Holocaust thread

I found this article on the Internet and the facts in it say that the Holocaust was happening.


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Pls watch

That faggots link among other things. Going through it and systematically disproving that entire page would be awesome and probably involve a nice plethora of oc for further redpilling. Im currently sifting through the tripe as we speak and encourage others to do the same and follow up with research, because any time you research (((evidence))) it always has sources that disprove or no sources at all.

Also to add to this, a personal favorite of mine

Was not the one I meant to post but that one is honestly really great too, also polite sage because I am just samefagging at this point.





Is there a (2) and (1) I should know about?


Holocaust summarized in 30 seconds

"Water came down instead of the gas"


Someone got the pics of the books those statements came from? I remember there was a mega upload archive full of screencaps of holocaust testimonies with all sorts of insane shit.



Oh boy holocausthandbooks.com/

Top (((Horseshoe))).


Pic related is best one tbh.

Only 430,000 people died in the camps according to official German records captured by the Soviets and released in the 1990's.

We had this thread yesterday. It got deleted after 200 replies shitting on shills.

Clearly the mods don't want this thread here. They think it's a waste of board space or something, so I'm just going to post this video and an abridged version of The Leuchter Report then I'm out before I waste more effort like yesterday.

must be kept at least 10 degrees above the boiling point of the hydrocyanic acid
(78.3 degrees F) IN THE WINTER!! to prevent condensation of HCN on the walls, floor and ceiling
of the facility, as well as in the exhaust system. If the temperature is below 79
degrees F and condensation occurs, the facility must be decontaminated with
chlorine bleach or ammonia, the former being the most effective.