Is it true she's communist now?

Is it true she's communist now?

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White chicks are the devil

who she? would dicc

yo who let the tumblrist-thirdworldists in?

Who is that? she has that dead eye look. I bet she's generic af

looked her up. her name is eva lion.

It was fun hyperbole. They're fine. But when they fuck up, they manage to fuck up badly.

holy shit she's fuckin crazy

literally who

I don't think she will ever become communist tbh famalams

She is white trash

anfem as usual

Sweet communist
The communist daughter
Standing on the sea-weed water

She's all yours fam you can take her


And you're a classist piece of shit.

Fuck didn't realized white trash meant THAT
Sorry fam
She is Nazi Scum
Better ?

Stop now

proceed to the gulag

wasn't she a troll ?

There was a video of her smacking her head several times that I saw in a previous thread about her
She may haveā€¦ problems


She definitely does have problems. One of them being her nasty yellow teeth.

nothing wrong about big nasty yellow teeth

check your fucking dentity muh privilege sinner

I honestly just feel bad for her.

she stared off by 'dating onison' according to the internet [notorious for being untrue]

if she planned to, or not, doesn't matter to me, she isn't careful enough for me to accept her, or bother to watch her videos

talking to commies is more fun than listening to people who have almost the same views as you

She was right

would irrelevant shit tbh

Step 1 and I'm already triggered

you failed in the 20s and 30s. you had your reforms (which didnt work until there was a war that massively expanded the size of the government), and you're reaping what you sow. communism will never work, only a free market can

that worked wonders with the child labourers

Holy shit. Anybody this autistic should be considered untermensch. At least to Holla Forums


I want to fuck her so bad.

No one will ever take you seriously if you keep spouting nonsense. You're acting like commies wanted anything other than to overthrow capitalism, either democratically or through revolution.

what is this, context please

she's a crazy bitch attention seeker who needs to be on meds

worst jewess tbh

Could've just said she's a woman 2bh

But what about Milo

He's a gay man

Good taste in poni