Can Trump raise Thule and complete the idealist system?

More importantly, how will leftists stop Thule?

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This is the persons twitter account.
All I know is that the leftist will also have to fight against the autistic Hegelfags


fucking autism man



What's next…Žižek isn't a dogmatic Lacanian? This guy is a pseudo, and he doesn't even pretend like he is. Even I can make myself more in the act than his little eulogy.


I read some of his blog and it's just fucking awful. What a pretentious moron.

comedy is shit
tragedy is the superior art


why did you redundantly quote his entire post :?

Pretentious servility.


this looks like performance art or something, nobody could be this retarded

Look at the way his hand is shaking. It must have taken a lot of courage to talk to a woman in meatspace, let alone to actually step out into the real world from his cum-stenched tenement.

After reading some Junger and Benjamin's critique of him, I am convinced that these new right fatsos and twerps are taken in by militaristic, mythologizing propaganda in video games, comic books, anime and so on but know due to physical and/or mental limitations they can never take that propagandizing to its natural conclusion (they can't join the military, they can't and don't participate in organized violence against those they consider enemies, and so on). Instead they use the political aestheticization of the past as an outlet for that "warrior's desire" and the internet serves as their theater of war.

All I know is that fascists were a lot scarier back in the 20th century. First as tragedy then as farce, indeed.

the alt-right is a strange place

funny thing is he looks like the "betas" they rail against.

He and the pasty mantlet with glasses behind him are what the average aut-rightist looks like.

fucking right?

New horizons require new tactics, the war of the present is the war of persuasion.

They memed a living meme into the white house, I don't see your gun toting faggots going anywhere.

I am constantly amazed at the lack of self awareness of both alt-right and SJW, they both look just as beta as each other.

What is it about Idpol view points that appeals to betafags?

You base your identity on your politics. You are the idpol.
Seriously, they look EXACTLY the same.

Looks like someone just got offended.

History is going to crush you. Ruthlessly. All because you chose to weaponize your autism.

Unlike you, I don't ascribe to a pseudo-budhist libertarianish ideology in which the greatest of sin is emotion.

I'm offended as hell and I'm not going to meme it anymore.


Indeed. I checked it after seeing you mention it, and found this:
I guess the "materialism" part of "dialectical materialism" escaped him.

How modern.

Is he today's version of what an Old Hegelian would look like?

Odd coincidence here, I just read that sentence too and then immediately closed his blog

How postmodern

How sargon of akkad pure ideology.

that's a fox you retard


for some reason extreme politics draws in oddballs

alt-right is the future

leftytards are castrated and academically close-minded due to liberal hegemony and too inculcated with it to ever have a significant mimetic influence

Trump is the single most powerful person in this world. I hope i had his kind of narcissism.


God pls go

Marx & Engels feat. Nietzsche.

In which ye olden philosophy is take care of with a hammer. And a sickle, for good measure.

And no, the bloody sea level ain't going down.

what did he mean by this?

Meh. We had conservative pesident too. And his support fell 30% to 8%.