A future for white sports - fencing

After the talk of kneeling NFL players today, I think it's well past time to discuss the future of sports.
I've been separated from the world of major sports for years now, but I've filled the void for competition by studying, teaching, and practicing Historical European Martial Arts, and I believe this is a good way for us to normalize our perspective. The sport is incredibly white (The only master who wasn't white was literally called "the jew" and contributed virtually nothing) and is not just the sport and practice of fencing and wrestling, but also self defense arts and the study of the European middle ages and rennaisance.

What I want to do today is introduce people to the sport, and hope to stir up interest so that we can stop the blacking of our historic martial arts before it happens.
HEMA is such a threat to (((them))) that they have created a PREEMPTIVE anti racism organization to police schools, clubs, And tournaments, but the only power they have is to bar you from major tournaments, revoke your teaching certification (which is a scam to begin with, we all work off the same manuals), and revoke your special discounts on gear and insurance (which can be regained by simply asking those companies for discounts)

What this means is that with a relatively small number of us, we can do everything they can, but outside of semetic influence.

So my question is
If you're not playing sports, why not?
And if you are playing sports, why isn't it the sport of your ancestors?

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just fucking stop already, we don't need more sports threads

They are a bunch of civic nationalists

This is Holla Forums relevant, sport is a tradition, fencing a white tradition.

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I don't tend to lurk shit boards, this isn't /k/ related anyway, at that rate I might as well post on /wooo/

Hunting illegals at the border

Pro Wrestling is the only way

Girevoy Sport

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What a joke.

We've already decided on professional twerking being the only sunday entertainment to replace plebball

Better start training for that WWE career

Jesus Christ.

this is my favorite board, and I'm tired of people like you shitting it up

You'd make a good mod.

I like both history and self improvement threads. You just lazily made a fencing-why I like hema thread
notice the complete lack of interest so far

I'm interested in HEMA, but it's tough to find a place to learn, and I'm sure the equipment gets pricey.

I squandered my youth on video games and books, and only started getting fit in my late 20s. I took up boxing a few years ago. My gym seems to be entirely young, white professionals.

I have been practicing traditional Japanese martial arts for more than 11 years. I could count all the non-whites that have ever joined on only one hand.

We've been getting a ton of slide threads today. Something interesting's probably happening, or about to happen.

Boxing is good, but the ruleset makes it comparable to Olympic fencing, I just hate that butterfly kisses count as points.
As for HEMA, most schools are in the eastern US, but if none are near you, start a club. You can build a safe pine waster for less than five bucks, and it requires nothing more than eye protection. Masks are only 60 bucks from absolute.

Why Japanese and not European?
But yes,I noticed nonwhites are scared of swords. My guess is because they don't understand finesse, so they struggle to follow a competent swordsman.


I've been doing sport fencing with an epee for about five years. It's fun, gives you great legs and endurance, but rest of my body (except my right arm bicep) is skelly. Tomorrow I start Muay Thai. Anyone has some beginner tips? How long before my body starts to adapt to the pain from punches and kicks?

Epee? Nice, much better than the foil, which I just plain don't understand the point of. Longsword will work both your arms and your core, consider starting that.

As for the pain, it depends on the person.

It's more about them being uncultured subhumans. Any type of arts (martial or otherwise) is non-existent to non-whites because they cannot understand anything that is not a basic need/instinct. Asians partly excluded.

filipinos arent asian my dude. theyre islander

Hey man, haven't you seen Haitian machete masters?
Hella scary dude, thank god they are willing to teach whites, we'd be fucked otherwise.

We need more ARMA type groups. Is there anything in Wyoming?

The word 'professional' has lost its meaning.

ARMA is not HEMA. While I enjoy Clements' passion and energy (despite his abrasive nature in person) he's a bit like a HEMA Mgtow, and probably shouldn't be the standard for fencing…however, the fact that he triggers the hema alliance is an admirable trait that should be encouraged.
The hema club finder says someone is starting a club in the hinterlands, so there's a lead, but as I said, it's mostly east coast.

Well… I just have trouble finding people who actually take it seriously. I get nothing out of it if my opponent isn't serious. I got used to using live steel and minimum gear (as in, safety glasses and leather gloves.) so without a serious opponent, I have no adrenaline response and it's hard to get anything out of it.

How do you Jude who wins? Do the judges fap to each contestant and choose the winner based on which one made them cum quicker?

Shooting and weightlifting

I do powerlifting, simplest, fastest sport to learn and practice regularly. Lifting things up and putting them down.

Historical European strategy games are the way you should go. Europeans invented some of the greatest strategy games we know of. Start off with Hnefatafl and Rithmomachy. They're our versions of chess but better and exclusively European. They'll teach you real strategy and abstract thinking skills. Sports are for kids.

As for getting fit, just lift. You'll be able to get yourself a Greek Adonis physique, out-muscle non-white invaders, you attract a fine European maiden to breed with. It's the way to go.

HEMA is useless. Not only is it impractical as you can't carry swords around, but swords are no longer relevant in modern combat and war. Learn hand-to-hand CQC, tactical shooting, and how to use a knife. HEMA is LARPing.

the rules and judges just make it annoying to watch, the moment they lock blades a fag steps in to separate them

battle of the nations is much better than this stylized ballet
they actually fight for longer than 1.5 seconds and judges onyl step in when someone is really getting hammered
there is a team of jewknights tho

The fuck? That's the moment that desides who wins and who dies. The moment a bind is initiated is the moment you must either step out of the situation or push your advantage, and that choice almost always decides the fate of the fight.

Fishing and want to learn how to hunt my food and call it a day. Also I play few instruments as an excuse to become alone with myself without completely blocking everyone out.

if you fought naked perhaps, but they fought in armor

like i said watch the highlights from a battle of the nations match
21 guys in real metal middle ages gear charge at eachother and hack at one another untill all the others from the other team are on the ground, no fag judges to disrupt the action and viewing pleasure

Just watched OP's videos. Guy on left is complete garbage, complete total garbage. He'd lose to a walking tub of mayonnaise. Guy on the right is passable, but no champion. Neither have control or focus.
Embed related, main guy breaks fingers halfway through and keeps going for another couple dozen wins. Still not expert level, but better than the shit OP posted.


the only sport that matters is killing non-whites

see what I mean now, this is basically an unfunny /k/ thread

thanks, will look into

I knew someone who fought me naked once… I almost split his right nipple in two with a sideways slash. His eyes went wide and locked on mine and I pulled back at the last second leaving essentially a paper cut across his nipple… He put some damned clothes on after that.
Not really user, if anything it makes it far more decisive. Glancing blows are negated by armor, while the bind is what allows you to go for the kill or to disarm or ground your opponent, which is crucial to fighting an opponent in armor.


Y'all are thinking too hard. Guns or bust.

I mean, you could find larpers and encourage them to try it. Just let them know how much better they will be in their games after learning how to actually do it. If you're even a little competent with sword and buckler it's really easy to blow their minds by using historical technique to destroy their sloppy handwork. Their bouncy and super lightweight weapons are harder to fight against than a real weapon, but so long as you have a shield (which is what you always see them using) you can trivialize their attacks, which will get them begging you for more, and treating it all quite seriously, as they see it as training to keep their fantasy characters alive.

Nerds are a goldmine for HEMA instructors.

What state doesn't allow that?
It involves Norse and German wrestling, knife fighting, dagger fighting, cudgel, cane, staff, etc. HEMA is the entirety of European self defense, sport, and warfare.

Battle of the nations isn't even close to historical fighting. They might as well just be brawling unarmed.

Armored fighting doesn't look like that, it looks like this video, or if both are armored, they wrestle with daggers. It's not fun which is why nobody does It, blossfechten is infinitely more interesting to watch. If you can't tell why the judge is doing stoppages, then you're not observant enough to see the hits.

In any case, have them as backup - they don't need ammo.
But what you said is spot on.

Get into swimming. It's the toughest sport outside grappling martial arts and it's all white.

espn.com/olympics/story/_/id/15415007/first-lady-michelle-obama-appears-us-athletes-receives-fencing-lesson-olympian-ibtihaj-muhammad the pedo goatfucker

HEMA has a great foundation and potential because it's a badass sport. The problem with it's popularity is the presentation, for example is fun to watch, but the fucking gay lame music kills it. It's too "dorky", if some tasteful anons came together to create something that was aesthetic, if the swords were more nicely designed, if the music was more high test, if the costumes/dress was actually well done and looked like it could be real and not larp-y, then you could have an event that could be aimed at a larger group of people. Also setting. It has to be set in cool locations, like inside old cathedral type shit. Even normies like (((Game of Thrones))). It's naturally compelling entertainment because it's a combat sport and it involves weapons, it just needs the proper packaging to make it skyrocket.

make HEMA look badass and not larp-y and you could have a marketable sport.

Look, I know JC will kick you out of the school if you compliment Norwood, but to claim he's a poor fighter?
The reason Joey continues is because he's prize winning, as in, if he stops he cannot advance in rank. He's also not fencing against a bunch of top tier fencers. The better the opponent, the harder it is to apply techniques like arma's interpretation of schlussel, because you'll just get your head zwerch'd.

You must be thinking of Olympic fencing.

Even unarmored, glancing strikes mean nothing, realistically speaking. My doublet could stand up to a sharpened edge for fucks sake. Thrusts and head strikes are the real winners.

full plate armour cannot be cut with a swordswing, a trust maybe and this is the reason trusting is forbidden at all reenactments
the groin and armpit area are the killing points and i haven't seen many of those in op's vid
in reality you would go for heavy hits against the head like in your vid to give your opponent a concussion rather than a bleeding wound

it still doens't change the fact that op's vid is stylized fencing where point noting counts higher than reality
we already have a sport for that called fencing from a time period where armor was disregarded for levee en masse

if you try to do medieval style fighting account for the armour of the period by not counting a low velocity tag of the head
this is why botn does it better because it counts when you go down

You realize there is literally nothing historical about Olympic fencing, right? It's not a combat sport, it's tag.
Last olympic games that muzzie pissed everyone off because she ducked when thrusting, and "it's not in the rulebook"

Foil fencing is the furthest you can get from actual sword combat.

It's a shame because kuhotovic is a God tier fencer, but I agree, the music sucks.
…not sure what is nerdy about their teeshirts and feders though…

What about hockey? Although Blake Wheeler spoke out against Trump for his comments on anthem protestors…

It doesn't matter anyways. Get into practical shooting sports and effective martial arts like sambo. Learn modern military doctrine, we live in the gunpowder era as much as you medievalfags want to pretend otherwise.

I never needed to lift in the vast majority of my life. Using weapons (both old AND new) is the way to go. Learn every combative skill you can. There is no such thing as muh larping.

It is particularly odious when obvious noncombatants give their opinions on combat.

Nigger that is unarmored fighting, it's called blossfechten. They are fighting with swords using protection, but with all areas considered unarmored.
My OP video is of two guys doing unarmored longsword, thus all thrusts and cuts are valid.

That's like saying "there's nothing historical about boxing herp derp" LOL.
Of course it's a combat sport and not actual combat, just like boxing, just like UFC/MMA (no downward elbows) or BJJ (no twisting knee holds) etc.
It is based on historical swordfighting, solidly so, with the essence of foil being distilled from duelling arts in court, with saber distilled from mounted cavalry fighting, and epee more accurately reflecting self-defence with the dueling sword.
Larp harder, asshole.

That's like saying "there's nothing historical about boxing herp derp" LOL.
Of course it's a combat sport and not actual combat, just like boxing, just like UFC/MMA (no downward elbows) or BJJ (no twisting knee holds) etc.
It is based on historical swordfighting, solidly so, with the essence of foil being distilled from duelling arts in court, with saber distilled from mounted cavalry fighting, and epee more accurately reflecting self-defence with the dueling sword.
Larp harder, asshole.

i know texas law regarding swords (i'm a metal fabricator, and for fun I've made a few swords) basically you are allowed to own swords, but you can only carry a real sword in public if you are in full historical re-enactment costume and are on your way to said historical re-enactment or at said historical re-enactment. people who make and sell real swords can get by with transporting them if the cop isnt a dick and you can prove you make a living with swords…

That's the old law. The new law is you can carry around a fucking halberd if you want.


It's based off of smallswords, moron, and it has no historical basis, it's a modern interpretation and focused on pointless rules instead of actual combat potential. If you've ever actually picked up a sword and fought, you'd know that. In fact, why don't you find a HEMA group and challenge them? Rapier vs epee, saber vs actual saber, and foil vs smallsword?

You Olympic guys need to get a grip, you had a fucking panic attack because a sand nigger bent your stupid rules, you think rennaisance fencers cried because they got thrown to the ground? We break bones and knock each other out, you guys can't even take lateral steps, and your swords are made unrealistically light to accommodate the pointless rules.

Florida has open carry of any size blade. Until something changes, that includes swords. Still would look silly though.

The sole HEMA school around here is for flouncy-shirted rapier monkeys. My build is terrible at flouncing.

I'm desperate for some decent longsword.

Where you from?
We have an official group here for rapier, and my anti-alliance group, which does longsword, buckler, dussack , daggers, and ringen.
At any rate you should be able to just ask them, if they actually give a shit about HEMA they'll study outside what they know.

HEMA is fucking gay. It's for overweight LARPers with ponytails and neckbeards. I want to see blood.

The white man doesn't need bread and circus clapfests. We need activities in which we can all participate in and grow stronger, mind and body.

If we are to adopt a sport it needs to be something that can't become a spectator sport. Mountain climbing or similar might be better.

I only know one overweight fencer, but here.
Two dead so far.

I've never met a HEMA spectator that wasn't the wife or children of a fencer. Most guys participate after they know it exists.

I've recently been getting into climbing and it's way more fun than I anticipated and a great workout. Burns my forearms like nothing else. It also has an added benefit, to me at least, of giving a little rush when you're making technically complicated moves.


LARPing is a thing and you are a LARPer. You come across as a pedophile, too. You probably fight with little Timmy's sword, sicko.

Not only is HEMA LARPing, but it's impractical. That's clearly the case. You probably listen to Swedish neo-folk music while you dance around in leather high-boots while you flail around pathetically with your painted wood sword. You fighting IRL would be a Monty Python skit gone wrong. mohammed the pedo goatfucker will rape you in prison.

Imagine losing your life over a stupid duel you willingly participated in and had no real reason to fight.

Death by LARP. Welcome to HEMA.

Well I mean you had alot to lose historically, but those holmgang guys do it for the same reason people skydive or freeclimb.
Using steel is alot different from wood or synthetics, but using sharp steel is significantly different from that. It's an adrenal high, and it's unlikely to kill you, just maim.Thrusts are the most dangerous attack and they aren't use for buhurt and holmgang.

what do you make of this tbh?

Man, I've been involved in HEMA for going on 3 years now. There's a whole bunch of conservatives out here (because liberals are pussies that can't fight) and no one gives a flying fuck what the political narrative is.

Anders Linnard is a friend (via social media) and even if parts of the west fail, a lot of us HEMA people will be there to shoot, hack, and burn, communists and niggers alike.

We're going to make the West Great Again

For any one who cares:

Any one else wanna announce clubs in their area?

I went to the club that the OP Lee Smith runs for a while. While it's true that it was majority white, they were a mix of nerds, and pagan larpers. The sport doesn't demand very much physically when the rounds last for such a short interval, a fair amount of the high level guys there were pretty out of shape. I'm now doing MMA and even though it's a lot more diverse the people there are normal and the sport actually demands physical excellence. Wouldn't recommend HEMA tbh lads.


come up with a better name faggots; martial arts, arent

HEMA looks fun
it's like i'm really playing dark souls!


Football will become a nigger only sport watched only by niggers. Hockey will rise because fuck soccer. Also Niggers can't into hockey.

You know linnard? Fuckin awesome. Any idea if he's conservative? I felt like HEMA was a right wing sport until I had my run in with fucking FAR.

One club in Destin.

Lee Smith is also out of shape, I don't know how blood and iron is run, but the club's I've been to emphasize fitness, sword Carolina has weight lifting days even.

They are german.

Many master's taught soldiers, what are you on about?
Again, HEMA covers more than sport fencing, how stupid are you people.

Dark souls 3 actually has a few legitimate strikes, but other than that it's literally nothing like fencing.
If you're being serious, pick up a sword and get a perspective that isn't based on video games.

Would you rather I pick the first result on YouTube? It's the national geographic minidoc, and it takes 11 minutes to get the point across that niggers can't sword fight.

Well one tried to and he got
by a based PEN

Anders is about as conservative as they can get in Swedenistan without being arrested. He's been accused of 'racism' multiple times, but has enough respect in the community that nearly every one sides with him, when some nutball starts screeching about muh holocaust.

… so he isn't a right-wing nazi (like we are, we're postng on Holla Forums after all) but he sure as shit isn't swallowing any bluepill bullshit, and would likely waltz over to our side of the fence if presented with the opportunity. I keep telling him to get the hell out of cuckland and move to poland, but he's too much of a nationalist to let it go.

I hope he makes it… if things really go badly though, he'd have people lined up with offers to take him, and his family, in… in poland, lithuania, estonia, the USA etc. So he'll probably be fine.

I always find it hard to respect a fighter when they act like cucks outside the ring, so it's nice to know one of my favorites isn't a fag.
Poland is cool and all, but Hungary is where it's at, not so full of Jews.

Random aside, because I mentioned Hungary, viktor berbekucz does good work for a good price, I love his tournament feder.

A machette is a shit weapon compared to a proper sword. Single-arm use, bad balance, no hand-guard.

You have to go back.

You could give me a stick and that guy a falchion and I could still kill him for you.
That machete "fighting" is literally drunk niggers trying to comprehend saber duels they saw europeans do generations ago.

I actually showed the full documentary to students to demonstrate what you definitely should never do in a duel, and not even the newbie failed to demonstrate how to best him.
Machete fighting is the dumbest shit, and I've seen videos of Africans shrugging off blows to the head in a fight because niggers can't even do proper edge alignment, which I don't even comprehend how that's possible.

It's just fascinating to me that something redneck children do for fun is some kind of esoteric martial way of life for a nigger.

So you've felt it too? When everything around you ceases to exist or matter, just the feel of your steel gripping in to steel… the way the edges meet, and the control that the smallest turn of your wrist can have on the other blade as it glides across yours and time slows to a standstill or even ceases to have meaning.

How about the white race grows up and gets over bread and circuses? Always lose interest in them eventually anyway just like they did in Rome. We're in the final days of the empire.

dumb ass alert

user… do you know what I'm even talking about? Do you understand what I mean by the Bind? This is the moment your blades meet and struggle for control over each other, and the moment you grasp the true ability and experience of your opponent. Anyone can learn form and basic swings, but the bind shows mastery. Once this moment happens, there is hardly a second before the fight is decided with one man disarmed, maimed, grounded and killed… or both fighters mysteriously defying physics and finding themselves ten feet apart as they both realize how close they are to death.

When you are in a bind, ALL of the footwork, posture, positioning you've been winding up is suddenly released like a spring, and the slightest turn of your wrist, the next step you make either in towards your opponent or to the side, and whatever the fuck else you've trained for, is put to the test and you absolutely cannot fail. Then, you're either done for because you made the wrong choice, or you're standing over a corpse as the past two seconds floods back to you in what seems like ten minutes of data.

Or how about you give it a try and realize just how much a swordfight will improve your focus, your dexterity, your strength, courage, and confidence.

Which one are you referring to?


Friendly reminder that only boxing will give your the stamina, strength, and technique to fend off multiple attackers via one punch knockouts.

It's so effective it's actually illegal for you to use in a fight.

Your fists can become like a mace with the right guidance.

BJJ is fine for subduing a single attacker, but our enemies don't fight alone

I've not done intent with sharps (people aren't so excited to do that), but I've done unprotected intent with steel, which feels like your brain shutting off, and your body doing everything to keep you from taking 3 lbs of steel to the head. The holmgangers say sharps are the same feeling but more intense with of course the added grip in the bind.

I run with Meyer, he's got like four pages for cuts and a hundred for handwork, I know damn well how the bind works, I'm not even sure the point you're trying to make.

Plenty of other reasons to fence, and trust me, you'll built up stamina if you aim to get any better.
I think as far as self defense goes, learning the use of a gun and knife is more important.

Also ringen goes well with pugilism for unarmed. Our past was tough enough to breed practical martial arts.

Well, your previous response to mine didn't quite make sense in response to what I was saying. You seemed to have implied that armor makes binds ineffective somehow, and I was attempting to refute that and went into a bit of a rant.
Where did we get mixed up here?

Well you talked about glancing strikes, which are not very effective at all, even without armor.
I think that's where it came about.

Too technical, if they lowered down the autism of judge scores then it would be something worth watching. It shouldn't be timed but based on technique, hits, hypothetical DAMAGE of hits. Simply taping someone in the shin shouldn't count as a point. But deflecting or parrying an advance and then striking your opponent should. Most of it is spent watching judges determining who deserves a point or not. Kind of lame.

No. fitness for survival is more than just lifting and combative sport training is probably the best cross training you can get in terms of building lean efficient muscle mass, endurance, and being coordinated.

Learn basic striking and good grappling and you'll be able to outfight someone stronger than you.

muay thai > boxing
You won't break your elbows, whereas if you are a strong puncher you will likely break or fracture your knuckles. Really you should just do both bc most muay thai schools don't emphasize good boxing enough.

Two gun is easily the best practical combat sport to master right now. Pistol for concealed carry, rifle for home defense and SHTF.

The shills won't even let us talk about sword fighting.

That's America, Euro and British judges are generally willing to throw out flat taps and shit hits

There are different rulesets to go by, longpoint south uses the modified fechtschule rule set, and is not meant to simulate realistic combat, but more like the traditional "first blood" duels of the rennaisance, and while not barring certain styles, rewards others.
It's not my favorite ruleset (it can be abused by sniping and grappling can only last for three count) but it's pretty good. The best feature is that it removes "right of way" and youll actually get kicked from the tournament if you perform 3 doubles in the pool.

You still get rated on hits in the longpoint set. If you end up in an open double where you have forte to head and he has foible to shin, obviously your hit is more effective, but you shouldn't have opened yourself up like that.

High risk moves are still beneficial, but technical ability is better scoring. Looks less impressive, but is more fun to fight.

It took me a minute to work out that was textfilter and not a really, really unfortunate surname.

Legitimate monsters.

I don't disagree, but when you run out of ammo, do you know where to stab a man to instantly put him out of commission?

Seriously though, until simunition is civ legal, airsoft is the best we have for armed combat sports outside of fencing…and comon, you know it's full of 12 year olds, nobody wants that.

OP doesn't know about medieval fights in the octagon?


I wish the mods hadn't learned about word filters last month.

I love wrestling but today its filled with non-whites and cucks, very few strong, Aryan men. Doesn't help also that Brock Lesnar phones it in every single time. The fanbase is cancerous as well, full of good goy manlets, cucks and le nerds XD.

The older wrestlers were a lot better, but still degenerate. They at least kept that stuff under wraps and out of sight for most people. I'm talking infidelity, promiscuity, drugs, booze, more drugs and booze. Vader, Stan Hansen are some good names of proper manly white guys. Japanese wrestling is better though, most agree on that. But today's puro suffers from what wrestling in the West does, its much more of a joke, full of pussies who can't fight or at least look like they could fight.

Checked. #twerk4Hitler

Seriously though, fencing is great have a bump OP.
Also seriously twerking is great, and white girls twerking is pleasant to look at. Keeps girls fit too. And entertains the troops. Plus it's fucking funny to make it ours like milk, clowns, hand gestures, and frogs.

Brian Mezzi makes a thread.


Pretty good for learning movement in gunfights. Really good for unit training.

trips confirm a sense of foreboding


twerking is fucking niggertier shit, wtf r u doing faggots?

user… I barely fucking mentioned those. All I stated was
In response to you saying armor made fucking everything worthless. It had jack and shit to do with discussion of binds, which you implied were made worthess by armor!

Boxing used to be white, noble, and based

Afraid of healthy white women doing fertility dances eh, Chaim? Do those beautiful, child-bearing hips rocking up and down terrify you and haunt your nightmares?

The jew fears the fertile white booty.

u wot m8 those are chinks

I'm well aware, and I hate it.
M1 is infamous among hema practitioners ( if you go on YouTube and search for it there are tons of high-profile Hema practitioners ripping on it) because its attempting to do, in essence, what we do, but going about it all wrong. Either they should drop all the armor and weapons and just do ringen, or they should learn how to use a sword.

Battle of the nations works because its based around melees, but dueling like that? Come on.

Holmgang does armored combat pretty well, notice how they don't flail around like they have windmill arms. M1 is like hardcore SCA, not medieval combat.

I stopped watching after taker lost and Bryan was injured. It was a fun wrestlemania but I watched the only good things about wwe die in nola.

I don't think for a minute WWE is anti-white, but none of their roster seems to project the white machismo of yesteryear.

Don't get me wrong, I love airsoft for training with bros, but as a sport it's the new paintball, meaning it's full of obnoxious kids.

Dude I think you're confusing me with another user.
I just said that even basic armor, such as a gambeson, makes the "glancing" strike trivial, and that thrusts are the most surefire way to eliminate an opponent in blossfechten.

I was hoping McGregor would save boxing, but his moronic trainer apparently forgot to tell him that mayweather wasn't going to work in the early rounds.
Boxing is shit now anyway, the way mayweather got his record was enough to get me to quit, with all his gay ass butterfly kisses and hugging. The difference in entertainment value and intensity between the pacquio fight and the McGregor fight proves that boxing needs less gaming and more fighting.

Quite possible. So…. How do we get these Holla Forums swordfag groups going? They'll be far more fun than bookclubs.

Well I'm not really sure.
Honestly the first step would be finding a club who doesn't participate in FAR. If you have the balls to do that you're at least not a cuck, probably right wing, and maybe redpills.

I'm not going to name my club, but if anyone is in the area of Pensacola I'll tell you how to get in contact with a good group.
Otherwise the hema club finder can help.

Every single fucking time. Looks fun, though.

Who could be behind this post?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there aren't many Holla Forumsacks in one place. I'm pretty sure there is at least one or two more anons where I live. If you want to make fencing groups, your friends are probably your best bet.

TBH there should be a /fit/pol/ general. Combat training, MMA, swordfighting, shooting, lifting and more. A healthy body is a requirement to a healthy mind. Maybe there will pop up a OC infograph about all those sports sooner or later.

Why the hell not start right now. /k/ made infographs for nofuns-soon-be-havefuns.

Olympic fencing
Sportified version of normal fencing. Uses lightweight swords for fastest possible hits. There are three swords: epee, foil and sabre. It is a nerve wracking, exciting and fun. If you are a competitive person and love stabbing steel into others, go for it. Gives you great, strong legs and endurance. If you want authenticity, look for HEMA.

I don't know what it is about that whip-my-legs sassy walk that makes me so fucking furious but I fucking cannot stand that shit. Twerking is one thing, but that fucking walk makes me want to ragequit life every time I see it.

I agree with the user you are replying to. This is retarded, and actually on a lower level than sport fencing. They are using a two handed weapon in an unarmored fight, why? Apart from gentlemanly duels to the death, it's utterly without application. A sport fencer with a sharp weapon would have an advantage over you because one handed thrusts have more reach. An armored opponent would have an advantage over you because they have armor. Just admit it's tag with cool swords and techniques.

I think it's worse than that, they simply don't know how to sharpen them.

Kek, you and your (1) can fuck off, kike. #twerk4Hitler

A size 5 foil or epee is 90 cm of blade, this is the max legal size, a longsword feder is 100 cm of blade…on average. That isn't including the 30+cm of hilt vs the 20cm max hilt for foil or epee.

An epee, even as the heavy duty sword, is still basically a smallsword, not a rapier, and weighs a MAX 1.6lbs, while a longsword or rapier (and by the way, a real rapier can get just as long as the longsword) is 2 to 3 times that.
A single instance of absetzen by any hema fencer with literally any weapon will either cause a complete disarm of the foil or epee, or open for an easy cut or thrust.

Put the world's best epee fencer in a life or death duel against a HEMA noob with a longsword, that longsword will win. It doesn't matter how fucking good you are, your opponent's weapon is better, and their training is better.

Look at this clown. The few hits he gets are both superficial, and COMPLETELY SUICIDAL.
He literally opens himself up for death just to score a snipe on the longsword. None of his strikes were deadly, none showed intent, and all of them would have cost his life. Right of way is a cancerous rule.

I don't care if you like your game, but it's not swordsmanship, and you couldn't do dick with it. All olympic fencers would die to machete niggers.

Forgot to ask what the fuck you think a longsword was made for, since apparently it would only be used on armored opponent's, but leaves you at disadvantage if your opponent is armored?
What king of armor we talking? Gambeson? Hauberk? Harness?

You probably don't even run half my training regimen as a fencer.

And you HAVE to run a tight training schedule because you are going to get the piss beat out of you by someone else every single week if you don't. Your legs will stop responding and you will be a living heavy bag. Boxing is on another level.

Elbows are short range, you aren't going to clinch multiple attackers, Buakaw. And kicks are too risky on the street.

I fucking love muay thai though. What a beautiful martial art.

…thats all on you bub. If there's a fencer out there that works out twice as hard, you won't see me saying that boxing can't keep up.

There isn't a standard Either, but strength and endurance training are invaluable. The video posted here is of a tradition known as prize winning, where a fencer must spar against continually refreshed opponents without a break, this is the only way to prove your skill, and is fucking brutal. Try fencing 30 guys over the course of an hour, you can't pull that off if you're out of shape.

While strength isnt the most important thing, the stronger you are, the harder you are to stop, and so the less options your opponent has, it's essentially the same rules of fighting larger weapons.

But if you want to know how a knight would train, we do have one such example documented here.

Also here: archive.is/COK3U

The great thing about twerking is that these bitches are going to end up with serious sciatic nerve damage, they're going to fuck up their backs for the rest of they're lives because they chose to act like niggers.

I approve of this. Fencing is the future!

The great thing about twerking is that it is a fertility dance to attract a mate from your tribe. Niggers did not invent shaking their ass for their mate, and insisting they did makes people sound like those retards who say niggers "invented" peanut butter. As if white people ground every single other nut they ate into a paste, but never peanuts, and they never shook their ass by the campfire. Nope, only niggers were that clever. Jesus Christ. Also celebrating the pain of white women is pure kike behavior. Fuck off, kike.

Shills really don't want us to take this one. They know we're too cool already. #twerk4Hitler is a dangerous meme.

Polite sage again. Back to martial sports.

I personally love dog sled racing. It's only about half sport, half tradition, like the Kentucky Derby. While it isn't exactly athletic, I think the years it takes to train the dogs and symbiosis are something that other races can't achieve, as only whites have sympathy for beautiful creatures and see them as more than food or weapons.

Kentucky Derby has of course been co-opted by non-white jockeys so it feels almost pointless now but I like it in theory for similar reasons: it embodies hierarchy, the important of good blood and good breeding in all things, etc.

I assume you're referencing Fighters Against Racism?

Yeah fuck those guys.

It depends where you go.
My group don't use a lot of equipment so that people don't flail about wildly.
Like the faggots in that video. They feel safe under all that padding so do stupid shit.

When Holla Forums is suddenly the board of sword fighting experts. HEMA looks like a great sport tbh.

I'd laugh if that trended.

Kek does that actually happen?

Right because Europeans have a long history of thots shaking their asses to attract men.

The bond with our beasts is white as fuck.

FAR makes me want to start FFR.
You wanna piss off FAR? Ask them what the donations go to. Rawlings is definitely some kind of scam artist, because the best they can say is doctor's without borders, then you can ask "so how does that fight racism within fighting?"

It's literally paying money to virtue signal.
Now look at their kikebook, they started sucking off all these kneeling NFL niggers.

That YouTuber is alright, I mostly like that he archived the ms.420 before the original uploaders deleted everything.

Do it. I know I'd join up just to annoy them.

I'm lucky, the folk who run the group I'm with support the general idea of FAR but don't like its witch hunts.
So they generally ignore it aside from the odd bout of virtue signalling that never translates to actually doing anything.

It's sad that I consider this sufficiently acceptable.

My club has a filthy, racist secret:
I teach white nationalists dagger and ringen for free.
If I had a big enough club that I didnt worry about being banned from longpoint, I'd openly announce that shit just to laugh at FAR.


Oh right tournaments.
Who gives a shit.
I live in the UK, we don't have much of that.

While I might be safe to go to dragoncon tournaments and low level shit like that, I'd never get the chance to fence the European guys like anders and axel. I'd at least like to prove myself before removing the mask.

However, making a parody group like FFR would be good, so long as I had enough support for it.

They're not as great as everyone thinks.
The whole tournament scene is fucking cancerous. They deck themselves out in a fuckton of padding then rush each other and flail about.

This. You know someone who has faced live steel without armor by how completely stable, steady, and calm they are. Stand tall, use perfect form, and make correct dedicated movements at the propper times. When I see these niggers hopping around and making meaningless feints (a feint that CANNOT STRIKE your opponent is meaningless.) I just want to beat the shit out of them. When I train someone, one of the first things I do is sit their ass down in a dimly lit room and just swing at them, telling them to only block the strikes that can hit them. Because they are sitting, they cannot step away or flinch, and they quickly learn how to judge distance properly.

Fuck off.

I beat the flinch reflex in regards to swords out of me by repeatedly hitting myself in the head with a sword.
While wearing a fencing mask of course. A bare minimum of protection is still sensible.

ROFL, you sound like my old apprentice who looks like Geobbels. Pic related sums up the relationship.

Everyone questioned why I hit myself in the head at the start of every sparring fight.
So jokes on them all

Reminds me of my old sensei who used to line us up against the wall facing him, then started throwing shit at us, making us dodge to improve our reflexes. Another great thing he did is line us up in front of the makiwara boards until our knuckles were bloody.

Reminds me of my old sensei who used to line us up against the wall facing him, then started throwing shit at us, making us dodge to improve our reflexes. Another great thing he did is line us up in front of the makiwara boards until our knuckles were bloody. Well bloody at first, but you learned how to hit shit hard without messing your hands up after awhile.


Throwing in a vote for bare knuckle boxing. Gloves ruin the sport imo.

SS obergruppenfuhrer reinhard heydrich was a very talented fencer

Skiing. Everything is white!

Fencing is a really fashy sport. Used to be common for officers to be capable with a sword and use them for fun.

Okinawan karate? It's the only karate I can enjoy.

Wow, wrestling crowds are nothing but cucks now, arent they? These are the same faggots crying about the PG WWE, wanting Attitude Era back, yet they cant handle some good ole fashioned heel banter.

Fencing as we know it is good for two things. A fun way to increase your reaction time, and an expedient way to slaughter poorly trained and ill equipped enemies. It was practical for first blood duels of honor, and for troops like musketeers when they were faced against revolters and peasant levies. They are trained for rapid forwards advancement and quick thrusts to vitals, and the technique holds well in narrow streets and alleys or inside of buildings, the sort of combat you'd expect for the people who traditionally used it. A fencer would had been unlikely to face an armored knight or a shieldwall, and usually had a pistol or four on his belt for good measure.

So these were punching targets, I take it? The limit of my eastern martial arts experience is with arnis/eskrima and a bit of six harmonies preying mantis. (speaking of, six harmonies has Aryan roots! Take a fucking look into it, you can tell from form alone. This isn't the northern style bullshit where they try to look like a mantis, the finger motions exist solely to keep the tendons taut and loaded like a spring!)

rofl, this raises my spirits. It's good to know that some anons keep the fighting spirit of our ancestors alive in their veins.

Maybe nowadays. I know an old deadhead who used to party with the old guard of Pro Wrestling, back when Andre the Giant was a god. They used to be pretty hard corps apparently, and I've seen some of these techniques used in street fights… They will fucking demolish you. Example… I saw an Israeli tweaker dropped and smashed and reduced to a sobbing pile of mush in moments, with the type of techniques seen in the ring. He was lucky to survive without being paralyzed, though the brain and spine damage was clearly permanent. Though like all rich people in the late 70s through the 90s, they did WAY too much cocaine. Admittedly the guy could've crushed that israeli to death without any technique at all.

From what I understand the boards are used to train accuracy but also mess up your hands so they build up…oh what was it, was it collagen?
Point is you know how boxer tends to build up shit in their hands over time that prevents them properly closing their hands? But at the same time makes their hands really resistant to damage?
It's to get a bit of that.

Hence why the thing is traditionally made of coarse rope to encourage a bit of injury.
Traditionally you keep going until the rope is completely stained with your blood.
It's kind of stupid but it gets you what you're after. Assuming you know what it is you're after and aren't just listening to the crazy asian guy because you assume he knows what he's doing.

I can vouch for HEMA and kenjutsu.

Every men gotta know how to fire a gun, slash/thrust with a sword and fight with his fist.

Ta Mo , the founder of shaolin wushu, is supposed to be a blue eyed red haired guy coming from Persia.
All the Chinese Wushu is Aryan in origin if this story is true.

Seems like the chinks really love the red hair blue eyes shit since Genghis Khan and Lubu were also said to be red hair blue eyes.

One day you people will recognize who truly built the world:
The Irish.

Get back in your potato boat and go home, Paddy.

If you have a very good timed teep, not very risky. Inside low leg kicks and leg teeps aimed right above the knee are also very low risk. Outside leg kicks are a bit more risky if you don't set them up and you're going against someone that will grab them.

Also, close range is a great if you know some standup grappling. When you're up close, a strong puncher can only clinch, and multiple attackers will have a smaller attack vector since you're using your target as a shield. Then use elbows, knees and hip/heel sweeps to qiuckly disengage and move on.

My point is- don't be afraid to get in close, you're safer than you think if you stay low and know how to attack. Unless you're against someone much bigger and stronger and multiple opponents. Then keep your distance.

The Irish are but one group that survived from the race of Atlantis. The same genes spread to Egypt as well.

Almost ALL sports were a white tradition at one time.

Quiet Paddy.
The pope needs his dick sucked by children and expects you to offer up your sons.

Too bad I'm not Catholic, hell, even Catholic Irish are still quite pagan.
If I was going to worship a God, it would be Lugh.

Reminder that this is what every hema fag looks like

I think that's what Canadian HEMAfags look like. Here's some Swedish HEMAfags for reference.

Why are you feeding into D&C? Leave that to the fucking shills.

Middlingly attractive scandinavians with a shitty haircut?


He jelly of how tall and a good dancer Lloyd is.

That nig does not practice HEMA, he larps.

Requesting videos on Rondelle and dagger fighting. These are very practical for today's combat situations still. Not that swords aren't, given machete nigger bantus still, and that sword training applies it's self in many ways.

Forget about equipment, I looked it up, the closest association (two hours drive) has monthly fees of 50€ and entry of 300€. The name of the guy that ran it also sounded kikey.

Systema is also martial art originating from Europe (Russia that is). The problem is that it's not really a sport, more of a way to defend yourself and severely hurt others if need be.



I had this vision of a Trump rally with hundreds of guys in full plate armor with longswords facing antifa in street clothes with baseball bats and pepper spray.

What are you, some kind of another gay prophet like mr. Hanging jew and sir Goatfucking pedo were?

Let's fucking do it.

I teach rondel as self defense, it's incredibly effective in that regard, and boxing as we know it was born of the same martial art (that was later gamified, sadly)
Unfortunately there isn't much for dagger, it's not too popular, and so you'll need to read the books themselves.
I recommend reading Mair, Meyer, and Petter's works on ringen and dagger, If I can get a camera I could do dagger instructional so YouTube isn't so barren.

If you're in the southeast though, I can also teach you, those classes are free for WNs.

The problem is people relying on HEMA for income, which is impossible right now.
I start off charging $15 a session (two hours) and you get equipment to use, equipment to bring home and drill with, and we do free workshops and study groups, you can also invite more people which lowers the cost for everyone. Each student will cost me $250 in equipment by the end of first year, ~$50 In refreshment (coffee tea and water), and $240 to rent a place where we would die of heat stroke practicing. This means I make about 100-200 per year per student, depending on weapon, frequency of classes, and how quickly they learn.
So yea. Even somewhat successful schools only make about 20k a year in profit after they are done getting all the rent paid and equipment acquired and replaced.

Now second year is worse, that when we introduce steel, so now I've got to call up my blacksmith in Europe, pay for materials, labor, shipping, wire fees, and now the gloves have to be replaced with $300 slabs of leather, we have to get leather mask shrouds, etc etc, so we can intent spar and go to tournaments.

So that asshole may not be a jew, he might just be stupid enough to think he can make a living doing this.

I want to do that if antifa ever shows up here. FAR threw a fit because a guy who does LARPing for fun showed up to fight antifa while dressed as a templar, which somehow hurts HEMA's image, now imagine the reaction if a group of HEMA practitioners show up with full harness and feders, maybe advertising schools to the right wingers for HEMA self defense.
There's nothing I won't do to watch FAR autistically screech about white people, and that includes sweating my balls off in harness.

Plus, it would be cool to zwerch an antifa trying to buffel a bat at your head.

Most schools require people to buy their own equipment

Do they? None I've seen, it's so expensive that buying sets for communal use is far more attractive.
You can tell a student "go buy 500 bucks worth of equipment, and pay me 60 bucks a month so you can use it"
Or you can say, "you can pay me 60 bucks a month and I'll provide you with equipment"
One is better for making money hypothetically, but harder to get people interested in In, resulting in less students, the other results in less money from each student, but more students.

Well clubs here in the UK typically ask you to buy your own gear after a while.
Because sharing gear is often unpleasant due to sweat and the like.
And don't charge you as much in club fees.
The one I'm with bills you thirty pound sterling a month for classes two or three times a week depending on how much you want to put in. Each class being two to three hours long.
Then 40 pounds a year as a seperate insurance payment.

Also don't use as much gear.
Gloves, mask, groin protector and a sword if you want to practice with steel on a regular basis.
I mean what are you going with? gambeson, armguards, mask, etc?

Wow, that's cheap. I wonder if it's because you guys have more dense populations and a greater connection to the history that you can get away with it.
To avoid the sweat, we have the masks from absolute with the replacable padding, and in addition students wear helmet liners (they are a bit like a coif, but are thinner, cheaper and found at hardware stores)
This keeps the mask padding clean, and gambeson are protected with athletic undergarments.

Of course, the gambeson is only used for intent sparring anyway, most equipment costs for a club involves the weapons, masks, and chest guards. Obviously nobody wants to share a cup, so that's on You, but we're expected to be able to protect the brains and hearts of the students, and of course even without intent, a thrust is dangerous on someone without any protection.

Gloves are not really ever provided because they are quickly fouled with sweat, and ridiculously expensive. Honestly you don't see gloves too often, I have no idea how you europoors can afford thokks and konigs, you're lucky to have lacrosse gloves here, plenty of people just give up on a nice leather set and just buy gauntlets, or learn how to prevent hand snipes.

I'd gladly throw some shekels if you would upload some webms. Also, could you be more specific about the state where are you practicing? I might go to America in a year or two and would gladly train with you and other WNs.

Well we rent an old gym hall and there's typically anywhere from 10 to 20 people in each session.

Generally speaking though we just tell people not to be retards.
Finding that training with minimal padding actually stops people from being stupid as a little fear (and pain) quickly teaches them to protect themselves with their blade.

No shekels needed, I'll try and borrow a gopro or something.

Were in the Florida panhandle.

See we can't rent gyms around here, it's a liability thing supposedly, fucking (((lawyers))).
I don't actually spar with anything but mask if I can help it, but those fucking suitjews will have my head if I don't do everything to protect students.
I personally wear my gambeson and pads when training because I don't like static targets, but would rather not get smacked up when teaching stuff like zornhaus and prellhaus, which require me to be struck.
Was happy to have the gambeson for example, when a student finally started understanding how to ablauffen, but missed his target (my head) and instead ran the fucking feder into my collarbone.

>"You need useful sports, not this silly LARPing"
Fucking pleb to the top, only good thing about your post is the strategy recs.

How about Academic Fencing? Seems the most manly and honorable European sport.



someones fucking up their blade

I might start a local club for Academic Fencing in the US. Not sure if we’d be able to acquire gear and weaponry from Germany or have to DIY it. Seems simple enough to fashion a substitutes if need be.

If you are anywhere near montana, I am in!

Is ice hockey good?

Well ours is an old gym hall but the building its in is essentially a kind of community centre which rents rooms for all sorts of shit. For instance same night as us there's a capoeira group in one of the small rooms.
Loads of shit like that in the UK. Because we tend to build these kind of semi-public buildings.
Yanks not so much.

The whole sharp blades, tiny masks thing is probably a terrible idea.

It's done like that deliberately sometimes so you get badass face scars. It is a terrible idea though, you could fuck up your face far more than you mean to.

We train like that using our dussacks, and it's helpful, but it's not really a sport

In Japan you want to avoid edge contact if you can because they harden the fuck out of the edges of their katana, resulting in chipping when striking. Europeans have a better retained edge that can obviously still become damaged, but that is also required use in the martial art.
The fact that edges bite together is the most important feature of a bind and the handwork that follows

Again, that isn't how it works. You should start a club for dussack, then use mensur as a training tool. People won't be all that receptive to the idea of standing in place and slapping around sharp sticks. You need to actually know how to use the sword, and again, probably need to use the practice appropriately.

Hockey Is probably the least pozzed of the major sports.

We have one like that around here that does host us, but it has some issues:
1.No cursing (holy shit I've had students drop "kike" in there and nearly had a heart attack)
2.Biggest room fits 6 students uncomfortably for longsword
3.Our money is worthless if someone wants to use the community center for children that day
4.its over an hour away from the city were based in.

Our local center is just a gym, which is useless because its full of niggers 24/7.


My idea though is to have our version of the traditional German fraternities that do mensur.

Wow your facilities options are fucking awful.
Though that may mean theres a gap in the market for providing said facilities. Which consist entirely of large open rooms people can run classes in.

I was looking into HEMA but in my town (Prague), every gym I found looked straight outta MatFyz. I just can't imagine getting proper training with those scrawny looking nerds.

Are you that fag from Holla Forums that posted those Zemans?
I don't know if you'd like to do Olympic fencing, but SC Praha is a very good club. Could be costly through so check their training prices. Only better club than them is Dukla Olomouc. SC dominates in younger category. Also, you can beat the grandson of Klaus there.

Twerking is how animals dance. Humans should do human dancing.>>10674787 European dance is vastly superior to sub-Saharan flailing

Swordsmanship doesn't require you to be a bulky giant of a man.

Good swordsmanship has more to do with dexterity and endurance then muscle.

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Kek. Now that's more like it. Carry on soldier. #t4h

When I was a teen my parents wanted to open up a center like that with my dad's friend, but then my dad got laid off and my dad's friend bought a sports field instead, which promptly failed.

The churches have the best facilities, but either straight won't allow us, or again, packed with niggers. If I had the money I'd totally open a sporting center.

I don't understand why so many schools think it's okay to be out of shape, fat, or beanpole. Aaron shober runs a cool school in South carolina where he encourages lifting and general fitness.

All white men should know waltz and foxtrot.

Good swordsmanship is about sharpness of the mind and a deft hand.
That being said, being fit is important, and being weak is bad. The master's we work from assume that every man using these techniques is fit, and being unfit results in pointless difficulty

And then someone fucks up and it's either a trip to hospital with potential of being permanently crippled or one to the morgue. I bet you ride your motorcycle without a helmet, too, you fucking retard.

I'm LMAOing at your life.

Spear is a formation weapon faggot.

It's versatile m88. Shorter heavier spears for ambush, longer balanced spears for throwing, and even longer for formation.

Didn't know that. Besides halberd master race.

Halberds have their place but so too do spears. I'd personally prefer a nice Boar Spear if ever I had to go close range, but of course that's if we're talking about gun-less machete negroes.

Faggot detected. With a sword, YOU are the only one reaponsible for your safety. On the road, there are faggots like you on cell phones everywhere.

This. One of my usual sparring partners was twice my size and really threw his weight into his swings. Only took good form and wrist dexterity to deflect his blows. Broke many of his swords on mine due to his bad form and heavy swings, and I never broke one of my own against him.

As stated, this is how it's dohe. Yes, you parry and deflect with the flat, but to gain control you cut into your opponent's steel.
So fucking what if I get nicks and gouges in my steel? I win. That's what fucking matters. Swords dull, gouge, and inevitably break. So you fucking plane out the edge, grind the gouges, and eventually re-edge the blade. Fuck, you can forge weld on a whole new fucking edge if it's that bad. Personally, I rather enjoy the look of my most heavily used sword with it's saw-like blade on the lower portions. Broke three swords with it and fought dozens of times against live steel with that sword over the past sixteen years.

I might make it back that way someday. Slowly making my way back east it seems.

I know polearms as well, everything from quarterstaff to poleaxe, but they take no skill, try again.

And must I remind everyone that a sword is a side arm? The only exception to that are the greatswords.

How in all hell can you say that? I'd understand if you specified pikes, but this generalisation is absurd.

I make my students display what they know (or think they know) before we start a new weapon, and polearms always come natural, you can see fucking LARPers doing effective polearms for Christs sake.
I'm not saying there's no skill gap, I'm saying that it takes considerably more skill to fence with swords than poles, and it's considerably easier to start.
There's no shame in it, but there's also no reason to boast. I love dussack, but it's got to be the easiest weapon to start with as far as swords go, every single student who has had trouble with longsword gets handed a dussack instead, and suddenly they stop sucking, I've actually started teaching dussack first despite Meyers suggestion otherwise because every single student suddenly understands the concepts when they only have to worry about a single hand, working the pommel is apparently just difficult for a lot of people, and switching to a smaller lighter weapon means they stop treating it like a fucking sledgehammer.

Cold Steel makes training as well as real swords

The only good products from cold steel are their knife and dagger trainers.

If you anons are still here, filming got delayed, but hopefully not any longer than a day.
Any ideas on where to upload these on the regular? I'm not giving fucking jewtube my number, and all the fake sms numbers have apparently been blocked or used up.


The variety with a proper handle or the ones with just the cutout? Either way, I agree with starting a newbie out with a short sword of any variety, the shorter and simpler the better. If it's over a foot and a half, they'll be too timid. They must be forced to get close to their opponent early on, or they'll never be confident. Also, by starting wih a single handed sword, they'll learn better recognition of distance as their defense is more difficult, and also learn to use their offhand faster and be more comfortable taking it off the grip of a longsword when needed, rather than clutching it in a death grip.

I kind of agree with both. make sports white again.

Filming the rondel stuff. As far as I can find it will be the first instructional video for rondel in first person. Only problem is this faggot hurricane is causing casuals to shut down shops and flee, so I've got nowhere to film indoors, and can't film outdoors because the storm is making it dark and wet, my co instructor is too tall to make half the shit work, so now I've got to get a student available and willing to be filmed, well I got one guy who volunteered but he doesn't seem to be able to get out of bed before 4pm on the weekends, so this while operation is like herding cats.

We use wooden dussack for one handed, I'd use leather if it weren't so pricey, for the cost i just don't see the advantage of leather unless you're scared to get hit, and advanced students use steel sabers.

My best friend and I are going to start training in Fiore's longsword. Going to be using the book The Medieval Longsword by Guy Windsor. Have to do it this way since the closest club is over 2 hours away, and we don't really have the time for that kinda travel. Well, at least I have a companion to train with, which is the important part.

Playing with stick is gay. But fun

White sports = shooting, fighting, lifting, gymnastics

You are one dumb nigger, aren't you?

mensur is truly one of the most retarded combat sports
you are not allowed to move from your spot and only 4 strikes are allowed, messing your face up is all but garantueed
the only thing you are proving is bravery against certainty of getting hit

before you say something about it look up the actually rules and physical results of mensur before you make that statement burger


Modern manufacturers are often utter shit.

Protip, you're a fucking moron and nobody should listen to your bullshit
Fucking kill yourself, faggot poseur.

Would there be a market for fiberglass/composite sparing armor? armoranon here I learned some useful skills on a recent project, and I could manufacture such things and it would be good practice for making ballistic armor in the future.

Sounds like a family event.

is archery cucked?

Nice ad homines, do you argue like that regularly?

You are being bluepilled.

I am trying to get you to commit violence because I'm terrible at my job. It is completely compromised from top to bottom.
They use bots and outright censorship to drown out any voices going against their agenda. They are trying to establish this place as an 'alt-lite CNN' to keep you asleep. See below for proof.
The truth is that almost every internet forum and chat platform is the same way. We are being cornered systematically.

The goal is to keep you unmotivated and apathetic by bombarding you with meaningless garbage, and above all, to condition you to believe that effective activism is a passive affair, eg: posting online, showing up at a rally and yelling a little.

Any message that might lead to you thinking about improving your circumstances is targeted.
Their four main strategies:
1) Just delete the message outright
2) Flooding the conversation with bots/shills posting negative comments and "entertaining memes" to put you at ease and make you more likely to take the bait
3) Bots/shills making replies that roughly agree with the message but add in some element of insanity, eg: "meme magic", "esoterism", or random murder/destruction to try to associate the message with mental illness etc.
4) When all of the above fails and the people reading the message start to believe they are participating in a censored and astroturfed discussion, the site's moderators and/or the shills under them will start acting childish and stupid in order to appear as "just some idiot in charge of this little corner"
See the links at the bottom for evidence.

Simple fact: Censorship of honest speech with no due process is 100% jewish. When you support it you are giving in to your jewish conditioning and are forsaking your rational mind. The truth does not fear competition from lies, because it stronger than any lie. Truth is the primary tool and weapon of Aryans in everything we do. If you knowingly support censorship you have renounced your Aryan identity

Haven't you ever wondered why people very seldom call for real action against our enemies?
TOR gives the average activist reliable anonymity with minimal effort and most motivated people know it, so it's not just the 'chilling effect' from mass surveillance. The truth is that every popular forum is censored by the government through intelligence contractors.
They infiltrate moderation positions, they hostilely take over ownership of websites, and they send swarms of bluepill AI bots to forge a false consensus that we should sit around here doing nothing while our people are being burned away from the inside by this insane jewish society.
They are taking over everywhere, they are taking over everything. Forgot about Gamergate already?
STOP tolerating this bluepill bullshit. If we don't do something soon we'll have no way to break our people out of the spell.

It means you actually start doing what it takes to fight back and remove the problem from our civilization.

We don't need more proof of the jewish problem. There is more than enough that anyone can find. We don't need to "redpill" more people. We already have the numbers we need.
Don't underestimate the strength of a small group of determined people (see: American Revolution). Free will and truth conquers all.

What we need is for YOU to get ACTUALLY redpilled, we need you to get in fighting shape, and BRING CIVIL WAR.
The fact is that the vast majority of people will not accept the redpill until this jewish society starts cracking. They are too sedated, too enthralled with their entertainments and material goods.

American Revolution II will no doubt entail more sacrifice than American Revolution I.
"Shitposting" and "meme magic" will not cut it. We will all have to make sacrifices for the freedom of our people. You should be thinking about what you are willing to sacrifice.

If the civil war broke out tomorrow, ask yourself honestly - what would you do? Would you be prepared? What would you have to do to be prepared?
Find friends willing to take preparation seriously and don't let go of them. Don't be afraid to live your life because of spooks….they simply do not have the resources to stop you. They are completely invested in propaganda as a solution to our threat.

We do not have very much time. We can't survive another generation of this subjugation. We will have to take action soon.
Already it will be very difficult to heal our people. Things will never be the same.

This is bottom-tier bot 'logic' trying to make you afraid of living your life.
No one is going to arrest you for meeting up and talking to people. No one is going to arrest you for going to the gym. No one is going to arrest you for reading books. No one is going to arrest you for anonymously posting statements calling for revolution on the internet.
You have all the tools to make yourself valuable to the movement, and when the time comes to fight, you can be ready and pull your weight and more.

Posting propaganda like this anonymously is the easiest thing in the world to do with TOR and VPNs. We need to rid ourselves of the bluepill culture. The internet forums are a major introduction point for young people. Speak out! Wake others up to the facts. Don't let some worthless jews destroy the constructive aspects of our culture and bluepill innocent youngsters.
Do not submit to the flimsy authority of these jewish bastards. Never forget that the First Amendment is on your side.
Your posts will get spammed with fake replies and eventually deleted. Don't stop. People will see it, they will react, and when they see how automatic the censorship is, they will start to believe and realize what is happening, they will become motivated to do something.

Pay attention to this one! AI will suprise you with what it's able to pick up from what you say, and can even interpret images. Don't reply to anyone you suspect of being a bot! You would only teach it to be more convincing.

One day when I refused to have this thread be censored for 5+ hrs it was constantly spammed with bot garbage. Obviously too much energy for human autists.
This is what the kike strategy of 'Always Double Down' looks like. They are trying to play off of the common misconception that if they are called out they would stop. No, they just keep going harder than ever. They are betting that you will find the truth of the bot swarms too much to believe. They think they can condition you into believing a manufactured consensus. Not recognizing this pattern could be a fatal mistake.

Evidence of compromised site and bot net:
part 1: ibb.co/gujKyw
part 2: ibb.co/hqJq5b

What action am I calling for exactly?
I don't presume to be the general in charge of the revolution. But I can tell the plain facts: if we keep being censored we can't get anything going. Censors are our first enemy.
If any of you are willing to take real action, take it against media entities. Sabotage their infrastructure, hunt their personel. They don't deserve to live, they are the hand that is choking our people. Cut it off.
Kill them. Find a vulnerable target that is guilty of spreading lies or suppressing free voices and kill them. We need for everyone of their sort to be afraid to do their job.

8ch is run by intelligence contractors.

Fucking boring. By all means, sword fight if you want, it's a neat skill, but this will NEVER be popular amongst spectators.

Watching sports is for NPCs, anyway.

Reported and filtered.
The issue is the pairing/matchups. This is something that can be worked on. Think of the gladiatorial fights of Rome. They weren't two second fights because the people in charge were good at matching opponents. When you pick two people with very different stats and actually have them fighting at the same level, you get a good fight to watch. Think of watching a champion featherweight boxer fighting a novice heavyweight. The heavyweight does have a chance if he can get one good knockout punch in…. but he's getting wailed on constantly.

Thinking of those just makes this even lamer. There you actually got to see some bloodshed. There were real stakes. Turn this into stick fighting instead, where you can break some bones, then it'd be entertaining. Sword fighting with padding, and stopping short of killing blows? Fucking gay. It's a neutered version of what people actually want to see. That's why sports like boxing and UFC are popular, the fighters can actually lay into each other because human fists are not nearly as dangerous as swords.

The videos in this thread give me blue balls.

Did you watch any of the vids i posted? In the ARMA one, the main guy breaks three (if I remember correctly) bones in his hand halfway through and keeps going another dozen or more fights.

I have a logical question goys.
The scenario where the kikes want an one world government with one brown race would be a threat to world championships in every sport today and people who behind it would lose their jobs and financial stability. Logically these people would start to oppose to zionists kikes and make themselves automatically as our allies amiright?

I didn't make it that far, but whoopty dick anyway. Wow, he broke some fingers. Look away, grandma, I don't think your heart can handle the faggo.. er excitement.

Sorry for late reply.
I don't think I mentioned armor in that post, but Yea, there is a market for it. Elbows, shoulders, shins and cups are standard, and usually overpriced or from shit like motocross or hockey.

Figure something out that's cheap and effective, and send It to someone on YouTube. Skallagrim is probably the biggest name for that in the us, Matt Easton for UK, or shadiversity for aus.

I've just started doing trad archery. It's not cycled, but like competition shooting, it's a bizarre facsimile of its origin.
I use an English long from rudderbows, and make my own arrows. Poplar dowels are noshit good, 40c a piece as opposed to 8 dollar fiberglass or 25 dollar trad.

Again, why do you faggots think I'm pushing to WATCH?
You're supposed to PARTICIPATE.