Generation Z is the most conservative generation since world war 2

The revolution has to wait another twenty years everyone.

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Guilty as charged

We'll all be dead in twenty or so years.


I'll admit I hate tattoos and I save money scrupulously.

I think the financial crash of 2008 and the chaos since 2001 has made people turn inwards.


We'll see how long their "conservatism" lasts after they try to enter the job market.

well bad economic conditions can create fascism just as much as socialism

this article also ignores the changing definiton
a "conservative" view on gay marrige would have likely been a "liberal view"a some point in the past

the 2008 crash disillusioned hundreds of millions of people on democracy, and the state. 9/11 is used as a precedent for justifying xenophobia.

That will only strengthen their view.
You think all those special snowflake sjw's stay like that after they graduate? They become capitalist shills once they enter the work force and conveniently forget about their struggles.

i would argue that fascims is created as a reaction to socialism. which is a reaction to hard times

let's become oportunists and exploit them

think about it

leftist exploiting fascists to create capital to implement fully automated socialism


memes aside, but does this have something to do with Holla Forums's rapidly spreading autism

Holla Forums is spreading?

I always hated children

people tend to become more conservative as they grow older, and we don't have any data available yet that shows their views becoming more moderate.

More so just a response to the failing conditions of capitalism, the 2008 crash, and disillusionment with the establishment.

yeah we know, that's why you're a feminist.

they can't make up their minds whether millennials are liberal, conservative, socialist, or deplorable

Throughout the entire internet. That isn't a single comments section, chat, forum or whatever anywhere, on any site free of Holla Forums autism.


Fascism is the old order responding to the rise of socialism, not to bad times. Fascism is capitalism in crisis.

There's also the fact that there very eldest of Gen Z are about 15 years old right now. They literally asked a bunch of middle schoolers what their opinions were on complex social issues and found them "conservative". These people haven't formed real political opinions yet.

Probably not. You're talking about the supposed political outlook of middle schoolers. It doesn't really mean fucking anything that people who are 15 at the oldest like to save money when they don't have any fucking expenses.

Also, there aren't any more jobs to sell out to. When these kids graduate, they'll know the joys of crippling debt on top of their minimum wage job. Not exactly the best environment for political conservatism to grow.

These right-wing fucks could at least wait for Gen Z to get out of their mother's apron strings before talking about what their political views are or are not.

These people don't have their own political views yet. Most of them are still in elementary and middle school. Their political views are that of their parents.

Millenials are liberal, gen Z is conservative.

This entire survey was just about social attitudes, it doesn't mention economic policy at all.

Gen Z is commonly identified between 1995-10, so a portion of them are in university now including myself, and are of voting age.
Isn't this the exact same living conditions of cleetus in the rural bible belt, how come he's still conservative?

Because he thinks communism is just about burning down churches.

And social issues are usually a good reflection of what political party they're gonna support, the last election was entirely about social appeal, and social reforms, not economic policy. Look at Holla Forums, people who have become disillusioned with liberalism, and the left, not because of social democracy not working, but because of the identity politics.

No. This survey identifies "Gen Z" as anyone born after 2001. Actually read the article.

The Bible Belt is conservative because of a stranglehold the church has on the social sphere. But the newer generations are progressively less religious, so fewer people are going to blame the fact that they're poor on Jesus being mad because we have gay marriage.

Yep, I've noticed that kids these days are dumb as fuck. I don't know why this is happening but it is happening.

Pretty much this . I don't think people actually read either article.

Sure the article says that, but in general they identify generation z as anyone from 95-10.
So they'll move to the next scapegoat, if there's no large outlets telling people to blame their problems on class antagonisms what do you think they're going to latch onto next?

I'm aware, I'm just saying that if they're already right wing it's not hard to see them becoming fascists in the next crisis

Like the DNVP supporting Hitler

DNVP was already pretty nationalist. It was initially supported by some of the old order conservatives (the ones trying to restore the Kaiser) as a hedge against parties more extreme still. Of course, all did not go according to plan.


they're shouting louder but I don't think that means they're more numerous, they're just cocky with Trump winning

It doesn't matter what "most people" define Gen Z as. The article, and the survey, define them as being people on or after 2001. When this article and this survey refer to "Gen Z", they're talking about everyone born after 2001, ie - people who are no older than 15.

Probably conservatives, because they'll be coming into adulthood after 4 years of a Trump presidency.

They're not right wing. Try actually reading the article. These people are in middle school at the oldest. That fucking elementary and middle schoolers have conservative opinions means exactly dick.

roughly 1946-1964
roughly 1964-1982
roughly 1982-2000
roughly 2000 to present
Just to clarify

Throughout my early adolescence I went from a centrist establishment liberal to a soft-left liberal back to a centrist and then to a Holla Forums tier lolbert. This was all in reaction to the sitting presidencies and the changing cultural attitudes at the time(both in the media and among peers) I was entirely changeable and didn't know shit about shit, nor did I care to. Poll these same kids after 4 years of Trump and see just how 'conservative' they are, there will be an entire new contrarian liberal 'counter-culture' that they will be tied to at that point.

They're noisy, they're messy, they're expensive. They smell.

my journey was something like

centre left Labourite > right-libertarian > DemSoc > left wing nationalist > reactionary > Libertarian Socialist

That's what they said about the Germans…

when Holla Forumstards start organising paramilitaries and parades, then I'll worry


I was quoting a movie. You can't even fucking tell a Jurassic Park quote the fuck is wrong with you

2020 is gonna be very interesting.. :^)

That would certainly help. Generation Z uses the internet at a much earlier age than any generation previously, so it stands to reason that they encounter the loudest and most reactionary talking points. There's no doubt that there are a lot of kids who are emotionally invested in whatever the aut-right is saying, especially among white children.


When they have paramilitaries and parades it will be too fucking late.

Moreover, fuck paramilitaries, they have ACTUAL militaries. US and Russia have gone full Holla Forums.


How can you refuse what you were never offered?

That's not politics, Keynes's consumerist wild ride is done and we're in a fucking depression. Quality over quantity. Also financial responsibility is good in any environment tbh.
Nothing to see here.
Never met anyone under 30 against it
They might find it icky but no milenial is fundie enough to break the Capitalist bubble of muh individual liberties.
Also why the hell aren't these separated by topic?
Too "street-y", millenials never leave their homes/digital world of perfect people.
Nothing to worry about tbh.


Hate me for not wanting kids all you want man, just remember that in 20 years they're going to be in an internet more freak than you can possibly imagine and you'll be paying for college

This is Gen Z, not millennials.

Which is here defined as someone born in or after 2001.

As I've been saying, this is a "survey" of the political opinions of middle schoolers.

Read a fucking book, nigger.

The fucking aut-right won't survive the next four years, stop pissing yourself.

I don't want them either. Even if I could I wouldn't

This is why some of us kept telling you that teaming up with liberals, democrats, social democrats, etc. and letting them wear the mantle of "leftism" was a really bad fucking idea. We now have a situation where those awful ideologies are what the average person thinks of when they hear the term "left" or "socialist" or "communist" and they are, rightly, repulsed by it and go running to the right. Revolution was always the answer.

Right, and trying to convert Holla Forums and aut-righters sure is easier than trying to convert a left-leaning liberal. ;)

Because Cletus is either
A. On heroin and dying
B. Works 12-18 hrs a day and does not have time for delving into politics or thinking about it, hes exhausted all the time and just wants a beer.

I would say, yes, it is. I've seen quite a few "recovering Holla Forumstard" posts here. A lot of them are autistic sheep, but at least a portion of them have a real vision against the current capitalist structure and are able to very clearly identify its oppressive nature (their biggest problem comes from misidentifiation as to the sources of the problem - they claim it is the jewish people not class oppression.) When I talk to SJWs in real life, forget it, they are completely and utterly indoctrinated beyond any sense of redemption and are on a completely different planet when it comes to what they are arguing for and the world they currently see. Logic is simply unworkable with them. Same when I talk to some of the older Democrats in my family, they generally like capitalist with a few social programs and will carry water for this system until the day they die.

i remember in middle school me and my peers had strong politcal opinions


Can I sneak into Gen Z or am I destined to be a filthy millennial?

They haven't had their soul crushed by entering the workforce yet

They still think capitalism works because they've never worked a day in their life

they are still teens, i was also a homophobe who hated trannies on my teens.

A lot of liberal minorities who I'm close with have distanced themselves from SJWs and started to call them out on pointless idpol. This happened after that "protest" in various Chinatowns over the Chinese Dog Meat festival, where a bunch of white liberals thought that people in Chinatowns actually celebrated it. All it would take is for somebody to tell them to drop the 'liberal' moniker in exchange for calling themselves leftist.

Well at least global warming will kill them off before they have the chance to ruin the next generation like the boomers.

Which millennials? I remember being called a Millennial in 2000, during the Gore campaign.
I'm fucking 33.
How can these 18-20 year olds also be Millennials?
That's silly talk.

Oh, this is what acceleration looks like huh. Good luck retards.

just like you?


I've seen Holla Forumsyps posting about alternate currencies that resemble labor vouchers. Apparently the Nazis used labor backed money in Germany and thus were able to achieve Independence from the banks. I'm starting to think that Nazis are marxists who've failed to identify their enemies correctly. I feel like this could be used to convince AnCaps as well, since they are all about meme currencies.

Well, Holla Forums says the same thing about themselves.

How would the economy in your pic function in the international market, though? There has to be some sort of exchange rate between other currencies.

Nah they knew, they just attacked Jews to divert the workers attention

The Asser/Roehm faction questioned property and big business and they were purged


Can you please make a single post that isn't addled with more passive aggressive cattiness than a menopausal middle class office worker?

The only thing that will get it out of their systems is full scale war