Ominous post on Holla Forums

Maybe this is why there's so many shills

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Most likely pure LARPing.
Noice dubs though.

Will you be back tomorrow to eat crow when nothing happens?

Something about this is screaming at me that it's authentic.

at least sage when you post LARP threads, user.

Stop wasting our time.

You're already wasting time.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

oh well if the international court is involved it must be legit


The bloodless coup part sounds authentic to me.


Yeah, I noticed this yesterday here:

WH user did hint about new money a while ago.

not interested

dozens of threads like this get posted on half/pol/ every day. non of them ever come true.

But I want to believe it




Just a thought. Do you think that the bankers tried to crash bitcoin in order to covert their money before it becomes worthless? It didn't happen too long ago and they would definitely know this was coming if it was.

Fuck off. I'm fully dehumanised, and so's my face!

Kill yourself, seriously.

the digits interest me


"WH user" is a LARPer too you thick fuck. He just says shit that we already know, or that people want to believe.

This is getting slid and sighOPed

Have a bump

WH user is Jared Kushner you imbecile.

"WH user" is just some random user of no special consequence. It's a fucking LARP.

anons I have recently learned of a concept called larping

Is it true that there are people that larp online ? Is it true ?

No ? If a new money, like a new dollar, is created why the need to "quote" and adding "hinting at". He could just have said a new money will be made, period.

He's quoting himself earlier in the sentence retard.

and you can't read, nigger.

sounds like more of the same jew kikery tbh

To me I think he wrote it the way he did to pique peoples' curiosity and think about the implications of that.

checked and praise!

he's implying that the current government will be overthrown, rendering their currency forfeit. a new governmental body established will be tasked with making a new currency.

yea, get back to me when these traitorous kikes have been lined up against a wall

I'm okay with this, WH user is probably LARPing though.

Hey, I'm just stating the implications. I'm not saying it's true. Personally I think a "bloodless" coup is a wasted gesture doomed to fail at this point.

Unchecked trips? Checked.
Believe it when I see it though.

The new money thing is real but it's not "new."


Millions of billions user.