Testing Trumponomics

Michael Roberts 11/18

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So the likelihood that Trumponomics will work and take economic growth up to 4% a year, as Trump claims, is very low. It is ironic that when Bernie Sanders’ advisers suggested that a program similar to Trump’s be adopted and would achieve 4% or more real GDP growth, mainstream economists (romer-and-romer-evaluation-of-friedman1), jumped all over them, saying it was a pipe dream – correctly, in my view. But now Trump advocates it, financial markets and Keynesians find it attractive and even possible.



Everyone seems to forget theory behind Keynesianism is pretty solid. It fucking works.

Problem continues to be porky stealing the benefits for themselves thus fucking up the whole process.

If it goes to the people how its supposed to, it works.

On a standard measure of participation in global value chains produced by the IMF, the rise in profitability for the major multi-nationals is now stalling.







Reminder that the derivative market is 15x the entire world GDP.
Capitalism will self destruct soon.

the situation does not look great

Reminder that derivative market basically didn't exist until a couple decades ago, especially the last decade, and could be completely written off with nary a ripple if governments decided to.

why does them being a recent phenomena mean they could just be written off?

It money created from nothing.

All money is created from nothing but this money is more like created from nothing with 5 degrees of separation from the original money created from nothing by the Federal Reserve.

Money has got to be backed by labor exploitation or its worthless.

I understand it's fictitious capital but a bubble of fictitious capital popping still causes crashes

These fucking people are so disconnected they think they can fix it by printing more money

But none of this money is in circulation. That's why it can be 15 x the GDP and not cause any inflation.

It could literally go away tomorrow and inflation would stay pat. But a bunch of porkies would probably jump out of windows lol.

yeah but inflation isn't the danger. A collapse of investment in all kinds of industries would be threatened if the assets banks had built up suddenly turned toxic. that's what happened in 2008.

mutual banking will take charge

that would be fantastic.
I doubt it though.

I feel that Holla Forums is less excited about the incoming economic happening because we've had a lot of false alarms with china and the the stock market dip when trump got elected

continued chemical and biological attacks on wall street, london and other finance centers might help

It wouldn't, finance no longer exists in a location, it exists on networks, it exists in people's homes, it exists on their cell phones. I used to work in the industry, I could easily do all of my job from a beach somewhere in Fiji if I wanted to. Being located on Wall Street is more a function of tradition and market signaling than anything.

As long as the system that creates this exists, "Wall Street" will always exist, even if there is nobody left on Wall Street.

come on there must be a place where we could do Terror attacks

fbi please

ISPs :)

youtu.be/Bkm2Vfj42FY?t=20m (20:00)

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Not really surprising
The market is smoke and mirrors now

Make sure you faggots keep eyes on shadow stats