Which group is genuinely worse?

Which group is genuinely worse?

Nazis. Obviously. Liberals are just pacifist babies but nazis are nazis.


Did you really think there was a question


It depends.

Nazis are worse in the sense they want something worse than what liberals want and are more likely to kill us. Liberals are worse in that they're more effective and a bigger threat because of their continued success.

to paraphrashe josheph shtalin, both are worshe

Liberals are only bad because they empower nazis.

Liberals. Nazis are fucking obnoxious, but I've got more chances of meeting an SJW liberal IRL than a nazi

if you care about cartoons you're sheltered

Luckily I don't. But I kind of get annoyed when they start pandering

To each their own. I'm pathetic enough to care when I know that some gay girl out there at least grows up with something. But I admit its sentimentality.


At least nazism is an ethos.

Honestly, liberals.
Nazis are at least upfront about who they are and what they stand for.
Liberals preach peace, love, and equality while gleefully stabbing you in the back.

Liberals who will stab you in the back are far worse than the enemy you know in the Nazi

Nazis have very little control over power structures in academia or the media and are shunned everywhere in the society. Liberals have real power, real political control, and are easily accepted by society. Liberals are far far worse.


Liberals tbh
Liberals subvert and destroy socialist organizations.

Both should be gulaged

This, they are trying to fuck up this board even now.


Liberals tend to misuse words with their identity politics but the Nazis are and were actually violent and aggressive on a large scale.

Modern Nazis are either potential recruits or internet LARPers who are harmless. The most active Nazi movements consist of working class folks, and the ones that are more spooked and retarded tend to be smaller.

Honestly, it's not even ideological liberals who I fear as much as the minorities themselves, who have proven to be both violent and willing to split the Union apart.

Lets not forget that Nazis were responsible for operation barbarossa which was the largest and deadliest invasion in human history. No one else has employed that many troops for a war of aggression. This was a large scale invasion. Today, the Nazis are a small scale thing and they aren't that much of a threat - but imagine if they had that much power and they existed on that large of a scale again - even worse things could happen. So they are more of a problem.

Dude, most modern Nazis aren't even German.

The historical context of German colonization of Eastern Europe is gone. The nations of Europe aren't going to fight each other, even if Nazi. If anything, neo-con leaning liberals like Clinton are going to be ones who will try to ignite global conflict in Europe.

Of course, Neo-Nazis make for good useful idiots and mercenaries, which is why you see that sort of shit in Ukraine.

Basically, the modern day right is more isolationist than expansionist. They want "muh white homeland", not invading other territories to expand an empire.

And, the "muh white homeland" ones are mostly burgers. European neo-Nazis just want to keep Pakis and shitskins out. In fact, I haven't seen any territorial claims for modern far-right parties besides maybe Golden Dawn and Russian nationalists.

So at worst, they're a nuisance due to secession or being armed thugs or making a small scale war. (We are going to be far more destructive due to our more revolutionary aims.) At best (which usually doesn't happen), Fascism becomes a reformist populist movement that bashes the skulls of scabs and globalists.

Honestly, the liberal antifa are going to be a larger problem. Economic globalism is far more destructive than even militarism.

Look at Detroit. It's shelled into oblivion without even a single shot.

Well aren't you a faggot.

Liberals enable nazis

but nazis are nazis

Man, you've gone full fascist as the months have gone by. Interesting process to watch.

What is "economic globalism" but a vague phraseology? Comrade Marx used the term cosmopolitan exploitation

"To call cosmopolitan exploitation universal brotherhood is an idea which could be engendered only in the brain of the bourgeoisie." - Comrade Marx

The liberals and the globalists are actually in favour of cosmopolitan exploitation. What does this cosmopolitan exploitation mean? The creation of a global labour market where everyone in the West has to compete with cheap labour from the third world. Jobs are outsourced by the cosmopolitan exploiters and migrants are imported to do the jobs of workers for less. This is not universal brotherhood.

The fascists and the Nazis certainly aren't in favour of universal brotherhood either - they aren't just isolationists who want "muh white homeland" though that is how things might start out. They don't just want "muh white homeland" they want to oppress non-whites and others with their militarism and they will if they are given enough power that is why we cannot let them.

Liberals are real threat to the left, LARPers of aut-right are irrelevant in any real bodypolitic.

In the current situation liberals obviously. I wouldn't mind voting for a far-right party if it gets us out of liberal hegemony and introduces antagonism back into politics.

Historically nazis

Nowadays liberals bc even nazis suck balls today