Tragic Outcomes of Miscegenation

Mulatto daughter argues with her white mom about the #TakeTheKnee fiasco, sides with her racial tribe against her own mother.

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Good. Families turn against each other. We need this.

Should redpill the fuck out of any dumb fuck who thinks it's a good idea to racemix.

I don't have an ounce of sympathy for this coal burning cunt, she deserves this mulatto larvae. Burn the coal, pay the toll.

I wonder if she gave a shit about her father when she was burning coal.

Has Holla Forums ever had a discussion on why so many mulattos identify mostly with their non-white side? I know there are a couple quadroons on here, but it seems most mulattos are ultra-liberal BLM faggots.

This tbh, no sympathy.

Yep. She's paying a lifetime's worth of tolls.

But all (at risk) young white women need to be made aware of the future of conflict and suffering that awaits a racemixer.

Pic is of a particularly poignant exchange IMO.
Really puts that whole "it's just skin color" canard into perspective.

Found this on halfchan

people are always surprised im hispanic because im white, hispanic people are originally white, spanish is a white language.

it wasnt until they fucked up severely and racemixed.

i blame south americas filthy state solely on racemixing.

I'm sure that coalburner's father is more disappointed his daughter bedded a negro more than he is disappointed that her mongrel spawn is a black activist.

Just goes to show how important racial identity is to people. This girl throws her own mother to the dogs, to be attacked by negroes, since she has the wrong opinions about racial solidarity.

My guess is that it's mostly because of the phenotype dominance of the non-white traits.

This girl is probably 70% (50% white + the average 20% that American blacks have) white, but she still can't pass for full white.

Amongst mixed race people who can phenotypically pass for white, I bet you'll have a higher proportion who identify as / side with whites. But there still will be some who can't resist jumping on the "victim" / "oppressed" bandwagon.

If you add a cup of wine to a barrel of shit, it's shit. If you add a cup of shit to a barrel of wine, it's shit.

Non-white genes are ugly. They also significantly dumb you down. Would you look at that girl and accept her as white? No. Niggers would, since she's a de-facto high-class lightskin nigger.

luckily there's no such thing as "70% white". this abomination will forever be a nigger. I wouldn't consider any spawn white until maybe 10 generations, but we all know that isn't going to happen. She's going to get knocked up by a nigger, and then her mother's white gene's will be permanently absorbed into the negro lines.

i can't argue with this logic


Who gives a fuck? That woman would have been better off adopting a feral cat and calling it her child. That coalburner is more genetically similar to any random whitey on the street than she is her own spawn.
When you live around niggers, they hate you. Doesn't matter if they fuck you or pop out of your vagina. Whitey is always evil, and if whitey gets in the way of muh black activism, they'll be put up against a wall, regardless.

OPs photo is also misleading. if you look at her twitter she looks like and talks like a nigger, which isn't surprising, but that's exactly what she is.

No shit she sides with her lower half, the same as all mixed race peoples do in a white mans land. The artificial victimhood status we've allowed to grow thanks to our Boomer forefathers created the opposite effect. The lower races and few mixed races that existed strived for their higher half, not the lower. Isn't the utopia people like her bitch mother created just grand?

I don't have sympathy and I side with the mulatto. Her bitch mother created another enemy we'll have to deal with one way or the other. She removed herself from our gene pool and thus her racial family from now to eternity. She then furthered our enemies numbers when she could have grown ours and gave another a chance, likely would have had more kids realizing how much easier it is raising kids of her own tribe. Finally she took away that childs identity and created a soulless beast that walks, talks, and acts like it's a member of this world, but racially it has zero connection, zero history, zero culture, and zero traditions.

Her mother is a fucking monster.

unsurprisingly does weed too

It's because mixed white races are identified by their mixed race sides. Holla Forums is also incredibly guilty of this. A white mix-race with any other race is essentially automatically the other race. This is also how race statistics are manipulated.

After all, why should they say they're white? They get more bonuses and shit for life being even a fourth of another race.


How mom should have replied to that: "When have you, in particular, ever been oppressed?"

This is why you subtly shame any coal burner you see with "wow, adorable child, they look just like you!" It always, without fail, makes them realize. I had a chance to drop this line once at a grocery store and didn't miss the opportunity. The broken look on that coal burner almost gave me an erection.

she's right about the military thing, it's disrespectful. the niggers could protest inequality in another way, like donating half of their overpaid salaries to poor niggers..

I need to see that face. Definitely gonna use this.

Texas… of course. I was going to say post dox and if she was nearby, I'd beat her to death with a hammer on periscope. I guess just troll her about her weight and nigger dad then. He's probably not around.

Good tip, will use.

If there's a heritable trait which makes one inclined to race-mix, then yeah, but it's not like whites lose nothing.

We lose when niggers become a little less african and a little more white — essentially shortcutting 100s of thousands of years of evolution by stealing our genetics.

So American blacks get a tiny bit smarter and a tiny bit better looking as a little more white genetics spread throughout their gene pool.

This already shows up in IQ tests of American blacks vs native Africans.

With some effort (I'd have to create new accounts) I could get her nudes

Oh no, the zogbots are being disrespected? What a shame, what an absolute shame. The sooner those fucking retards realize that this is what they fought for in the middle east, the sooner they'll start going out in blazes of glory and shooting up synagogues.

(((USA))) is a shitshow. There's no reason to be patriotic for the nation that destroyed Germany and saved the Jews.

did you say it with a sincere or sarcastic tone?

beat you to it

well, as all non-whites do, her entire strategy for looking good on instagram is to look as white as possible – so most of her pictures are like that

Tried to sound sincere about it to get her to take a good look at the little niglet, once she did she went from puzzled to looking like she was going to break down in tears. There was also a happy white family with 2 adorable girls right in front of her in the line, it felt so perfect, like a real life calling to shitpost. Either way would probably work though.

It is because whites have lost their group cohesion through loss of shared racial identity. There are plenty of 100% white people who don't side with other whites because it doesn't get you any group acceptance. Shitskins just have to act like other shitskins and blame whites for all their problems and gain complete acceptance into their group.

In what sense do we "lose" though?

notice the contrast is turned way the fuck up on all pictures to hide undesirable shitskin

It's fucking retarded. Once I went to oregon with a bunch of mexican friends and I saw "real racism" "by" "white people" which amounted to them eyeballing us (thinking we would steal) and a retard in our group not having an ID and saying he was with us when asked when buying alcohol.

it's not her, look at the hair


watch what they do, not what they say

Not as much as throwing your fucking white genetics away, race traitor shitstain. This fucking cunt.

The other guys replying hrtr is a bit off. Here's the real reason for hapa madness, and the tragedy of it all. The thing is, whites are actually pretty racist, even the ones who pretend they're not. Even people here are infected with the liberal world view that whites are somehow not racist. But we are. We're pretty much the most in-group selective people of all. Even in Sweden, the most brainwashed of the lot, miscegenation rates is something like 1% for men and 0.3% for women. Simply speaking, almost all white people want a white partner and most choose white people for their close friends. Even liberals.

Combine this with the perceived superiority of whites by everyone. The other races all have some degree of inferiority complex towards us and most whites subconsciously or consciously view other races as lesser than them. Even the liberals, who just manifest it as an obligation to "help" the other races. When you view it in that context it's actually pretty condescending. At least white racialists have a view of the other races as having the potential of agency and responsibility of their own.

So what happens with the hapa growing up is this: they, of course, want to identify with their white side (the perceived superior side by everyone) and most do just that when they are young. This is fed into by their mothers delusion, who will raise them with an ideological world view (you're just like the other kids,) instead of a realist based one. When they at one point figure out that they actually are at the extreme bottom of the hierarchy when it comes to partner selection and the like in the white sphere, they become sad and angry. Look at Elliot Rodgers. He might have been an extreme and particularly mentally unstable, but if you read his stuff with what I'm saying here in mind his ramblings make more sense. He just autistically repeats over and over "why can't I have a blonde girlfriend?" Which is him, in his non-articulate way, calling out the lie society has told him while growing up.

It must be a terrible feeling and I for one have sympathy with the mulattos. They, after all, aren't really to blame for their parents behavior.

What is there to discuss? Only white people ironically would be naive enough for that to be a surprise to them.

Check out /r/hapas and you'll see literally thousands of the most vicious anti-white hapas that fantasize about suffocating their failure white fathers with pillows in the night. What a terrifying thought to realize all the reject white men of our race are settling for gooks and breeding anti-white footsoldiers in our lands to fill the void in their life after being rejected by their own women.

Mulatto here (yes, I know I need the rope, shouldn't be here, reeee, etc.) I think it's just because it's easy for most to hop on the victim train. I've always sided with the white (mom's) side and I'm like the reverse of what the typical situation (see: going all WE WUZ). No I'm not trying to sound "wtf that's so BASED xD" or any of that shit. I think a big part of why you see so many go ultra-liberal BLM faggot-tier is because they often come from bigger cities and they fuel off of each others' tard fire. Anyways with that said, burn the coal, pay the toll. I'll always have resentment towards my mother for denying me an identity (or at least one I can be proud of) but I'm not going to go "wtf I hate now whipepol because of my own fucked up situation."

That's a pretty retarded oversimplification of human sexuality. Your tastes have more to do with prior sexual experience. There isn't even a gay gene. Anyone can have a perverted sex drive, which is why the gay movement is so dangerous.

Dominant genes. They look in the mirror and that's it.


Count your blessings that there are so many civnats in 'murica.
As a full blown natsoc I'm not entirely sure what to do with you. I've always maintained that every jew and mudslime needs to be outright killed before we figure out what the hell to do with other races, not just from a white survival perspective, but because the issue of other races gets shilled so hard that it makes an already difficult problem effectively impossible to discuss on the internet. It's a real fracture point, at least on 8/pol/. Personally I don't agree with just massacring every non-white because I think it's ridiculous to exterminate any races that don't pose an existential threat, but at the same time I thoroughly agree that problem nigger populations in the USA and Europe need to be either moved en masse back to Africa or simply culled. However, there's so much white admixture in certain parts of the negro populations that it would be cruel to ship the ones who can actually hold down jobs back to mud huts. I've thought the best solution would be to probably use mulattos as diplomatic staff or expeditionary forces. This would effectively separate the gene pools with geographic space, while still providing them a modicum of civilization. I've always maintained that being cruel is beneath whites, and I stand by it.

amazing what you can accomplish with a push-up huh?

And yet Obama was allowed to finish 2 terms…in one piece.

Liberals get the bullet too, Mom. Looks like your toll is a little pricier than average, huh?

Caztiso here.
It surprises many when you point out that Spanish is a white language and that Mexico used to be whiter than it is now.
Mexico lalst chance to be an ok country died when Porfirio Diaz died.

Where did you get this user? TELL ME!

didn't mean to type sage

I love this. This is such a great example of why you should never burn the coal.

The nigger genes of her nigger father completely overruled the white genes of her mother. This happens every single time. The kid might be slighty lighter of skin color but they'll still be niggers. 70% percent white clearly doesn't mean shit when you've got nigger genes in you.

Fucking kek. I bet that mother really wish she could go back an undo her past now. It's too late lady, you've contributed to the decline of your own race.

50% white + 20% of the 50% black gives 50% + 10% = 60% white, just to correct the math. Agreed with your point though.

*50% white + 20% of the 50% black gives 50% + 10% = 0% white

How mom should have replied to that: "Fuck I made a huge mistake with my life, I'm offing myself after taking you out you little mudshit."

Can't argue with that. One drop rule is truth.

An OC meme idea:

Racism Could Have Prevented This

I can't imagine how much this fucks with your psyche. It must sting every time she hears someone say to a new mother:

"She's got her mother's eyes" or
"She's the spitting image of her mother"

I mean — this whole thing where children look like their parents — Nature works that way for a reason!

And to totally rob yourself of that — to give birth to a child who looks less like you than any random white kid in the school yard — that must fuck with your head.

Even though she chose this voluntarily, deep in her subconscious she's got to feel something like she's been raped and forced to give birth to an alien's baby.

First off if it makes you feel any better, I'm not from the US - my country's leader is Cuban, if you catch my drift. I'm not really sure what the best thing to do is either. I think that best thing is for forceful removal if and when it can get to that. It would be cruel still as you're removing people (many of whom know nowhere else to call their home) but necessary since without it you're far more prone to winding up in the same mess that you're trying to rid yourself from. In the end though that may even be so difficult that there would be no other solution than more violence which would be brutal and holds much risk - and then of course there's the issue of cruelty.

I should also note that this user has a pretty good grasp of what he's speaking about and articulates it rather well. Just to break down some of it:

Now this is very important and it extends to more than HAPA's of course. Now of course, as was my scenario, this happens much easier in a strongly white environment. As I said in my earlier post, I think that a lot of the reason why we see so many go for the KANGZ route is because mixing and its products tend to be more concentrated in cities and thus they feed off of it.

Now this I find tricky. Growing up I had this - no "You're different" talks with anyone. I was just treated like anyone else that I'm aware of; I can't say that anyone followed me around in stores, I never got less slack when I was fucking up something in school, etc. This is good because if you get the privileges, you get soft and feel like you deserve it. If you perceive that you're getting too much flak, you'll grow resentful I'd imagine. Now things have grown FAR more heated since I was in my child development years and there's more of an outside influence pushing people to embrace the idea of "I should get X because Y", so that throws a wrench into things. In a way, I feel that my timing was very lucky - yes it would be easier now but I'd have far less character due to it I think.

This is a rough one and I can relate (not in the psycho Elliot way of course). This is the other edge of my being embraced and embracing the white side. You realize that it's good. I don't mean like "Whites have it good muh privilege", I mean that it's just a different people. Yes there are outliers, but it's well, more civil; it's clear as to why it's going to be a very, very bad thing if the demographics continue to speed towards their projection. And when you know this, it's hard not to see yourself as part of it even though you know deep down, it's different. For me the idea of dating or marrying or certainly reproducing with a non-white is abhorrent. And before anyone screeches, I do detest race mixing so you see my issue. After lots of thinking and arguing with myself I figure that I'll just never have kids despite it being something that I think I'd love to have. I just can't do it because of what it would produce.

Gonna have to be a two-parter…

I probably rambled too much there but I guess the point I'm making as coherently as I can is that mixing amongst all of its other flaws, is terribly cruel to its products who wind up intelligent enough to see (and more importantly: care) its logical conclusion: destruction, destruction of something very worthy of continuing on. You give that mixed person three options as I see it: 1) have that void forever as you never have your own kid(s) and family, 2) mix with someone (white) you want and know that you're fucking up their line, 3) mix with someone (non-white) and produce more of what will eventually be in competition with the whites. It's all a very sad mess and the whites who advocate for more of it (mixing) without malicious intent are a very naive and over-idealistic people.

I didn't intend to go blog mode which I feel this may have become, but I hope that this provides some people a better view of things. I'm not asking nor do I expect more sympathy and god forbid a slackening of ideals. I do wish that it does perhaps help with understanding a bit of the mentality behind things for a certain segment of the products of mixing.

Deep in every females psyche she wants to be raped by what she feels is 8/10 or higher male.
For females with broken minds, this isn’t adaptive.
For all others you can see how it follows.

Because by falling in with the nonwhites they have a chance at gibs.
Also, in a ghetto setting there's few groups of whites to watch your back. Better to be surrounded by a gang of browns than none at all.

I wonder why a subhuman would identify more with their subhuman side than their white side?

What a surprise. Why are you even looking at that site three years after every smart person there left?

Disgraceful. If you're going to pick a side here, side with the "both deserve the gas" option.

Do you think adding in the public shaming on Twitter would help? It wouldn't look as clean with the duplicate phone messages.

you should add in pictures of her clearing being a fat negroid whore who does nothing but smoke weed all day

the meme's write themselves

The European genome is like a white canvas.

Holy fuck she seems to have boosted the brightness to 3000%

That's fucking stupid. Grape juice does have a lot of antioxidants, but it also has a ton of sugar.

I wouldn't say she's her mother, not really. Fact is she'd have more right to call any white on the planet, regardless of ethnicity her own than that mongrel. She, like every other white that commits miscegenation is a genetic dead end.

Her mother chose the black tribe and now she's finding out they don't want her. And whites don't want her either.

This ends in her dying alone.

Cruelty isn't doing something harsh. It's when people enjoy doing something harsh. Dispassionately killing all non-whites is not necessarily an act of cruelty.

Goverment and mida are doing a great job of devideing America. Honestly surprised at the progress they are making.


+2 =

Off to do a flip.

Her fate was sealed before she was even born.

Rolling dubs for her getting cancer from fecalized DNA

Rolling trips for mega-AIDS

Fun fact: due to kinship coefficient, the mom is more related to her own dad or brother than her own offspring.

Hi LeafBro

Most Africans are no longer black, user. They were called black because they were literally coal black when they came to America.

yeah my grandparents are from palma de mallorca.

my last name means chicken farmer lol and its exclusive origin is on that island only.

Yeah, but let's be honest here: the White Hispanics in America take on White American culture because, what do you know, they're White!. The nonWhite Hispanics act like burritoniggers. So, while it may not be a race, we can point it out as a social group of mutts here in the U.S. (of course assuming the former, that Hispanic Whites take on White Americanism and blend in).

I have seen some Eurasians that looked like both parents. I never got why people didn't just go Asian if you want a non white partner, maybe women don't care because they know they are the mother, but I want my kids to look like me. Still get a DNA test. Also Asians have higher IQ and tiger moms seem great. Downside is you're fucked with organ transplants, and most happas are children of betas who are screwed by having no good male role models in their lives.
I wonder if Asian women ever catch on that guys who move to Japan do so because it's easy attention and they won't get any attention in their own country. I wonder how a happa would be with a decent father. I know some English sailor was trapped in Japan and married before, had a son but nothing mentioned how he turned out. Not gonna lie, I do like Japanese girls, but that's just because I like how Japan still has national pride and is getting its shit together. Still I don't want to go down that path and potentially fuck up my kids, as tempting as Japanese chicks are when you're surrounded by obese feminists who want to ruin society.

Firstly because single drop makes you non-White, you can't defile shit with milk.

Also gibs for browns and demonization of Whites by (((the media))).

See here : you have, put into perspective, an anti-kinship coefficient to nonWhites and by breeding out, you would have anti-kinship coefficient with your own child when compared to A. your own family and or B. you mating with any random White in the genepool. Think about it: your own brother would be more related to you than you're own child…


How is this even possible?

There was a black (actual black-black) guy who did a video on this: basically blacks will accept anyone, even whites who "act black". Whites on the other hand are very protective of what it means to be white. The conclusion he came to is that despite all the talk, blacks don't walk the walk when it comes to caring about race. Whites are the opposite: they will consciously talk about how we are all the same but underneath care very much about racial purity.

Nigger genes+identity issues+outbreeding depression effects

And they wouldn't if you remove what makes them Japanese by creating mongrels. I've never seen a white mix that looked anything like the white parent, our genes are recessive. If there are, it's a complete outlier. The fact is, you, and others like you, have fallen for the submissive Asian meme, when in reality the relationships are nothing like that. I don't even think Asian women are capable of feeling actual love, their relationships are more like business than a bond. The moment you've fallen on hard times she'll leave you in a heart beat. Not even Japs want their own women.

What said, polygenetic traits + identity issues. Even if you fixed the identity issues, you still have the problem of a polygenetic trait.

Except it isn't

Just because there isn't a single gene that causes homosexuality doesn't mean that genetics has absolutely zero influence over it. Sensitivity to xenoestrogens might have something to do with it. Also google the fa'afafine.

Hey, I remember you! You are that user!

One-drop rule; it's an American cultural thing. If this were Brazil, she'd be calling herself pardo and shitting all over niggers daily. It's like opposite land with regard to this issue.

Isn't it amazing how despite all that White admixture, she still sports that resentful, grumpy, squint-eyed glare that nogs constantly have on. I bet she talks in a shrill "sassy" sheboon tone as well, with uhh's and ahh's after every word.
Race-mixing is a sin. Not before a god you worship, but before Nature itself. This creature was never meant to be, it offends the natural order simply by existing.

"Hybrid" comes from "hubris" after all.

Hubris (/ˈhjuːbrɪs/, also hybris, from ancient Greek ὕβρις) describes a personality quality of extreme or foolish pride or dangerous overconfidence.[1] In its ancient Greek context, it typically describes behavior that defies the norms of behavior or challenges the gods, and which in turn brings about the downfall, or nemesis, of the perpetrator of hubris.


"you're a white supremacist"
"Not really. You just have an inferiority complex"

All non-whites just have an inferiority complex.
They compensate for it with self-aggrandizement where whites are more prone to self-deprecation and humbleness, partly as a way to make the inferior feel less bad about their inferiority.
That's how nice white people are.
But it has been taken too far and is now being abused and used as an attack vector.
There is a reason non-whites/ women/ fags love their "mexican pride", "black power" "women stronk" "poz pride" bullshit.
And why so many involved seem weak and pathetic and have no real power, yet talk endlessly about how powerful they are.
They need these lies to stoke their egos because they are weak and they know it.
Like a woman that needs constant reassurance that she is beautiful/ needed/ loved etc.
They have zero objective evidence that they are superior or even adequate in any important way and boundless evidence that they are living a lie every waking second.
Their entire existence is at our mercy, and they know it deep down.
THEY believe white men are supreme, and they resent us for that and ALWAYS will, no matter how well we treat them or how "successful" they become.
This is the major difference between us and them.
If we white men ever came across a group that was objectively superior to us, we would accept the facts, and approach with a spirit of co-operation and willingness to learn from them.
Competitive perhaps, but with respect for their achievements.
Not butthurt resentment and hostility because someone was better than us.
That is classic narcissistic, bitchlike behavior, and yet more evidence that we ARE in fact so far superior to the shitskin hordes that you might as well call us supreme even if that wasn't necessarily our goal.
We are not "supremacists" telling the world we are better than them, we don't need to, we show it in our every thought and action.
We are not "supremacists" because we are not even in competition with them, we are so far ahead that it does not need to be said that we are supreme, it's as obvious as the sun being bright.
We are only in competition with OURSELVES.
We are competing with ourselves to see how far we can evolve, what the human mind and body is capable of.
Calling us white supremacists is as dumb as calling water "wet water"

In virtually all cases as someone who's fully European in ancestry, you're more related in terms of genetic distance to any random white person than some mixed race person.

The genetic distance between say an English and a Danish person is 60+ times smaller than between an English and Japanese, and well over 100 times smaller than between an English and some kind of sub-Saharan African.

Even the 67-85% Euro ancestry natives in Canada (they apparently had no evolved psychology against mixing since the western hemisphere was all same-ish people) still have significantly lower intelligence, still huff gas and have huge problems with alcohol etc.

The functional ones you see are something like 95-97% and then they use their intelligence to rentseek. For example a blue eyed, very light skinned girl I knew when growing up would play this up because she had black hair and looked slightly "exotic." It got her free shit in life.

You even have now some shitty fully European people, mostly Irish and Scottish, rentseeking off the native gibs in Canada. Red hair, blue eyes, looks fully European but no one's going to question them if they pretend. Kind of funny.


They aren't seen as white (obviously) when growing up, so identify with the non-white side. Though usually the non-whites don't see them as one of them anyway. Blacks often don't see mulattos as black, but semi-privileged whites and hate them behind their back.

t.mutti-culti ville

Mixed raced kids are, unsurprisingly, a mixed bag. There are two factors to consider in their corruption.

#1. Nigger gene corruption
Pretty self-explanatory. Because the kid is mixed, there's a 50/50 chance that they will act like a nig out of genetic impulse, depending upon whether or not they take from the white or nig side

#2. Exclusion
Whites don't need non-whites. They don't need mixed people. They need their folk and only their folk – as they've had forever, and always will. A consequence of this is that, by excluding these mixed people, they force them to the opposite side. However, this is not a bad thing – it poisons the well, subjecting the left to non-nig impulse and corrupting their movement.

You guys may not have noticed this yourselves, but as you're maintaining your power level in public and at work, you'll notice a trend: even liberal whites are far more comfortable to be around that non-whites of any political affiliation. Whites of any type will be closer to you, more sincere with you, more empathetic. There's love there that we take for granted. Even when we hate each other, it's not the same kind as we have for non-whites – even for liberals! They hate the "based nigger" just as we hate the typical nigs.

Let that serve as a reminder to you that we are correct in all of our assertions – that race is real. that genes influence behavior. Never forget that even a white who was unsalvageable – who lived such a pozzed childhood, that they could not be redeemed as an adult – may have perfect, beautiful white children.


user, we aren't in such a lofty position to be able to disown veterans. They are a major asset to the cause. And even if the military is used for ZOG agendas now, the military will be a priceless part of any nationalist state.

I like how no one answered this correctly despite the fuckton of replies. The reason is jealousy. It is that they will never be WHITE. Notice how that reasoning is not concerned with the other half at all.

Everyone except White nationalists is a White supreemist, ironically.

Based user.

I remember when Mantra anons put this out there. It would seem that the old WWII vets had to recognize it as the truth.

That's why the word "racist" is what it is. It's specifically designed to kill us. We get destroyed by mixing.

Underrated ancient wisdom.

This is the future she chose.
Sure was worth pissing off your dad to produce this lil mongrel, eh mom?

Do it. Then send them to her mom and remind her that this is what she did with her life.

There's no benefit to them being white, obviously.


We could go full Abh mode and anyone that we deem to be an honorary Aryan will have their children genetically altered to actually be Aryan.

those dark soulless eyes
i feel nothing

Holy fuck, I've never read this before it makes complete sense. I can 100% identify with the line "The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don't grasp what it really means: humiliation."

It all makes complete sense now. The ones who have been calling us racist are simply jealous of our mental superiority. I have been experiencing this through all my years of schooling. It never clicked that at heart they were simply jealous of my ability to solve problems and understand complex concepts with such ease…

Everytime when the mother used logic, she set the goal post further

This is the mind of two low IQ subhumans who wish to debate politics while throwing MSM arguments back and forth at each other completely ignoring each others points and seething about how right they are. Both of them are idiots without any valid point.


Didn't care enough about that legacy when you fucked that nigger (who probably hated whites like they all do) just to make daddy upset now did you? This is a walking, talking, tweeting toll paid for burning that coal. This dumb mulatto is going to keep on hating her mother, like she should tbh and she's obviously never going to care about "muh history/legacy" because she was obviously not raised in an environment where that was drilled into her, like it should have been. Oh well.
I have a sneaking suspicion that the mother is going to wind up dead. The mutt and her nigger boyfriend if she doesn't have one now, she will later will kill the mother. Keep an eye out for this because obviously the news will never report such a thing.

Can agree with this, back before I got more redpilled I had a mixed gf, her mom was white and her dad was a flip/taco mix.
I didnt know this at first but she messaged me a few years after the relationship and at some point suddenly talked about that she always wanted to be white when she was a lil shit.
Same prospect here tho, at some point she started listening to nigger music, started talking like one and even tried to talk shit to me saying Im "just a white guy".
Disappointing looking back, she even bought into the whole identity politics bullshit and believed only black guys are funny cause of some shitty vines she watched and her most likely already being anti-white at that point.

Kind of with the other user here, Im against non whites being in white countries, however im not against nonwhites in general, I want the best for everyone that has no unwarranted ill will towards others. Still wouldnt know where to put mix' like you.
Actually, we could put you into the middle east, after the kikes and Saudis are eradicated we'll put you into the territory of Israel and Saudi Arabia and call them the United NatSoc States, just to further piss on their graves and give you a home you can call your own.

Nice argument, nigger.

Exactly my point, user. Have you read Henry Harpending's paper on kinship? I suggest you read it as he puts it really into a perspective.

a picture's worth a thousand words, aint it. the coal burning mom deserves what it gets. fuck em.

PS - look at that fat neck roll. bitch is fat as fuck.

Burn the coal, pay the toll!

this is so fucking funny

i never thought about this aspect of race mixing, in 20 years when they're not sexually active and forget about the nigger cock and start resenting their worthless child that looks nothing like them

this is so fucking funny

i never thought about this aspect of race mixing, in 20 years when they're not sexually active and forget about the nigger cock and start resenting their worthless child that looks nothing like them

Man, I wonder where the father is in this situati—- OH WAIT HAHAHAHAHAHA

Boo hoo poor coal burner. Dumbass genocided her lineage, that's forever you fucking cunt.


God damn it I'm reminded every day how fucking doomed we are.

The fairy tale idea that the only difference between the races is skin color is widely accepted in spite of the vast mountain of evidence against it, because people can't handle the fact that certain ethnic groups are inferior to others.

Mulattos have to either accept the fairy tale of racial equality or they have to accept the cold hard truth that they were born of inferior genetics. Most of them are unwilling to accept the truth because they can't handle the fact that they are inferior.

If they start with the erroneous conclusion that the only difference between the races is skin color, then it's easy to see discrimination everywhere. After all, if all people of all races were truly equal, then why do blacks fall behind in school, work, and life in general? In ignoring the truth that blacks fail at these things because they are simply not equal, the only conclusion they have left to grasp onto is discrimination. It's all fueled by their inferiority complex and inability to accept reality.

She sure is insecure about her genetics.

It's super easy to resent the kid when she tries to ignore any role that her white parent played in her upbringing (usually literally the entire upbringing since black fathers never stick around), and she goes "FUK U WHITE BITCH MOM, YOU RAYCISS, I'M A BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN QUEEN, WE WAZ KANGZ" like an ungrateful wretch.

What's she flipping out about? i can't quite understand what broke her back and why she's just done with her shitskin-kin.

The correct answer is . Others are adequate as well. Yours is the worst.

nigga shoulda been delivered as an abortion

LOL. She seems extremely jewish to me, not just from the Boston accent but the hand motions, the flood of speech. Pretty funny.

Dude was arrested or some shit and she went to pick him up, she gave him the 411 tried to parent him and in his rage knowing he can't hit his coalburning mom he repeatedly punched the coalburners dashboard. Then he calmed down and that's roughly where the recording started. Then they went on about him looking like a street wigger with his dreadlocks and then she starts with the fact that he can't control his emotion and immediately becomes 'violent' at the slightest bump in the road.


I'm going to differ from most here and say that they don't do it for genetic reasons, they do it because it is socially advantageous for them. Kikes promote an anti-white environment, by being anti-white and identifying primarily with their non-white side they reap more benefits than they would from identifying with their white side. This includes everything from social standing to scholarships to employment opportunities.

I'm a half white half spic/spanish mongrel (ghostly white though) and I don't understand how someone can take the side of the nonwhite part of them. I view mine as an impurity. Something to get rid of. I blend in perfectly with white culture. I would have had blond hair and blue eyes but instead I got brown hair and hazel eyes. I found a white girl who is maybe 95% white and 5% spanish and I will make many children with her to get closer to racial purity, although that will never be attained.

And with God as my witness I will personally hunt down every single fucking kike and slaughter them for pushing propaganda that allowed for my current existence.

Cuckservative boomer piss me off - they're angry for the wrong reason.

The anthem belongs to We, the People.

It's the national anthem, not the federal anthem or the military anthem.

Because they got the shit side of the genetics. You could be as confused as I am considering my kid asks me when the great removal of kikes, kimchi and chinks is going to happen.

that's the next thing that's coming
the national anthem is racist, they are already calling for it.

first they'll stop playing it at sports games, then at schools, then at every thing else, and then just like all the cuck cities taking statues down, city governments will cease to acknowledge it, and then it'll be changed.

i'd bet all it takes is an act of congress, it's not in the constitution or anything. house and senate pass it, national anthem is changed, game over. expect this if we loose the right wing majorities in the house and senate.

at a minimum in the next 5 years none of the major cities will acknowledge it and all the cucked states won't acknowledge it either.

This, ovary and egg transplant is a real thing becoming more accepted already

You could just take all non-white women that are mentally capable and have good attitudes/habits and make them birthers for white children

You know, the sheer fact a study like this exists, actually impresses me no matter how many times I see it. I figured they couldnt actually get away with ever doing something like this in the modern age. That it would be shut down IMMEDIATELY and the PC line of "MIXED RACE CHILDREN ARE GENETICALLY HEALTHIER BECAUSE MUH DIVERSITY OF GENES!"

most spics are already mixed with a significant amount of Spaniard, if you want to consider that white. it's pretty clear looking at them who is straight up aztec, and those one's are shit on even in mexico. i forget the spic words for it, but there's a clear caste system in mexico and the aztec's are at the bottom of it.

If your phenotype is for all intents and purposes perceptibly white and non-semitic, then you're good to go. No need to be so strict with yourself in this case.


Must be nice.

Has anyone doxxed the mother? I want to give her a call and explain how I disapprove of her coal burning

I think you are Holla Forums trying to larp here to figure out how it works. You might just be new and chiming in because you want to contribute. Lurk, listen, learn.

Not all of them do, at least. I know, personally speaking, that some understand the true nature of their negro kin and want nothing to do with them, instead wholly embracing their white side, and actively strive to be as white as much like their full-white kin as they can. Sadly, though, the nigger gene still has an impact on them. Try as they might, they are hard-pressed to ever fully overcome it. For them, it's like living with a beast inside of you, but you just so happen to be self-aware enough to realize it and have the desire to be rid of it, where as a true nigger wouldn't even realize there is anything wrong with their nature.

It certainly doesn't help that people on both sides of the spectrum (white nationalists, liberals, and hebes) choose to label mullatoes as black. I'm sure being lumped in their whole lives with black people has an impact on their choosing to self-identify with them.

Its because you fucks reject us and call our existence a mistake. My other side doesn't do that.

t. mixedfag

mutts are such confused subhumans it's hilarious but next to the hapa subhumans the nigger mutts are the most funny of all. always trying to doubledown on their negroidity in a pathetic attempt to compensate despite despite the white parent 99.99% of the time actually staying to care for them and being raised with all manner of "white privilege". Thankless subhumans just like that maniac depressive mutt Obama.

This is a fucking lie and you know it. Nobody wants you, everybody fucking sees how niggers treat light skinned niggers for example. If white people were gone, you'd be next just like on Haiti. People should really read the history of Haiti too if they want to get redpilled. Always remember you are a subhuman, you will never belong anywhere.

I'm not black, faggot. Why do you idiots forget that more than niggers and jews exist in this fucking world?

The only good thing mutts can do is rally and commit to activism AGAINST racemixing. I haven't known a single mutt that didn't curse their own existence and lash out in numerous ways, one being is like the cunt in OP, her own fucking mother who cared for her. Don't let anyone in the future suffer your repugnant existence.

Because they are mentally ill and confused and deeply deeply insecure. They have no real identity to speak of and they know it which is why they try to doubledown on a side compensate for their cursed existence. Always remember they don't hate white people because anything to do with discrimination because white people unfortunately currently are the least racist and most welcoming race and stats back this up although I wish that self-destructive behaviour was fixed. They hate white people because one of them in their life is responsible for their very disgusting existence and they cannot stand that fact whatsoever. See Barack Obama for an example. He is only even fucking alive and got to be president entirely because he was cared white people pretty much his entire life and he was abandoned by his worthless nigger father. If you read his book Dreams of my Father you'll know instant he's a maniac depressive, a typical mentally ill mutt with issues and tries to chain smoke so much of it away like an alcoholic. Obama's entire presidency was based on race baiting and hustling. He let fucking race hustler Jesse Jackson into the white house, which is like Trump making the white house official KKK headquarters and he invites the Grand Wizard to. Too bad Trump is a civnat cuck. He can go after illegals and Mexicans all he wants but everybody fucking knows a large amount of people voted for Trump and the GOP getting the largest majority in forever because BLM niggers are insufferable. The spics at least work hard. The niggers are just worthless obsolete farm equipment. I'd go back in time to end slavery myself just so we wouldn't have to deal with this literally cursed race, they are the descendants of Ham. They inherited the Curse of Ham. God hates niggers and that's why they must suffer above all other races for eternity.

That's the point. It applies to every race, even more than it does normally especially if they're a gook hapa creature then it's definitely assured no race will ever accept them because whites may tolerate nigger mutts to a degree because of white guilt but even white women who usually play the most tolerant if any in all humanity utterly detest and despise hapa subhumans. It's over.

Thank you for saying that, user. No, I look 100% white and no one is able to tell unless I tell them. I don't look Jewish at all. My grandpa was Pennsylvanian Dutch. My last name is German. I just want to help when DOTR comes.

ok spic

That's not even slightly true. Only nigs are as bad as you people when it comes to dealing with mixedfags. Either way though, it doesn't make you people any less the enemy of any mixedfag with half a shred of pride.

Asians are nice people but the women are a trap. They double down on their femininity and act submissive but it is just an act. They are like a sleeping demon that will erase all your emotional humanity. No non brainwashed woman will be there as much as a white woman will be for a white man. A white girl i dated said Asians scare her because they have no souls. this may be mostly true and that possibility is utterly terrifying if you're a human being considering being with someone for the rest of your life. Imagine sitting in bed with a woman and she's an empty slate. A robot that wants your money and will leave with the slightest vulnerability. Most white woman have become horrendous but the good ones are the best option…no contest.

Holla Forumsacks are not the enemy. They speak the truth. We were dealt a shitty hand. And it's not Holla Forumsacks we should be attacking. It's the jews who even normalized the disgusting practice of racemixing. I don't care if I'm not good enough to be among their ranks, but I will be helping. Maybe I'll get given an island as a reward.

You're a sackless cuck. Kill yourself.

You first, Mordecai. :^)

Yeah not standing for the pledge of allegiance means they love the US. Totally

And why would I want them?

Everyday I thank white God for not making me an Elliot Rodgers or a John Bettendorf or a whatever the mongrel in OP is.

Ayo look at this lightskinned nigga
Holla Forums is the only group who feels sympathy for you. Your "other side" is so jealous of you they'd hang you from light-poles sooner than the most hardcore DOTR LARPer on here.

Polacks may feels sympathy for em but won't they still be shoahed during rope day?

We'll only genocide them a little.

meant for

I just googled "national anthem racist" and yup, in less than 20 years we'll have a new one. Probably a rap about how fucking great niggers are.


look how messy her car is in the upper right hand corner

Jews like bargains, right? Let's compromise. We'll only guillotine the top half of their heads.


They don't fucking look white. They will never have light hair colors or any eye color that isn't brown. It is impossible for them to identify as white without both whites and shitskins rejecting it. They can only be brown…. BECAUSE THEY ARE BROWN

On a side note; has anyone else experienced the godly satisfaction of rejecting a non-white girl who wants your D because she cannot give you white children? Post stories.

I Second This

I have one but it's not great.

So the mother betrays her ancestry and lineage by mating with an animal - and is then surprised when her offspring revolts and distances herself. 'Tis like pottery.

Most of the women who hit on me were white leftist girls, so have a few bonus stories.

>"[your boyfriend] has a good beard" it was a faggot beta beard, i was just being nice

This doesn't sound like a thing that really happened but those digits say otherwise.

They both happened and they were both extremely depressing to witness. At least the second guy dumped his retard of a gf and, while still a huge lefty, is starting to come around on some issues.

Worse, it's a government regulation.
or better, depending on how you see it

niggers gonna nig

Fucking idiots.

Oh yes

America the Beautiful incoming as new national anthem, no question. Let's look at the "racism" of the Star Spangled Banner, though. There's nothing remotely racist in the first verse, which is the only one you ever hear. Second verse, still no problems. Third verse, here we go:
The British had freed slaves and foreign mercenaries in their ranks in the War of 1812, so there we go, case closed, the Nat'l Anthem exults in the slaughter of noble black men fighting for their freedom. Or does it? It's not super obvious that Key is talking about literal freed slaves, here. He might be calling the British in general, "hirelings and slaves," because they're subject to a king. This would be perfectly in line with common rhetoric of the time. The fact is, there's no record of Key ever explaining exactly what he meant, and both interpretations are reasonable. Don't expect that to change things, any more than the fact that nobody ever sings the third verse is going to change things, you bigots. RACIST ANTHEM MUST GO!
Oh beautiful, for spacious skies…

Hahaha no sympathy. Not all tolls come due immediately, but in one form or another, they all pay up.

black girls are always obsessed with crowding around me just to stroke my hair for some reason get phone numbers and invitations but i always turn them down. don't want to end up like that cuck robert de niro and his hideous mongrel abomination spawn that look nothing like him.

this what did she think was going to happen

Lel, they'll always hit you up on facebook or something.
"Hey, what's up??"

This girl ought to show some respect and learn her place. #OverTheKnee

What's wrong with America the beautiful

Nothing's especially wrong with it, but once it replaces the Star Spangled Banner, it'll be an eternal symbol of our defeat and cuckoldry, simply by the fact that the left was able to force it on us. See the Canadian flag change for a similar scenario.

What's wrong with changing your flag to be simpler?
The star spangled banner is a bit hard to sing, to be honest.

For who? Beaners?

Second link is dead.

I bet they'll start singing "this land was made for you and me" as the national anthem. The original 1940 version

The vocal range of a singer in classical music is 2 octaves. But the range of the song is a twelfth, when an octave only has 6 tones.

You dense fuck. The problem is not that the leaf is simpler, just as the problem with America the Beautiful is not that it's a bad song, nor easier to sing. I explained exactly what the problem was in my last post, but let's make it extremely clear:

The problem with these things is that they are changes to beloved national symbols forced on the people by the left. Therefore they are a symbol of the left's victory and our defeat.

Do you think the American army exploded the swastika in this vid because they thought perpendicular lines were aesthetically displeasing?

I get it, sorry for being a retard.

Wow, uh, thanks. Big of you to admit that. I… actually like the look of the new Canadian flag, but I still despise it because it was adopted to erase the history and heritage of the people who built Canada and replace it with bland globalist gruel.

Muh famelee values!

this is great. the daughter getting btfo is great. the coal burning mother finally paying the toll by her own daughter is great.

got any more of this?

It's been said but I honestly feel with shekelvision constantly demonizing Whites, combined with the gibs as well as Whites who have become weak, self-loathing doormats that mulattos would choose those they at least perceive as strong.

Osama bin Laden said it best "When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.”

Who would want to be on a team of self-loathing cucks who are hated by other tribes, hate themselves and get legally discriminated against when they can be on the team that gets handouts, preferential treatment from gov/media/academia/hiring and both more rights than Whites as well as infinitely exploitable victimhood status?

Nigger conduct plus lighter skin makes them easier to pick up in the dark when committing crimes.

All these years and I still don't understand why they made bin Laden take the fall. He said he didn't do 9/11, the official 9/11 reports said he didn't do it, all the CIA agents said repeatedly he didn't do it so what was the point? I still remember him holding up a book called "The Israel Lobby". Redpilled so many so good.

Smarter competition. Or are you a bible-believing evolution denier?

There is nothing wrong with loving your job and having passion in executing it.

Isn't Miscegenation illegal in Israel? People should say we should be more like Israel and anyone who says otherwise just cry antisemite and done.

checking them dub-dubs!

The ironing is delicious


top kek

Step it up a peg user

Had sorta the same thing kinda happen to me but in a text
Having that conversation was probably the most disgusting and uncomfortable ones I had in my life



>a national anthem that literally supports the oppression of black people
That's what the song is about. Based Francis Scott Key was celebrating the fact that there were blacks in Fort McHenry.

Yeah, every fucking time. Like nothing happened. Fucking niggers. But I cut all those people and shit out of my life, those fuckers still get drunk and never get anywhere in their life.

They all love whites man, maybe you're not white but whatever. All that screaming liberals (you too leftypol), niggers and spics do shouting "fuck white people" is pure because they want attention from whites. That's how it works nowadays because Goldstein told them they can't be nice to whites because if they are nice to whites they are not part of the tribe anymore. It's all fear mongering and they all know it.

For real man, I never really hated other races but I never thought highly of them, race mixing always disgusted me anyways.

Best part was that a few years back my dad admitted that my grandpa served in Hitlers army and fought against the Bolsheviks. My grandpa sadly never told probably because the subject never arose and my dad was ashamed though I redpilled him suggested him to watch The Greatest Story Never Told. My dad finally understood why his dad joined up with Hitler.

And that's enough blog posting, comes with stories like these.

And the most dangerous people of all are those who can't or wont admit that.

An octave is 8 tones (or 12 half-tones), as you include both the top and bottom, example A B C D E F G A. That's why it's called an octave and not a hexave or sexave.

Also, a range of 2 octaves is normal, the issue is not everyone has that same range. Even in chorus in middle/high school we would train to be able to cover 3-4 octaves.

The commie West Point cadet and the nog getting knocked out by slavs seems like good recent examples.
But are nogs capable of hubris?

In america, give the blacks about 3 states, ship the mulattoes there as admins and cops, prop it up with what used to be foreign aid, nat soc economy allows for funding a black hole such as black states and it'll run itself. Wall it off if niggers try to leave.

In all other western countries just jam all the non-whites and race mixers into a couple of major city-states and ban them from buying property or renting anywhere other than there, and denying any white family from doing the same.

All non-white crimminals get the boot though.

jesus you couldnt be more wrong.

do you know what "oct" refers to? like.. "octet" "octagon" etc?

Is it fear mongering or attention whoring?


"She wrong on so many points in her argument"
I notice this numbnuts isn't making much of an effort to outline why "she wrong."

I'm mixed and I am content with myself. However, I don't understand why mixed people chose their non-white side even though Black People aren't too fond of us. Even if the Jews completed their plan, I would most likely be in hiding somewhere in the forest, living off the land until I lay dead.

Because they don't look white. Identity is expressed through appearance and appearance is used to judge identity. Your appearance strongly affects how you perceive and identify yourself. Many studies prove this.

That's why half breeds should be removed from white society.

In an majority black society, the half-breeds just get outright murdered or used in some sort of voodoo torture. Mongrels are doubly fucked in this regard, their only real option is to be worthy enough to live in white societies as willingly sterilized underclass participant or get murdered by a nigger horde anyway if white societies end up destroyed. The former is clearly the better option.

Some adjustments.


"I think we all know who wields more control over the news and entertainment media than any other group. It’s the Jews. And, yes, they deserve a great deal of blame. But not all the blame. Perhaps not even most of it. After all, they’re only acting in accord with their nature. They’re doing what they always do when they come into a country. We shouldn’t have let them do it. We should have stopped them when they were taking over Hollywood 75 years ago. We should have stopped them when they began buying up newspapers back before the Second World War. After the war we shouldn’t have let them get anywhere near a television studio. But we didn’t stop them, and the blame for that really lies with those who have set themselves up as our political leaders. They sold us out. They sold out America. They sold out their race. When our kids are exposed to the god-awful, anti-White rap musicals from MTV, should we blame the Jewish owner of MTV, Mr Redstone, or should we blame the politicians in Washington who let him get away with it? Personally, I’d go after the politicians first."

Personally, I'd put the blame on weak willed whites who let themselves be hoodwinked and walk into degeneracy.

Or these vets who sacrificed their souls to destroy their own future because they willingly let themselves be led astray.

The ultimate blame lies not with the Jew, or the opportunistic traitor politician, but with the [i]people[/i] that consistently fail to uphold moral and ethical standards, and consequently do not execute the actions they demand.

That is the reason we are where we are.

I'm a bit more of the compassionate bent, but even I just hope genetic manipulation gets to the point where no one would have to suffer not being white.

Racemixing is frowned upon but when it does happen, Latinos/Hispanics/etc are okay because they've got some Euro Spaniard genes and are Catholic.

>meh, commiting a crime is bad, but when it does happen, THIS IS the coolest crime to commit.
For what purpose, user?

What retarded logic is this?

The poor lad's already torn in half about it, for what purpose is there to exclude people if they share similar ideologies?

somebody needs a tune-up

Whitewashing rayguns?

payin' that toll!
even the attempt at a white name couldnt save her little nigger poobaby.

Race mixers who mix with niggers are getting what they deserve.

Let them pay the maximum toll.

one drop of niggerblood is all it takes that niggabitch ought to put her mammy headscarf back on

Good explanation. I too have thought for a long time that so called liberals treat all non-whites as puppies who can't defend themselves. I have been actively spreading this thought once and despite it being hard to tell I thought it yielded some results. In the following weeks I noticed a few people who identified as non-white who got triggered by liberals because the non-whites are able to defend themselves.

When attacked by a foreigner for this reason, a liberal will be faced with internal cognitive dissonance, a beautiful thing to behold. They will not show their grief, it is more like a slowly growing cancer of awareness.

They see weakness when they see an unorganized pack of niggers and it translates to their consciousness as empathy.

The reason why I find this thought amusing is as that as long a so called liberal can champion somebody foreign without being faced without internal dissonance they don't have to champion themselves and who they are. I believe it to be a coping mechanism to avoid being proud of what you are.

because white pride, while equated to nadsism and shunned, is still there, even though unspoken.
you are part-something else? you are not white.
being biracial is not a thing, either you''re white or you're not.

Phenotype implies genotype. You wouldn't look the way you do if it weren't for your genes.

I don't think there is enough rope.

Good luck with that because I can't see that happening.

I have heard stories of that. However, I greatly disagree with sterilizing them, just let them breed themselves out of existence.

This satisfies me even more than watching a coalburner get murdered. I like the idea of her actually having to live with and reflect on her shitty decisions.

Feeling self- conscious because neither one or the other, so, they over-compensate in a desperate bid for attention and acceptance. That nerd Drake a good example.

hey now

Proof halfbreeds are confused individuals. Some convo I had with mongrel.

I pass as white. I identify more with "white" cultural values as well. This has to do with the fact that my black mother does the same. She grew up in a shitty environment where everyone was on drugs or alcoholic. She had one strong male role model in her life and he was a black/native american/white grandfather figure that served in WW2 and korean war. She refused to date black men because where she was from they were all either losers or abusers.

Growing up- we weren't allowed to watch TV or be exposed to black stereotypes. We were made to listen to classical music as kids. We didn't have this concept of being black or white- we were just american.

fun fact- my mom was calling Michelle an Ape from the beginning and saying she's ugly. I can't publicly share the same opinion bc of the color of my skin without being called racist. But it's true, she is objectively not a pretty man- regardless if she was white or black.

I wonder how many mulattos with white father figures identify with being white first?

halfbreed here- it's confusing, had a similar experience, called a nigger by white folks- and called a cracker by blacks.

Now I just don't let white people know I'm mixed- a lot of them just assume I'm some weird euro mix- only black women tend to pick up on me being mixed.

Regularly get told by people that I've got "white privilege" because I pass as white. I laugh because part of the reason I grew up poor is because my father married black and as a contractor was blacklisted when people would find that out. Always got into fights with white's and blacks alike bc no-one likes mixed people. What a privilege.

Into the nose you go Halfbreed-chan

give the good ones their own little rural communities as a reward tbh

no you dont, leave


Miscegenation creates beings that can never be at peace because they are at war with themselves.


That AND the fact they have a shitload of mental illnesses due to outbreeding, which is just as bad if not worse in some ways than inbreeding.

Lol I always find that it really does come down to the most simple answer with people.
It seems like it really all boils down to this with mutts:
I don't have a racial identity so you can't have one either you white bastards!
Such most shabbos of goy

This was the reason China got it's ass kicked by a medium sized island from halfway around the globe in the opium wars. When the first European explorers came to China from across the sea, we came to learn, in awe of this ancient civilisation. We wrote about it extensively, and spread the knowledge as far and wide as we could. Going to China was a point of prestige, and the cultural and technological relics we found were coveted and studied.
When the Chinese saw us, with boat technology and maps far superior to their own, they dismissed it. When the Portuguese presented a mechanical clock far in advance of Chinese timepieces to the Emperor, he shoved it in his tribute halls. Just another trinket. An intricate globe showing the known world? Just places where dirty inferior barbarians come from, no need to pay attention.
European traders were restricted to tiny ports, and interactions with them limited to a select few. They thought they could treat them like shit and get away with it. They were wrong.
Do you know when the first intentional study of Western civilisation by the Chinese occurred? 1843. "The Illustrated Treatise on the Maritime Kingdoms" was the first attempt to begin to understand the people who had dominated the world outside of China for 3 centuries, and that was only after the Country had been ravaged by a tiny force of ships and men. Even then, it wasn't looked at by anyone in power in China. Japan had the humility to realise that they had become inferior, and based their Meiji restoration in part on the treatise. But China could never admit it had become inferior until it's corpse was being pecked at by commies and the Japanese.


In Africa, sure

made me think

im friends with a bunch of westernised asians, they had a rough time growing up getting bullied by whites and stuff, but the end result is western culture of compassion did enter their hearts, morphed a little, and decent human beings came out the other end, they funnily enough often criticize their own people's culture despite sharing it, they ride a knifes edge of western and SEA culture blending the two well enough, they have dogs they love, homes they take care of, and taxes they pay, but it';s only possible because they were forced into western culture as genuine minorities, and had the IQs high enough to assimilate. Too many gooks coming in and living amongst their own = failed multiculturalism.

Good. The race traitor is getting what she asked for.
This is the outcome for ALL racially mixed kids. Youre not white anymore. Its simply biology. European genetics are on the recessive end compared to every other end on Earth.

How is that even possible if you are mulatto?? typically you only see a "passible" mulatto if they are like the 6th sibling that has been churned out.

Honestly man, the best thing you can do is tell your story then to normie libs. They fetishize the thought of the "melting pot" Let them know the reality. So this shit can end.

fucking savage. gonna do this.

its not about pissing off daddy you fucking retard. Its about following the scripted narrative that is endowed onto you since birth. Kikes and media.
I dated this former race mixer (pre redpill) and she openly said that
I was the first white guy she dated actually.
But there is truth to what this slut said. Take a look at 90% of white males now. PURE SOY.
If youre a women who is biologically inclined to desire protection and a strong male, why the fuck would you date a white male.
Its just the sad state of affairs most white males are in atm.
they are fucking drunks. They wear their neon t shirts, and carhartts everywhere for every occasions.
You need to have style and be alpha.

I don't understand how everyone is missing the most prominent factor why people associate with the non-white portion of their genes.
It's so they can be perpetual victims
For joining the nig side you win:

what would you guys guess Jessica Alba's racial admixture is?
you guys are pretty racially aware/conscious so i wouldn't be surprised if a few of you are pretty close with your answer. She was on a George Lopez talk show and he does DNA tests on some of his guests (or so i am told, i don't watch it). She is 87% European, the worst part is she almost feels ashamed or let down because of it. If you're black, indian, anything besides European really its seen as a source of pride. If you're European its not, and if you try to take pride in it you're a racist.

Martin Luther King
Rosa Parks
Malcom x
Muhammed Ali
Halle Berry
Dr Dre
Barrack Obama

Black people who have been very influential, used as examples of black exceptionalism, or black beauty… Everyone i mentioned has European admixture. Thats the danger of racemixing. I doesn't just hurt us, it helps people who are hurting us.

great catch, user, you're 100% right.

I can't blame her for hating her mother honestly, she is probably thinking:
Can you blame her?

Of course she has a high percentage of white admixture - she's good looking.
Phenotypes like hers were popularized by the media as part of a slippery slope strategy to get people used to non-white features. She's white enough to be able to be an actress for large movies to an American audience but mixed enough to bridge the gap between typical blonde/blue features and gal fucking gadot who is the newest person they are trying to push, too bad no one watches movies anymore.

Race mixing only gives a quarter of the genes of both parents to the offspring, since most caucasian traits are recessive those traits get buried into the other genetic pool. There is also a whole host of problems involved with mixing different genes together beyond that gives rise to creepy uncanny mongrels and all those compound mild health problems. Blacks are not that big of an issue unless you engage in selective breeding, because when society stops maintaining their colonies in those Nigger territories the Niggers slaughter both the non-Niggers and the mongrels together.

Look up Schopenhauer's Law of Entropy.

likely she doesn't have a father. that's the part and parcel of these kinds of situations.

the one drop rule used to be considered racist, now they're proud of it, oh the irony

Depends.This seems to be the case with negroes, but vis-a-vis bronce people/"native americans", white ancestry seems to be much more dominant. Met a lot of mestizos in LatAm with only one single distant Euro ancestor who looked quite white-ish.

she got what she deserved for being a race traitor. Her kids are scum just like her.

burn the coal, pay the toll.

Lmao what a fucking Larper.

This. And this thread in general. I've been saying this shit for years. Malcolm X is one of the best examples to give. You take a high functioning nigger (thanks to his white grandpa) who realized he would never make it in white society because he was a filthy nigger and watch him use his gifts (again, all thanks to his white genes) rally up the chimp population against evil whitey.

It's almost a tragedy that our economy was doing so well back in those days. If folks were a little less well off they might not have put up with all the (((civil rights))) bullshit coming down the pipeline. Jewish economics is unhealthy, unsustainable and unnatural. Good times create weak men.

That's beyond retarded.

As a hapa who is already pretty white presenting, I would sacrifice my whole family to Moloch to be reincarnated to in an Aryan body.
By mixing with gook woman, you're at best making downgraded white mutts who desire to be white. More likely though, your child will be an Elliot.

What's wrong with that? I'm nordic and I'm only attracted to nordic women. Why should you care about my preferences?

You wrap this issue pretty nicely, having no real identity is a foreboding concept that i believe is ingrained in most of us half-breeds and as you said by identifying with the superior side of our lineage we end up scorning our lesser side so much that it leads to catastrophe, not only this self-destrucive vision applies to us but we can also project it on the other mixed ones because we see the thing we most want to avoid in them as well, a congregation of our kind thus ends up in a variety of misanthropic behaviours amongst ourselves, and everything stems for our drive to reject the parts of ourselves that makes us lesser.
We truly are the damned ones.


The only race mixing that isn't degenerate is Saiyan / Human race mixing


The recent Vegas shooter is a racemixer

t. Bernie Sanders

The mulatto has truly been given the shortest straw possible. Too white for black supremacists, not white enough for white supremacists, living with more health problems than their pure counterparts( ), and with no identity to speak of to boot, unless they're lucky enough to appear pure white or black.

To tell you the truth, I'd rather be a pureblooded black than a mulatto.

This is because she was 13% non-white; a lot of spics are self-aware deep down

Mutts are just deranged, a lot of ways more than those hapa subhumans, always the need to overcompensate.

Sounds mighty heretical to me

Hi friends. Fellow mulattoes. We should make our own board

I don't know. I kinda feel sorry for mongrels. In a way, they didn't ask for this. I wouldn't mind them in the white ethnostate either, so long as they act white, are civilised, and are sterilised.

Maybe this could be something we meme. Seeing all these mullatos having racial arguements with their parents. Some kind of warning that when the race war happens their little bundles of poop coloured joy will turn on them. Like "You will always be the oppressor to them" or clearly something better but along those lines?

Well, it's not like coalburners deserves loyalty anyway.

because most "Mulattos" have a black "ghetto thug yo" dad-typical white whore coalburning mom. not hard to see why that combination creates a terrible human being. very few white men are reproducing with nigresses.

i'm not schilling that /pol should start porking down nigresses in masses because fuck that too, but the mulattos with white dads always turn out better/less nigger. see

the more dangerous pairing for white men is asian females. Because it's the beta pussies that go for them. then you get the self-hating fucked up Hapas in masses.

basically the result of what the jews want for both genders of whites. Pussie men (go for asian females) and whore women (go for black thugs). Thats why those pairings are propagated so much.

what else can you expect from a dumb nigger kid?