I sometimes talk to this Aut-Rightist in my University

I kind of feel bad but also not really. He looks lonely, which is probably why he's an aut-rightist.

There was a better way to handle it.
Slowly counter-redpill him, make him a leftist, and above all, make him feel not alone. Extremists recruit from the lonely.

Now you gon get shot when he goes on a killing spree

shouldn't have done that

Just ask him why it is the Fortune 500 that is propagating "cultural Marxism," not actual Marxists.

And that's how reactionaries are born.

You shouldn't have yelled at him, because he's still a human being. The best thing to do is:

Yelling at someone in public makes you seem like an asshole, even if you're correct, and that autist can be taught differently.


i'm extremely lonely and i've flirted with that shit in the past. that's just driving him into their hands

You fucked up negro. Don't turn your back on the weak because others may think less of you for trying to help them.

I didn't yell at him, I just talked loud enough to so people around me could hear me argue back. He was talking loud enough so they all heard him, I pretty much matched his level or maybe exceeded it by just a bit.

I was mostly concerned because people around me thought I was agreeing with his literal Hitlerite views.

I was expecting him to deny the holocaust. It was really pretty vile. I'm talking like full on racist pseudo-science

Instead of just calling it racist, actually argue against it. Ask him for a list of academic papers to read, and then point out to him the flaws in them all.

Even then, you could have done:

You can loudly disagree without calling him a neo-nazi and walking away. Don't you have any experience with this?

remind him the soviets won WW2 and the space race

that's a jooooish conspiracy user

I could have done that but what's the point? I didn't want to stand around arguing eugenics like an autist in public.

But he is a literal neo-nazi

I support Marxism, which at last count killed far more people than Not Socialism.

This isn't just a 'time and place' issue, I'm simply unwilling to consider points of view contrary to my own.

Get me to my safe space, stat.

I like to speak for others as they have no agency. I know what they want better than they do, for I am a Marxist.

Now to write about this on my preferred social media torture chamber.

Then just be like

he probably isn't,

then he should proceed to remind him Jews are the master race and that he is a mad cumskin


the only way to pave any sort of avenue for the left is to ostracize and publicly demean that little freak till he wants to an hero.

You did a good job comrade!

On a bad day I would've done the same. But you have to realize these kind of people will find comfort in Holla Forums or other communities, and start becoming more and more ignorant and "redpilled"

You don't even know the half of it. It's even fucking worse when they want to date you. Because for all their attempts at making me feel bad, for every reason in the book, because their nerdy ass liked asian girls

The amount of spaghetti that's spilled is drenched red in memory like blood

But I don't want to talk about it later. There are some things that I just can't be bothered talking about. I don't want to spend my time disproving shit like holocaust denial.


That's not the worst part. The worst part to sit through is the attempt they think they have a chance. And I have to break it to them I'm gay.

I have legitimately sat through someone screaming at me over the phone about how I was rejecting him because I was shallow because I'm just not into dudes. I have been through some fucking boy calling me a gook liar that will grow up to be a spinster.

And almost all of it was by the same looking person. The ones who want to be judged the least, turn out to always judge the most.


Oh, you are the asian girl with short hair who likes architecture?
Im mainly into girls with short hair but asians have a bit of exoticism to it. Dont know terribly much about buildings though, sorry.

poor guy, he should've just raped you.

can't you fags accept a fucking date as a simple gift just to make us feel like we aren't total losers?

why are you such cunts, fine, you like vaginas, but that doesn't mean we can go on a date


think i'll just die a virgin tbh, much easier

The whole "making me uncomfortable" is a polite way of telling someone to shut the fuck up. You don't actually have to be uncomfortable. It's how you end a conversation that you want no part of.

just get an average girl to be ur gf and imagine its ur waifu

three and a half billion women on this planet and you can't find one to let you smack her titties around?

That sounds completely fucked tbh.

muh fee fees

Good times

Hey don't blame me I'm gay. The only kind of person I'm into are traps on like, every two years since two years ago. I pegged someone once, I regret it. That's just about as far as it goes.

Let's be real here, you're not strong enough to stop a woman from clawing your eyes out and neither are they, and both of you know it.

That's why they're mad. I've mostly had good encounters with men.

I don't understand why these neoreactionary turbo nerds are always into asians who look like goths. This isn't a unique phenomenon, I know friends. It's every time with this specific demographic of nerd who just falls weirdly and eerily in love with someone and they can't fucking manage for two days without talking about how lonely they are and then their politics start slipping out.

If you don't think you let your racism and nazi and fascistic sympathies slip out, I wouldn't find reason to ever make you feel like shit.

I could take you out to dinner or whatever. I'm not some inhumane bitch. There's far worse than me, I wouldn't be here if I couldn't stomach things that badly. Wouldn't have done that one thing either.

To be fair if she accepted the date and then stated after or during that she was a dyke you would be like "WHY DID YOU LEAD ME ON IF YOU WHERE A LESBIAN? REEEEEEE" anyway.

I've never done that. It's always been like, me trying to break their advances. They're too awkward to get to the stage of actually going on a date, and I don't like those anyways. I don't think anybody does, I'd rather just stay at home and eat pizza.

And don't act like I haven't felt bad about it. I'm just numb to it at this point because fucking every time it's just, this shit again come the hell on.

How did he convince you

He was a trap. And I was curious. And he had a strap on. X lead to Y lead to Z and things escalated to the point where I never thought was possible but I did it anyway

Hang yourself liberal normalfag.

horseshoe theory isn't real, but there are some fucking mirror image freaks here

I felt bad

Pegging is literally Communism. If you can't see this then your dialectics are shit and you're a bourgeois shill.

Pegging is the epitome of the negation of bourgeois sexual norms. It breaks down the ideological assertion of ontological genitalia rooted in bourgeois society. It smashes the semi-feudal missionary position and advances the socialization of the rectum.


…later that day on Holla Forums

Not even mad at all.

I can't even get an average girl, user

No. Never even held hands or kissed.

Being anxious, quiet and lonely sucks.

How modern of you :DD

A date for me is billing you for the pizza and booze. It's more postmodern.

Here we see man yearn on what is woman in-itself as desirousness.

make sense pls

I am calling them emasculated, castrated, and so on.

I like Pirate flag tbh.

I hate them all.

I suppose I don't really meet the masculine standards. In terms of behaviour at least. I've long accepted women find me unattractive.

Anybody who can be baited so easily by this (>>1065387) shouldn't be involved in political discussion. You've clearly lost your composure miss.

I kind of feel bad but also not really. She looks asian, which is probably why she has autism.

Is that you Charlie

Found your problem.

On the contrary, is the best solution man has.

Women find women unattractive, and yet by some miracle this is what makes them scissor.

Yeah I don't have much care for them, but I've been on image boards enough for my resentment to only come out now that I'm an actual adult. And at this point I don't care much anymore.

End of the day, least I'm getting pussy

Yes, my resentment for all flags shows truest in the violet turmoil of age.

I don't care if Lacan told you this, I will never not be in love with ass


this thread is a good example of why i'm probably better off a virgin. women are fucking confusing

Me too. But the worst part isn't that, it's how boring they are. Like fuck…all i want is a fucking woman who is cultured, but they're all normie. I can't talk to them.
I rather masturbate tbh. I'm not interested in casual sex. I just someone who i can have a relationship and be friends with. But they are boring with their poor taste and lack of ambitions and interests.

/end of /r9k/ style rant

Yeah I know what you mean. I could go and hire an escort but I don't see the point. Don't care about marriage either. I'm an odd one alright.

Man is as also first repulsed by woman because in his own assness he has engendered the embarrassment that will make him cower.

ain't readin that novel lol

People are confusing. But the similar sex is always less confusing than the opposite. In reality we all are more or less the same at the end of the day.

I like girls butts, you like girls butts. You like pizza, I like pizza. Every Halloween I break out Suspiria and get drunk alone.

The most shallow people are the ones who think they know better. Just remember that. Denial is to deny denial. And it's your worst enemy if you think you have taste.

Gave me a chortle


Larry David vs the nazis

Stop living in sin you sinner.

Maybe. Doesn't really do much for my sexual/romantic prospects

getting dubs you numeral whore!

Don't have sex with someone just to do it, be in love. And let it be special.

Don't listen to fools who tell you not to do it out of love for someone. As far as I'm concerned that is sex, anything else is as temporary and unsatisfying as farting or shitting, compulse.

And you'll feel shitty about it if you do it any other way. There's no way it won't happen eventually. Hell man even use the internet.


But it's true, they have no taste. They never listen to a full album i.e. They listen to music on youtube, they don't read, they don't enjoy watching films in which the plot isn't being spoonfed, they don't care about anything.
I don't know better, there's lots of things i know nothing about, it's impossible.
But this people know nothing at all. When they talk is just soundbites.
Their lack of general knowledge is simply impressive, even when i was a university student.
But ok this is applied to males as well. I guess it's just the times we live in…

I hope so.

No most of them do. Most of them just don't want to talk to you about it.

Or if they really don't, what does it matter? Anyone of taste and depth wouldn't really care about their taste or their depth.

Get out of the stage of life where you consider yourself an individual.

No. I feel more loneliness around people, than when i'm alone.
Thankfully there's places like this where i can discuss politcs with propper leftists and not fake ones(liberals, that is)

I know that feel, user

That one time when i went to an anti-NATO protest and people just sat there talking about what they were going to doafterwards and smoking weed.
It's all that is to them…a protest is a real life facebook chat to discuss personal shit.
Never went to another protest after that. And all the scum was there. Obama and every leader of every NATO country. Instead of shouting and make our voices being heard, we were just there…getting high.
What a waste of time. The "left" is a joke.

Do you really think there's no communists who are women

do you really think that

if there are i've never met any

they probably date Chads anyway

That's pathetic. How old are you. Have you even met any communist circles in public.

20 and no. I'm not an outgoing person and I'm intimidated by them

My mother is communist. So no, i don't think that.

They don't judge you. They may be harsh, but they won't judge you. The people who are like you are now, they will judge you. On the same merits, everyone is a little more basic to the person pretending to themselves they're not basic.

Most communists don't care, they might be too identitarian for your tastes, there may be trans people, there are a lot of gay people, a lot of people into art. But this has always been the case, there wasn't a time when it wasn't.

If you have that taste, you'll fit in.

Also there's elected female communists at the parliment lol.
(Yes in my country the communist party still elects people, 16 in total)

think i'm better off shitposting here

Youre friend is a AltRight retard but at least he isnt a immature little shit like you who cares what people think and throws your buddy under the bus for some fuckin strangers with vaginas
You are NOT my comrade, because I couldn't trust you to have my back.

He never said he was his friend

Shooting sprees are for registered democrats.

Life of solitary for me.
Anxiety is all i need.

Do you smell the slave morality of this believe ?

The pursuit of casual, carnal relations smells of vanity.

Virginity for life!

I love your cavalier sense of honesty.

You should of had introduced all those guys to cuteboys and traps, spread the gay around.


Liberal election analyst here. I think the reason is they are all busy dating the Nazi Chads of Gamergate.


But remember, women don't exist

This is a futile endeavor, it's the inverse of liberals becoming fascists. Far rightists that change their minds only end up becoming pussy liberals again

Only cure for an aut-rightist is a bullet in the head

… How can a trap wear a strap-on?

post his pic.
i wander if he looks like the cliché Holla Forumsype

could be a post op trap.

still pretty fucked up tho.
there is a dickless dude who thinks he's a woman fucking a woman who likes other women with a plastic dick.

really makes you think

pretty sure it was for his partners



The alt-right's obssession with greek/roman ancient statues is so funny to me, they always use them as avatars (i.e sargon of akkad and other retards) to appear more cultured

damn right

I don't expect that to happen. Women have always seemed to dislike me for some reason


are you guys stupid or something? femanon pegged him

thats a possibility

OP, that was a bitch move, b. He was looking for a friend in you and you lashed out that nigga publicly, real talk.

Fuck off, aut-rightists deserve no friends

I don't thing sargon is alt-right.

this never happened you liar

having friends is counter revolutionary

What a meme.

you did this because you were quite unsure about your own worldview and could not counter-argue in a composed way. in my experience, this is what happened to me in my school years when I was insecure about an argument.
the solution is: theory, reading (does not matter if its leftcom, anarchism or reformism, all of that works)

You may be. Communism isn't.

Sargon has never claimed to be alt-right and Holla Forums thinks he is a cuck


You must be an insufferable cunt. Most people who use this term are.

Oh, shit I just noticed I'm on Holla Forums.
Well, that explains it.

Don't mind me.

Comrade, sometimes our empathy betrays us, but it's a sign that you're a healthy indivudual, just be conscious of it. Remember Iceland's prez and panamapapers? That one moment you see the fear on his face as he realizes what's going on? I felt bad for him. I knew he was a shit and i felt schadenfreude, but that one moment i felt pity…


Just reference how Marx was anti-idpol, how leftism historically had significant nationalist influences, and reference Otto Asser. Also reference how capitalism contributes to the decline of the nation/race. I did this with a Holla Forums-tier friend of mine on Facebook.

Better to have one more socialist who happens to be a racialist than alienating them and turning them into full-on classcucks.

>"Workers of the world, Unite!

kek, the good thing is you have both a flag and a name so that we can identify your retarded ass

This. You don't win people over by appealing to the status quo.

being alive is counter revolutionary