This is my neighbor in the photo (the whore)

Her dad is a liberal faggot who allows this negro to defile his daughter. I've seen the baboon sneaking into the house at night and told the father, he blew it off like it was no big deal.

The father is a Z-list celeb and he is dating a D-list bitch who posted this pic. Someone with an account pls comment on it with some redpills. You'll probably make the news lol.

Don't worry about it user. She will pay the coal toll. They always pay the coal toll.


Woop, forgot the pic.

You do it you insufferable fucking faggot.

Looks jewish.



Re-implement the Caste System 2020

NYPA. Lurk for 5 more years


That's a kike, most mudsharks are

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look at that fucking monkey paw, jesus christ king kong called he wants his fingernails back. fucking dumb whore getting fingered by that thing shame shame. all because of
white guilt

Face looks Jewish, her Jewish offspring will be easy to spot on DOTR.

I think Silvertits is a tranny. Your thoughts? The shoulders and torso are those of a man. Yes I know the movie the kike cunt was naked in for a scene, it was vomit inducing.

What is this shit thread?

Seems to me like your shilling the normalization of race mixing

I'd love to go after every coal burner, but at the moment they are simply a symptom of a larger problem.

Reported and filtered


One natural law adheres to the shark that plays in the mud… Pic related.

fuck off

Why do niggers never cut their nails? Even the "well-adjusted" ones with basic hygiene and funds to buy nail clippers always have fucked up hands.

Speaking of racemixing and mongrels, it's only a matter of time before that mentally ill mongrel John Bettendorf starts mass murdering people like that Elliot Rodgers mongrel did.

It's a method of Jew control. It's why niggers never lace up their shoes, never belt-up their pants, or cut their finger nails.
Niggers do it thinking they are "cool" they're really doing it because it assists law enforcement is arresting and convicting them.
Fingernails often contain DNA after the toll has been paid.

either a pathetic false-flag or OP is truely retarded.

Might be. A lot of these celebrity "women" are.

That's just how kikes are build.

Why the fuck is this a thread? First of all, she's Jewish so who gives a fuck. Second of all, literally who? And third of all, nypa.


seen the baboon sneaking into the house

let here pollute her womb and her progeny. What's going the be funny is the pisture of her with black eyes


Don't know why you're upset this will happen to her in a few years.

Nah it's just a typical kikess. They are truly wretched creatures that hide it best they can through every deceptive female "beauty" trick in the book.

NYPA, but there's no evidence she's a Jew. I'm sick of faggots here saying "X is a kike" whenever confronted with something they don't want to admit. Like that British baby that died a few months ago, so many fags to console themselves here by saying the dad was a Jew because he had a large nose…obviously never having seen a French person before (he was French). Most Jews have big noses, but most people with large noses are not Jews.
This has been a PSA.


Did somebody say troll toll?

my sides

Well developed fingernails are evolutionary adaptation of the negro for peeling thick-skinned fruits



This guy can stay. We'll need an ambassador to United Africa. Maybe we can find a mixed-race girl for him if he keeps it up.

Fuck off faggot, all niggers die.

Edgy as all fuck. It's great you're a proud white warrior, and maybe the other kids in your high school are impressed, but there are plenty of based niggers who know what's up. If you were over 16, you'd have learned that there are outliers in all directions, and it's the act of a fool to kill even a racial enemy who's willing to take your side. The deal is that niggers (who, remember, are not the main enemy) who know enough to say "thank you" to the whites who built a civilization around them can be left alone, on the condition they stay legal and don't touch the white women. They're not our problem, even in demographic terms thanks, Abortion-chen!.

Niggers with impulse-control problems and a criminal record are disruptive elements who have to go, while the ones who like white girls have to swing. The rest of them? I don't have a problem. We've lived with niggers for hundreds of years, and – like herpes – they only become a problem when our immune system is compromised.

And that brings us to the Jew, civilizations' AIDS virus. Before the kikes figured out how to use whites' better nature against us, niggers were welcome to their place in society. We got along fine, because both groups understood we had to stay separate and not cross into each others' spaces. Niggers had their neighborhoods and businesses and criminal underworld, while whites taught their children to be wary of them and stay away from the jook joints innawoods. Occasionally, we had to lynch a nigger who got out of hand, but that sent a message they remembered for a while and kept things nice and peaceful for the most part. The locus of control was held by the angry white mob, who would materialize in an hour if there was some serious breach of the peace, but even that worked well because whites mostly left the niggers alone and didn't go fuck with them where they lived. We had a genuinely diverse, multicultural society.

Jews came to America just as we were settling down after the Civil War. They accurately perceived the fracture points in our country and, with the skill of a mosquito finding a vein, they drove into it with laws, lawsuits, community activism, degenerate media, and dirty money to widen the breach. They convinced niggers they were our equals, and put over the idea that a society full of empowered niggers would function like a white one. Worse, they sold generations of whites on the idea that racism is bad, and that we're wrong to try to protect ourselves. At first, they were demanding so little, it was hard to say no. Just a seat on the bus, goyim. Just a meal at the lunch counter. Why can't they use our drinking fountains or restrooms? It's so unfair!

Some anons here think Jews are actually stupid. They think the kikes are mostly instinct and dishonesty. But they're wrong. Ashkenazi Jews are absolutely more intelligent than whites, and they use it to plan our doom decades ahead of time. Decades-long social engineering projects are very real, and the big intergenerational white genocide is nearing its denoument. It was niggers' bad luck to be the big black stick the Jews are using to wreck our streets and our public spaces. Spics are the little brown stick the Jews are using to breed us out. Chinks are the yellow peril, but they're too smart to be used like that, so they just keep on as they always have – making money and obediently marching where their termite queen tells them to go.

No, teenage-user. . . Niggers are, in a way, victims of the Jew just like us. They're not even a long-term demographic problem like the spics. They have to go now, but they don't deserve our hate.

Save that for when it's useful. Save hate for the Jew.


Well shit schlomo, how is Tel Aviv today?

NYPA dickhole.

Good point. I'm obviously a Jew because I'm not a skinhead who fits the (((media narrative))) of an irrational racist who wants to bash the heads in of all nonwhites everywhere. Being an unrestrained animal is exactly how to promote white interests. Well done.

Or. . . we can think strategically and recognize that all our race problems have exactly one source, and that even the niggers aren't at the root of the trouble. Unless you'd like to distract us from that for (((some reason))).

You're a kike because you're bumping this obvious slide thread.

NYPA faggot

You're a kike because you're a niggerloving faggot.

And also autistic.
Just kill yourself already my (((fellow white man)))

They also have fucked up feet.



If a nigger is smart, send him back to Africa
He'll fit in with the culture an help make Africa a better place. If Africa isn't such a shithole, then we solve the problem of SA farmers and the refugee crisis.

Long fingernails are used to snort cocaine

steal his girl