Shadilay. The time has come for revelation

It doesn't matter who we are what matters is our plan.

You were all waiting for this knowledge to be revealed.

Among you there are heroes of our times. The only enemy you will have to fight with is yourself.

I am from Poland.

All of the secrets of universe lie in YOU.
To cure yourself with power of "kek" (regeneration) you have to follow me in this thread.

Your quest is to become a man. You were all gathered here for a battle for better world.

Let's start with a myth about Perseus and his fight with Medusa (his Anima Mother - which stops him from becoming a man).

All mythology is about your body's chemistry, psyche and nature's forces.

We are starting on 23 september to educate you lost men. You have to bring balance to this world.


So I'll humour you. What information you got for us goy? Is the bell ringing?

You will know in time my friend.

So..nothing then. Gotcha.

In the interest of maintaining good faith something a little more than vague cryptic statements would be lovely

stopped reading.

You're a retard

So is any idiot who listens to you.

Anyone who listens to you is retarded.

Shadilay 8====D

So let's begin

You're not following standard chan doctrine of delivering quickly on a fast moving board. You are wasting a thread, and everyone's time, with this stilted release bullshit.
Know the medium in which you compose. This isn't a standard fair forum.

The first lesson you have to learn is to see what is behind vague cryptic statements. Of course there is none above. I haven't started to explain how "magic" works.

And you're not from these spheres of the net so what brings you here with this thread?

patience is what brings me here.

Put up or shutup faggot. You aren't going to "teach" anyone here but yourself. Being intentionally vague does not lend to your credibility here. There are many wizards here and most likely already know whatever shit you are wasting a thread on.

Unironically hang yourself faggot.
Inb5 "you'll know when to open it when'l the time is just right"

I am not so sure.

Obviously because you aren't from this order and don't understand its practice. Now say what you need to say and move on.

Forgot my sage

Don't be too mean guys. I'm sure he has something very important to say and will get it out, eventually. Someday. It's only been half an hour, his English is far from perfect, his formatting is an eyesore, he doesn't know how to embed, and he keeps stalling with what could be construed as insult. Surely he is the wiser one.

Bandera did nothing wrong.

why are you so concerned about wasting your time?

The King is naked.

also the second question. What you want to discover? What do you want to know from me? Is there anything that bothers you?

Why are you so concerned with wasting our time, faggot?
This is a place for information, bullshit ramblings and wasting a thread will not gain you anything here because it contributes nothing. You get out what you put in.

It contributes to your patience which is out of control. Learn to accomplish tasks by small steps.

Nothing's going to happen, sage for reddit-tier thread.

Hey guys! I found something totally awesome and it's just the best ever!!! No really I did!!!! Ask me what it is. Ask me. I'm not going to say until you ask me and are ready to learn. Why is no one asking me? Why are they telling me to shoot myself in the throat? Boooohoooo no! Now I'm not GOING to tell you


Volhynia was a step in the right direction.

Oh thank you wise master, how shall I ever gain enlightenment without some faggot on a Burmese traditional pottery board being intentionally vague and providing nothing but empty rhetoric.

Because you can't wait a little, nothing WILL happen.


Oh it will happen.


I don't think OP is a jewish, but if someone can spare some space in their oven for him regardless, that'd be great.
Saging for really bad thread and praying for OP. If the oven is pre-heated, it won't last as long and will probably be less painful.

I shall tell the truth about enlightenment. It is a journey up a mountain. It starts off fun and easy. You think how beautiful it must be to look from the top as you finally can see above the trees. You think about how much glory and respect you'll have with this truth. Every step lets you see a little bit more, but the path gets narrower and harsher. If you are really tough and determined you may make it to the top. You can finally see the truth as you stand isolated and alone on this cold harsh mountain. As you look around and see the only glimmer of life in this world are the people you left behind you finally feel how empty you are even with all this knowledge. What truth do you finally learn in the end? It's something you always really knew deep down. You're a damn fool too stupid to count your blessings and realize your humanity.

Good luck travelers


you hate niggers but think people should act like nigger

I am not but I do have jewish roots.


Forgot my sage, also reported for being a kike.

It is very funny of you that you are questioning holocaust and gas chambers then saying this you know?

It's very funny that you claim to have information but end up just being a dumb kike playing nothing but word games.

See? You have done it. That's all. This is what I wanted to reveal to you. Goodbye.

Learn to decode. But of course you will need higher IQ for such tasks.


Who is we?
What makes you think you know 'kek'?

So much for patience.

A charlatan is simply that. A charatan


why hello there satan!



This (((Jew))) thinks he's so enlightened and wise, must be that "oh so high Jewish IQ," coupled with the fact that they're y'know, (((God's chosen people.)))

A lot of good your oh-so superior IQs did your tribe when they got kicked out of 109 countries. Soon to be more, hook nosed faggot.

okay, doing something constructive instead of preaching about the end of the world meme.
good to see.

user, I'm afraid I have some ___ news.

The difference is when we chimp it won't be for bullshit reasons (some little thug who is white getting goodified, some ill-perceived wrong done to our race, fried chicken, etc….)


You drew Crimea in a wrong color m8

Checked. Thank you, user. This thread has now been worth it. Thank you OP, this is the knowledge we were missing.

Blow your brains out, kike shill.