggots come here and think they can push muh based Kurd narrative like its acceptable to allow communists just because cherrypicked pics shows a handful of Kurdish whores that are semi attractive

Genetically like and genetically identical are two different things. I didn't say we aren't very related. Most people in the region are. Turks are more closely related to Assyrians than they are to Central Asian Turks. Mesopotamian Arabs are more closely related to Assyrian than they are Yemenis/Saudis.

When I say mixed, I don't mean every Kurd has varying genetics. Just like Assyrians, we are mixed, but we are still homogeneous, meaning most Assyrians have almost identical levels of foreign genetic admixture. Also, if you look at the study again, almost all of the participants are living in and around Mesopotamia, where Assyrians have lived for thousands of years

11 Generations of continuous outbreeding is what it takes for a population to become genetically indistinguishable from the outside population they're breeding with. This is basic genetics.
Ally that with the fact that there are 30 million Kurds, you would need 15 million Kurdish men raping 15 million Assyrian women every generation, never having children with their own women for what you are suggesting to happen.
Congratulations, you don't know what you're talking about.
No, but I'm not making baseless and impossible claims like you.

TBH that is more from you and the other Holla Forums fag

I mean personally I have a great deal of respect for mountain dwellers like myself, but it really does look to me as though this is very likely to benefit the Jews.

People can't ever disagree with you then? Disagreeing with you makes one a Holla Forums user?
Please, just fuck off, sophist.

Deflection, Kurds still have heavy Arab admixture

I was talking about both language and genetics, this is obvious

Modern English is not the same as English in general, there was no formalization of any Kurdish language until recently while Old English was formalized

more Ad-Homimems

Low effort post, try harder next time

Except you are and cant prove it while i can easily prove that

Yes, because Arabic is the official language of the country. Everyone learned it in school, but Arabic was not the main language used in the streets. My dad could speak Kurmanji better than Arabic.

People in the Assyrian empire were mixing because that is what happens in high population cities. Not to mention Assyrians moving and assimilating foreign populations into the Assyrian borders. This alone is why Assyrians, Anatolians and Armenians are genetically related, not to mention the obvious fact that these peoples have always been geographically close, being natives to the regions.

Now, this base Assyrian population never disappeared, and Turks, Arabs and Kurds who migrated to the area mixed with these people. I am convinced that Assyrian blood is the uniting factor for these populations, because Mesopotamian Arabs and Anatolian Turks are closer to Assyrians than they are their relatives living in their homelands. Kurds are pretty homogeneous all around, but Assyrians and Iranians have been conquering each other for thousands of years, so no surprise that they're related, disregarding the geographic closeness

No, but anyone here who comes and posts a pro-Kurd narrative is a Holla Forums faggot or newfag leftist 99.9% of the time without fail, nobody on Holla Forums likes the Kurds and its common knowledge that they're kike puppets

Definitly being allowed to happen now to benefit them. But they've been trying to remove kebab for a hundred years, it's real hard for me to hate a guy for wanting to remove kebab.

Yes, it benefits the Jews because:
But that's if the Kurds stayed loyal to Israel and the USA. What if they end up like Al Qaeda or the Taliban and backstab then? That would be wonderful.
But regional powers are already cracking on them, so a bleak future for them.

You don't even have arguments anymore, filth muslim pig.
It wasn't obvious, I thought it was Language only, when they don't speak Arabic at all. Genetically though, they're still together along with Assyrians and Armenians as one of the least Arab in the region, far less than Syrians.
You're retarded. They only had oral tradition before, that's why their language was never formalized.

Aren't you defending Muslims? Say that you're not a Muslim, say it.

They were unironically helping Kebab for a hundred years, they began occupying Syria by following around the Ottoman army and stealing Armenian lands

Criminally underchecked double dubs.

Kurds are the niggers of Roachland. Just saying.

What? Aren't you the one saying that the Kurds are only genetically like Assyrians and Armenians because they raped their women? From your standpoint then, for that to happen, the Kurds would need to have children with Assyrians and Armenians until the Kurds become just like them genetically.
For that to happen, there would be the need of multi-generational children from Kurds and Assyrians/Armenians, starting from where you said, the genocide. Which is not true.
What you're proposing is impossible by pure mathematics.
Please, you only proved Kurdish men raped Armenian women, but it doesn't prove the massive genetic shift you're suggesting. You're delusional, the genocide would have to happen for hundreds of years non-stop, Kurdish women wouldn't be having babies also, like, this idea is so farfetched that it really is on the level of lunacy.

Lots of Roaches and Sandniggers in this time of day.

I've never heard of a Kurd raping women and children.
Arabs and jews do it all the time.

Not an argument, in fact you have backed down from nearly every point you made
Source on Kurds not speaking Arabic at all
lol, you keep backpedaling and admitting more Arab admixture

This is well known, even kikepedia wrote an article

Go back to where you came from

Finally some sense. But the Assyrian Empire was just a blip in it all, not so much relevant.
Now, wait a minute.
First, it's known that the Arabs were confined to Arabia until their Invasions, so ok.
Turks left little presence in the whole Middle Eastern population, Turks included. They ruled in an Elite-rule model primarily and Central Asia suffered much more genetic impact from them.
Now, Kurds, just like any Iranian People, always lived there since Persian times.


Just one random story for you, but stuff like this has been happening for a long time. Muslims don't really have any remorse when it comes to taking the women of their non-Muslim neighbours. Don't forget, it's not just rape and kidnapping, but also raising orphans who are too young to know what their true heritage is. God only knows how many Assyrian/Armenian orphans were raised by Muslims.

Assyrian kids given to a Muslim foster family. Pretty sure the kids were given back to the mother when it was discovered the Muslims tried to convert the kids.

Hahahaha, in your head maybe, not in reality.
They speak Kurdish, I already gave you the source. Now, if they're bilingual I couldn't care less, imbecile.
You're so funny because you keep asking for sources, but never reads them and never provides them for the nonsense you say.
Never backpedaled. I never said they didn't have Arab admixture.
But yeah, they're just like Armenians in Arab ancestry, which is little compared to Syrians.
This doesn't contradict anything I ever said, imbecile.
You just ran out of stupidities to say, right? The languages are not invented, deal with it homosexual.
Yes, it is, never said otherwise. But this discussion is about the Kurdish people and you don't know shit about them.

Now say it: I reject mohammed the pedo goatfucker, I'm not an adept of IsIam in any form and I'm not using Taqiyya. God be my witness.

I don't really give a fuck about the kurds, but they've never done anything wrong to me or mine.
Arabs and jews, on the other hand, need to be exterminated to the last child.


These policies went on for hundreds of years. It may have been a blip in it all, but the effects of these policies are permanent. Have a look at the following paper on ethnic identity in the Assyrian empire. It's a good read
jaas.org/edocs/v18n2/Parpola-identity_Article -Final.pdf

Even if we took away a lot of the foreign admixture in the Kurdish gene pool, that native Iranian DNA is close to ours anyway. Kurds and Assyrians aren't the same people, but we're very close. I won't deny it. I know some Assyrians who's ancestors were Kurds who converted to Christianity.

Sumer, Akkad and Assyria are a continuum of the same peoples. Elam are Iranians, but of close proximity, so I can see why they would share DNA with us.

There were many tribes of Arabs who settled into Mesopotamia, it wasn't simply a ruling class. Mesopotamian Arabs number in the tens of millions, and even as a whole, their DNA does differ from ours, albeit minimally. Population movement from Arabia into Mesopotamia was somewhat significant.

Too many peoples moved into and around the area. Many nomads from the Caucasus and southern Russia also moved into the Near East. If what you're saying is correct, this means that native, non-Arab West Asian genes are as White as the rest of the Caucasus. If you want to confirm us Assyrians, Kurds and Armenians are ~50%+ White, then I'll accept it.

You're correct, but the regions was always very densely populated, so although they really mixed, the impact was less visible.
They all have some Indian, Arab, Turk admixture, but it's just a little of each, and that's why I said the Late Neolithic stuff, because they're still very similar, albeit yes, changed.
Did you visit the Aryan thread? Pic related is an image from there. It shows that Armenia in the Bronze Age was exactly like today, but without Arab, Turk and other noise populations.
But they're not White. White is a word for a very specific group of peoples of Europe even.
But yes, Caucasoids, Caucasians, etc

So provide a source

Everything else you backed down on or admitted you didn't understnad what i said, you went from claiming the Kurds were not Shitskins to admitting they were and have failed to prove in any way that they are not Marxist faggots who will keep pushing kike bullshit

The post you still refuse to answer

Just an addendum: Genetically speaking, before the outside mixing of the Armenians, they were very close genetically to people like the Chechens (who also have some outsider admixture today), but with all the Arab and Turk thing, Armenians drifted a little away from the Caucasus towards the Levant, but just a little.

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Relevant parts

The fuck ran up Hotpockets ass and died? OP did not deserve a ban. Also, why you delete Esoteric Kekism thread? There is no thread now. FFS hotpockets go get laid or something.

To be fair OP does look like a leftist faggot and Holla Forums pro-Kurd/anti-Assad faggots have been banned before, one of the few times the hotpockets are actually useful

On topic I suppose.
Are Kurds communist? Yes/No?
If yes, fuck them, encourage them to die in a bloody war with the turkroaches and other mudslimes. More death the better, and blame israel for all of it somehow.
If no, ????

Have you visited the Shill guide thread?
No, I haven't, delusional freak.
Never did that also, filth.
I was being too soft, yes, just like Armenians and other shitskins, they are all filth.
Holy crap, we've never even discussed it, I never claimed pro or against it.
You're a lunatic.

I'm losing my patience on you. Kurmanji doesn't even uses the Arabic alphabet, they use the Latin one. Sorani uses the Persian alphabet and not the Arabic either.
These are the primary languages and if they speak Arabic is just some shit exceptions.

Eh you're probably right. Still, he's been acting way more angry the past two-three days. We're not even at high alert with the raids either, maybe medium at worst… kinda miss CTR honestly, they tried so hard yet were so bad at it…
Are there official statements on communism by the Kurds? I like the Yezids, but the kurds… they're so blah as a people.

It's not even my first post, and it doesn't need a source because it's mathematics. Or don't you know what mathematics is?
Provide me sources that prior to acquiring the genetics they have today, Kurds were a genetically distinct population from the Assyrians
Go on, provide me sources.

Explain how changing the opposite of what you said to align with my argument is not backpedaling
Never did that also
Your words "It wasn't obvious, I thought it was Language only, when they don't speak Arabic at all. Genetically though, they're still together along with Assyrians and Armenians as one of the least Arab in the region, far less than Syrians."
Your entire post history is ignore that they are commie faggots and supporting the Kurds
You made the claim they didn't, the burden of proof is on you
Who said they weren't? "Saying they're not shitskins implies you think they are white/European which they are certainly not" Doesn't imply Asians are white/European
Which is why you are so desperate to prove me wrong, right?
It is in the post you retarded faggot


These are not Genetic arguments, you proved nothing, did you know? Also, did you know who the Aryans of India were?

Thanks a lot for sharing this. Further adds to the case that Assyrians are more closely related to the Caucasus than the Arab Peninsula/Gulf

It isn't specifically a genetic argument but discusses the origins of the Kurds as a whole
> Also, did you know who the Aryans of India were?
Kurds are not descended from light skinned Indo-Aryans but dark low caste dalits like the Roma who left due to social persecution is the point of the study

Cry more, I'll keep insulting the shitskin that you are.
I'm not claiming anything opposite from what I said.
This isn't even not understanding. Do you want me to read your mind? You didn't specified what you were talking about.
But now that everything is corrected, everything is corrected: They're all shitskins, Kurds and other peoples.

Fuck Syria, fuck Israel, fuck Kurdistan, ok?
This here, hahahaha. You're so pathetic that this shit triggers you so much.
Your conclusions do not represent what I said or think, but what You want me to have implied.

Imbecile, deflecting responsibility.
You're a retard, your arguments consist of putting imaginary words on other people's mouths.
Poos are Indians
Chinks are Japanese
Gooks are Koreans
Flips are Philippines
Nips are Japanese
Shitskins are Middle Easterners
White is White
European is European
I've already. My original point was regarding the Kurds genetics and language, nothing to do with whatever else shit you want to think.
It's not, you didn't say it, which is understandable, Taqiyya homosexual.

Not an argument. Give me genetic sources.
Give me genetic sources.

kurds and turks hating each other is a modern meme
like jews and muslims hating each other

Also this here:

Still not an argument

By your logic, an European living outside of Europe is not European because of Geography. Your argument is not Genetic and therefore is not an argument.
They were Indo-Iranians, they didn't descended from Arabs and other Middle Easterners, but from Indo-Iranians.

Bullshit, weak chance at deflecting see
A European living outside of Europe does not change the origin, just as a Kurd leaving India does not change that India is the genetic origin

Pick one

They're not supposed to be, pig.
I'm not.
They are, just like their neighbors.
Yeah, I was being soft. You maliciously and wrongly implied that I was implying that they were white when I didn't call them shitskins.
They're not white, therefore I'm saying: shitskins.
Happy? You're one too, they're your brothers.
Already did, fuck off.
Not based at all, the Middle East is a disgrace to humanity. Russia is doing all the work.
I just want to trigger you, shill, I may not even be saying what I really think but what I know will make you mad.
So, I can't even access the book, it's about Bilingual people and don't refute the fact that Kurdish is their main language neither confirm your point.
Also, so kill every single Arab speaker, right? I agree
Never claimed that they didn't have Arab DNA. Actually, you still didn't provide any source for Arabization of them while claiming it.

It's not, you just greentexted me, you didn't said it yourself.
You're a human joke Hahahahahaha

What? You still didn't provide any Genetic paper, any source of your claims.
You don't have a point.
Specially because they're not from India.
So not a Genetic study, which provides no Genetic information.
But it's not their Origin.

Oh My God. The Indo-Europeans have this name purely for Geographical reasons, the Indo-Iranian branch just says that it went to both India and Iran from Europe.
Do you know anything about the Aryans or linguistics? I don't think so.

Actually, wait a minute there.
You're on Holla Forums and don't know anything about the Aryan question?
I just realised you're a dishonest shill, really.
Hidden and Reported.

Kike detected
Just the ones that speak a Kurdish language or oppose the Syrian government
If they were not Arabized that means that Arabic is their native language

Its not greentexted

Reported. You're not from here.

Reported for being a kike



You just proved that you speak Arabic, is from the Middle East and the article from wikipedia you posted actually claimed that the Arabs never Arabized the Kurds, but persecuted and genocided them.

Keep being delusional
lmao, wrong and not even an argument
I literally posted multiple sources that say exactly that
This is a fact

Better formatting and them stating communist policies and favor directly.
Holy fucking shitskins. That's it! Independence for Kurdistan NOW! So they can all fucking go home!… Don't give a fuck what happens to them after.

Right right, keep playing pretend, hahahaha

You're just so dumb it hurts.


wew, glad i will never be this retarded unlike Holla Forums faggots like you

Is this thread seriously nothing but shills? Nobody here is posting like a normal poster.

Not going to happen

Your last post looks like a shill post

We have a guy from /isIam/ posing as a Holla Forumsack and calling everyone who disagrees with him a shill.
He hates Kurds, hates losing arguments and keep hoping IDs.

Nice "arguments", idiot.

Kurds are not even Indo-Aryan, but Indo-Iranians, you imbecile.

Confirmed. Thread entirely compromised.

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not even from /Religion of Cuck™/ either

Its right to hate communist filth though

Just like Halabja 1988, lmao

Mountain turkroaches





Anyone pushing for Kurdistan is a filthy kike.

I thought Kurds were like Gypsies or something?

TLDR: Kurdistan is the backup plan for Israel since its golem ISIS has failed and has been terminated by the Syrians & Russians

D&C Kikery is still afoot

It's getting tiresome, imkikey

Source on that quote? As far as I'm aware theres no proof that the Iraqi army deliberately used gas on kurdish civilians

No, they never used it intentionally on civilians but the Kurd militias were fighting alongside the Iranian army/militias which can clearly be seen in uniform alongside pictures of gassed kurds
sage for /leftypol thread