Anthony Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months in Sexting Case

The tribe sacrifices a member to satiate the goyim.

Weiner’s case got enmeshed in the closing days of the 2016 presidential race, when then-FBI Director James Comey announced that he was re-opening the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server after federal investigators found some of her emails on a laptop used by Weiner. As it turned out, none of the emails were new to the case.

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And remember, they killed Breitbart over this.

He needs to be sentenced to 21 centuries in hell.


They give carlos danger 21months, huma still not waterboarded in guantanamo, hillary still not in jail. Fuck this gay earth.

This fucker will serve two months in a private cell at club fed then walk into a high paying consulting job and in a year he'll be a guest commentator on msnbc.

I hope this pizza pedophile gets his shit pushed in real good

Wow. Less than 2 years for texting your erect cock to an underaged girl.

And you wonder why Jews rule this country.

user, get real. He'll be in a White collar facility wherein he gets to shower alone and watch cable television all day.

Checked for truth.

Idk, user. His own tribe seems to have turned on him. They blame him for Hillary losing. Liberal NY judge will wreck his shit in divorce court. He's a scapegoat, and I don't see them ever letting him back in.

They'll do it just to spit in the face of the goyim.

well, find out what prison he's gonna be in and scout the area…. then 21 months later pop him in the brain as he leaves. you may want some crude anti armor device for the vehicle he leaves in.

t. fbi

Dubs confirm. Hell probably get some under age Russian sluts for conjugal visits too.

I'm hoping the 21 month sentencing waa part of a plea bargain to uncover worse shit by the whole DNC and Clinton Foundation, but I doubt it.

A slap on the wrist and go to a nice low security prison cell that looks luxurious for rich criminals.

I know. Beyond wishful thinking.
DOTR soon

Meme worthy.

I'm a faggot and I don't understand why they still use drawings in court…
Not very good drawings either, clearly just rough sketches.
Can someone explain this to me?

t. Faggot who doesn't understand courts


they do it when they don't allow pictures or video of the courtroom so they don't have to show the goyim what really goes on. the kike artist is just to satiate the goyim.

I hope he's not using those tissues for different reasons than what was intended.
At least they got the nose size right.

Sounds worse than prison to me.

also does he have to register as a sex offender, and therefore make his home address public at all times for life? i'm assuming no because he's a rich kike

Of course the FBI would want him dead. He pretty much killed their Manchurian candidate's chances.

I like where this is going…

What shit? He's broke. His parents mortgaged their home to pay his bills,

Ah, thanks user!



In before he flight to Tel-Aviv

I hope he does fly to Izzz-Rye-Al. People will start to understand how the Jews always escape the law and resentment amon normalfags will grow toward the kikes.

Wasn't Breitbart killed by the Podesta?
There is a video where he is very confrontational. He even ask "what skeletons are in your closet, John Podesta?" And the chief pedo look angry as fuck at him.

Yeah. He also looked at the cam and said fuck you john podesta
I agree. Fuck you skippy

He sent and received from the girl. He wasn't even charged with soliciting CP or possession which carries a MMS of 5 years.

All that shit about protecting children goes out the window when it's a big jew or member of the elite.


Shut up nofap, it's just a shitty meme

Breitbart died of a (((heart attack))) iirc. He didn't look like someone who would have died of a heart attack like Heiffer Heyer. Heart attack guns are a thing.



Carlos Danger more than likely decided to take the 21 months over a plea bargain which would result in him getting suicided if he were to snitch on Killary.


Also there is a really long history of this in the US court system stemming back to pre photograph days, there has been thousands and thousands of court sketch artists employed by news papers for 2 centuries now, and the thing with the not good drawings is all the try and do is catch the charecture of the main players and everyone already knows who they are. So they dont have to do a sit down portrait quality sketch for the papers.


Seems like a slap on the wrist.

Everything about this case stinks.

If he doesn't do this I'll be fucking shocked. He'll run away to kike land and everything will be hushed up.

Considering how he had from like September to July before the plea deal was arranged to roam freely, and now he's mysteriously getting 6 weeks of liberty AFTER sentencing to put the finishing touches on his escape, I would be shocked too.

It's like the police, prosecutors, and judge have done everything they can to leave the door wide open for him, because they know how bad American prisons are and strongly feel that members of the patrician class don't belong there. He was reluctantly prosecuted, only because the girl forced their hand by going to the media and they couldn't find a hitman to willingly bump off a 15-year-old girl.

Though it's probably impossible to find out, it would be interesting to know if the kid involved was a kike as well.

Satanic pedo jews. And we know he is just one among thousands of em.

question… was this sentence handed down by a jury, or by the judge?

I hope someone ices him before he gets in, life is way to merciful! He should be made an example of, not given so much liberty!


Probably got a lethal ultimatum offered in exchange for just taking limited jail time and fading away.


Thought so. I read the court document, its so full of absolute shit. It sets the appropriate range for his crimes and they agree not to argue it, then says "but goy, its not right because it adds in these other relevant sections of the law, so we need to not look at those because that would be anti-semitic" in not so many words. Sets the range to 21-27 months, the fine as 35-350k, and then the jewdge fucking gives him the minimum of THAT sentence AND gives him a fine less than 1/3rd of the actual minimum in the guidelines.

Fucking christ man. They really are going to have him just secluded in the woods somewhere for two years, lie and say he was in prison, and probably send him regular shipments of sex slaves abducted from the south western US to keep him quiet. The six week wait for his sentence to begin is probably so they can iron out all the details about where he'll be in hiding for that time. Naturally in 21 months they'll make a big show, sneak him into the prison, dress him up, and escort him out as if he'd been there all along. They'll probably claim he spent his time in "solitary" for "protection" because of what prison inmates do to kiddie fiddlers, so no one will ask why no one ever saw him in prison

And this, this is why we need the ovens

Yeah, they need a good six weeks to get the prison warden and key staff on the same page so they can cook the books that Weiner was in there. Maybe this is the plan instead of the jew escaping to Israel because that may raise the scepter of the whole dual-citizen/no extradition issue.

He was a congressman in the state the crime took place and he's also connected to Hillary and it was during a time when the entire establishment was doing everything they could to get Hillary in office.

That sentence is a joke and he most likely won't even serve all of it. ANOTHER kike gets away with trying to fuck goyim children. The absolute worse case scenario for him now is that he gets harassed after prison and has to flee to Israel where he'll live out the rest of his days like a king. All supported by American goyim tax dollars of course.

I've heard kiddy diddlers tend to get raped/stabbed/killed etc., in prison. I don't know how cut off from the outside world prisoners are but if the other prisoners know who he is he could be more likely than average to get fucked with. That's if he even goes to prison at all / doesn't just sit in solitary or some kind of bullshit politician-protection-jail the whole time.

If a goy had done what he had done they would have gotten at least 8 years. The tribe always protects their own.

And he STILL cries like a bitch during sentencing.

i think i heard his lawyer on the radio saying he "needs help", what he needs is a rope

How sending SMS is crime in USA?

This is about as much a sacrifice as Epstein was. They should be prison for decades looking at what happened to others with similar streaks.