Oh I can already tastes Holla Forums tears. So salty


Oh I can already tastes Holla Forums tears. So salty.

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cuckqueaning is where it's at tbqh


Great Scott

one bad thing about left wing is being surrounded by sex-havers



walk outside you coward

ie men that men are attracted to

stay in your cancerous containment thread you disgusting roastie

cointainment/quarantine theory is a hoax
haven't you seen any modern hollywood? or are you just living under a rock?


There are two of us posting now

you're not alone. gulag them tbh

based Japan

and do what exactly?

u-u too

You don't belong in this thread

Venceremos, user.

We shall overcome.

you have a whole file of niggers?

Just because Stirner was a cuck doesn't mean being a cuck is desirable.


You're cute

There I saved you a thread and all future fetish threads.

There I saved you a thread and all future threads.

I no speak internetinese.

Let's hope so.

Ok google helped. I typed in just hets the first time and it couldn't help. So you're saying I'm a dirty hetero who can't understand fetishists and non-heteros?

Elaborate pls.

No straight people just are…how can I put this….

Do you know the kind of person who subscribes to Philip DeFranco on youtube

Seeing as I've never heard of him and I have no youtube subscriptions I'm guessing: you?

Oh fuck

Would you recommend him? What does he do?

He's generic. That's it. He's a generic talking head, that's basically it. He tells you news stories back at you. People who are moms now would be listening to him do the same shit he's been doing. Really more of an insult of het women more than anything.

He was new in. Fuck god how long has it been. 2008? 2009? Even 2007? Almost ten years, I don't think I've heard of him since I just thought of the most generic person imaginable on the platform most generic people use to listen to say generic news stories for reasons generic ten years down the line now.

I was just saying boring and embarrassing.

You got to me. Generic, boring, embarrassing. How will I go on? This is the most crushing blow.

You're not the same anarcha-feminist I went on a date with once? It might be ignorant to ask, there has to be more than one of you, but you do seem familiar….

I'd give you more details but I'm too spooped it's actually you…

I'm not straight or white. The only girl dumb enough to go on a date somewhere outside their apartment to begin with still is white.

the rest of us already knew pizza and couch and japanese was the beginning and end of love before they knew.

What I'm trying to say is if you actually want to be in art and be interesting and be cool, don't be straight. It shouldn't be really that odd that the entryway into art and being interesting is homosexuality.

If you want to eat on the couch with someone you love that's interesting go for the same sex. If you still want to be whined at about how you don't go out anymore be straight


Thanks but no thanks. Whenever I want dick and balls all I have to do is look down.

P.S. The girl was Asian.

I'm not her anyways. But it's unsurprising she would be too. She's probably some. God I even forgot the word from it. The ones with the yaoi.

Estrogen, I needs it, or become too much of, let's say a dick. If I'm around too many men for too long I just want to kill.

Well I wouldn't know because all I did was hug her. She(he?) was about as tolerable as you.


Don't worry I think I've worked through my residual emotion for your cartoon character/movement?/philosophy? I really don't know. I started the date by inviting her out to explain me some of this wacky anarcha-feminist stuff, but alas, I came out none the wiser.

Think most I can remember on the subject she had a Bougey hipster dream to make tea and anarchist picture books for little kids. I was like "I dunno if that's the kind of sheet I would've liked as a child or would've made it fond and memorable, but ookkk whatever floats your boat."

This sounds like the silliest beginning of a married couple I could possibly seen

and you fucked it all up

Aww that's adorable. You can't get everything you want in life you could have gotten free tea man.

That's like

some sort of money down the line you scrape off your budget

If you're trying to get me to act like her and say you should have gone on a second date congratulations it worked you fucking dumbie. You missed being a corny couple who makes kids books and met on leftypol, are you proud of yourself

Stop thinking you can be all high and mighty just because nobody here gets laid.



ask someone to make a super cut of jones edits to explain it to you.


No, this is an Utopian idea that needs to be abandoned just as much its counter.

What's wrong with Utopia?

that would be a good meme

Anarchism is a belief in radical equality which ever way you so choose to swing it.

It is CERTAINLY a belief in the destruction of class.Indeed, the so called plebeian class. Anarchism is class struggle.

Why the fuck else are you a feminist if not a belief in radical equality?

If you aren't aiming for Utopia you are aiming for mediocrity

Mediocrity is for plebs

anarchists believe in equality
feminists believe in matriarchy

Utopianism, if we can ask its meaning and etymology would tell us two things: eu-topos, the good place & u-topos, the place that cannot be. As such, it is an immature, and staid form of social relationship, which in all the distances of power is not based in material conditions of existing history, knowledge, and science.

Computing an object's equality is a time-considered and consuming individual task for the class to define. Since we do not have the instance of the classless, you are just making conjectures.
Precisely this is what I mean. You want to perpetuate it, perhaps unconsciously for a numerous amount of reasons, which we cannot always delve and access into, but instead rectifies itself through other.
There is exactly zero equality between the sexes, and so should there be. Sublation of woman through man is what will conjure up the next stage of progress in sexual, and therefore cultured, communal society.
And you said one else had a disdain for pleps, yet I was not (>>1065748) who made this installation 1er. Mediocrity is the pure aspect of communism, where everyone is left to their stupid shit, perhaps fully engaged in what they understand and step towards.
Did I mention I am not an anarchist?

In other words, Utopianism is reactionary by nature.

come on now

Argument is language you retard.

What conjecture did I make exactly? Show me where I predicted anything at all in fact?

On the other hand, had I predicted something along the lines of 'after the revolution and post scarcity everyone will become more or less equal in aptitude etc' WHICH I DID NOT. But if I had, I would answer you thusly:

1) If that's the game you are going to play, then your claim of inequality being the ideal, which you imply by stating that equality is not, is equally conjecture.

2) Besides that, there is a very large body of evidence to suggest that in fact aptitude is based largely on education and nourishment. These are material conditions, with the equality of material conditions comes an equality of results. An equality of inputs gives an equality of outputs.

I want to perpetuate what? Class struggle? No I want to end it. Where do you get that I want to perpetuate it? The rest of this section of yours is just waffle to be frank.

which does not change the fact that they should be considered as autonomous agents in the same way a man should be.

no.. in fact you indicated the very opposite.

By this, I mean simply that words evolve out of their very disagreements with another.

Which is funny because it actually was if you look at the theoretical progression of Utopia. This society never existed, but that is all the more reason to strive towards it.

Besides this, everyone is a Utopian. You believe the world could be a certain but isn't, you believe if it was this way it would be a drastically better place, a Utopia, almost. Only you just don't call it that..

This is why I will not argue with walls.
(You) said, explicitly, "Anarchism is class struggle." So if (You)r being is the disparity of classes then you are masquerading as equal yet what conceals the inequality inherent to the becoming of (You)r system.


So, we should strive to exit, to have not existed? Bravo, what an accomplishment you've made for society.

Because anarchists are kinders.

Enjoy your linguistic killshot kid

wish I had my Scott Adams meme

Who the fuck?

someone posted it

No, it is not illusions you've been seeing, but mere propositions, each with their own bridge and gate, lock and key. Whomever this "man" you're referring to is has little to do with what you are saying at all. Instead, it is the impotent rage you get when trig­ger­ed by another sequence of words and symbolic enrapture.

meant 4

Pretty funny. Holla Forums has popularized the fun that triggers them so much.

Is this another stupid meme or was Stirner seriously cheated on by his wife?

Remember, everyone, sexuality is not a choice.

Oh look porn normalising yet another perversion, how surprising.

define perversion

No, we should strive towards excelling ourselves and others around us. That's a real nice strawman though.

Its not really a point is it, just a cheap shot

Anything that isn't heterosexual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation between people of the same race.