Get those meme-creatin' juices running cumrags. Reposting some stuff from the previous thread.

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You have to use underscores on rule 34.


Also, have some more new stuff.

I only saved the image instead of the gif. I am a retard.

i wish there was less memes and more drawfaggotry on here


It doesn't, and that's what ruined it.


What you'll get are (you)s from American newfags and you'll get on the frontpage in no time.
Try it, make an "DRUMPF BTFO" or "Communism is the redpill" et cetera thread. You'll see it's a (you) mine, you retard.


thats pretty bad OC, seems like you are a classcuck of some sorts

and what is your class, Is it proletariat?

You got it indeed.

I don't get that.
If you're so against the idea of having to work in a company to gain your life because you need to work "for" someone, why don't you start your own company ?

no, its nice to know your class are the ones destroying the white race and the west


Because if I had the money to start my own company I wouldn't be a wage slave in the first place?

I am actually white and own vast amount of land

the difference is I am not spooked

but you didn't answer the question, how does it feel to support an economic system that kill the whitey?


It isn't that hard to have money in the first place mate, unless you're really really bad with money management.
And now, with Internet you have a lot more possibilities of gaining money fast as a hobby.

Yeah, you are right, at last I truly see.
Why don't everybody just own their own companies. How the fuck didn't nobody think about this before, it makes all the sense in the world.

Not saying that, because some people actually don't mind working for someone.
But if you're that fed up against that..

thoise frogs on ur twitter really stopped those refugees from raping a woman right?

because that means right-wingers and cappies will not be exploited


Well they elected Trump, you cunt.
And they'll soon elect a women in France, because it's about damn time.

what are you doing to defend the spook known as the white race, asnwer

You mean Donald "The Clinton's are good people, I don't want to hurt them" Trump?

I mean Donald "We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of Globalism" Trump.
He said that because it would be stupid for him to die while he's not even in office yet.

Lefties cant meme for shit


I'm no American, but he don't have any power for now, does he?

hehas the power not to backpedal and not to pick "globalists" as part of his gabinet

Holla Forums's still vacillating between "Trump is literally Hitler with a bad haircut" and "Trump's just another neo-liberal that took the racist rubes for a ride"

But he still hasn't backpedaled on anything. You know damn well he says a lot of stuff for nothing. You'll be able to say that once he get in office and if he doesn't do shit.

What is he thinking?


this is only what Holla Forums and liberals believe

Are you retarded ?
As I said, he's not even in office, hasn't made a single policy change and you're saying he backpedal.
It's not because he allegedly said something about Obamacare and that someone from his team allegedly said something - from a Twitter source - that he backpedal.

Did he say that or is it just your fantasies?
Either way it's pretty sad.
Also friendly reminder that all the "Globalism" the US are subjected to is environmental regulation, you're moaning to defend people who actively oppose cientific progress.

The "OC" gets worse and worse with every thread.

Fuck outta here


we literally have our own webcomic drawn by an actual angel who tolerates all the shitposting on here

he said he does not want to see the Clintons in jail, despite repeatedly claiming to jail Hillary

Oldies but goodies.


anyonce can tell me what program I can use to edit videos, you know the typical audio and transparent .png

kinda like webm related

Pirate sony vegas, it's daunting at first but easy to get the hang of for basic stuff.

Freshly baked.



What is he thinking, Holla Forums?

Got the idea from

Also included the isolated sonic hats for all your editing needs.

If you already have photoshop, you can use it edit videos. Its pretty bear bones but it does the job. I use it because it what I've always used to edit shit and because i don't like change.

uh obviously

lmao its his thinking cap

try making genuinly hard hitting critical comments or exposing their blatant faggotry.
of course they don't mind any low effort shitposts that they can swarm over to flood the thread with "CUCK", "JIDF" and their other reflex responds

attacking force needs to be 3-5 times in size
the war was ended with soviet claims enforced
besides it was valuable training and weeding out weak leaders

in full context this means the soviet union beat the propped up nazis with all their easily obtained european resources of industry, material and slave workers and drove out reactionary leaderships out of the entire eastern europe sphere
daydreams of "greater finland" were stomped out

you might not be completely wrong, but:

also please no bully spurdo he is my friend

Need ideas for Hades edits

I have a few

Thomas Sankara

Existencialist philosophers in general




Some people can be coerced, brainwashed, and threatened into compliance while having any alternatives obfuscated and hidden from them? Go figure.
It's an impossibility, of math, for even a majority of us to become porkies.





You could change the name of the magazine to a real leftist publication, like Jacobin or at least change it to bunkermag


Hi-res original

Don't forget Pepe, which they stole from /r9k/

Bretty gud Satan

100 million hours in paint





Stolen for my liberty folder.

State capitalism, imperialism, and authoritarianism flew them to the moon, does that mean we should stick with it? In that case why change anything now?

What was reagan repeating?

A badly drawn meme made in KolorPaint (because I don't shill to microsoft).

It's true I say that all the time.





Idk, the US is like one or two false flags away from full fascism.

are you seriously this delusional ?

Think of the US after 9/11, or during the Red Scare. It would be American style fascism, and I think it would be in reach if someone showed up who was willing to grab it.

That's just authoritarian "democracy" fam

Why haven't we meme'd the shit out of this nigga yet?

Is that the "Here, little girl, take this gun and kill your parents?" guy?


I didn't know n1x started on YouTube.

guys recommend me some good but not overly complex video making software.

I got an idea for a video.

Premiere on windows, pitivi on Linux.

Who/what is this?

Well, literally every 24 seasons ends with the terrorist just being pawns of multi-national corporations trying to further their agenda by exploiting the terror attacks.

So Homeland is conservative propaganda?



What did he mean by this?

This is so stupid I don't even know where I could begin to point out how stupid it is

thats quite an accomplishment, I didn't know We humans were capable of this much stupidity

The Japanese are utter slaves.

holy fuck the ideology on this wiki page
Cut down the world's population, direct propaganda towards citizens into overthrowing the American government so that the United States will shift towards a more progressive liberal agenda.


top kek



Yeah, you don't have to be in office for it to be clear you're not intending on keeping any promises.

How about suggesting some free software, fam? This is a leftist board. You niggers shouldn't be using proprietary products if you can help it.

I try my best to balance it out but it's hard to


I draw them as catgrilldrawfag designs them, but I admit I've no idea here- what's leftcom supposed to be?

It's pretty bad cause I only have pens and paper instead of all that fancy computer shit. Also I'm just not that good.

don't blame the medium for your shortcomings. good to see you put so much effort on the final result alreayd, but you've a lot to work on regarding basics first.

Free? Just take it. It's our property.

Make a doujin of leftcom catgirl being ravenged by recolutionaries

True, I might take an art class to step up my skill seeing as how I'd like to get better to make content for the board.

my internet right now is too weak to google this to show you, so google please "Noah Bradley Don't go to art school I M H O" and read that article.

Meanwhile, you can start improving without a class as simply as by going to drawthreads on, say, Holla Forums, asking for crit (mind, drawthreads are shit but better than nothing), and posting on /loomis/ even if it's mostly a dead board.

**maybe sometime when I'm better at this*


i want to cuddle leftcom kitty

it's kind of hard to explain, it's 2complex4me and u

I use Kdenlive to edit videos, but I'll be the first to admit it's awful and that Vegas is way better. Sometimes you got to be practical.


Nice drawing,but please refrain from writing like that.
It makes my brain hurt trying to comprehend that it meant Peace and Bread.



Some gulag-related WebMs

top fucking kek


Does anybody have that funny foghorn leghorn bakunin-marx meme?



hey thanks man, I really appreciate the advice I try to practice everyday but without real critique and advice it's a slow process.

My first meme, pls be gentle







why live

Left communist, which is to say an anti-Stalinist communist. It's not a specific tendency, more of a grouping of tendencies generally identified as the "left of the left" or the ultra-left. Figures include Guy Debord, Amadeo Bordiga, Paul Mattick, even Rosa Luxemburg; a rather diverse bunch. Some are anti-Bolshevik, while others are merely critical. Trotsky was to the left of Lenin but he wouldn't be considered a leftcom since he was a Bolshevik. Modern currents revolve around "communization" and value-form theory.

where can i find this speech in writing? Is there a live video of this? Wheres it from its fucking sick
Specific part you're might be a part of a speech, in that case it's probably in writing somewhere.


It's a sign that you're a total loser.

If that's the track capitalists want to go with, so be it.

too fucking good
anyone know what lecture this is from? i'm almost positive i've watched it

I still want to believe zizek lurks our board, silently judges us and smirks at our Z related memes.

didn't make memes in a while

I needed a webm version of this beauty, and figured others here may also appreciate it

full length worse quality

Every single one of these is beautiful.
I can almost hear the text-to-speech.

All your videos are blessing. Never stop, comrade.

You should change his shirt colour to black and the text colour to white

How do you do, fellow Supermen?


I really really want to take a trimmer to the stache and just slide it over that thing over and over again

Source please.

G.K. Chesterton, The Apostle of Common Sense, a TV series on Žižek's favorite theologian.

The video source I used was this because of relatively higher quality:

The full episode on GKC's response to Nietzsche is here:

What is he holding between his hands?

GULAG® Sunday Disgusting Cabbage Soup™

Ayn Rand's fuckin chin makes her look like a transgender Robbie Rotten.

… how

Thanks Slavoj

i actually always thought she was a gay guy


needed a new discord avatar so here's an anarchic christmas

Zizek can get it, with that big sexy brain of his. He's funny, too. Very attractive.

the pirating or the anime?
I'm guessing the anime


I do like the Flava Flav touch, though, lmao

I prefer my socialism non-ebil tho

Our memes are fucking shit and you're certainly not helping at all.

Learn to be funny instead of ruining our image more.

>>>Holla Forums


shutup meanie

We have good memes. This was a good thread. Better than some past ones, imo.

i like that pic though.. saving


Fucking died seeing Data with a Hitler-stache.




satanic socialist front = pic related

yuk fam



How to improve this?

that is fantastic


nice oc, here's mine


are you stoopid?


He finished the whole thing anyways. ::DDDD

I like the premise, a lot. I think much OC could come of this.

Good point; it should be reversed.

Fuck off autismo

Don't be so Lactose Intolerant


Milk is murder

cow rape

enhanced cow seduction

What is with Holla Forums's obsession with memes, anyways?

Don't you know? Memes won the election!!!!!!


funy monkey
political specturm.



The original post says "insurrectionary" which imo is a lot better.

10 million years in pixlr l8ter…



oh my gosh I love this so damn much.

Meh, he was a dickhead, but respect where respect is due.


We need some leftist edits of this toad.


Also, it seems to imply that spooks and shit are the good stuff that are ruined by socialism

I dunno wut is happening, but the smugness is overwhelming. Could you give me a rough rundown of what happened?

You do realize the film was made by Uwe Boll? He's not exactly a Hollywood director, he actually had to use crowdfunding to finish the last rampage movie because he probably couldn't get the funding for it otherwise due to the subject matter.

Funnily enough the crowdfunding campaign for the third film actually fell below its target goal but they still made the film anyway with a reduced budget and it managed to be decent enough.

Uwe Boll might have made some shitty films in the past but this is not fucking Hollywood-tier trash.



Not only Mélenchon is not a fucking sellout, he even have an Youtube channel:
Here's a video from his channel with English CC where Mélenchon talking about the Election of Trump

The most crazy thing is the 18-25 forum of JVC (the 4chan of France) shitposts for him with the "CAN'T STENCHON THE MÉLENCHON" slogan and he answer it in one of his video by "Yes, We Canchon"

Basically, he understands how the Internet is powerful.

Why are you here?

Requesting edit with Fidel in the photo


Does anyone have the porky matrix webm?

Looks autistic as fuck tbh

Welcome to Holla Forums, 8machine.

autistic but somehow enjoyable

Extreme autism coming through.

Please tell me this is ironic


Zizek reminds me of my autistic cousin.

ha. this was funny.




Inconsiderate. I thought you guys were tolerant of peaceful religions?

go away


literally the first decently persuasive and subversive meme I've seen on this website. everything else is just circlejerking mostly

Didn't i make this?


Switch it the otherway you fucking mong.

lurk more, faggot

Anarcho-monarchy is an oxymoron.

Say something hot.

I knew that was coming ;^)

Just be more specific, bro

sis :^)

I have no idea.. Hoping you'd be more creative than me, lmao

was for

of course it is

I'll give you this meme

Better version for

I'll take it :3

are you in Australia by any chance?

Hahaha.. Nice

I'm in India(burger, though).. Nice to know which accent that is. It seems very fluid & able to camouflage, lmao

Bugger. Well have fun there comrade

Just in time for the holidays

edgy and unfunny, comrade.

"stop saying things that upset me"

I like it.

nah, it's edgy, fedora-tier humor. Most christians know that christmas isn't the exact time christ was born, but taking over former pagan holiday was practical. Proles need some fun, and end of the calendar year is good time to recapitulate the work that has been done through the year.

"you really have to stop saying things that upset me!!"

Just like the show

nice ad-hominems, kiddo


Why are you copying people that openly embrace being stupid? The unifying rallying call of the aut-right is a proud declaration that they don't care about reason and that they will blindly carry on with their heads held high. They know that power is solely about winning, not being right, and recruit people by pretending to be shitposters then bombarding them with bullshit until they believe it. All they care about is feeling like the strong, masculine men that they aren't.

Don't resort to outright straw men to make a point. It's embarrassing. You don't need to be a well-read philosopher or even intelligent to have integrity.

If you want to get personal with them, just straight up mock them. Play their real game.

my God, go back to Holla Forums



Holla Forums, you do a terrible job of trying to blend in.
I would say ban the derailers & their terrible shitposting, but hell, let them stay. They might learn something from sticking around. It must be nice for them to get a break & be exposed to actual political conversation.

Guess it worked :^)

What comes next, anons?

I made a video on Stefan "One Dollar" Molyneux and his video on Fidel Castro

I can't read that tiny post crop in the image.


lol at 4:30


jesus these are pathetic, what is it with leftists inability to be funny/meme?

What is it with rightists always crying about something?


No OC, this just popped on my dumblr tags


Communism is shit.

Thanks for sharing.

fuck, i love markets now

Have you been posting on halfchan's /int/ these past few days?

Nah, I do so rarely & haven't in a while

I did post a pic of my hand there once though.. I hope no one's reusing it, lmao

I know you think this is a good drawing but it's horrible and bland. It doesn't have any memetic capabilities at all, it looks like something out of a childrens playbook but worse.

Lack of testosterone

That is truly retarded.
Lenin & Stalin sure weren't lacking.

Pls kill yourself, ok thanks


Most embarrassing batch of OC since pic related.
What the fuck has happened to libs?
I guess cream really does rise to the top. Thanks free market.
Really. So sad. It reeks of desperation, blind devotion, and faith that you aren't going to be loaded into a boxcar when I find you.

Welcome, newfriend.

A brocialist class reductionist mansplaining Berniebro and casual woman hater was teaching a class on Karl Marx, a known manbaby
“Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Marx and accept that he was the most highly-evolved being the world has ever known, even greater than Beyoncé!”
At this moment, a body-positive, tolerant, young, feminist Democrat who had written 1500 articles for Buzzfeed and understood the dangers of white feminism and fully supported all “journalistic” decisions made by GAWKER stood up and held up a commodity.
“What is this?”
The arrogant professor smirked quite mannishly and eurocentrically replied “a product of proletarian labor, you stupid liberal”
“If it was a product of labor and labor, as you say, is value… then why are women not paid equally for the same work”
The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his chalk and copy of Žižek’s Against the Double Blackmail. He stormed out of the room crying those brocialist manbaby tears.
The students screamed “YASSS BAE” and all registered Democrats that day and accepted Hillary Clinton as their lord and savior. A blind mule named “Reformism” limped into the room and hit its head against the wall and collapsed onto the floor. The Beyoncé’s Lemonade was played several times, and God himself showed up and enacted a gender quotas across the top positions of Fortune 500 Companies.
The professor lost his tenure and was fired the next day. He died from long term health complications after being SLAAAAYYYYYYYED and was tossed into the lake of hatred of women for all eternity.
The student’s name? Lacy Green
Semper Fem.

Holy shit.




What was our professor's name?

Maybe lefties have better ways to channel aggression. Like revolution.

It's funny to me that Holla Forums or many rightists always insult others' manhood. It seems to show how insecure they are about it themselves.

And btw, not all of us here are men of course, so it's even more worthless.


I edited it

You do realise that we get more women here than you do, right?

unfinished dumb stuff

I'll have to remember to switch her shirt with a Holla Forums logo





not an argument

Still might need some work, but I plan on making a few series of these



If we aren't funny but think we are then that means we're high test though.

Are you 14? Honeslty.

Butthurt ancap detected

pls stop the steppings

You seem lost retard. This isn't lib country, lurk more.

Yo, Yugoposter, post those anti-soviet memeballs here?


I hate this drawing "style", truly disgusting.


5000 hours in paint


alunya is becoming something of a shitposting element on Holla Forums

oh good

I can't wait for the threads of asshurt polshits coming to tell us to "stop fucking up Holla Forums" and we have to explain for the millionth time that we aren't liberals, that we don't care about games journalism because all journalism is corrupt, and that economics and specifically capitalism is why their hobby is so fucking shitty now

guess we better REV UP THOSE STIRNERS

Oh wow it looks like any true revolution in the mode of production must be unwaveringly international in character. We really should have thought of that.

rate this one

examples of this happening?
if this is really happening, we could put together some pics of alunya fighting the EA ceo or whatever

This picture just made me realize

it's just waifuism shitposting in GG threads, normally people post Gilda and there's arguments about Gilda being shit, but lately they've been posting Alunya lately and there's a war forming between Alunyafags and Gildafags while most people go "get out"

My life. I mean, I've always been a farther left socialist, but Bernie's loss threw it into high gear.


i'm officially dead of laughter

because you haven't made any


love it tbh



Low quality. You really didn't need to shoop his head over it. It works on its own.





I wish there was more comics of alunya interacting with the other board-tans





What do you guys think of this poster? should I add anything else?

dirty confession: I want this on a shirt.

It's gorgeous


it's bervegd

Great work. Only quibble I have is
But it's punchy, so it's hard to think of an alternative. The only thing I can think of is
Will probably trigger the anarkiddies, and kinda odd in this context. It means "they shall not pass". But latinos would get it.

I don't think there's anything else that could be added without detracting from what's there.

"No Pasaran" is a good idea, its a long standing well known anti fascist phrase

Is there actually a general strike on the 20th?

if not there really ought to be

yaaay catgrill is back!

We wuz arayans n shit man when we going to egypt u tellin me we wuz not an ancestor of egpyt man u tellin me those gypsies over there aren't white lok at their skin man they'r white man n u know man like we tryyin to go to space n sheit man like fuk man these godamn blek peple man i am sayin man these blek peple be ruinin our lives man shit man le-le-let me tell u man lo-lo-look my grand ma ma she part egyptian man u tellin me lil king tut 2 ta tu thats my gr8 gr8 gr8 gr8 gr8 granpa man n u tellin me that thes god dang egyptians arn't white lo-lo-look man Sargon was white I don kno why these histroy books be lyin to u Sargon was white the Akkadians wer ruled by whit people shit man I tell u I swear man all the white peple in america go back to Europe dey gonna be wantin us bak

done hwas kangs i tells ya

That's a damn good poster, would you mind if I re-printed it to post in public places to raise awareness?

why do you faggots steal Holla Forumsmemes instead of making up your own? your porky is the same as Holla Forumss happy merchant, the only difference is that the porky is supposed to be white, even though most big bankers are jewish, why won't you accept that? jews are fucking shit up for people with your worldview just as much as for Holla Forumsacks. also what do you think about kek and meme magic? cause it seems to favor Holla Forums, have you ever considered that you might not have control over the memes like you think?

that's racist



Porky is also Oprah Winfrey, Holla Forums.


Porky is also your boss you moron.

Keep shining them boots boy.

ohh nooo don't use that version! but yes, here's the updated one, make use of it how you please.

I wouldn't say I'm "back", I still have too much work to do right now, just saw that the awareness was spreading for this and I wanted to do a fun thing.

Happy merchant predates Holla Forums it was actually used as a shock image

Also /int/ memes and Holla Forums memes are not Holla Forums memes


But… I was thinking of calling for artist submissions for a leftist/anti-Trump art book, how crazy is that idea 1-10?

If you take the message of "All of the republicans and democrats are nothing but trump with human face" will be much better and more radical


Not crazy at all
I think it would be cool and anti trump book will bring a lot of dumb liberal shit though

I would filter it. Anything like 'Love Trumps Hate" or some Democrat shit would not make it in.

when would this be happening

also I kinda want to do something similar but with more prosaic results, IE a board-tan fanzine or something

also what's the policy on posting lewds here again since the lewd thread's gone?

t. 15 year old


I think we need to adopt gondola

I think its fine as long as you spoiler it and it has some relevance to the board, much like the policy in any other thread.

Who is the girl with violet hair?

Gilda Mars. Those images were made for shitposting on Holla Forums's Gamergate threads.
Much like this one

Don't forget about the Deepfreeze mascots if you want to trigger some NEETsocs
Would love to see a soviet Freya.

nah it's been like, 4 threads in a row about alunya stealing gilda and vivian's roles as gamergate mascot, joke's running its course

sounds like fun


Can you guys give me some ideas for a leftist short film??

Holy shit you guys really can't meme at all. Guess it really wasn't a meme after all.

It's mostly teens being edgy. Leave them be, it's like Holla Forumstards learning their ropes. Not everyone gets to appropriate /int/ memes for them instead after all.

Like look at this guy he ripped off a meme of a meme of meme.

it has an inherently negative impact on how the rest of the internet views our board thus the left.

If you can't be funny than you need to step the fuck down and stop being a special snowflake until you learn what it means to be funny.

Ah, thought you were coming from the perspective of an outsider. In that case yeah, it does annoy me, I just try to accept it as kids being kids so I won't have an aneurysm

you are seriously retarded

Shoot me, but I liked the first more. The color palette is amazing, it makes the second look washed-out by comparison. You drew a better cat in the second but everything else was better in the first. The roughness gave it character.

If you don't like fun you're in the wrong thread.


kek, gotta love when fascists tacitly acknowledge that the law is racist and then try to pass it off as some unfounded racial pseudoscience.

Which one of us?

I need some resources for some OC but can't find them anywhere, my folders are a fucking mess.

I need:
Wojak tearing up and taking off his MAGA hat
Autismball template/crisp one colour png

Deliver these to me and I will shower you in unfunny, unoriginal, leftypol memes.

shower me in your semen instead

Give me the pictures and you will be drenched in it.

Who gives a shit?

Idk I think a lot of Holla Forums memes are genuinely creative instead of the same variation of a cartoon toad posted over and over again.





Here is fresh OC from the oven.

Pretty good though the legs look a tad bit off

My kanji skills aren't good enough to decipher what the name of the manga is; can anyone shed light on it? If not, what are the characters (I don't follow 2hu)

Nice OC btw

wow, these memes are utter shit, I thought you'd do better, leftypol

Marx has more in common with A. Smith than with cont. econs

bumping with more catgirl smut featuring demfed kitty giving a sloppy blowjob

if you're still here after all this time request user, sorry for taking so long

t. writefag




Way too autistic

Fresh OC

You're either a newfag or you're using a snowclone, though we do need azn porky other than Mao. Thought we had a middle-eastern Porky but it's not in my Porky folder.

Meet the 2020 president elect. Made from tears of alt-righters who couldn't handle being criticized.





We should harness the power of a revolutionary Wojak, so as to oppose the Holla Forums Pepe