Why can't you realize the importance of blood and soil?

Why can't you realize the importance of blood and soil?

I hate rentier capitalism as much as you do but I'm not willing to sacrifice my standard of living to benefit ching ping and kunte kinte. Labor from my community should go and benefit my community.

Most people would be on board with leftist ideals if it wasn't a package deal with internationalism, cosmopolitanism, et cetera.

It's all about incentive here.

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Since that is determined by your boss, you should take that issue up with him.


pick one

your beloved soviet union was very nationalist.

the 'international' stuff was just rhetoric, the soviet union promoted russian culture and language, it was essentially a pseudo-nationalist state

people have loyalty to their tribe. you can accept that and integrate that into socialism or chase your cosmopolitan brown world pipe dream.



he has the 'tankie' flag

fact of the matter is, the bolshevik revolution was really a russian populist/nationalist movement, and the soviet union was a russian nationalist state that forced russian culture on its members

nominal rhetoric about 'werkerz of da world' doesn't reflect the truth.

Oh yeah, I'm sure that's why Stalin and Co. forced people like Mao and Ho Chi Minh to learn russian and… wait it's almost like you're retarded and have no argument.

But communism will result in a raised standard of living for literally everyone on the planet except the very wealthy. Imagine never fearing hunger, homelessness, ignorance, or any of the things that ail society. Imagine spending your time doing what you want, and working to ward what benefits you and yours. This is communism.

Because Russia always had been and will always be nationalist. Always. Don't forget the east/west schism. They've followed a separated path from the rest of Europe since the 1000s.

pick one

I'd love to go back to europe. I have no attachment to this strip of land and 'muh america'. I'm actually getting a european passport (that I am eligible for due to ancestry) from a consulate as we speak and moving to europe after I complete my bachelor's degree.

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Oh, but I understand the importance of blood and soil alright: especially those possessed by Porky!

No. There was a russian empire, places like Lithuania, Latvia, Bielorussia, Ukraine etc were part of the Russian empire when the october revolution happened, so they remained part of the USSR. Jesus fucking christ, read moar history

never said that.

The fact is, you act like 'the white race' is culpable for imperialism, but the only people who really condoned and benefited from it were the rentier class looking to profit off free labor (slavery).

In a similar vein this same class wants to turn the world into a global cosmopolitan deracinated brown horde, to lower the value of labor and increase their profits. You actually fell for their schemes hook line and sinker, but you think it's noble.

Identity politics rears its head again. I thought you lot were against it?


What a standard of living!

The class you speak of doesn't exist. Yes, there were merchants and kings who lead colonization, this doesn't mean all the kings and merchants in the world formed one entity acting in tandem.

The white race expanded their lebensraum. Fact.

Well there have been plenty of non-internationalist socialist movements historically. If you feel that way, then go out there and start your own organization, and you'll see how quickly it grows, you're a socialist like us, aren't you? So long as you reject the fiction of Hitlerite National "Socialism" you're good to go. speaking that, you should probably stop using the words "Blood and Soil".

n-no its d-determined by m-my labor…..oh wait….

Why is socialism in quotations? There was no private property under nazi germany. everything was owned by the state.
They had socialism.

who teaches people this stuff?
Courtesy of Wikipedia
"Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production;[10] as well as the political ideologies, theories, and movements that aim at their establishment.[11] Social ownership may refer to forms of public, collective, or cooperative ownership; to citizen ownership of equity; or to any combination of these.[12] Although there are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them,[13] social ownership is the common element shared by its various forms.[5][14][15]"

What's wrong with being brown/grey/past race/tribe affiliation?

Rank these Presidents:
Bush Jr.
Bush Sr.



As opposed to?

Yes lets all just use our own personal made up definitions instead, how wonderfully liberal!


You mean like how it did during the "Golden Age"?


you shouldn't need to ask that. He calls it Fiction. Obviously it's because he doesn't think socialism existed in Nazi Germany.

-→>>Holla Forums

It's clearly Chinese or Japanese, but anyway.

Do you have a single source to back that up?

Would you like to know where the term "privatization" came from?

Yes, you should probably know this.

So most people would be leftists if they weren't edgy larpers who think they're fucking knights of the realm or some shit?

Okay. Capitalism is by definition, cutting your own penis off. That is the definition of capitalism now. Deal with it.

member when Holla Forums actually read some theory apart from the communist manifesto and vlogs?

But nazi germany was socialist.

You have to accept that socialism is that. This is why i keep saying that socialism is just bad.

Look at the introdutction of the constitution of my country:

Liberating Portugal from dictatorship, oppression and colonialism represented a revolutionary transformation and the beginning of a historical turning point in Portuguese society.

The Revolution restored the Portuguese fundamental rights and freedoms. In the exercise of these rights and freedoms, the legitimate representatives of the people come together to draw up a Constitution that corresponds to the aspirations of the country.

The Constituent Assembly affirms the decision of the Portuguese people to defend national independence, to guarantee the fundamental rights of citizens, to establish the basic principles of democracy, to ensure the primacy of the democratic rule of law and to open the way for a socialist society in the Respect for the will of the Portuguese people, with a view to building a freer, more just and more fraternal country.

The Constituent Assembly, meeting in the plenary session of April 2, 1976, approves and decrees the following Constitution of the Portuguese Republic:

Yet Portugal sucks ass. Fuck socialism, it only breeds corruption. Seriously Bakunin was right about Marx, decades and decades before the USSR. He knew that all that talk about muh socialism and muh proletariat dicatorship would lead to awful stuff.
Anarchism is the true path to freedom.

So no wikipedia definition is going to show any different. What is on the paper is one thing, yet in every real situation socialism is completely fucked up.

The Constituent Assembly affirms the decision of the Portuguese people to defend national independence, to guarantee the fundamental rights of citizens, to establish the basic principles of democracy, to ensure the primacy of the democratic rule of law and to open the way for a socialist society in the Respect for the will of the Portuguese people, with a view to building a freer, more just and more fraternal country.

See the part where it says SOCIALIST

I have revolutionary self-theory open right now faggot, socialism isn't whatever you want it to be.

No. No we do not. That's just wrong and quite absurd.



Kill yourself.

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You misunderstood him.

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There is no theory that says "socialism is just when the state owns everything"

In fact, Anti-duhring outright mocks this claim.


see i've moved around so many times i don't know where my "soil" is. but lets do a mental exercise.
lets say i aquire some land, its barren. but through my hard work, through my blood sweat and tears, i finally get something to grow from this patch of land, and i see literal fruits of my labour turn this land green. i reap this new life, and this life i brought into this feild, i use it to sustain my self.

is this soil that has sustained me not more my soil than the land of my ancestors?


Portugal was never socialist.
The Socialist Party is "socialist" in name only. Their ideology as social democratic / third way.

I'd like to see Europe and the US go without everything that's produced elsewhere…

Bring back industry to Europe and the US, and produce things that are built to last while giving workers control of the factories?
I'm all for it.

You really aren't as important as you think. The revolution will happen when the material conditions of society necessitate it, and you will join in because the alternative will be starvation. We aren't a fucking fan club constantly looking for new members.

So, socialism? Then what's the debate? I don't see what this has to do with reducing your quality of life.

No debate then, sounded sarcastic.

If we have global socialism, it won't matter where the factories are.

Well, it might matter for logistics reasons, but it will cease to matter politically.