BREAKING NEWS: Mass acid attack at Stratford tube station leaves at least six injured as dozens of emergency vehicles...

BREAKING NEWS: Mass acid attack at Stratford tube station leaves at least six injured as dozens of emergency vehicles are scrambled to East London

Police rushed to a London tube station tonight after six people were injured in a massive acid attack.

Officers have arrested a man after a gang sprayed acid into a crowd near Stratford Shopping Centre in east London.

Dramatic video and images shared on social media appeared to show police attending to victims at nearby Stratford tube station.


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Thats just "Diversity Rain" don't be racist.


It's raining muslims, allahu akbar

Part and parcel; it's London enjoying its diversity. Why do these things even make the news anymore?

They don't.

Group of men carry out acid attack in London
This is a developing story. Check back for updates.



here you go fag


Well it's happening exactly like what I told a criminology student a month ago.
I wonder what face he's making atm.

Did they use fertilizer sprayers or super soakers?


you could at least archive fag

Stratford station is in the London Borough of Newham.


You should've added the source when you made the thread retard.

here is the link

So, muds disfiguring other muds?

I'm okay with this



i didn't make the thread nincompoop

Interesting. CNN is calling it a "noxious substance", as is the uk police (met).

Hmmm, who to believe???

Bin that acid!

Concentrated acids produce noxious fumes when exposed to air. Nothing wrong there.

wtf are they even trying to do just disfigure people for what reason

I'm still wondering why they don't poison random food in the supermarket.

If they're anything good at, it's fucking up women.

A female cares most about her looks. I can guarantee you, make it legal to drop acid on cheating whores and all wives will all of a sudden become angels.


i guess this is what happens when you have a sand nigger mayor controlled by kikes.

Don't be flaccid, dump that acid!


where would that town be today without Giuliani?

worse than Chicago. Jews would walk around town in armored cars.

That's the truth. Supporting police as they cracked down on niggers is what worked for NYC.

Snake Plissken couldn't have done a better job but the NYPD is still as corrupt as fuck

Six injured is nothing, come up with something proper if you want to impress me.

Fucking wew.

Because Jihadi ‘terror’ isn’t about actually causing terror but rather wearing the enemy down tactically. They kill us and in return the are rewarded, this is tactics in play, the result was anticipated. If they started poisoning food at random it would scare the shit out everybody, the frog would jump out of the pot and demand action from government.


I lol'd


Thread theme

I'm telling every model I know about this. Avoid London.

Trying to picture this.

I know you guys are averse to reddit, but I like to cross contaminate them with stuff from here. this story was headed right to the top of r/worldnews before they censored it. sometimes I feel bad for the cucked normies who are being kept in the dark until there mom or sister or gf gets raped or acid attacked.

Just (((coincidentally))) had hospital screens in the train station. Just (((coincidence))) a motorway was shut down again for 12 hours over an "acid package". Second time in as many weeks.
It's all bullshit.

Just (((coincidentally))) had hospital screens in the train station. Just (((coincidence))) a motorway was shut down again for 12 hours over an "acid package". Second time in as many weeks.
It's all bullshit.



Acid attacks are just part and parcel of living in the big city Kaffir.

Off topic, but fuck the mod that deleted that holocaust thread. Shills were being BTFO incredibly hard. You could have just bumplocked it, but instead you wasted a thread full of redpilling counter-arguments.

Sorry for off topic, but this thread is popular right now




>>>/polmeta/, fag.


Terror and compliance.

still looks better than any shitskin.

You're a fucking faggot. Keep greentexting and doing your thing queerbait.

You probably never even had an opportunity to take acid growing up.




fuck the shit, take the trip

Big authoritarian policy incoming I imagine, seeing as the focus as always is being pushed towards ‘THE INTERRRRNETTTT’ instead of the Saracens I imagine they might be pushing towards an ID card for Internet use.

Every kike and shitskin must die.

I can see an attack on Fashion Week, now that you mention it.
Fashion week's already cucked out, making a huge thing about "hot hijabis" (no sauce, and I have not researched this at all, but it's still true). Somebody will chuck a bucket of acid at the red carpet and disfigure several supermodels for life. The festival's response will, of course, be to cuck harder and have all models wearing the hijab the following year.



The ride never ends.

To get women to wear hijab and submit to Isl'am.


Being Violent Niggers. It's been a real long time since we had a Terror attack in the US.

Once the Muslims in a given area reach a certain concentration (20% was it? someone help me out) they start getting a little more aggressive with their attempts to institute Religion of Cuck™ic laws.

Happened in Medina over a millenia ago. They cry to be let in, and then the second the muslims had enough numbers, they staged a blood takeover of the city.

I'm getting tired of saying part and parcel. If they're not going to reclaim London, they should probably stop notifying the world every time there's a Muslim attack.

Why do I feel like this story wont travel far? Oh, crime! So common! Happens everywhere! Thank god it wasn't TERRORISM!

"Not terror related" is basically

Bread is still warm:

Bread is still warm:

So was this one acid happy arab or a group of them melting faces?
Either way it is terrorism, eat shit Scotland Yard.

Bread is still warm:

I just hope to live long enoguh to see how this plays out. feeling old at 32, wonder if I'll get to see the backlash


Honestly you could just replace that "days without terrorist attack" counter with: "number of whites left in london" and it would be far more accurate and not too far off from zero either

how long till this?

this would literally never work and it triggers me

Carmen Blandin Tarleton

how long till this?

With whites are already a minority in London.

Wait til the UK can't afford welfare payments, that thing will need flamethrowers.

From the bbc article:



I think he is saying that carmen was disfigured by industrial-strength lye which doesn't damage plastics as bad as other chemicals so he could have used a water gun to stray the lye.

So progressive! I hope London experiences thousands more of these terrorist attacks so they can experience their truly rich diverse and vibrant culture!

It would have to be dissolved in water and because of this the solution would eat away at the plastic. Wouldn't begin to leak right away but you wouldn't be able to store it as a ready to go chemical weapon, even for short periods. If this sprayed on you, you'd have an oily feeling mess on your skin and would require multiple rinses to get the "layer" off you. That in and of itself doesn't make it immediately "lethal", it will dry out your skin but as far as I know a person can recover from having defatted skin.

However, having aqueous sodium hydroxide in places such as where the sides of your finger nails meet skin will result in painful, sensitive fingers. This heals and while it's very sore to the touch the pain isn't continually there - you just need to avoid putting any pressure at all on such areas while it heals.

However, having a blast of this liquid go into your eyes will result in damage capable of permamently blinding a person. Depends on how severe contact was. Eyes can't recover as well as skin can.

Sulfuric acid is an even weaker acid than your own stomach acid, (hydrochloric acid.) However, hydrochloric acid must be held in a lot of water to remain liquid. This keeps it weak and diluted, and it can't be concentrated (pure acid fumes will escape.) Hydrochloric acid is even more available than sulfuric acid but doesn't pose nearly the same threat, due to its aqueous nature.

Sulfuric acid can exist completely by itself, making it more concentrated. It will also rape your skin for its water molecules, which is the primary cause of the irreversible damage.

Holey moley I guess that stuff isn't as benign as I thought.

But then again I've never dunked my head into it.

GCHQ admitted they changed online polls to manipulate what people think, and no doubt pay to downplay this stuff so that people dont actually fix the problem. Acid attacks are up 1000% but surely it cant be those pesky "asians" AGAIN

Its official. One Religion of Cuck™ic terrorist attack can be expected every month in england and I'm sure the that number will increase with time.



Why the fuck are the mods censoring words here?

So your own law enforcement and protectors hates law and democracy. WEW

PVDF. Polyvinylidene Fluoride.
Trademarks Kynar500, Hylar5000.
The year was 1948.

professionalplastics com/PVDFFILM?prrfnbr=125328&child=165398&qty=1&calc=calc29

Good. Every victim is an awakening.

Some stay dry while others feel the pain
Diversity Rain


Lye in water, not sulfuric. If the lye is liquid and comes in a bottle, the plastic is the correct type and stronk. I put lye crystal (funny fact: canada and US ban different chemicals. lye crystal is otc by the pound here) in a shabby peanut butter container, where it sucked in moisture, puddled, and ate through the bottom. Some plastics are okay for some things but a lot are not okay for strong acids and bases.

-t: former wannabe chemist.


Police have ruled out terrorism and arrested one man on suspicion of GBH. Witnesses claimed the substance was thrown by 'young black teenage males' after an argument broke out.

Whoops. Not over the counter (otc). What I mean is straight off the shelf and to the cashier, no special anything required.

U.S. restricts lye, yet canadains can't buy potass. permagante.

Sage for irrelevant to thread (sort of)

Why change the lyrics? 'Chocolate' is a more than apt description.

You mean improving? Fuck the shitskins, they're all cucks and should be shot, then fed to the pigs along with the kikes.

So what you are saying is we should reclassify all liquids with an acidity level above orange juice as weapons and create and issue “acid licenses”.

These are I suppose some of the few measures we should implement to keep ourselves safe from the menace that are acidic liquids. WE SHOULD NOT LET CHEMISTRIES CURSE DIVIDE US, we should also not start stop & search back up because that totally didn’t work and is racist.

There are chemicals and then there are CHEMICALS, mane.

It's like saying that hand grenades should be accessible because fireworks are legal. There are explosives and then there are EXPLOSIVES.

I don't understand why brits will arrest you for "hate speech" and ID you for a knife yet you can buy sulfuric acid no problem.

Shouldn't be on store shelves.

Why shouldn’t I be able to buy something just because an invasive group of detritus-tier inbred man-children had no impulse control? Why would you ever support making natives lives more restrictive because of the disgusting behaviour of the invaders?

Governments use the subhuman behaviour of their imported bioweapons to justify ever more restrictive laws meanwhile falling over themselves to ensure that their bioweapons can still commit all the crime they like. You are just playing into this.

And double fuck you for thinking that European man shouldn’t be able to own all the grenades he wants to.

Oh, it'll be banned too. And britcucks will eat it up like always.
This shit has always been available. Yet it only became a weapon when mudshits arrived. And you propose banning the tool, acid, instead of the cause, mudshits. Guess what: they'll just move to something else and carry on akbaring. To stop the attacks you have to stop the attackers. Trying to make the world mudshit-proof is impossible, their countries have been trying since the beginning and have always failed.

The British are stereotyped as effeminate faggots for a reason. They not only let this happen, they wanted such. Hitler is getting his revenge on Britain from beyond the grave for their treachery in choosing traitor Churchill.

Fine. Buy whatever the fuck you want. Just be sure to buy a protective facemask too, because what you can buy, abdul can buy too. Such is the way of things when all standards go out the window.

I say ban the acid because that`s more likely to actually fucking happen then brits kicking muds out. Of course the REAL solution is a complete purge.

And both of you…. don`t pretend like sulfuric acid is some sort of white mans leisure chemical that`s so precious it would be unthinkable not to be able to access it whenever you feel like it. At its very best, it unclogs shit for you in an instant.

At its worst, some subhuman will use it to disfigure your face permanently.

Sulfuric acid is a nigger tier chemical and I almost feel like it WON`T ever be banned. That`s how fucked the UK is. Lets keep our sulfuric acid, AND muslims, but lets make opinions illegal, and normalize terrorism!

Sulfuric acid, among other poisons and drugs and weapons, are makeable from home. Yet that doesn`t mean you should allow degenerates easy access to it. The good thing about degenrates is that they`re too dumb or lazy to attempt anything uncharted.

But if you put it right on a store shelf, that`s YOUR face they might melt.

There ya go. It's from the clerks animated series.

They just open up car batteries and get it that way. Do you really think they buy it in stores?

Yes. They literally do buy it in stores. Concentrated, in a bottle. Right off the shelf.

Not only is it publicly available, but it's probably bought with gibs too. Melting an infidels face is literally FREE in bongistan when you don't even need to earn the money spent on sulfuric acid!

You can’t tactically utilise prohibitive laws to win a war especially when they are disingenuous in their started purpose. This is a group that the Government sacrifices children to; do you really think they are ever going to be short of weapons to use against the natives? No.

The answer is to remove the invaders, all of them, chuck them into the sea for all I care at this point. Anything else is counter productive.

You strike me as very emasculated, stop consuming soy.

That's very hurtful user why do you attack me so?

True story. Reason has gone out the window. Dunno if things will ever be restored.

Because I care about you user. I don’t want you to live your life outraged about the availability of certain liquids that have many practical uses. It is the behaviour of woman with undesirable tendencies and not that of a man.

I understand where you are coming from, I do. But the fact the British Government is inconsistent with their authoritarianism doesn’t mean you should demand they implement it more widely. Nothing they do is in the favour of the native. The only reason for wanting a ban is to accelerate the decline.

Things will crash and then they will return to reason, before that we will likely experience a true dystopia. It’ll be very grim but things will work out.

Banning raping children was so very effective too.
Laws are selectively upheld in the UK, no law intended to combat muds would actually have that effect as long as the people currently in control remain so. They would be either completely ignored or twisted to use against the right.
has a good head.

Who needs guns and knives when you have highly corrosive deadly acid? Dog bless the Queen :DDDDDDDDDD

I've had homicidal thoughts over pettier things that had no lasting effects on me, and are small potatoes compared to what other people go through. Those were stressful times though, and I've learned from that.

I don't squak like some hen. I just don't like to imagine the depths of hate someone who was splashed with acid would feel. If I was disfigured like that, it would be a murder suicide type situation.

Yes. You are right. If common sense was "in" there wouldn't even be a need for Holla Forums as it exists now, and imageboards would be for shitposting only.



"I may be dead, but I was never racist."

You gotta empower yourself.
and kill all nonwhites, especially kikes

Sounds realistic to me.

Negros and mudshits hate whitey so there is a good chance they splashed it at guys looking more wealthy / successful than them.


Jesus christ


There was an attack in 2014 already: CCTV footage shows victim Naomi Oni coming through the ticket barrier followed by the suspect dressed in a Niqab ahead of an acid attack which has left Oni badly scarred.

Another one:

ACID ATTACK RAP - Boy, 16, is charged with 15 offences after five people injured in 90-minute acid attack spree in East London - Charges against the teen include grievous bodily harm. A teen boy has been charged over a spate of acid attacks across London. The 16-year-old now faces a string of charges for 15 offences including robbery, grievous bodily harm with intent and possession of an item to discharge a noxious substance. The charges come after five acid attacks took place in less than 90 minutes in London on Thursday night, the Metropolitan Police said.

He added: “If you see somebody with a knife or a gun, you know what to look for. The problem (with acid attacks) is you can’t be prepared. This area has changed a lot.” The 16-year-old has been remanded in custody to appear before Stratford Youth Court on Monday, 17 July.

Another one near Stratford:

Police would like to speak to this group after three teenage victims had acid flung in their face whilst they were walking down Wanstead High Street. A number of the suspects then punched the teenage victims before running away.

I like the way you put spaces between every line…easy on the eyes. Plus it really gives the appearance of a substantial post.

Are you kidding? That would dishonor the family.


There have been hundreds of acid attacks in Britain starting from the 70s with the West Indian niggers



Oy vey goyim, throwing acid is an Religion of Cuck™ic pastime. This is just them spreading theah cultcha. Don't yah bastids realize yah need davoysity? Yahrap and England won't savive unless we let in moah Muslims.

Why hasn't this happened yet? Surely there are intelligent anons that could poison the terrorist well with fake recipes are designed backfire on anyone with nefarious intentions. I find it hard to believe that Berniefags could be tricked into making some hazardous chemical trying to make glowsticks, but not a single terrorist has been tricked into building something that would cost them their life.

Disinfo shill trying to derail.

Yes, sodium hydroxide is even more dangerous than acid.
Acid makes skin burn on contact but it doesn't go deeper.
Lye dissolves skin and causes horrible deep burns. It leaves only bone behind.

And lye won't dissolve plastic.

Don't fuck with hydroxides.

And if you do, heat them up, they get many times more corrosive.

We need to make sure that the gentile societies work in such way that the degenerate are successful and the hard working tax payers are those most impoverished. This will surely disrupt their systems . He He He.

Spinal fluid leaking out of your brain
Diversity Rain
At first it burns and then you feel the pain
Diversity Rain
White men thinking evolution stopped from the neck up are insane
Diversity Rain

You'd be amazed at the uptick in 'gas mains explosions' in the UK and France in the last couple of years. Pic related was caused by a burning fridge, which certainly wasn't being used to keep explosives cool.

Melted steel beams goys, nothing to see there…>>10654786

When will British citizens stop sucking liberal diversity cock and rise up for themselves? Until then, enjoy your ass pounding by mud slimes as they throw more acid into your face.

It's been known for a long time that burning coal leads to acid rain.

And what unpozzed place exactly are you from?

NYC, London, Berlin etc. capitals are migrants favorites and the jewish subversion of politics enables this.

I bet the arrested single sandnigger has nothing to do with it, this is a standard ZOG tactic to grab some random dude and release him a few days afterwards when the news died down, to make it look like the muslim violence is not sanctioned.

You're obviously fuggin retarded if you can't into concentrations of chemical. Soap has hydroxide in it. Yeah. Heat someone on soap and dissolve them.

Deal with the (((Devil)))
Balfour (promising kikes to pull in the US as an ally to not "be defeated" by Germany) had its price.


Are you one of (((mods)))?


I like this. Someone should translate the idea in arab and drop some leaflets in muslim areas.

A model of fridge that the manufacturer didn’t recall, that fore was therefore not caused by the fridge FACT. As you state, the fridge was probably being used to store an unstable substance.

They envy White beauty, that is why they want to disfigure.

I don't think it's an improvement. Cuck is not a meme associated with mudshits but rather with the White and ((White)) politicians and voters letting them in. Religion of Terrorism would be acceptable, or Religion of Goatfucking, or Religion of Incest or whatever. Something actually relevant to mudshits. As it is it's just random and disrupts my reading experience on this site. If the goal was to make me no longer use the word then it's a success, I have to use synonyms now to avoid my own posts containing that weak meme.

off topic but I'm not cool with the word "gentile" either. it's like "cis" and "straight". we don't need another word for NORMAL. And even if we did I wouldn't want to use one that was probably invented by the kikes. Just call it non-Jewish.

Doubt it. Used to be, a man had the right to slay his wife for infidelity. Didn't help much. There's a reason sandniggers won't even allow their women to be alone in the same room as a man.



SIlly hoax follow-up of the Parson's Green "bucket bomb."
Every demographic gets its own event to establish support for the laws that the govt has lined up.
The "bucket bomb" was intended to get males on-side, with "pretty in pink" crisis actress wearing bandage on her head (muh dick tactic, but it works) and "trampled little children" appealing to base male instincts. the actress was photographed during the event, without her bandage and using a mobile phone on the supposedly injured side of her face, also price tags still on her all-pink get up.
This "acid attack" gets the women on side, as women fear nothing more than the loss of their looks.
Crisis actors from the bucket bomb mentioned acid, foreshadowing the next stage of the plan by days, perhaps an unintentional slip up of known information.
American "terrorism expert" Kike just happens to be there when it all happens, multiple obvious crisis actors, "Pink Lady" who has just stepped out of a make up trailer.
Give me a fucking break. I feel sorry for any genuine nationalist who falls for this Jewish propaganda.

Yeah those Muslim’s guod boys
It’s all fake
Accept more immigrants

Are you fucking high