Convince liberals to walk out of NFL games

What if we somehow convinced liberals to turn off the NFL/walk out of stadiums unless ALL players start kneeling
here is some bullshit i put together

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I'll never understand this impulse

Tickets are too expensive. Convince politicians to stop building billion dollar niggerball stadiums.

top tier kek

Are you literally retarded

are you guys morons a metric fuckton of left leaning people watch football and sports in general
the demo isn't as big as right wingers, but this nfl controversy wouldn't even be real if liberals didn't watch sports

I think its a good idea

Liberals don't need to consume media to bitch about it on social media. GamerGate was a good example of liberals complaining about getting their progressive agenda injected into video games, when many of those who complained didn't buy them or like them in the first place; the ones that did were primarily journalists, developers, or e-celebs who intentionally made it their job to be involved in gaming for a variety of reasons.

To some extent, you're right; it's not like ALL the typical liberal does is go between Starbucks, college campus, and home doing nothing but tweeting, Correcting the Record™, and fapping to cuck porn with the occasional stroll outside with a black mask and baseball bat to bash his local fascist. They are people, and they do consume products and media. Their opinions on those productions might be different, and they may want something different out of a game of football, but I'm certain there are liberals that do watch it.

That being said, let's be fucking real. Every major news station runs bullshit filler stories about how LE BRAVE BLACK MAN COLIN KAPERNICK KNEELS DURING ANTHEM OF OPPRESSIVE COUNTRY, PRAISE HIM! any chance they get. ESPN has taken every chance in the last few years to inject as much political bullshit into their programming as possible while outright the legitimate concerns viewers have. It's gotten so bad that their viewership has tanked in the last year and a half; they blamed it on the election and a million other things, but when directly asked, viewers outright said it was because of the player and team protests with the NFL and ESPN running cover for them. There's also the massive cover-up involving the loose drugs and concussions, with Aaron Hernandez's suicide and the subsequent CTE controversy that's becoming major news, but none of that is front-page news because it goes against the narrative that progressive politics are good. Liberals don't fucking NEED to watch football to get their progressive fix because it's EVERYWHERE.

I think Trump's actual statements on this are very smart, because it's making the traitors show their real colors. Trump says, "Support our flag, leave the stadium if these people aren't respecting it," and several people, INCLUDING A FORMER HOUSE REP have outright said "fuck your flag, everyone should kneel because muh strong black man".

This shit will wake up the normies really fast. I was waiting for the moment Trump decided to do something as easy as this, and it's about goddamn time he did.

well maybe it could target a specific team like the seahawks
99% of seahawks fans are massive liberals, and you can't tell me that people filling their stadiums are the 1% of fans that aren't liberal
hit the nfl at both ends
besides, at the least, this could troll facebook and reddit "fans" into virtue signaling nonstop, even if they don't attend or watch games. that would also wake up normies

The majority of sports fans are liberal.

The NPCs that watch plebball and the NPCs that watch buzzfeed, television, propaganda movies and so on are the same NPCs.

The majority of sports fans are liberal.

The NPCs that watch plebball and the NPCs that watch buzzfeed, television, propaganda movies and so on are the same NPCs.

They may not watch the shit but that doesnt mean they wont cause a big fucking stick about some bullshit that no one gives a shit about.

The fuck? Liberals watching sports? Maybe a small percentile in seattle, commiefornia, and jew york city. These fuck's do not watch sports unless coerced through sheep mentality.

That poor nigger baby…

Read the fucking thread retard, this conversation is already underway and you come off like a skipping disc.

Let the libs meme for themself dumbfuck. This thread is garbage. Waste of space.

Bump. To me, it comes off a lot like #DraftOurDaughters, which was fucking brilliant. Go shit up another thread faggot.

1. That democrat congresswoman just called for them all to do this. We should push her message.
2. AT THE SAME TIME, we should be mocking them for doing this. Since kneeling is a sign of fealty, we can make fun of niggers being so stupid as to submit themselves to their slaveowner ✡managers✡ and say they’d be free to stand before their games if they played in Africa.

This faggots tweet is exactly what I mean and is why the idea of getting liberals to demand all players kneel would be a great idea..

They don't play video games either, and they gave us gamergate, Polygon, Fem Freq, and more!

Liberals hate football anyway. Only cuckservatives watch it anymore, and after this it's a lot less of a thing among them.

Stirring libs up against football only makes cuckservatives want to watch it more, because cuckservatives hate libs like we hate libs.

Shit idea, sage.

I swear to god if the whale on the right in the blueish mumu is named Kat I'll fucking lose it.

Trump is cruel. He demands that you stand.

We demand only that you kneel.

Nah. Niggereggball is cuckservative territory as much as NASCAR is.

Convince conservatives to walk out instead, NFL is entertainment for the lowest common denominator.

i'd say nfl is 60/40 mix
the big breast cancer push has brought in a lot of women and liberals over the past decade

How about convincing them to burn a flag so NFL's stock take a trip to the shit hole.


Right, fucking crazy synchronicity.

convincing the fans or convincing players to burn a flag?
i could see troll effort to trick fans into burning flags outside stadiums on gameday

Great idea. Leftists will look like retards and niggerball will look like retards.

Players or the cheerleaders. Maybe the fans but that wouldn't really have much effect.

cheerleaders run a much tighter ship than the players from what i've read, it be damn near impossible. i have no idea how you'd convince a player to do that


accelerate it

It's all hypothetical user.

Boys, I have to say, this stupid shitstorm has incredible potential for redpilling normalfags. It's like goymergate but at a national level that working class dads understand. I've been keeping an eye on twitter today and I've noticed that not only are right-wing whites in support of a boycott, but a fair number (perhaps 20% posting) of niggers are also boycotting the NFL for not cucking hard enough. If we take advantage of this situation properly, we can wean our normie brethren off of the sportsballs/beer/wings/tv kike trap. We need to encourage the white boycotters, yes, but we need to really take advantage of the nigger 20% that's boycotting the NFL. We need to use their sentiment to D&C sportsball apes and further weaken the kikes that run the NFL. Sports Illustrated already reported drops in viewership between 18-24% from last year. In all likelihood the real figures are probably higher. Attack the media kikes every chance you get and eventually they'll die from a thousand cuts. They're already suffering losses in box office sales, decreasing cable subscriptions, and nobody under the age of 55 actually reading physical newspapers regularly. Get out there and make these people hurt.


Liberals don't go to sporting events, OP. Cuckservatives do.

There's plenty of football channels on Jewtube to shit all over.

It's "take a knee" not "bend the knee," no regular person who follows sports uses "bend" OP.


lel. That one by far is the best. Going to trigger the fuck out of people.


Plenty of shitlibs watch the NFL.

NFL ratings were down big last year as well but they brushed it off because of election coverage. If there were a way to convince blacks to start demanding that the anthem not be played at all because of how divisive and racist it is that would be great.

bait Muslim players and Kaepernick to talk more about the plight of Muslims. Get that front and center too and put big bearded guys in America's face so that they turn it all off.

sportsball is a meme, a symbolic form of inter-tribal warfare and any self respecting white should avoid for the most part, especially the most nogged sports.
If we could get white fans to take their money out of this shitty industry and put it to better use, (guns, ammo and training), it would collapse the business and rekt the anuses of many many kikes and niggers.

yeah, no nigger

This. Stop watching GoT faggot.

This. This guy is right. Exploit it. Blow it up. Most people use sports and pop culture as an escape. The more toxic the left makes it, the more it drives them away. It will weaken their institutions in the long run. Look how ESPN tanking is hurting Disney.

they do watch niggerball. normies generally watch niggerball no matter the propaganda they were fed. we need to make a reason for normies to stop buying tickets so no politician wants to waste tax money on this nigger bullshit.


you make me sick

Do you have a source for your claim?

i had a roommate who was a massive Bernie cuck and the worlds biggest Boston sports fan. Insufferable in every respect.

checked, it does have the potential in this climate to break down more politically correct watching crowds. the players are all seen as idols the libs look up to. imagine seeing your idol desecrating your culture.

Maybe the best way to bring down the NFL is to make leftist propaganda which lots of people adhere to. Get enough people pissed at the NFL, people stop tuning in. Once the NFL is weaken the left loose a platform they spew their shit from.

Those digits don't lie.

could exploit what happened in London today with the jaguar and raven players kneeling

It's also giving niggers a great opportunity to tell every white American that if they hate niggers kneeling for the anthem they must be poor racist white trash.

they are…

I think every college athlete is shucking and jiving for the opportunity to make fucking millions of dollars on NFL teams.

I don't want anyone to "shuck and jive," not actin like a bunch of greedy entitled niggers saying "fuck wypipo" would be enough for me, but they're niggers so they can't even do that much. As usual with black people, it's all about them, they're the center of the entire universe, they deserve the moon and stars with no effort what so ever, and anyone who disagrees is an evil rayciss KKK Nazi white supreemist. I've never been so negro fatigued in my life.

Not the only one 412 brother
Pens are more entertaining anyway

Brilliant observation user

Shitlibs don't watch football. The people you need to convince on those on the right who see football as a religion. Instead they should watch HS football for free and donate cash to HS that need it.
Finding alternatives is how you hit them the hardest. Just like hollywood, ignore them and move on.

how many fucking threads do we need on this?



Make shops of the players burning flags. Maybe shops of social media posts.

Normalfag democrat voters do though. The 40+ year old white men who don't pay attention to politics but drink beer, watch football, and go to work at a union shop…

Believe it or not, a lot of them still exist. The white people voting DNC aren't all college marxists or kikes.

this is devilish

Most of the players stand, and that's racis.

Kek they will just sit through the game and then virtue signal on social media when they get home.

1. When the knee don't drop, you stand for a racist cop.

2. They stand for Trump

3. When your players salute, you support the fascist boot


Trump is a genius. He redpills millions.

NFL was their bluepill!

Not gonna work because none of the liberals advocating this watch sports. Get the people who are in the stadium to walk out if the players kneel.

Throw #OnlySlavesKneel on social media and watch the Brock army lose its mind. Had some fun with it last night.

nigger ball
stream for free, any movie, no account required. fuck jewflix

Not bad.

MORE. It's the biggest and most important event in US politics right now, the media still doesn't understand but this was the circus part of the bread and circus that was pacifying the eternal boomers. They don't understand the sheer rage these boomers are feeling right now, their pastime just got taken away and they can't see it as anything but the fault of the left and niggers specifically.

Not good enough. Convince liberals team owners are literal slave owners in every sport. Next get rid of all (((white))) CEOs and executives by forcing them to give up their positions for shitskins in the name of the diversity and cultural enrichment they claim to love so


Good insight.

Bend the knee to us like the slaves you are.

user if only you knew how bad things truly are.



The current wave of sports player protests in reaction to to Trump is counter-intuitively one of the best
gifts the media has ever given to right-wing politics. Instead of some libertine tramp and a bunch of nerdy
gamers. This time we have the POTUS and Major league sports teams. However our job is not to destroy the NFL
it is to politically activate the boomers - as a side effect of going after major league sports. GG for its
shortcomings actually serverd to create a lot of us. This is the goal.This is not necessarily in support of
what Trump is doing, but ancillary to it.


Boomers - Babyboomers white late forties to early 60s sports fans. Quietly voted Trump, due to naturally
becoming conservative as they grow old, however until right now, they were somewhat safe from the
left's intrusions into and attacks upon culture. They've quitely sat through sitcom after braindead sitcom
slowly injected with absurd left philiosophy such as transgender politics and the innate white evil
as the subtext to those show's narratives. Like a slowly boiling frog.They don't want to think about politics
during the game. Our job is to turn the heat up and make them jump out of the pot.


-American Made Vehicles
-Suburban consumption


-Disposable Income
-Living Memories of how society used to be
-Kids with student loans being brainwashed by leftist professors
-Untapped influence in politics


Due to our internet presence and boomers being relatively disconnected from the internet, we will have to employ
a different strategem. We will be running both offence and defense on this one. We want to reach them through
old media, but do not have the resources so we will manufacture controversy online to get it relayed to them.
We will have to do a lot of this through facebook (as it is the only social media that boomers actually use).

Part 1 Create the controversy

Organize a boycott - and organize the COUNTER boycott. This boycott will be more bark than bite, but basically
we should get a list of NFL sponsors (Monday Night Football or what have you) and make memes that tell the boomers
to tell these sponsors their thoughts about what goes on during the national anthem, maybe even provide a phone number
for them to call, or an email or lastly a mailing adresss to a company ombudsman or complaint/concern customer support
call center. Angry boomers love wasting businesses time with bullshit. The second part of this is wefind sponsors and create memes to defend them in lame boomer ways. "I'm not going to boycott X because it's Made in the USA.This serves only to *publicize* the story, not to actually hurt these companies. The companies' predicatable (over)reaction will serve our ends.

goal: start a boycott controversy and get old media to report on it.

Part 2 Intensify the situation

We need anyone with liberal blogs or twitter alts to aggresively call out athletes for not participating in the protests.
A good place to start is that the Dallas Cuckbois kneeled but didn't do so during the anthem because they don't take
the protests seriously/support white supremacy etc.We also need you to attack boomers. We want to make it seem as if they view
being a white sports fan or boomer as bad as being a KKK member.#EndBoomers try and resist the urge to go after them for being
white, go after them for being a certain age and therefore "ignorant". (They already know they are hated for being white and
are able to live with it, but what happens if we add something else to the list?). If the boycott actually becomes a thing
go after boomers even harder and say only Nazis would support a boycott.

goal: Make boomers feel not only intruded upon but threatened by the left.
goal: Expand these protests into as many sports as possible: UFC? Hockey?
goal: Have an athelete come out and say they feel coerced to participate in these protests
pipedream: Have Tiger woods take a knee during the PGA tour. Do you have any idea how much this shit happening in golf would
piss them off?
pipedream2: Operation S–park wants to get a pro athelete to burn a flag. This would be amazing.

Part 3 Edify

Anons have already been doing this. Create black propaganda memes and hashtags to polarize both sides of the argument.
#OnlySlavesKneel #TakeAKneeOrLickABoot. Try to appear to genuinely argue that they should take a knee for Michael
Brown. Ask Players to wear his number etc. We need to crank left-lunacy to cartoonish levels, and at the same time
give boomers the impression their peers are actually interested in whats going on.

Always remember:

Do your part. Talk to boomers. "ironically" share these memes. And RedPill RedPill RedPill. Spread it everywhere.

Keep in mind:

There are powerful and regular people who are in these organizations, newspapers, sports leagues, TV, who are sympathetic to
the type of chaos that this can create. Some of these people are us.