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Every western politician is (((controlled))) in a direct or indirect way. At this stage the only solution is Civil war, but it will never happen. These kinds of problems have been around since before the invention of cuneiform writing. Essentially we actually need a cataclysmic scenario in order to start over. The apple is rotten to the core and needs to be thrown away. The “Alt-right” (at least the e-celeb infested version) wants to "preserve western civilization". Think for a moment, what does that even mean? It means enlightenment values, aka exactly what the Jews want. What counts as "Western" these days to the average person has now turned into pretty much anything liberal, which has been the root cause of our downfall. Within reason sovereignty is nice, but with nothing but nihilistic individualism society cannot be maintained.

The current stock of human beings has been out-dysgenic'd. There are so many people who don't deserve to live due to their upbringing. Most people in the West used to harden as they grow on their own, like anywhere else. Now without effort you can remain practically infantile due to this decadence. There were always outliers that became like this throughout history, but now the general masses have succumbed to this condition. There is no longer a rite of passage into adulthood, you can be sheltered and live comfortably. This is de-evolution. Everyone has a dandy-old time being a degenerate.

It’s not simply a change of political parties we need at this point. Humankind needs a reset. A return to the type of society where if you were a greedy cunt (crony capitalist) you would be caste out of the town or village. This is the type of social structure modern humans have lived in for 99% of its history. Cities are unnatural, way too big and have brought more misery to us. A large portion of society can now just "live" and try to find trivial things to keep themselves busy with.

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The Zeitgeist needs to be completely redefined. This is inevitable really, but people are scared of this viewpoint. They have no broader perspective. "You're just trying to bring us down blackpill cuck!" When in fact I'm trying to explain the gravity of the situation we’re actually in. Even if you get rid of all the Jews or any similar group, you still have to get rid of the liberals, commies, kosher nationalists and cuckservatives ect. It won’t happen.

Ancaps and lolbertarians are also at fault. There's more to life than just "the economy" and materialist viewpoints found in both Capitalism and Communism. Before interest came to be, before some greedy tribesman asked for more than he gave away, everyone had their fair share. Not because of a "gibs me dat" system, just because it was impossible for 99,999% of society to unfairly benefit, and if you didn't work at all (live like a welfare leech) you would die for not being able to provide for yourself. It's what commie pipe dreams are made of, except with actual work involved.

Society is divided into two clear parts, the Haves, and the Have-Nots. We briefly had a period where it seemed this dynamic would disappear with the rise of the middle class, but since the 70s this class has effectively been culled in the west.
Essentially we need to go back to Darwinian Eugenics, which in itself actually almost took off during the industrial revolution when it became clear to many we were spiralling downwards as a species. We have to do away with loans and financial manipulation, the idea that modern medicine should help the genetically unfit, and the imaginary concept of “human rights”. Many people who larp as edgy Natsocs and those that call themselves “redpilled” do not want to accept that modern civilization is what has led to our downfall, and now it will lead to our destruction as nature resets itself.

If you’re in the west I encourage moving as far away from cities as possible.

Most normies base their opinions off 9gag memes. That’s why I say let it all burn in hell. I’m not sacrificing anything for such sickly people. It would just be arrogance at that point. Maybe some like Hitler thought there was a possibility because there was no internet, otherwise all hope ended there.

In fact this isn’t even a psychopathic mind-set to have. The psychopaths are the ones who do not understand these simple concepts. I used to think everyone was a normie - when in fact, we were the normies all along. I cannot imagine living like the average western individual today. I used to laugh at the “wake up sheeple” crowd until I woke up. It was depressing for a time, but now it’s just funny really. I started digging into all these organised nationalist/redpilled movements and groups but eventually found out they were all just another strain of the new-world-order virus. I can’t believe I fell for the Trump meme one time. You honestly think playing their game of kosher elections (where you’re not allowed to address the JQ due to the brainwashing of populations from birth) is going to change anything?

I’ve come to realize all these political events, elections, movements ect have no true effect at all on where we’re going. Here’s a good analogy; it’s like kabuki theater for the goyim. But for those that have realized this and those that have been convinced; you are part of a small fringe that might outlast this event and can then ensure another chance for mankind as a whole, a chance for your descendants at the very least. For us to eventually reach the stars, we need to come to terms with this.

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Stay strong, prepare, and good luck.

Oh look. Blackpill demotivational shilling. Just give up goy and hang yourself. There is nothing worth fighting for.

the weakest stock are jews, so lets start with them.

Defeatists will be shot.
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This isn't defeatist, by all means it shows that the kike Empire is volatile and will destroy itself.

This isn't defeatism in the slightest you stooges. OP is saying the entire system is so deeply embedded that the only way to make a real change would be an event which wipes the slate clean and allows us to start over. Not saying I completely agree but it's not defeatism; learn how to read and stop trying to derail threads.


It's quoting Oswald Spengler and Evola.

So what? I can quote you some of the most nihilistic quotes from Adolf or Göbbels. The point is that this thread has absolutely no use except for demotivation. In fact I'm going to report it.

Report? For what? By all means it motivates me despite the election results today.

We need to realize that to live is to struggle. This is a truth that should be internalized in your being and actions and when possible spread it to others that you care about. In the end the Natural Order will always prevail. Nature is inherently fascist. The modern world is a world that goes completely against nature and the results are telling. It's tearing itself apart. Nevertheless you as an individual can always choose to go against the flow and struggle and persevere while the rest of society rots and withers away. It's not an easy path, but you go on because you know that you are in the right and that in the end you will be vindicated.

Really man the modern world is so self-destructive half the battle is just weathering the storm until the whole edifice has degenerated so much that we can rise and deal the final blow. Live to live your life correctly and that will bring happiness to yourself and those around you.

OP gives a very broad and clear explanation as to the mess we're in right now. I watched the video and it all makes sense.

Well, "civilization" needs to fall. (((They))) have been doing this for a long time - propping up civilizations and empires, parasiting on them during their peak, and then destroying every trace of it when it's "age is due". A "cultivation" of the goyim really, related to their Saturn worship practices.

The fall of this western civilization, of this big enslavement and depredation of our people, is an inevitability. (((They))) will bring it on, even if it means great harm to themselves. While you can ponder over its consequences, the main point here is that it perpetuates their hold on power - the key here may not even be to stop this cycle, but to live ABOVE all of this, ascend from it, be free from their influence and from serving them. This will help allow us to bring them down, can't do it if your toughts are controlled by them from their very foundation, if your emotions are ruled by the ages, if all your efforts and toil are done in vain, in their name. If we be autonomous and free ourselves from this slavery, then we can better fight them off.

Exactly. Without memeing, I think hastening the decline of it all would make for a better result in the end – that we may storm our way out of this coming dystopia for the prosperity of our future generations.

REVOLT against the modern world.

Another video from that channel


I don't think it serves a purpose being an "accelerationist", and see it as unnatural. Remember your labor is what sets you free, if directed towards your own self.

You are filth, OP.

We're still in the Roman Republic/late civ stage. It has yet to transform into Roman Empire/Imperium. The volatile will reach its peak through a radical transformational process. The process has already begun. The rise of populism is a threat to the established hierarchy, and shit like UBI will become more popular as bread-and-circus politics becomes more about handouts than actual policy. This come to its peak the the ascension of Caesar figure, who the people see as their hero and support against the oligarchy. He will establish personal rule rather than oligarchical rule, and begin instituting policies that will "stabilize" the former volatility through sheer force and violence, but maintain the flow of handouts to keep the people drunk and happy. Imperium is a mixed bag of good and bad, and leads both to military greatness and to cultural stagnation and ceaseless war, but it is stable enough to last for centuries. I think it is a mistake to assume that the instability and volatility of late civ stage societies lead those societies to an apocalyptic end.

Riding the Tiger is realistically not about outlasting the political structure, because Imperium will arise from the ashes of late civ, and will last hundreds of years. It is about standing on your own in the cultural and spiritual devastation to come as society stagnates during this process, and achieving immortality in the midst of the Kali Yuga.

As much as I love the idea of a good old apocalyptic happening and the idea of a survival of the fittest scenario in the aftermath, it's an optimistic fever dream.

I completely agree with all of this, user. I appreciate you putting it into words.

I could probably write an essay expounding on issues surrounding this topic, and I likely will within a few months.

Overall I'm just trying to become Iron Pilled and leave the decadent modern world behind. The only thing I need is a traditional woman to have children with, which is becoming more difficult every day. I hope more Holla Forumsacks come to the same conclusions we have, so we can eventually restore true European values, and live in accordance with Natural Law once more.

Seems like Hitler fulfilled that role, but on a small and isolated scale.

Otherwise known as the Vargpill. Important things to note:
1. Civilization(order/hierarchy) is irreversibly corrupt.
2. Order/hierarchy is always irreversibly corrupt, this is a natural law.
3. The question, then, is when the protection afforded by Order becomes smaller than the corruption and rot fostered by it.
4. Once this point is reached, Chaos must rise and devour the corrupt Order, and we must journey into Chaos to discover a new Order to protect us from Chaos.

Pic related, I don't think we've reached point 3 yet. I think Western Civilization is still worth preserving for a little longer. But I could be wrong. Fatally wrong, even. Waiting could be our worst mistake. But destroying the structure will almost certainly ensure most of us will die.

The way I see it, Western Civilization hasn't been worth saving since AT LEAST the fall of the Third Reich. In fact, it's probably way earlier than that.

I would point to a few possibilities for when Western Civilization became cancerous, and not worth saving.

Your last sentence says nature resets itself. I've thought similar things, and to me this concept is pretty interesting. Do you think that it is a inevitability independent of any human action to either promote or stop it? Or is it just the up and down nature of our societies? I now believe that a truly pozzed and communist hell society would never have the determination or unity of purpose to ward off natural disasters.

Also I forgot to mention:

There is nothing wrong with death…if you believe in Natural Law, you accept the truth of Inequality. Believing that we need to save everyone is a very egalitarian/liberal mindset to have. Some are superior, some are inferior. The inferior will perish, and the superior will rise and rebuild.

The French Revolution did go too far but people were sick of the divine right absolutist king system. Even HH in Mein Kampf spoke against this. Are you aware of the disgusting decadence and complete disregard for their people that the last kings of France showed? There was a good reason that their pompous heads were cut off. Hitler promoted a non kosher form of leftism that centered on his people. The problem with it today is that it's now internationalist and anti-nationalist. Nobody wants kings that dress as opulent as princesses who think themselves gods anymore. Same reason we revolted in America. Don't go too far back. The people that got guillotined were not Charlemagnes.

He did, to a degree. Spengler seemed to think that Hitler was not quite up to par to pull of the transformation. We aren't waiting for Hitler, we are waiting for MEGAHITLER.

I find particularly cancerous some leftist fedora tippers and transhumanists who care only for instant pleasure and gratification + not having kids with the justification that "technology will let me upload my mind so I can live forever" or "we're going to have designer babies and surrogate wombs soon"

This blind trust that mankind can conquer and rule nature falls back to the old tale of the tower of Babel. We will tear ourselves apart before we are able to achieve anything like that. We must be proud but humble, wise but not arrogant. A lot of lefty rhetoric is backed by their near religious trust in "progress" and that anything traditional or right of centre is somehow a hurdle they must try and remove.

So long as demographic winter still looms over us, western civilization is not worth saving. A collapse and rebuild is needed to prevent the mass importation of and replacement by subhumans. I worry most about the continuation of the white race, my children, and their children and so on. The system in its current and continued state is an existential threat.

This is irrelevant actually. The only thing one can do to survive our industrial society's inevitable collapse themself, is become self-sufficient. Helping all the town and city folk in that kind of scenario would be impossible. The only thing one can do to help them is try convince them *now* to do the same.

Aye I agree with you user. We should try to save what's good and reform the rest rather than working towards the chaos. We will lose a lot that's worth preserving even if we ourselves survive.

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This thread is cancer. Demoralization shilling. Typical tricks.

Don't fucking associate your blackpilled faggotry with the enlightenment of the Iron Pill, you worthess faggot, OP!

This thread has the wrong name, Blackpill is basically an extension of the Iron Pill and has nothing to do with defeatism. Pic related.

The way I see it, every Holla Forumsack should stand as a beacon of stability and anti-kikery for his local community. The Jew has steered the world in a path to self-destruction, and only small, stable white communities will survive the downfall.

Does the sign have actual meaning or did the japs just draw something.

Just keep watching anime and that will change.

Thread theme: ur a fagit

This is because humanity itself is the creation of the Jew.
In fact homosapiens are a test tube species that the Neanderthal Kikes invented to serve them when they first arrived to earth
The Neanderthal was fleeing from the reptilian and crashed onto Earth, thus leaving them trapped here.
Fortunately there were an entire legion of good goy test tube beings (their slaves) on their ship. When they crashed, they had to teach the Goy to serve because they hadn't been through the re-education camps yet.
So they had to teach them to obey.
Hence came religion.
The rest is history.
You are a test tube race, we all are, and we are meant to serve the Hebrew Neanderthal.

Why, exactly, was this thread bumplocked?

OP, do you not see that you simply lack a very hard goal? The world is already burning OP . . . the empire-building time is now. We must arise. God has granted us some years of preparation with Trump; it is our job to build ourselves–now. Lad, we are white, within 5 years, many of us could be business owners and finance white-male institutions which eventually go TRUMP and storm the government.
Right now? Yeah, things are pretty bad . . . but what if you rid yourself of the chains of nigger-tier defeatism and arose, as a WHITE MAN, and carved a kingdom for yourself out of the chaos. No stories are told of all the mini-warlords and local heroes who's names are lost to time and yet were responsible for the maintenance and structure of LIFE, needed by children, needed by women, and the old, and the sick and dying. No stories are told of the brothers who rose their clans up from the edge after some long-forgotten cataclysm. No one will remember us OP, but we will bring our children through all of this . . . like we always have: God's greatest creation. So suicide yourself into life, OP–don't waste a day. I have a three-hour morning routine, am working in the evenings as a dishwasher to fund a welding career where I'll be starting my own company while my wife home-schools our children (she's leaving her career for them), writing a novel about future-humanity's migration beyond the solar-system, developing a talk-show, reading right-wing literature one-hour per day, and I lift, eat right, sleep as much as I can, and pray twice a day.
Five years. Get to work. I will starting an institution around that time. If others do as well then we can reevaluate what kind of pill is appropriate at that time . . . but I tell you this . . . it will NEVER be black, loyal lads.