Richard Spencer tells people to show up at a rally with guns in a shitlib controlled town...

Richard Spencer tells people to show up at a rally with guns in a shitlib controlled town. He regularly shits on internet anonymity. He ran PHALANX, some ultra gay ponzi scheme.

Worst of all, he claims that he's a leader; ARE LEADER, in fact. We're a distributed, informal organization. We did so much good without leaders and formal organization, why do we need it now?

Seriously, every month some fucking faggot jumps in front of us and starts screaming he's our leader. We don't have leaders, we don't need leaders. They're a liability - we can't win, and can only lose, if we have leaders.

Sure, Donald Trump is in the White House, and he does plenty of good stuff when he isn't giving speeches full of neocohen boilerplate (which oddly enough he rarely acts on), but while he provides us opportunities to troll jews he isn't our guy.

To be honest he can't be our guy. He can't be pro-white, but he can be pro-American; which is almost as good.

And if you think that's cucking, look at how much being "pro-American" triggers jews and their golems.

It's a clue as to how we can organize and act in public. If something triggers jews, it's something you should do. Spencer-style gay identitarian doesn't trigger the media, and neither does Nazi salutes (they swarm Nazi events and even make up their own).

What provokes leftist rage is just being a healthy, normal, white Christian American.

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I don't really have a plan for this thread, it's just something I wanted to say and maybe have a discussion about.

Mods, if this is the wrong place to post it, please remove the thread and I apologize in advance if this is the case.

Well.. at least one communist whore died.

If at his next rally 2 communist cucks die, then he's doing it right.

true, dead commies is always good. but can we do better by provoking a backlash against shitlibs, commies, and especially anarchists?

like, if we could get anarchists to march in a city by claiming there will be a nazi march there, and we don't show up, what will they do? chimp out, of course. and if we get BLM niggers to show up they'll chimp even harder.

if the cops are there, and we don't show up, antifa and blm will chimp out on the cops. if we have our fake nazi march in an expensive business district in a shitlib city, they will destroy that district and loot it.


why kill commies and anarchists when we can bait them into killing each other?

these false leaders arise due to our failure at organizing in a decentralized way. We all want to stop white genocide, we want to draw attention to the important issues, but who is organizing marches, rallies, debates and other means by which we can arrive at our goal? no one but these jewish spooks!

Leftypol wants you back.

it would be so easy. all we have to do is "leak" chat logs and other documents (maybe the paperwork to file a permit?) to jews like laura loomer, tell her to keep it on the down low, and she'll bring in antifa and BLM on her own

we can bait our enemies into burning down their own cities. when they attack the cops, the cops will fight back… which means more dead (or at least imprisoned) commies, anarchists, and niggers.

Holla Forums is all about informational warfare. why should we risk our lives when - with a few choice pieces of misinformation - we can make our enemies destroy themselves?

I don't think we need rallies. we're an insurgency in an informational war, we can't afford to build non-hidden institutions. instead we need to focus on destroying institutions the enemy controls. we do that by outmaneuvering them and cutting off the supply lines that feed into their institutions that dominate us.

marches and rallies are where our enemy is strong, therefore we should not attack there. instead we should attack them where they are weak - their capacity for random chimpouts and inability to distinguish between genuine nazis and normies

If you use your gun to kill the shitlibs, they aren't controlling anything anymore, are they?

back to Holla Forums fagget

the shitlibs control you when you're in prison getting raped by tyrone, dumbass.

Trump is just as big as Jew controlled opposition as Spencer is. His presidency has been nothing but very bad for White people. He's done nothing for Whites besides inside hatred against them (even more than there previously was).

whats your ideas?

So keep killing until there's no one left to put you in prison? If you don't want to assume any risk, that's a defensible position. Come out and say that. Don't push any of this non-violence nonsense. It doesn't work. Just say you're afraid and you're more comfortable earning what the jews allow you to earn and taking your grumbling when you can get it.

this thread isn't about Trump, faggot.

the NFL thing is a huge fucking own-goal. we can do more by provoking shitlibs to chimp out, by claiming that there will be nazi rallies in shitlib cities (always at night), and then when we don't show up antifa and blm chimp out.

that destroys shitlib cities, it destroys legitimacy for BLM and antifa, it gets their people shot by the cops and locked up, and it wastes their money and time and resources.

we can cut the supply lines to the media by putting up posters telling people to cut the cord (no more cable or dish tv) in protest of the NFL surly millionaire sportsniggers that hate the people who pay their salaries.

when the media is totally bankrupt, someone like trump can buy it up. either way, there's less pressure on us to organize in public. plus it destroys people's belief in the media.

"if the media lied to me about xyz, what else did they lie about?" babies first redpill!

You're the smuggie.


i never said non-violence. this is violence, but it's 100% legal informational violence. i just said no physical violence.

the goal is to do things that cost you nothing but which cost the enemy more than nothing. fake rallies costs us nothing, but it costs antifa/blm time, money, people, bail, people getting arrested, people getting shot, and a shitload of public goodwill.

that's the basic plan:
costs to us: 0
costs to them: >0

do it long enough and they will fall apart.


That's brilliant! That's exactly what I'm talking about!

Op is the one who mention Trump you Jewish faggot

good ideas. to really spread fake ANTIFA rallies we'll need a social media accounts to spread the info. If we can come up with the details we can begin preparing to spread the disinfo.

it really doesn't take a lot, just an anonymous email. print off the right paperwork to have a march or event, make up some nazi group, fill it out, and email it to some kike on twitter. tell them to keep it quiet but make sure you have people there. claim you're a county clerk or something, and you don't want to lose your job.

It's perfect. I'm still waiting for them to do more violence against "nazis". Then we can just call our enemies nazis (while we can call ourselves alt-right/civic nationalists/newright or whatever) and kill them (the police/army can do it if someone like Trump has the political power).

For fascism to succeed, it needs the same playing field. Violence is always good.

what if we played this like an old hacker game? have different colored teams. Red team could pose as some new White Nationalist/Nazi group. Plan fake pro-police march. Meanwhile, blue team will pose as ANTIFAgs and plan a counter march – Fuck the Police rally in response. Only ANTIFA shows up and fights police. Gets shot. Profit. Just an idea if wanted to do it a bit bigger

if you really want them to nail a local shitlib or shitlib run business, spread some flyers accusing that business owner/person of supporting trump at the rally, and then gtfo.

that works, but your red team must be ready to run at the first sign of antifa. lead them on a merry chase through the most expensive parts of down, then split up.

blue team could yell shit like "fuck all pigs" or "this business supports trump". bonus points if you put up pro-trump stickers on libshit business and cars.

lel this is good stuff

I don't know about you guys, but this sort of thing is unacceptable in here, oh fuck dicky spencer and aut-kike too

It's Our, except Holla Forums never has and never will have a leader other than Uncle Adolf, George Lincoln Rockwell, and potentially WLP.
That being said your OP is a blogpost but this is important.
The AnCap shit he's promoting is unironically something he used to shit on.
Fortunately I see even normalfags calling him out on twitter.
Do your part fire up the alts and destroy every one of his and Not Kike Enoch's tweets.
This is definitely a CIA operation and I wouldn't doubt if today's false flag was as well to enrage white youth.

like i said…
cost to us: zero
cost to them: greater than zero

that's all you need to think about. no fancy tactics, no overall strategy. just asymmetrical costs.

Didn't realize Holla Forums was an alt-right board…

This is because humanity itself is the creation of the Jew.
In fact homosapiens are a test tube species that the Neanderthal Kikes invented to serve them when they first arrived to earth
The Neanderthal was fleeing from the reptilian and crashed onto Earth, thus leaving them trapped here.
Fortunately there were an entire legion of good goy test tube beings (their slaves) on their ship. When they crashed, they had to teach the Goy to serve because they hadn't been through the re-education camps yet.
So they had to teach them to obey.
Hence came religion.
The rest is history.
You are a test tube race, we all are, and we are meant to serve the Hebrew Neanderthal.


how is getting shitlibs and niggers to chimp out "just posting frogs"?


What chimpouts has Holla Forums caused?

you're not offering any proof that this is impossible. "no one ever thought of it before" does not equal "it's impossible"

Actually this was an event hosted by AntiCom, Spencer is once again riding the coattails of another group. Thread is low energy, and there is not much to talk about until the event does come up. Here is an archive of the last thread on this event since it seems you missed it

Portland riot after Trumps inaguration. An user that was livestreaming heard fireworks in the distance and went to check it out, then went back to the vigil that the commies had for the one that got shot earlier and told them that those were gunshots and Trump supporters were marching towards the event with assault rifles. Commies chimped out and even set trees on fire.
Also do you not remember the lootcrew twitter accounts? Anons online will claim looting is going on during BLM marches, then when niggers see that on social media they think they are missing out on free gibs so they start to loot as well

Henry was doing a bit more than posting frogs though

Of course. Anons do a lot of activities in real life. TRS has a shitty meme that anons don't do anything. Anons just don't brag about activities.


Don't forget the San Bernardino shooting, when one of us got the news to report the shooter did it for "necessary ethics."

Not really Christians are about as establishment as you can get with when it comes to immigration

Anticom is even worse then Spencer, he may be a fag but at least hes not a horse fucker

He looks like a hotdog with parmesan sprinkled on top.


Like they needed one


The behavior of the cops and the mayor that day is a telling sign to normalfags of exactly what we're up against. The cops were mindless stooges just like the libcucks are. They only wield the law against whites. The commies were allowed to do as they wished, the whites were dispersed by the police, under order of the mayor, unlawfully. The mayor is a fucking kike, so I'm not a bit goddamn surprised. That fat whore getting plastered on the concrete screams "false flag".

Charlottesville was absolutely the worst place that Spencer could have picked for a right-wing demonstration. Seriously, he would have been better off doing his gay orgy in Harlem. Governor McAuliffe of Virginia is a close friend and accomplice to Hillary Clinton, and would break any laws necessary to seek vengeance for his disgraced friend. There's no way in hell Cville wasn't meant to rack up a much higher kill count than it actually did. If Spencer and Peenowitz weren't trying to get people hurt, then they are the dumbest motherfuckers ever.

It might have gone very well for the right, if it hadn't been staged right in the fucking middle of enemy territory. If TRS and NPI aren't enemies, they're such bad allies that Holla Forums's general hated for them is justified and even may not go far enough.

If people want to march let them march. There is no need to wage a single front war. The rallies bring people to our side and expose the nastiness of the opposition as it has done with antifa. Staying completely underground until you win isn't feasible. Rallies obviously aren't what Holla Forums is for, but to denounce them is pointless. The movement needs to get to a point where if we don't get what we want, riots start happening on the streets due to genuine anger from the masses on our side.

Weren't they at that location because the city was removing Confederate monuments in the park?

I for one like the idea of red team blue team shenanigans. Pee pee poo poo pissssss

I agree with every word in this post.

That resolution was just against generic "violence", not any specific type.
Get a new job.

The average Christian is much further right wing than the average atheist. Anecdotes don't change that.

Last time I checked leftists hardly give a shit if you're religious because they have more tangible things to hate you for like being a straight white male.

An other disinfo thread from leftypol.

Poster is not from here.

Exactly why he keeps doing it right in the heart on shitlib controlled cities. Boston, Charlottesville, Berkley…He needs to ensure maximum damage. This time the backlash will result in the gov coming after guns.
Not once does he try to mix it up with an event within a red state or on private property where antifa/blm aren't legally allowed to enter.
And the obvious: still has a twitter account.

they care for Muslims.

Maybe. Either way, Spencer is a shabbos goy and everything he does seems to be good for the jews.

Yeah, true. I think he wants to be the next Jared Taylor and doesn't understand the limitations that operating like Taylor, puts him under.

Identity Evropa looks promising.

Hello shill.

IE is the youth wing of Spencer's NPI.

richard spencer is the best intellectual of the alt right and together with milo has done more than everyone else to make the alt-right's ideas popular

Leadership should be utilized only when it is necessary. Otherwise it only provides more attack surface for the enemy.

There is currently no use for leadership.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

That's happening in loads of cities. That doesn't explain why they picked this particular city.

Unpopular opinion:

It doesn't matter if Spencer is a milquetoast faggot, or even if he's controlled opposition.

The forces in motion right now are bigger than any one individual and all they require is that somebody steps into the role of figurehead.

As long as that role is filled, then what needs to happen will happen, quite independently of the desires or ability of the figurehead.

Supposedly because it was the jew Jason Kessler's hometown.

A figurehead is not required for anything we're doing. At this stage a figurehead provides no utility to us.

And when the time comes that we do need a figurehead, it certainly won't be a lisping faggot like Spencer.

Lovely dubs!

Actually it was the best possible place.

So many normies are asking questions. There were too many live streams for the legacy media to control the narrative.

All we have to do is keep giving the commies chances to make mistakes, they'll keep taking them.

White blood cells do not take direction from a central nervous system, but muscles do.

Every cell in the body does what it needs to do, in its own way.

That's a powerful argument in the 1st picture.

When The Smelly Turks" denies the Armenian genocide youtube channel, you should ask them "How can you deny that but not the holocaust?"

There are currently no operations which require centralized leadership. Much less the centralized leadership of Spencer. He provides NO UTILITY.

So ignore him.

It's only by a stroke of luck that any part of it turned out that way. You know the funs out rally in NC is going to lead to something that gives Congress an excuse to unanimously pass the Gun Safety Act For The Children Who Dindu Nuffin of 2018. This is not the way to fight them. Remember Congress is composed of people who would let everyone on the planet be incinerated if it meant no one would know that they do horrible things to stolen children.



Centralised leadership is bad. As soon as the head is cut off, movement falls apart. Many such cases.
Small group strike teams are the way.

So hes just Anita

Be more like this user:

Even worse than that: Centralized leadership makes surveillance, subversion and infiltration a cakewalk.

Centralized leadership is 99% liability. The 1% utility is rarely realized, it only becomes necessary in very particular circumstances, which we are not in nor will we be for some time.

pic (mostly) related

Be more like this jew.

I'll keep warning people about this idiot until the whole thing falls through. We have months to head off this disaster.

Shit tactics and strategies are bad, but conflating that with hindsight and attacking others for mistakes is worse. I didn't see anyone warning about the state of Cville before it happened.

But yes, repeating now obviously bad decisions is the worst shit.

Then you weren't on Holla Forums. We were speaking against it before it ever happened. We knew it wasn't a good situation because of the people who were organizing it.

Spooks can mean feds in ye olde vocabulary.

Admittedly, I didn't know about it until it happened. The first I saw was an article with a picture of the torch event on the Thai Fuck Shack. I'm now wondering how I could have missed something like that.

Yes well there are always people speaking against doing anything. Then it's too easy to shut out honest arguments as they just look like more "stay home, goy" arguments.

And guilt-by-association games are an endless blackpill feedback loop. Facts are more important than womanly implication jewing.

If you were on Holla Forums but didn't see anons warning about this, you probably ignored the threads as "eceleb shit" or something.

Shills can't ignore him because he's effective in redpilling a certain demographic of normie whites.

Spencer is pro-jewish, so he isn't redpilling anyone, and the only demographics he's appealing are sodomites and autists who TRS convinced he's a "normie-friendly super chad".

He's also effective at getting people to move from keyboard warrior to IRL action, which is what really separates the men from the boys.

The experience of standing next to your brothers in arms to face down screaming communists has a value that can not be duplicated via any other means.

Anyone who acts as a catalysts for that is beneficial, regardless of their motives or intentions.

Yeah, I was just thinking about this. I understand the reasons for dismissing any "e-celeb" material, but now I see that if we just ignore it, shit like this happens.

The original Aut-Kikeer Frank Collin organized many more marches than Spencer, do you think he was also effective and beneficial?

That's a good one.

thats because hes an FBI/goverment agent infiltrator. we've been over this and have known this for a year+

He was early.

nice failed thread derail kike, this thread isn't about Trump

Odinist here. I think you're close. Presenting our views as normal (because they are) is precisely what triggers them. The kikes were even claiming recently that "cuck" is a new l33t haxx0r super seekrit underground code, when it, just like most other things we say, are very, very old. The newer words we use are for ancient concepts, also.

How are we supposed to safely show up to these rallies when the cops allow nigs and jews to fling feces, urine, ACID, etc. Show up in chemical suits?


user, you have time traveled too far. It seems like you were supposed to travel to a time before 1965 and have gone too far forward. Recalibrate your flux capacitor.

That was meant for OP, sorry.

"Civic nationalism" is an oxymoron, and is fucking treason.

Why do you guys talk about Richard Spencer so much?

I mean, if we're all supposedly in consensus that he's controlled opposition, and therefore have no need to link any evidence beyond scatterbrain clips of him saying jewish people have things we want so we should make it clear that we just want them too, (which you know wouldn't be an appeal to normie interpretations of Israel and our relationship and the obvious jewish reaction against such a command would be to start wondering why they can have a wall, ethnostate and strong immigration control but we can't, while we pay for them and idolize them and go to war with them, as a babby's first redpill that's not really for you guys… no none of that's a possibility it's probably honest adoration for jews) that's enough for us to disavow him, huh?

So why do we keep keeping up to date on extrapolations of what he said, sourceless code of OP it is? Why do we continue to tell ourselves he's the bad guy? I mean, I know we have threads that don't really have points but to refresh ourselves on things, but we seem to be very dedicated to this guy in particular, and yet all we can agree is he's pure evil and we have to destroy him but also do nothing about it because he's gonna destroy himself.

I mean, if I wasn't woke enough, I might wonder if the OPs that make these threads are genuine and not just counter-shills designed to isolate and internalize the radical offshoot of the original chan they came from by ensuring they don't go for any more far-right organizations, while making sure the narrative on cuckchan is that he's too extreme, all to ensure that most people stay away from or fight against people and groups like Richard Spencer as a means to ensure internal squabbling and making sure little gets done. It's a good thing I'm too woke, or I might wonder if the reason Richard Spencer is the one that gets the most consistent anti-threads about him is because the people making them understand he's actually very eloquent and normie-processable, and therefore in the right hands able to sway massive amounts of population that aren't as necessarily woke as us, and perhaps in a world where he's the normal we would be even stronger than we are now.

Good thing I don't actually believe all that, but I am still confused as to why we have to keep making threads to remind ourselves of how none of that could be possibly true and the real way to the ethnostate of brotherhood and family structure is to trust no one and stay on the internet all day long. I love Holla Forums, and I just think that maybe, we uh, we get it OP. We get it.

Blame 4/pol/ and the trump/kekistani crowd for wanting a "movement" in the first place.

You're just trying to trick our movement into using encryption and other jew-controlled tools. Our leaders have been urging us to use postal mail for communication and join their mailing lists. I bet you don't even attend our movement events, what a vpn using keyboard warrior.

Because this is how (((they))) advertise their shills. One of their supporters or one of the e-celebs herself starts a reverse psychology thread, i.e:
>Have you seen what is saying? omg, check it out.
By presenting the thread as AGAINST the e-celeb, it isn't automatically deleted and the shill has a chance to foment discussion of the e-celeb which can then be turned into positive advertisement for them as the thread progresses and links/apologetics are posted.

You're a funny guy.

I wouldn't worry about that, in this case. There is no possible way to spin this rally as a good idea. Especially knowing that an Antifa palette swap is involved.

You’re not from around here
That’s doing something

Spencer has no conviction in his voice, and only draws in crowds of alt-kikes. He does not draw in nor convert people to National Socialism. He rarely if ever talks about the kikes in his speeches. The only time I can remember spencer actually bringing up the jews in a speech was when he said "America doesn't have a jewish p[problem"

Spencer is a civic nationalist that supports israel. I will skip most of your ridiculous post and get to this point
With how much spencer has talked against creating a White ehnostate, while saying the kikes should have one makes him an obvious plant. If spencer really believed in this and wanted to change things he would not be asking for donations, and instead reaching into his own pockets and using some of his millions into actually changing things. As for the stay on the internet all day long meme, that outs you as TRS faster than anything. It is only TRShills that make the assumption that anons don't do anything in real life simply because anons don't brag about activities they do offline. All spencer has been is a blockade to stop those on the right wing from taking some of the later redpills, and giving the commies a very easy target

even if he was absolute legit in every way, even if he didn't sound or act like a fag, this alone would shove him into a support role if the alt-kike was anything real.

I've never seen Sinead or FSM post anything which would cause me to question their integrity. And I hate everyone…

Why do you TRSodomites and your brothers in sphincter always have to lie to defend your kosher icons? If you think zionism, philosemitism, sodomy, race-mixing, Holodomor denial/Holohoax promotion, etc. aren't an issue, then try to make that case instead of claiming that everything is "taken out of context" or that our problem with people who are openly pro-jewish is just that they "aren't anti-Semitic enough" for "purists"?

Fuck Spencer and fuck you for encouraging civnat cuckoldry.

All jews will die. All jew protectors will die. All nonwhites will die. All nonwhite protectors will die. Nothing you can do will stop this.

This is actually the major trick.
Decentralized organizing doesn't work. This is why the anarchists are such utterly useless fags. They only become useful when some ex-military communist gets hired by some 'open society project' to go and give marching orders, and the moment that stops (the moment a democrat gets elected) they fall to pieces.

Because decentralized organizing always leaves a massive power vacuum. Because hierarchy must exist in all things. And refusing to fill that void will leave you in a position where outsiders who are hostile to your interests will do it for you.

The problem isn't that we selected leaders.
The problem is that we DIDN'T select leaders, and outsiders are doing it for us. The average person, even the average 'redpilled' person, will look for leadership in difficult times. This has been a reality of the human condition since the dawn of time. We didn't come forward, and so Richard Spencer has done it for us. Now we must suffer the results of that.


OP is a shill. This whole narrative is not only obviously cancer to actually stopping white genocide, but is also being spread by shills now who want to stop the racewar from happening, which is the only real way that National Socialism can happen anymore. We sure wont vote for it.
We have reached the point where we are not only big enough in numbers and supporters to show ourselves in public, but its pretty much do or die that we do. We should be making ourselves look like a real silent majority, not some fringe element. Spencer is obviously controlled opposition, and without any counterpart pushing a more extreme, non-kosher narrative - he will speak for us, for lack of our own voice.
National Socialism is an ideology which has leaders, ours simply havent emerged yet. Anyone who says otherwise is either a shill, or retarded. Its not anarchism, its National Socialism.. and OP cant even fucking get his spacing right.


good meme

No public organization is necessary yet. Once enemies are doxed it is best that they disappear quietly. The organization part is happening - this is the beer hall. If antifa leaders and other groups start disappearing off the map then that's all the proof of work needed. There is not at this point any need to organize hierarchically, all that needs to happen right now is the organizations marching against us need to be disrupted by cutting off their heads and throwing them into disarray. I do agree that Spencer or any other self-appointed leader is not to be trusted. As with that Fight Club quote, you determine your own level of involvement. Besides, once you start taking orders then comes the FBI. We already know what the game is, taking specific orders from people you cannot trust is a liability.

(cond) in the past "orders" were necessary because information was privileged, training was scarce and the opposing army was typically organized hierarchically which means it had to be disassembled in the most efficient ways. You get all of the information and training you need here. You can get tactical information here. Our enemies aren't arranged in standing armies, they always have to go places on their own. What's lacking is the willingness to act on the information.


It should be apparent by now to everyone that the alt right is not a white nationalist movement nor a national socialist movement but a Neo-Zionist movement that is all inclusive to even gentile traitors that ultimately support a jewish ethno nationalist state in the middle east aka greater Israel.

This is just untrue, I remember listening to a TDS podcast where Enoch and Spencer specifically told the listeners to not bring weapons to the rally

However, I will say that the choice of white polos, the color white in general was a retarded choice. I also don't think Spencer is necessarily controlled opposition, just very autistic

are you retarded? In that tweet Spencer is pointing out the hypocrisy in not recognizing the holodomor as a genocide

LARPing is traditionally done physically, thus the "live action" part.