At least 1 killed, 7 injured in mass shooting at Antioch church
At least one person was killed and seven others injured in what officials are calling a “mass casualty” incident at a church in Antioch Sunday morning.

Metro police responded to the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ on Pin Hook Road at 11 a.m.

Nashville fire officials confirm there at least one person and seven others were injured. Most of the injured are over 65 years old, authorities said.

The victims were transportedly to area hospitals. None of their identities were immediately known.

Roads around the church are currently shut down, including La Vergne Couchville Pike off Old Hickory Blvd., and Hobson Pike.


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majority white church

majority overweight church

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Most likely another CIA-nigger, like the rest of them

Rolling for regular nigger shooting up a church as revenge for the Dylann Roof attack.

Most likely a disgruntled employee.

Move along, nothing to see here.

Niggers will hang for the slaughter of whites

Fugg. Im in nashville now about to fly out. Antioch is more south nashville so im guessing nig nogs.

inb4 white (((Trump supporter))) whose social media history from 2 months ago is constant bitching about orange hitler

Rolling for false flag.

I wonder if it is the

If it is a nigger, we will never hear about this again.

Lack of digits tells me that Kek doesn't want to tell if its a nigger of sort pulling off this shit

This took place in Antioch, TN a suburb of Nashville if I'm reading the reports right.
Antioch is just as important as Constantinople, Jerusalem, Alexandria, and Rome in the eyes of the church. Used to be a stronghold of Christianity in the old times - spread outwards from Antioch.
Conflict in the Holy Lands is a sign of the apocalypse - Antioch is mentioned countless times in OT and NT. Remember (((they're))) very into symbolism and clever allusions

rolling for disgruntled priest

rolling for berniebro.


rare active jew?


(((white guy)))


kek is real


kike confirmed

Deus Vult, Kek Percipit

In all likelihood, yes. The real question is: who will they blame it on? White, black, or muzzie? They think they're going to cause a revolt/ revolution/raceware, but all that fluoride in the water has made Americans into idiotic slave faggots who can't even lift a finger to raise their own children, let alone curtail a rogue government.



Antioch was a white middle-class suburb that's been overrun by Mexicans over the last couple of decades.

Nobody is in a Church of Christ there, or gives a fuck about the people who are in one, unless they're white though. There's probably nothing but whites involved in this.

Definitely no geopolitical implications that might interest /pol.

Let's not ignore why the shooter shot himself….
"A male member of the church exited the sanctuary, got a gun from his vehicle and confronted the shooter, who then shot himself, according to Don Aaron, spokesman for police."

h ttp://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2017/09/24/nashville-police-responding-shooting-antioch-church/697968001/

Antioch does have it's fair share of Mexicans but over the last few years it has seen influx of poo in the loo's. I had to make a deposit in a bank there a couple of years ago in a Bank of America and the place smelled of curry.


Kek is back.

Jew confirmed.

this place look like child grooming pedo cult

That's most christian churches, user.

Not a white person.


Chances on mountain dew guy being the perp?

its catholic churches moron, if youre gonna type jokes from 1996, get it right you fucking zilch

Sick burn, Bill Maher.

yeah I regret choosing white male after reading, I reroll mexican


Probably an MK Ultra victim. This is why you carry a gun.


ITS SO OBVIOUSLY WRONG THOUGH, IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE FOR IT TO BE A BEANER. When have they ever not disclosed the race when its a white guy

>(((white guy)))

8888888 get said he didn't mean it that way as well, Kek's will > user's will everytime


The article updated, its a nigger.

Mexicans, niggers, and mudslides. Hell just about every shit skin race has moved in. I lived there for a few years around 2006 and watched my neighborhood off of Edge'o lake rd, which was only a few years old and had nice white houses, slowly get sold to the diverse crowd. It was gross and got so bad I moved back up near the KY border.

rolling for kek wants us to use the term kabob instead of sand nigger

They actually said that? What timeline are we in?

Should've played it safe, forgive me kek

An African Muslim I bet


If it's a nigger, can we get some twitter salt/delusions already.

Blacks are crap at everything.
By the way, can we use this as an excuse to tear down statues of niggers in the South?




The one dead was the nigger, shot itself.

Typical nigger.

Marksmanship is one area that whites are completely, unquestionably dominant.

Blacks don't like niggers (Chris Rock) don't mix them up.

They sure have a funny way of showing it. you tor-posting nigger.




Nigger with a bowl cut. How will the news-jews blame Trump for this?

only kill was a woman

almost as bad as 'active shooter'

They won't. It'll be memory holed, just like every other narrative-breaking nog crime.

We need his name before they scrub his social media. Obviously it won't be published officially until the scrubbing is complete, but somebody in the community must already know.

I'm not the best dig user.

We wuz just goin ta chuch, dindu nuffin mafuga

Of course it was a nigger

guy shot himself. he survived and is in custody now.

neither am I, but I think this is the VIN

So it's a category 1? Haven't seen that in a while.

They sound dejected that it wasn't a white guy shooting up niggers.

They are.

they released name, emannuel kidega samson, dig faggots

Cat 1 is every single day.

maybe this person closest age



(Photo: WKRN)

someone archive instagram.com/allmightephysique/

We'll never hear about this again.

There are a lot of tweets like this.

yea these show up every happening. it like twitter bots that activate or something. when the shooting first happen, like first 10 minutes there was already a tweet from some guy in Paris France

lmao he couldn't even kill himself properly. Niggers are incapable of even the most simple acts.

I like to imagine an office full of people who get paid to program bots to harass Trump and create an impression of false consensus. I also like to imagine the people being paid to write those tweets.

Or we'll hear more about how straight black men are the white men of black people.

Kinda hard to blow your brains out when your lips form a near watertight seal and your skull is more sloped than a NASCAR track.

what a bunch of faggots

aw yiss
is that how they spelled emmanuel? link source please

this may be him

Emanuel K. Samson

It's a news story that's anti-black and pro-2A, we have to be vocal about it or else it goes down the memory hole.

I guess because it is a black shooter it isn't good enough news. Pic related

The timeline where they want a civil war to start in November.

Wtf is wrong with niggers?

Don't start "civil war will start in x month" again. You remember what happened yesterday, you remember what happened last year.

I've read it multiple times and can't parse any meaning out of it.



How long have you got?

Just binged kashur and this was the first result.
All the rest is Quran stuff.

Sorry - 1 m 1 n.

(pardon link, archive not updating) wkrn.com/2017/09/24/breaking-church-shooting-in-antioch-sunday/

Creatine strikes again, when will the madness end?

He's army strong, but can't shoot.

any freemason lodges nearby?

Can confirm via actual contacts that he did not attend the church and is not from the area.

So it's not an inside squabble.

that is the interior of a nissan xterra


Neat. Now if we have the killer's motive as a black moor hebrew muslim afradigenous honkey-killer the narrative will finally stop crying about that fat broad in Cville.

His facebook page was deleted, so that pretty much confirms this is the guy

last picture looks like he's dressing up to lead an african civil war. all we need is an anti-white or anti-racemixing (muh diverse church) comment andwe can go

I came here to check quints.

Prepare for this to get memory holed. That is, after faggots scramble to say it wasn't racially motivated and race doesn't matter (except for when it's something like Dylan Roof of course).

Heres the culprit

Fucking kike trying to make it seem like this wasn't a nog being racist against Whites.

it so strange. There's nothing super abnormal about the instagram. Just lots of body building and working out. No weird dylann roof pictures.

no connections to church. didnt live in area. Maybe ex military? maybe hired to kill?

his FB is still up, just search Emanuel K. Samson, first hit.


And nothing of value was lost.

I skimmed his facebook so you guys don't have to. There are like 3 or 4 black power articles sprinkled in with bodybuilding shit. and vapid black people shit.

White Weissmann! I know that face anywhere.

You should screen interesting stuff because to me it looks like his page has been deleted. I would imagine it has been deleted but the change has not propagated to all facebook servers yet.

Yeah, I'm scrolling down and it's still loading for me. Will save as much as I can.

Archive everything immediately; you can't shut (((their))) lying dirty mouths without proofs.

Memory hole incoming

This people we're already lagging behind get your fingers moving!

save everything you can!

Must be workplace stress. Bonus shekels to the first Twitterfag who can plausibly blame this on the racism the shooter suffered.

too many 'roids.

here we go ba bay


How do they never then realize that whites outnumber Muslims (see: Arab since no one seems to include the race that usually accompanies Muslim) vastly in the US? I know they don't want to acknowledge because it hurts the narrative, but that's a pretty big glaring hole in logic.

he got like 4.7k friends. so def not some loner weirdo.


It's actually more prevalent in the protestant ones, since a pedo priest may be moved around, but a pedo minister takes his congregation with him.

tl;dr shamans of all kinds like to fuck kids, but the wise and righteous shaman abstains





interested to see who sponsored him

he shills brotein powder divisionsupply.com

thank you kek for the coming racewar

I haven't figured out yet if that's real or him larping kang-wise


last post

Christ, looking at black social media is like peering through a window into the den of a future where twerking is an Olympic event and the national anthem is rewritten by Lil Jon.

Anyone who posts shit like this non-ironically should be barred from voting, and should subsequently be castrated, regardless of race.

Fuckers either insane or a bonafied legit black supremacist that wanted to kill whitey.

The ironic ones need the snip too.

Was anyone shot in church related to that development not going through? This seems like a POSSIBLE MOTIVE hmmm?

Atheist who grew up christian, its not most christian churches, most are not like that. and if any religion gets the credit, the mudslides are way worse than the catholics and the catholics are bad enough. your comment is daily show tier


Kingsman was an attempt to normalize killing white southerners at churchers.

Phew, almost would've had to been concerned about this black male shooting white people, but since the church was racially diverse the shooter's race is just a totally random coincidence.

His likes

"As a fellow caucasian cowpoke, I do declare we need to erectify more places of Mooslim worship, or Mosques as they be known ovuh theyuh"



Radicalized ONLINE! by all the we wuz kangz propaganda

Not for nothing but I trust I don't need to point out how suspicious this is?


Holy shit he's a homegrown lone wolf that the feds keep shitting their pants over. Look at all that he's got everything!

We basically got the black version of Dylann.

well all christianity exists to facilitate kikes and zog

This is about perfect, we have a WUZ-tier African mooslim "refugee"

I dont trust police for a second. They always part of whatever shit is going on lol. Especially when FBI and ATF show up

meant for

He's from Sudan, who sponsored him?

Reported for not even trying, you filthy fucking kike shill.

>>>Holla Forums13466305

(((msnbc))) is trying to spin the nig as a hero for warning the children before going on a killing spree.
msnbc .com/msnbc-news/watch/one-killed-seven-wounded-in-tennessee-church-shooting-1053846595954

Definitely bullshit.

He thought he was an edge lord, today he learned he was just another nigger. They snap when it happens.

I hope all of you are saving this because they're about to memory hole this story and we gotta RAISE HELL so people don't forget about it

Thas rite

hmm why they have to make a point of saying he was legal

If I had to guess, either Saudis or Qatar. Tons of then trying to start shit here in the south while wearing cowboy hats everywhere, even indoors.

That's funny, cause all I could think of is Arkham series + "Snake, use your CQC". Someone really needs to make a webm with Moonman instead of "Freebird."

Of fucking course he is.

and what are the odds the 2 guns are an AR-15 and a pistol

I like your enthusiasm, and im not trying to be nihil, but no they wont. They have been doing it for the past fucking 50 years at will. And whites just soy out. Also whites are just bred to not fight anymore. ZERO fucking aggression or ability to be alpha. So no bro, they wont.

Whoever in this thread claimed that this was somehow going to blamed on drumpf you weren't far off

You're going to be called a shill but I have to admit that I agree with you.

In refrence to

he wuz kongz


how can anyone possibly mistake the two?

having a hard time buying this. I still think there some weird pedo child grooming stuff going on.


Okay I'm calling bullshit unless you point me to the site that sells that shit. That looks so fucking stupid I'm having trouble thinking even a nigger would buy it.

His Instagram. He was really in to body building

I'm was just trying to show you such a thing exists, not trying to shill or something, jesus christ. You might have heard of the site, it's called amazon.com, search for clown ski mask

the fucking irony of that fourth post

His Facebook. Scrape it while you can

Sharing black power videos

Police announcement

Race war when?

that is how it's been
that is what we need to change
This guy will not get sentenced like Roof, might not get sentenced as bad as that couple who got decades in prison for cussing at niggers in a park, and we need to prepare whites to start chimping out themselves. I don't care how drunkenracisthillbilly it looks if it starts making whites act with some racial solidarity.

Shit seriously? I never use that thing since the security is crap and they track everything you buy in orwell fashion. You can get something that stupid on amazon?! Good grief it's just so god damn tacky I thought it was some costume store novelty item or a photoshop not some mainstream product.

Wow, just wow.

the lady that they said was "shot in the back and face" was Melanie Smith, 39.

maybe someone can find something on this lady

PICTURED: Masked Sudanese bodybuilder, 24, who killed one woman and wounded six others in a Nashville church shooting before a heroic usher, 22, stopped the rampage

was this a toll being paid???

Those 2 "whites" (they were spics irrc) didnt just curse. They said they were going to kill the black kids. Thats fucking retarded to do that in the first place. Tho their sentence was harsh. Whites will only act with racial solidarity once we have solid leadership that isnt pure sheep dip alphabet neo nazi tier (Spencer, Cantnose, Enoch, Red Ice, Anglin, etc etc)
The Asatru Folk Assembly is the only openly pro European group i know of that actually conducts themselves well and with respect for others without cucking to anything. They get whites active, and organized. Which is CRUCIAL for our come back. They are booming in growth tho which is great.


Police confirmed that the church goer shot dead by Samson was Melanie Smith, 39, of Smyrna


there's not a lot that annoys me more than a non-white with obvious racial consciousness who is incapable of seeing why whites would possibly want the same thing.

Just another MK Ultra puppet

sage for offtopic
does anyone have anything to say about that site? I've been getting deals through ads for their face shields and it seems very tempting.

did she burn the coal first?

it checks out

I find a Melanie J Smith , age 37 who lives in Antioch, but no one 39 year old who lives in Smyrna

there is a 36 year old melanie smith who currently living in Murfreesboro, TN. USE to live in antioch and Smyrna

This is the hero

Goddamn fucking niggers don't know how to spell. They misspelled Emanuel.

Reminds me of a shop that advertised, "We Do Duel Exhaust," in huge fucking red letters out front.

Smyrna, Georgia

She looks Hawaiian to me.

Not more than a passing word about this on UK tv guys, when Dylan Roof did his shit it was wall to wall "BREAKING NEWS" banners and 24/7 coverage for like week.

It's already off the tickers here. They're talking about another fucking earthquake in Mexico now.

was there actually 24/7 coverage?

I'd pay good money to see someone fight a smoke monster demon thing coming out of a car's exhaust every time he cleans an engine.

That's nothing new media kikes are covering it up since it's gotta be everyone hate on whitey. It only matters when a nigger gets shot.

Well it was mentioned first and then high up on every half hour update on the 24/7 news channels. To the point at which no one in the country could not have heard about it.

Well how else was the kike going to rub the goyims nose in it and screech bad dog? Also nice trips.

Of fucking course. Since his age I'm guessing it's not adopted, he married a coalburner or is a legit cuck.

that baby looks like there are health problems in its future.

Barel to de debil, King Kong. Barel to de debil.

Oh my fucking god, I just looked it up to make sure. Jesus Christ. White people, for the love of all that is good, get you shit together. It's embarrassing to see this shit every time.

I'm not a Bong but I know it got big coverage there because I remember seeing on the news that there was at least one decent sized march over there over it because all da po' black peepol b gettin murda'd n shit.

thanks I did a quick check and found this. Why would she be all the way over at the church? That gotta be some distance.

maybe this is why the nigger shot the church up

Sickle cells with no malaria in site.

Somebody mentioned a development that got shot down earlier in the thread.

That first pic makes her look part-bean.

This makes me feel a tad less upset tbqh.

If you confront leftists about this, they'll claim the difference in death toll is the reason, not race. Guess that goes to show shot placement is what really counts. :^)

A Mosque


Now THAT'S interesting…


They weren't exactly nordic, but they weren't spic and I'm not going d&C of him having a spanish name. They were retarded but the judge made it clear that they were being made an example of. Just for being racist even though the niggers video showed they weren't that upset at the time. It certainly doesn't justify having the couple in prison for so long their kids will grow up without them.
which is why we need to exploit this to the fullest even if it's just a nigger as opposed to our true enemy, the jew.
not going to happen while their system is still in place.

oh no it's retarded

I read they're going to open up a civil rights investigation into this. Now what the fuck does that even mean? Was it white peoples fault they got shot? They never use 'civil rights' in the opposite manner

It'll be some crazy gymnastics where they claim the church somehow provoked him into going allah snackbar on them all because they were insensitive jerks who insulted his glorious allah. I'll be amazed if this admit this was a hate crime.

Holla Forums is always right

I've only heard it from one obscure twitter source, but I don't expect anything but cucking and apologetics. Good timing though, on a day when everyone fellates cowardly nigger football players one goes berserk to show everyone how they really are.

I was actually looking at a different page, that does seem to have been from him but is deleted (how far back I don't know).


There is another page that was not deleted.


Whites, but christcuck indoctrinated Whites who are neck deep in breeding shitskins and shipping them into White countries so, oh no.. that sucks.

Gooks are surprisingly good at marksmanship, every Olympics its always whites and gooks vying for marksmanship medals.

26, 25, 24. When will it end?

Sure whatever makes you feel good about being diddled as an alter boy

Seemed to think the hurricanes were artificial, like HAARP shit.

Oh. My. God.

Really gets the niggin jiggin.

So we got a guy who was dumb as dirt, likely muslim and already fairly radical, mentally unstable even. Gets to the states, gets his gibmedats and plugged into the internet. Suddenly gets every god damn conspiracy ever in his head as fact long as it pertains to some oppress black man narrative. What I'm not getting here is why did he target the church instead of some local water treatment plant or factory where the smoke columns "make dem damn hurricanes nigga". It seems like he would of been more likely to lay siege to a government office than shoot up a religious gathering. In the deleted pages maybe?

typical nigger victim complex


I'm glad he's still alive. He's gonna chimp out in court and redpill a lot of people. After sentencing, I hope he's killed quickly.

Some chick there probably burned coal with him, eventually dropped him and then he chimped out later. Or maybe he did something there that was bad, was asked not to return and then decided the whitey told him to go because "They be racist n shit, mane."


Choice cuts from a couple shared vids:


Two Antarctica posts on the first page and this is slid?


Well that sure as fuck raises red flags across the board. Dudes not outright saying it but he wants them to prep for open conflict with local police and train in literal open warfare. Used to be times talking like that would count as inciting rebellion.

No wonder he went off shooting if he's listening to shit like this with his state of mind.

That just compounds it, he had a childs mentality to a higher degree than most of them. I can't place the flag but it's mid east I think. That or he just took the colors and put them in randomly.

Quick someone post the suicidal nigger wyatt man picture.

If you watch the full video he's actually telling them they aren't ready and they should stop encouraging rioting if they're not ready to fight themselves. Says he wants more nigger cops and nigger judges. For a nigger he's not a complete idiot. facebook.com/truthandedutainment/videos/1745459209051137/

The, "how many of you know martial arts?" bit cracked me up though.

The irony that only a black man could say this publicly without being called a racist.

THIS was racially motivated terrorism.
Tweet Trump.

Now if only more niggers would join in


Apparently Tyrone fucked up and accidently shot himself in the face while reloading lol.

I wonder why the (((mods))) haven't stickied this and the board is getting (((raided)))


Hotpockets have no control over the raids. This is a coordinated attempt on every platform to silence this story.

It's Sudan's flag. It's where he grew up and learned to hate white men and want to rape white women.

we need regular bumps, then
Anyone have vidya or images of emanuel's face?

8ch was either being broken by ron or getting DDOS'd for the past hour or so. Stickying now. (also learn how to request stickies, faggots)

Good one kike

This should be

if he made that, then it turns out he's just a stupid nigger who doesn't know his flag from kuwait's

I wonder who the left will bring up after this incident


Roof you mongoloid.

So I'm guessing this Emanuel K Samson let the bodies hit the floor

they won't, because it would give whites the opportunity to get mad. Which is why we have to spread this.

Racially motivated church attack
Remind you of anything?

They'll just say
"But Goyim White people do this too, look at Roof"

so Robert Caleb Engle is the hero of the day, but when I look him up on intelius I get Robert James Engle

what the deal with that

Media will ignore it if it isn't a black church.

Don't forget it's a diverse church!!!

He's not a black Dylan Roof!

Fuck, I hate the way news articles update information overtime without being clear

Other 6 who were wounded
If all were white than we can push hard on the race angle.

good, I want the people who attacked whites and flags and monuments because of roof get some in return.

These might be nigger names.



This happens the same day that Trump lifts restrictions on citizens from Sudan. The perp is Sudanese.

Where did he shoot himself in the face?


His right arm's bandaged. Looks like bicep.


Did the nigger run out of ammo by the time he pistol whipped him or was he just so retarded that he was letting people walk out of the church?

Yeah, it's Kuwaiti. But close enough; affirmative action applies to give full credit.

He ran out of ammo. Standard nigger practice is to press the muzzle against your bicep while shoving a clip in.

Nothing in those pictures apart from the forearm cuts(?) is particularly weird really but that women looks like a psycho and I wouldnt attribute it to the church.

Nose matches up, Oil Driller.

My bet is that he cocked the slide with his finger on the trigger and the but on his sternum, assuming he accidentally shot himself in the arm.

CIA nigger confirmed.



Molymeme's take.



Maybe he had what he felt was a prophetic dream.

Probably to show that Trump's travel bans are "pointless".
Most of these media event shootings are hoaxes for political purposes.

Sorry but this is a media staging scene.
Psyop confirmed.

What the fuck? I need a diagram.

I hate you retards.

That makes no sense at all inb4 niggers aren't supposed to make sense, there's no reason to, and it's awkward to carry out.
Secondly, THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVE is that he shot himself in the face.
So where is the wound?

Considering you don't know the difference between a hoax and a false flag, you ought to sit down and shut the fuck up, kike.

Oh, and this:
They're ubiquitously absent at every mass shooting. Pure coincidence I'm sure.

Nigger tier IQ folks, sorry to tell you that yes you niggers do in fact chimp out.

I was going through kikebook trying to put skin colors to the names of victims (unsuccesfully) and I got to say, what a depressing bunch of people. And holy shit, do they have all the races there. At least if all the victims are white we'll be able to counteract 'muh diverse church' angle

yeah, I know, reporters are never wrong so it must be a false flag

It's drama for political ends, that is all. The saddest thing about this is that normalfags like yourself believe that dirty tricks stopped with Nixon.
From Rome to Weimar Germany, to Nixon and Kennedy, on to the present day, government does what is needed to achieve its aims, now with the media in tow.
But you lap up anything the kikes throw your way, because
>a White guy did it, (((based))), (((ourguy))), 14/88 hang niggers, gas the kikes, race war now.
In both cases the Jew is leading you by your emotional attachments.
But dream on, I'm not here to throw pearls before swine.

Post your best evidence that it happened, without using Jewish sources.


this melanie smith character is weird. I get 1 hit on intelius with all these places lived and who knows what going on. picture is a mess

I'm not going to say its not fishy but at my business half the cameras have been out for two years and a bunch of them aren't even plugged in. If you don't live in a high crime area usually just the appearance of having them wards off crime.
Pro tip, its not worth cheaping out on cameras, even buying a package that costs a grand is still shit depending on your weather

pic related

shoo shoo

If you're going to be a stupid shit atleast get it right. His name is pronounced "Shekel MoneyJew"

What is

You autists are insufferable with your bullshit.


Are you drunk?

oops wrong video. Must be one of these two.


God fucking damn it.

I kek'd, hello /fit.. one of my favorite memes.

I wasn't trying to say it's fuake I was trying to point out that CCTV in churches isn't uncommon these days.

Of course people can fail to maintain their cameras, but it's a consistent trait of every media event mass shooting.
It even happens to street CCTV owned by the govt/local authority. During the supposed bombings of 7/7 in London, every CCTV camera which should have captured the bombers failed or was turned off, buses, train stations, street.
The local authority of Westminster disabled every CCTV camera in the vicinity of the bridge just months before the fake car attack. Pick any bombing or mass shooting of recent years and you will find excuses as to why there is no CCTV footage.
Furthermore in an age of ubiquitous mobile phones, no one takes footage with any identifiable action.
If disaster and violence made people too scared to film then Youtube wouldn't have millions of videos of exactly that kind of thing taken by mobile phone.
It's got to the point where the template for fake atrocities is so worn out that, if you study their previous events, you can spot new ones in a matter of minutes.
The nigger actor couldn't help himself and leaves us a massive taunting clue, you can't make this shit up.
They slip these comments in as a form of gloating, i.e "I'm so clever and sneaky that I can admit what I'm doing and no one will get it."

Of course the Kikes who steer the threads here and protect the Jewish narrative will go into overdrive when you expose these goings on, you can see a number of them at work already.

Your combination of Reddit/4chan "funny" memes and your shilling of that controlled opposition Jew exposes your agenda.

I believe this is her FB archive.is/6G2ny

You also mentioned an inconsistency w/ Robert (((Caleb))) Engle - I don't have it on-hand but I saw one article featured the middle name in quotes, as if a nickname.



I'd say it really depends on the church. If the church is actually a synagogue or mosque (in America or Europe), CCTV is probably standard. Probably also standard in wealthy churches in high-crime communities (cities) or churches with expensive or culturally significant art stuff.

Your typical rural/suburban American church probably does not have CCTV inside the sanctuary.

go look at this churches fb and get the fuck off this board and see if it looks like the type of place that has cameras. It's a dump. The media will try hard to sweep this under the rug. Not everything is a hoax/falseflag/nuke

But again, the reason we rarely get gore videos from crimes in public places that probably have CCTV is because few people want to upload such things:

We (people who have been on image boards too long) are desensitized to gore, such that some of us assume that uploading gore videos would be standard practice. Sometimes gore videos do get uploaded, usually because EMTs or police officers are another demographic that gets desensitized, and those are the people who might be in a position to produce/release such gore footage. We also get gore casually distributed out of other cultures, like China or Muslim nations (webm), where the typical person isn't nearly so removed from such things (or maybe just because they're soulless by default).

thats what i thought, 2nd

These are the only 2 I haven't been able to find pics of. Too old for SM. There is an (Antioch) address online if it's any help to a better digger.

I followed Manchester like a hawk and it was the biggest fraud ever. Right down to the photo ops with the kids in the hospital who looked like they were all drugged up & the homeless man hero

I looked up william jenkins on intelius but it's no good. only 3 hits and not even close.

There appears to be a Thaddeus Jenkins who lives about a dozen houses away on their block, perhaps worth a look.

I spoke to soon. I may have found them. They related to a tad jenkins.

they all look really upper middle class I cant picture them going to that church

Straight outta RUF cannibal death squad

Aha. Maxwell Road?

tad lives in Nashville. I dont know about streets.

They're not upper-middle class. Just middle. Common folk.

they're at the titans game so it ok to wear the hats

Ok, no, this was Antioch. I should say idk how accurate this info is, I'm just using what's freely avail (I went radaris->spokeo->addresses.com to make Thaddeus connect). Old lady's age & husband fits there tho.

Hats confirm

Upperclass would have better hats, and the lady atleast a sunhat or a lady tennis visor

Oh, wait - I suppose Antioch is considered greater Nashville, no? I know I some headlines implying as much, anyway.

yea ive seen headlines they say Nashville shooting.

So he was one of those "woke" nation of pisslam anti white black supremacist niggers?

I love how they are so eager to point that out in order to excuse the nigger. All that church needed was a one black attendant and he wuz a gud boi dindu nuffin.

Remind all those batching about the keapernick knee thing that WAS the shooters FB banner. The two are related.

Now he will be a black body building Religion of Cuck™ spouting god in cellbock c

Can't be her, news is saying she went by Melanie L Crow on Facebook


odds it's not a white guy now 100%


Remember to compare this incident to Charleston and not the Roof shooting
This guy is 100% alt-left

The nig was looking for this guy at the church


Because the Jews think that if they sugar coat their poison pills it's easier for the masses to swallow. Ie, everyone knows illegal nigger terrorists are WAY worse than legal nigger terrorists… r-right?

Would you look at the size of that monkey mouth. How can people call this the same species?

I made this yesterday, but didn't see the sticky, so I just posted it in my White Victims of Black Crime thread.


September 24, 2017

Victim(s): Melanie Smith 39, Robert Engle (survived), Joey Spann (survived),Peggy Spann (survived), 4 others

Attacker(s): Emanuel Kidega Samson

Description: Samson, a Sudanese immigrant, walked into the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch,TN wearing a neoprene ski mask and opened fire, killing Melanie, and wounding 7 other people, including church usher Robert Engle. Robert fought with Samson & was pistol whipped, until Samson accidentally shot himself.

Archive.is Link(s):
archive.is/7DCFM Story on the crime.

Mountain Dew guy seems to really hate his life.

If legit, not a single thing of value was lost.

Why can't we publicly torture this nigger to death? Put his head on a stake at the exit to LaGuardia (or where ever these muds come from) with a sign "killed a white". Maybe with a looping video of his torture and vivisection.

It'd be great to see a video of it. Niggers with guns are so laughable.

Because we are a (((civilized))) society with deep rooted (((christian))) values. It would be (((morally))) repugnant if we were to lower ourself to the level of this animal. America has (((rule of law))) which protects us all.

It's not that we're bred not to fight; it's that there's no compelling reason for anyone who has something to lose to risk it all.
White men doing their jobs have white families - wife, kids, etc. - and if one of those men decides he wants to make DOTR happen,
think you he'll be coming home except in a pine box?

It's not up to the guys building tomorrow to sacrifice today: that is for those who have nothing to lose and nowhere to run.
I'm afraid that your dreams of a 'white revolution'/DOTR hinge on your expectation that "someone else" will do the heavy lifting
for you.

And that's not how it works.

I am pretty positive that Melanie Smith is the wrong one. That one lives in Georgia

>Mouthbreathing (((phoneposter))) shows up to call them pedophiles and starts asking for others do stuff

Pure coincidence.


I legitimately wonder where do (((they))) get these retards from.
Is this the power of the "2/hr freelance virtual assistants"?
It's as if you've got a 80 IQ indian that works at a callcenter shitposting from his phone using ESL-tier lingo in order to get some extra shekels to pay the shitting street fees.

Molyjew just talked about how the mentally deficient shitskin got race baited.

No, let me show you.

have a stronk American hottie for being a good sport

BLM are almost entirely niggers and far-left. They don't count.

oh are you talking about my posts you dumb jew?


Weird fashion is always a cry for help.

What is this webm?
Is it a missile strike?

Cool it with the anti-Semitic remarks.

10/10 would impregnate.

Crane strike: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mecca_crane_collapse

The ancient god Ba'al did it (pic related), in retaliation for this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_of_Baalshamin#Destruction

Here's the only other one I saw.
no bump for off topic




That's a typical church-going woman of that age.
Man up and breed with her.

So they're pushing that its a diverse church to sweep this under the rug. I have yet to see any confirmation of that claim. I have seen only whites killed. This nigger was out for white blood.

Senator has blood on his hands.

Church was definitely multiculti garbage but all the people that he shot were white.
>He shot people in a (((racially diverse))) church so it can't be racially motivated
Imagine if a gunman opened fire in NYC but deliberately only shot white people, with the logic they're using it couldn't possibly be racially motivated because there were kikes and shitskins around that he didn't shoot.

Yeah its such a jew way of saying it. Don't put the pieces together goy.


He was radicalized by .Mic
Is .Mic the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack of the alt-left?

Kai Winn did nothing wrong.

I really cannot believe my eyes, he really shot his partner in the head? and the way the one in the back fuckin runs after the first opening shots

IN the (((Hollywood))) version, the cop in front is a white racist, the black one behind him saves his life from a right-wing terrorist, and he learns a valuable lesson about how we're all the same – blue on the outside, red at heart.

IN the (((Hollywood))) version, the cop in front is a white racist, the black one behind him saves his life from a right-wing terrorist, and he learns a valuable lesson about how we're all the same – blue on the outside, red at heart.

I have no reason to doubt this by the lack of media attention, has anyone proven yet?

And has anyone seen a single mention in the media that he was kangz/kneeler tier? I'm visiting someone and just sat for an hour with Hannity in the background while people argued that criticising kneelers isn't racist!

Jesus fucking christ

frankly im starting to think no one was shot. this is another happening where you hear about it on twitter, read about it in the media, watch the videos, but you never actually see anything. No EMT bringing out out wounded, no people fleeing, no church members coming out of the church, no nothing.

all we get is some dumb little sandy hook kid talking about how he barricaded himself behind the door & other nonsense.

where are all the church goer cars in the parking lot?

nah, we know when they shut things down that local news and print still has to have some mention to keep people from being suspicious. And it was mentioned briefly on the national local morning news if I understand correctly, just no mention of race or reason. Listen to Dr Pierce and you will hear him talk about things the national news studiously avoided that didn't fit the narrative. Nothing has changed.
of course not, it would have a one in a million chance of affecting even anyone you are acquainted with. What's your point?
that was the one that died?
media spun that out of nothing for distraction
tiny church, poorfag proles, low energy. saturday service+no holiday= nothing but old folks. If you look at their facebook, I would bet half their attendance doesn't even drive regularly.

If you're suggesting hoax, hoaxes get MORE media attention. What I want to know is how to blow this up, figuratively. Shove Dylann down their throats.

fuck, it was a sunday, unemployment strikes again

This Melanie character is all over the place. Is it Melanie L Smith? Melanie Crow Smith. Melanie L. Crow? I think they do it on purpose


Crow is her spirit animal.

whatever her name is she isn't dead. She driving around somewhere in Huron Tennessee

Were they all White?

And funny I literally saw no follow up story today in the news, looks like they're going to try a Jew media blackout on this


Gtfo you commie fucking kike nig shill

More pictures of the victims
I couldn't find a photo of William or Marlene Jenkins though.


Alright. I've tried to spread this on other sites and almost no one cares. I've only got one idea left-
Try to get nigger kneelers to use #samsonstrength or some other tag this guy used, and later show it's a sekrit dogwhistle support for the murderer.

First thing out of place for me, why the fuck would the ambulance be outside the barrier? They'd need it at least as close to the entrance, backed up. Seems hero usher had made the nigger neutralize the situation by his own fuck up no need for ambulance support to be all the way out there.

I can't even watch regular news because of this place. Which is good. False flag verified. No eyeball strain needed like in cville.

Just stop it you crazy masons, we know. Did anons post any lodges close? They might even meet in the church, or operate out of it. I think Pulse club shooting was like this. And the recruitment center shoot ups, Dallas even. Civ casualties, (((mossad))) gives no fucks.

Did he get a high score?

Bump, Don't let this go. I haven't heard a fucking peep about this from the media a last two days. No updates, or photos of the victims, or news stories saying this was a Black man who shot a Church full of White victims no nothing. The media is desperately trying to sweep this story under the rug. We can't let them do that.

Triple dubs demand we keep this alive

Bump against niggrosity




controlled media won again

It's a shame media's not touching this. Even if nobody trusts (((them))) hypocrisy is always upsetting. When it was Dylann Roof, we still hear about it. This guy, (((nothing to see here goy)))



lest we forget who is really behind this…dem dam ruskies