Black Antifa attacking White Antifa

It's in your DNA, it's in your blood!

Spreading this here because I've heard of similar experiences waking up other Antifas, and it's a rare view into something that I know happens more frequently.

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no reddit we dont need to wake them up, let them eat each other

That actually rather good and best of all it was unplanned and authentic.
Great video to shock the white drones into realising that no matter how much they try to fit in with the muds, non-whites will always be seen as an enemy.

She looked Ching chong too so even better than a muslim or black, it shows all non-whites will gang up against whites.

I feel like that over every aut-kike retard that wears a MAGA hat cheering on every neocon kike into Parliament.

Come the DOTR, all jew serving slaves cheering on ZOG in all its forms will be corrected.

Hope I don't get banned for this, but I used to be a hardcore leftist myself. Mainly because I considered myself a progressive individual who wanted to make the world a better place (I still do, but now I realize that the way to do that is National Socialism) I was part of a small 4 man ALF cell, we did small stuff like liberating chickens from shitty backwoods factory farms and shutting down fur farm operations. It was all well and good until we set our sight on a target that ended up tearing our group apart.

The demographic composition of our group was, two white men, one white woman, and one kike. We never really argued over the early missions, I always assumed that everyone was on the same page, that we were doing it for the animals. I soon found out that wasn't the kike's main priority. No, he was interested in causing economic damage to whites, and whites only. And the new mission we were about to set out upon was shutting down a trio of Natives who were slaughtering beavers. The fucking corn eaters were systematically wiping the beavers on their reserve out. A buddy of mine, who happens to be half-Native, informed me about it. So I thought we should sabotage their operation by burning down their boat and shed.

When I broke the plan to the team, everyone was on board, except for the kike. He started talking about how we should focus on "privileged" animal abusers only. Needless to say, that got me pretty pissed off and that splinter point eventually lead to the collapse of the cell. We ended up following through with the mission, just the three of us, but that was my first lesson in subversion. All movements with a large amount of whites in them are targets for subversion, even antifa. Two years from now I can assure you that the only people still in antifa will be non-whites and trannies.

The only thing we'll be cheering is when your offices get firebombed, JIDF agitator.

There is no purpose but to have them realize what they fight for. They can eat eachother, use white kids as cannon fodder, let them get themselves in legal trouble. The most powerful thing is exposure and word of mouth. When one Antifa gets redpilled his friends know and start getting clues something might just be a little off. Things catch on. These rare filmed cases are valuable.

Asians can be really great, though. It's more the completely Americanized Asians that are shit, but for that matter, any person can be spoilt by the Western liberal poison and buy into the victimhood, drug and party glorification etc.
All in all Chinese for example are hard workers, integrated, cause little trouble, and are sometimes even more victimized by other migrants than whites are. In France Chinese have protested a while back because Muslim migrants perceive them as weak and wealthy and they keep getting attacked.

People like those, just like Antifas like these, need to be
welcomed if they make the leap.

Why would you get banned over it? I also crosspost in /leftypoll/, fully admitting I'm a self-identified right-winger.

If animal's rights groups weren't inherently marketed as far-left diversity cucks I would join one. They can't seem to keep it separated.

The most efficient solution to the factory farming problem is probably to develop technology so that meat can be grown from stem cells in labs, removing the need for factory farms.

Never thought of this but it seems like a great idea, given strict regulations. It could reduce surface claimed by farms, resources spend on feeding cattle, animal suffering, the entire argument for vegetarianism and famine to a few factories.


Chinks are slimy little conmen, you dumb nigger

That contribute to society, that work hard, that cause practically zero inconvenience.

The world isn't perfect. There won't be a racially pure West.

All in all, Asians are redpilled racist and independent migrants and they are valuable allies.

This video shows that Chinks are just one degree away from turning on their white hosts with little to no consideration.

Great video, every single user posting here that spends one hour promoting neocon kikes on here would better spend their time posting this video just once on their twitterstein/Faceberg pages.


antifa look at blacks as pets and minions.and don't give 2 shits about the black struggle or black sovereignty.

All while patronizing the black community the entire way while pretending to be "allies"

Push that Antifa cares more about the "LGBT" community than blacks because it's true. They are fine with watching black slums rot as long as they get their 'pride parades'

Spread this type of stuff on black twitter:
"Remember that white 'allies' are always the first people to use blacks for their own personal gain"
This image is pretty powerful too.

The jewish golem has been reprogrammed. Clear out and let it tear itself apart.

Lol horseshit. Their elderly uncap roadside piss bottles for a nickel as they collect cans & bottles solely out of cheapness, their houses are filled with roaches that spread out to nearby properties, and they harass white home owners endlessly with frivolous complaints to city inspectors all while illegally subdividing two family houses into four family houses which completely fucks parking. I'm hoping Trump's plan of forcing an English test comes in just to slow these lice-ridden fuckers down. Fuck them.

t. NYCfag

Until they run you over
You clearly have no experience with these fuckers.

Go back to reddit

10/10 video.
This is how you turn people. Instead of appreciation for his dedication, they shit on him.

Also, with the purple revolution in mind: They are trying to escalate the left-right conflict so hard … The use of white guilt to "punch a nazi", "punch a nazi", "punch a nazi".
If we fall into a large conflict with our misled brothers, we lose.

Cityfaggot confirmed. The only thing that kills Beavers is Humans. Anything which can flood roads or alter the environment needs to be controlled.

Shut up and lurk until you aren't a moron.

Welcome home user. Assuming this isn't a larp, I hope you have good opsec because you just admitted to a few felonies in that post.

Technically speaking, it's even better that there are no blacks in this video, just a Ching Chong, who are normally considered the least threatening immigrant.
That's why this video is perfect for red-pilling normies and also whites who try and ally with non-whites, because it proves that the ultimate goal is to destroy whites, no matter how sympathetic they are to the jewish cause of antifa.

The same can be said for retarded cunts who side with neocon zionist jews only they are more dangerous because they genuinely believe siding with zionist kikes is somehow going to help the white race in any way.

This video overall is a perfect red-pill for normies and liberals alike.
The MAGA hat wearing ZOGbots are a different kind of retard altogether, because they claim to be red-pilled yet side with kikes, that's scary stupidity even negros would struggle to match.

So? Asians aren't white, I bet you've never had to work with a group of gooks. It's no wonder the orient had to be given science by the white man even if it may have figured out some technologies way back when.

Asians have no trust in their society, dog eat dog.


There is indeed a kernel of truth, and blacktivists are extremely easy to spread an idea to. They can latch on to the most obvious thing if it looks good at first glance.

I'm not American. I'm Western-European. Eastern-Asians are some of the best migrants here.

Watch Empire Of Dust to see their lack of empathy for people who are inferior in their eyes. They care about themselves, about achieving success, and little else. That's a good thing compared to the vast majority of other migrants.

She looks black to me. So does her friend.


Not making any sense. Aside from you claiming she's Asian, the rest of your comment is your interpretation. How you think that's a grab for views is beyond me, considering Youtube most certainly demonitized the video.

The world isn't black and white. Only a fool would reject useful migrants who already are fed up with Muslim/African migrants just because they aren't white. If you want to make enemies with everyone, and ensure you are outnumbered, go ahead. You're not thinking long-term.

At least you were fighting for animal rights and not the rights of niggers/kikes.
Most commies don't give a shit about animals, I remember seeing an article linked here about a bunch of antifas attacking a cat because it looked like he had a Hitler mustache.

Nvm, I'm on 480P. Her friend is clearly not black and the main cunt looks more hispanic than black.

God damn. Is there anything more contemptuous than a white liberal? That whining and nagging, even most women have more honor.

A more practical solution that doesn't rely on the promise of future technological advancements is to severely cut down on the population size. Deport/remove the non-whites, eugenics the whites that remain. Simple. It would solve more problems than just factory farming, too.

“At the population level, our results suggest a selection of CASC5 in East Asian populations, which seems to favour a larger grey matter volume of the brain,” the researchers said in a paper published in the journal Human Genetics late last month. “By contrast, no signal of selection was detected in Europeans and Africans.”

Look, you retard, if they are "model migrants" you especially don't want them here. You know who else are "model migrants" who earn high wages and don't commit crimes? Kikes.
A shitload of spies in the US are racial Chinese. They predate on white society through nepotistic business deals, buying out white real-estate and tech firms. They also export our manufacturing jobs to their motherland.
They are more efficient subversives. You should be especially wary of them the same way you should be especially wary of kikes.

Combined SAT Score, and Changes Since 2006, by Race/Ethnicity
Group Combined Score 2015 Change Since 2006
American Indian 1423 -27
Asian-American 1654 +54
Black 1277 -14
Mexican-American 1343 -28
Puerto Rican 1347 -16
Other Hispanic 1345 -26
White 1576 -6

Which means they will come and take whitey's shit if whitey's defenses are down. Stop white knighting for your racial enemies. Think and reflect on what you're actually saying here.
You live in Western Europe, not California. So you probably are completely unfamiliar with the asians that roam around Berkley. That bitch is a SEAmonkey.
You think whites can't take back their own nations without the help of rice people? We're already outnumbered. When we are faced with the fight for racial survival, the last thing we should do is rely on the good graces of enemy races. If America/Europe becomes non-white, it doesn't make a damn difference to me if our replacements are yellow, black, or brown. They're not white.

Oh, I see. You're a hapa civnat/ "asian masculinity" faggot who wants to form some sort of white/asian alliance to beat off the brutish non-whites. Go back to your own nation, chink. We do not want you staying with us. You don't give a shit about the survival of whites. You just want to parasite off of us alone, without the burden of other shitskins.

No it's not.

Animals play an important role in agriculture and in ecosystems.

The solution isn't in vitro meat, its reduced meat intake while incorporating animals into a polyculture/permaculture agriculture setup.

Except Africa is set do double in size (a growth of more than a billion) in the next three decades and will make up 80-90% of all global births.

Combine this with their incredible inability to fend for themselves, the reasonable assumption that eventually the West no longer wants or can't support them and the resulting famines, we are looking at a migration flow of several hundred million in the next decades.

No concept of Europe can remain stable for the next decades, let alone centuries, if it doesn't include a harsh protection and enforcement of our borders, internal and external.

Both are missing the point again.

It's "divide and conquer", not "unite your enemies for them and ensure the odds are against you".

Song written about kikes but censored by kikes


And yet without whitey's help they'd die off. If whitey left them alone they'd regress back into the state of wandering bands of cannibal tribes.
And that goes without saying that whitey closes their borders and keeps them out.

If you think chinks are a low priority issue you are severely misinformed. 1,000 chinks can do the same damage as a million shitskins, and they don't even need to rely on white guilt to extract our resources. Look at the state of western Canada and many parts of Australia. Chinks move in, "invest", and siphon resources from whites to give back to their motherland. Shitskins are brutish, violent, indolent, and capricious outsiders. Easily identifiable, easily manipulated, easily removed. They are closer to animals than anything, and as such can be herded like animals. The only reason they are an issue is because we have allowed them to run rampant. Chinks and jews are a different kind of racial enemy. They are smart, cunning, calculated, cold, and able to damage our race on semi-equal footing to us.
chinks ARE the enemy. All non-whites are enemies to white sovereignty. You think the chinks aren't thriving off of our decline like every other non-white? You think they don't enjoy living at our expense? You think they aren't patiently waiting for the white man to lose his final grip on the world so the yellow man has a new dynasty?

Isn't that right out of the Turner Diaries?

Europeans: Literally Goldilocks.

Same with the "environmentalist" movement TBH. Both are completely co-opted by kikes. The biggest threat to the environment is mass immigration. On a one-on-one basis I have been able to get even the most "progressive" faggots to agree on that point. But all the environmental groups were paid off by jewish donors to shut the hell up about migration 15-20 years ago so you will NEVER hear that point in the MSN.

"White Allies" have to be the biggest cucks on the planet, leave it to a degenerate to force himself on others who hate his guts more than they even hate a raysis

Going to have to sample that "it's in your blood, it's in your dna" line for some high energy retrowave.

The "You're still white" has potential too, depending on the angle you wanna take it.

It's true. There's a lot of content to switch all the goback's lecture into a positive.

You got a YT channel or soundcloud or anything I can hear your stuff?

He looks more hungry for cock

Haha, that guy is a literal cuck. the very people that he put himself at risk for for 3 months yell at him and hate him. im sure once he helps them dethrone white people from "being in charge" they'll accept him and thank him, they wont just continue to push whites like him into obscurity until theyre all gone.

Anyone have more videos of whites being yelled at by the very people theyre trying to cuck themselves for?

There's one video of a BLM protest somewhere where blacks are shouting something similar only their point is that whites should give all their money to them etc. The dozen or so thin-wristed betas and white girls all nod in agreement.

There's also a video of a Jew (with an obvious Davids star necklace) is accused of being a nazi. It showcases not only their stupidity but also how they work. You see one accusation turn heads, and within 30 seconds, the entire crowd is pushing and pullingthe guy and most were not even within hearing distance and are clueless as to what actually happened. Mob mentality. Generation No Proof Required.

A third video shows a white Antifa punching a BLM member because BLM was saying they shouldn't hijack their event.

I'm sure I can find those somewhere.

I was thinking of making a compilation of white Antifa beating up black people, eachother and other stupid shit but there's so much footage that's hard to find.

He's doing something.

We used to get 80+ chink exchange students at the university here every year, but after Trump took office we only have FOUR new chink students here, due to one of his policies.

Damn that was good. This wedge isn't exploited enough tbh.

Agreed. Not sure if it was in this thread or halfchan or where else, but someone suggested a social media campaign with fake BLM accounts trying to spread the idea that white activists just use black problems for selfish reasons (attention, to ease their own guilt by 'doing something') or spreadingthe idea that black people are still last on the list of minorities to help when white Antifas have to choose between trannies, gays, blacks, Muslims, etc..

allo MTL


Another thing you can exploit is Minor Attracted Persons (Pedophiles) The final standard of SJWs. Agree and amplify, theres no way to lose there, either the left goes into civil war with kidfuckers or they start openly promoting childfucking and that'll really wake the sleeping tiger.
This link here has all needed to really boil the frog. positivity

This. Kangz are not "model" but are too easy to control.

Beavers are river niggers.

Once they get rid of nazis
Is this usable?


so, you mean they emulate the kikes, and yet you think this is a good thing? fuck off

This can only be even considered in a natsoc society if implemented now kikes would intentionally put even more things in to fuck us up.

I would use what the spic bitch days in the video, practically verbatim.

Something to that effect. Make flyers and put them up around campuses.

I was thinking pic


It's better if you use their own lexicon against them. This looks lazy, no offense.

None taken. Constructive feedback is always good.

i left canada for japan

Simply, white allies would do. It's more broad than than just Antifa.

i left canada for japan

btw i posted those pics because they're hilarious as hell

This is a contender for the dumbest meme on the internet. First off, whites didn't "immigrate" to America, we took an empty, unorganized wilderness by force from the savages who haunted it. Second, think for a minute what the message is here: whites are suffering the fate of the timber niggers? And this is supposed to make me NOT deport taco?

The worst part is how normalfags always post this shit with such a smug fucking attitude, like the village idiot just got one over on you. No wonder we're all hungry for the DotR. No wonder.

Reminder that niggers hate "allies" the most

1 de-motivational poster coming up.

Maximum kek.


You should use the smarmy leftist attitude in the way you use language. The list as the bottom is really good but for the top i'd write something bitchy and aloof like "dear WHITE antifa".

Has anyone harvested Holla Forums's salt-left over this?

Like this?

Have you forgotten the reaching of Bezmenov? Even at the face of indisputable evidence you CAN'T undo the conditioning of demoralized people.

Forgot pic.

had to chime in here - i lived in san francisco for 7 years - i lived in north beach (little italy) for a while and on the fringe of the financial district - both of these neighborhoods are adjacent to chinatown - and the chinese are flat out murderous lunatics behind the wheel… i used to take my dry cleaning to a place in chinatown (no ticky, no laundy…) because it was close, but they somehow always found a way to make me regret it - they are just horrible people - slope-eyed jews tbh…

What a timeline.


Final version before I go to work.

I think "dear WHITE allies" is better. It's directed towards white allies specifically.


The premise is good but the execution is terrible tbh. It reads like a fucking Holla Forumsack wrote it.

Black people know that leftists are racist, they understand that liberal whites want to give things to them because they see them as inferior and unable to get these things for themselves, but they accept them simply because they like to be pampered by this "positive racism".

The point is that when, for some reason, these white leftists come into conflict with black groups, the conflict is potentialized because everything that was seen as "positive racism" simply becomes "racism"in the minds of blacks (what's nonetheless true).

someone made these months ago


Comrade,, similar situation for me re. Palestine liberation movement. Also anti animal cruelty and factory agriculture. Also came to the conclusion that the only state that ever effectively banned vivisection was the NS. State. I understand Ronnie Lee once said he didn't care if his cadres were National Socialist as long as they were dedicated to animal liberation. Hail Victory!

Reminder that Hitler loved animals and nature.

I've stared at this picture for a good five minutes and I still don't get what it's trying to say.

Chinks don't like that white people have imaginations.


I was supporting open borders for isreal autistically as a leftist and i'm still doing it now as a National Socialist.
Funny how it all worked out. I don't regret shit.

So mestizos are called chinks now. This must be the American equivalent of calling arabs asians.


In my opinion, no. I would advise against it. Reason being is that it sounds too right-wing planty. You need to understand how these people got to be so indoctrinated and how their mind works. They are almost all extremely volatile and will reject contradicting anecdotes or even facts as lies, propaganda or even 'insensitive', and it will literally glide off em like a bar off soap.

If you want to exploit this, it needs to be along the idea of "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink". They need to draw their own conclusions. You can only be there to provide the kernels of doubt that sets them on that way.

Also: Like said it might be better to broaden it. Maybe even put it in a BLM type of flyer. Their bs JPgs spread on Twitter like crazy, and people are used to low-key anti-white boundary pushing.

Even kikes would be almost impotent without their pet POC to rile up and use as guilt leverage.

Exactly. Don't make it sound even more doomsday-y. It's already something with serious weight behind it.

And honestly, that's not even a reach or a lie, many of them actually see 'white allies' like that.

Lmao that's dope. Keep it up. Only comment I could give is reduce the repetition and rely more on that vintage feel of melody.

In The Turner Diaries, they go after the cat for being white. IRL, they went after the white cat for its birthmark.

It's a common scenario.

Holla Forums_redistributes_nazipunches.webm

Progressive stack.

Even if the commies actually win their little revolution they'll still lose like they always do like those white cucks in Haiti all those centuries ago.

Every white leftists should just do themselves and everyone else a favour and kill themselves because no side wants them if the RWDS don't kill them the negroid ones they foolishly promoted will.

You'll notice they actually do this a lot if you keep up with social media. They only want whites who don't think like them to kill themselves, though. The thing you have to understand about leftists is, they're the real racists.
I know, I know, but hear me out.
Holla Forums is racist in a certain way. We like our people and want them to survive. We distrust other races and prefer our own kind. We're honest about this and have facts to back up our opinions. Leftists are just inherently egotistical. They see themselves as the educators and enlighteners of the lesser peoples. While we just want a land of our own to live in peace and the eradication of the kike menace they want to live as the rulers of the subclasses. It's very telling of their particular version of socialism. They want to teach the little people how to work for them, while they sit in their Party Leader HQ and sip fruity cocktails. After all, they're learned. They went to college. They deny race is biological because subconsciously it makes them feel guilty. If race is biological, it means they're racist. If we're all one worker under Marx, it just means they're more educated. In that case it's fine to rule with an iron fist over those dumb rednecks and niggers.
Ultimately, all leftists project. If they're obsessed about race and class, what does that tell you?

thanks. Just something quick and funny. With about 3 or 4 days I get it dialed in to where it's perfect death, but I had to stop myself from getting out instruments and writing change-ups. kek.

Yup I’ve Steven see idiotic pol neefsgs tell me Asian’s can coexist with whites
They really don’t get it and white guilt is a deep rooted cancer.


It's going mainstream. It might actually make a dent.


Holla Forums is butthurt


Even leftypol doesn't like Antifa?

These guys dislike Jews and Muslims, they apparently dislike Antifa.

Why can't we have a /poleftypol/ board where we can mingle like the triggerhappy goys we are ;(

The goose bumps feel when Holla Forums starts a d&c train.

that's retarded.

I agree with the idea, if only because because both Holla Forums and /salt-left/ are heavily censored safe spaces (theirs being much worse in that regard of course) - there should be an un-censored place to shitpost at each other. (I mean somewhere that isn't cuckchan)

I don't blame you, I used to be a literal communist a while back (Bernie sanders, Stalin did nothing wrong, the whole damn thing), but found myself repeatedly disagreeing with everybody. I never supported Religion of Cuck™ic immigration and that caused a lot of arguments with the other communists, and was very nationalistic, so I was eventually drawn to more right-wing ideals, eventually ending up here.

Don't be ashamed of what you once were, nobody on this board was born a National Socialist.


Who has ever called Arabs, Asians?
In England they call Indians, Asian and have done for the last 70 years that jews opened Britain's borders filling it with every undesirable from all corners of the Earth , while everyone in England calls A-rabs, Arabs.

Britain isn't an Religion of Cuck™ic caliphate, it's a jew controlled 3rd world ghetto, most of the muslims you try and get us to focus on instead are either African or Pakistani, the A-rabs in Britain tend to be obscenely rich and live in mansions in Kensington and Chelsea, they cause less trouble here than the kikes (obviously, what with their planned genocide of whites etc) who only really annoy the locals with their load sports cars.

So the majority of muslims in the UK you kikes agitate us about are mainly niggers and pakis, not A-rabs.

I understand this really tweaks the kike-jews nips but it's always been that way, the English have called Indians Asian well before you decided to false flag terrorise the West to agitate them into war against your enemies.

Your anger at that can only be blamed on the kike lawmakers that forced the British to be politically correct with their language to define the savages that you send to destroy them more favourably.

Blacks do not have a median around 85IQ, African Americans do.

Also, this graph really should be updated with Germanic or Nordic IQ instead of generic white IQ. Either that, or add the 4 billion Asian IQ averaging around 93 instead of East Asian, aka Hongkong and Japan of 108.

Which black African countries average higher? Preferably at least 90-100?

If I remember correctly virtually everything South of North-Africa -as in, actual black countries- range from 85-70?

No black countries have an average IQ of 90-100. The actual Sub-Saharan African nations have an average of 70, with some regions reaching 60. North Africans have an IQ of 85-90.

What concept of sub-saharan are you using? Sub -saharan is just Africa minus the North for me, which is all the black countries.

I'm using the definition of pretty much anything below the Sahal. This included the coastal West Africans, minus Senegal

I don't know… antifa looks pretty serious this time.

What are you on about? Genuine curiosity here.
The only info on 'the Sahal' I can find is in the Levant. Senegal is undoubtedly a black as coffee country, which is below Mauritania, which though I agree not a 'black country' is nearing a black majority anyway.

Slight typo, meant to type Sahel.

This is a semi-arid region of savanna between the Sahara proper and the tropical countries like Nigeria and Ghana. Burkina Faso is situated right on the Sahel.

Oh, yeah, that makes more sense.

Did I mistake your first post for "No, black countries have an IQ of 90-100" when you meant "zero black countries have that IQ", and you didn't correct me?

I meant "zero black countries have an IQ of 90-100".

I though you were arguing with my definition of Sub-Saharan not that you though I meant "No, black countries have an IQ of 90-100"

I'd be amazed if you didn't have a familiarity with her works given your background and current National Socialist but look into Savitri Devi if you haven't. She wasn't just a radical and extreme supporter of Hitler but of animal rights as well.

Great job

The statement literally eats itself too. This timeline.

The white milk gave him away. Nice try, old fag.

If you aren't a leftist you are a housenigger (says leftist whites) and if you attack leftists you are our houseniggers.

So you have to warn a Japanese tourists about "the Asians"?

They kind of rationalize it that they can't be aggressive anymore because they've been domesticated or whatever and that blacks still have the spark to chimp out so that's why they need them.

A kind of it's not you it's me.

Why is the black one shown as bigger?

I'm not buying it.
United States smarter than Sweden

break the ice

The was for real apparently but there are many examples of non-demoralized left-leaning fags getting pilled to the middle or even far beyond.

plz kill each other….I can only get so erect.

might wanna sauce that image m8

Have you not seen what's happened to Australia and Canada?