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Steve Bannon Vows ‘Economic Nationalist Movement’ from White House — ‘As Exciting as the 1930s, Greater than the Reagan Revolution’

“Darkness is good,” says Bannon, who amid the suits surrounding him at Trump Tower, looks like a graduate student in his T-shirt, open button-down and tatty blue blazer — albeit a 62-year-old graduate student. “Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when they—“ I believe by “they” he means liberals and the media, already promoting calls for his ouster “—get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing.”

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Feels like Bodie, California

Ah, some good old "national syndicalism", corporatism and fascist Keynesianism.

may be hes talking about the new deal

the New Deal was FDR telling the business leaders to let some of their wealth and power be reduced or face revolution

Feels good, man.

Can't complain, sounds revolutionary

Can't complain, watching whites fall for lies they'll flip flop on again in 4 years is entertaining


I never said evil once. I said stupid. Malice requires intelligence and I find no reason that any of you are very capable of acting even on activism.


You are the cancer that is killing the left. Fuck off, cunt.

If the Republicans can actually pull of some stimulus programs, the Democrats will be absolutely fucked. The right has already had success with populist politics, if that success becomes material before the populist left can even organize that will be the nail in the coffin of the already dead American Left.

You have something in common with that woman.

Shit I didn't know I was Vietnamese

My mistake, I must have mistaken myself for the confused product of baby boomer sperm and parental regret boiled into a product of stay at home activism

Are you Cuban?

Am I Jamaican

Because I sure am Jamaican you crazy

What did xe/xir mean by this?

I don't know if English is your second language but I meant that they're the product of rich middle class baby boomer liberals who are majority lily white, and they carry the same baggage as their family

Don't worry, you don't have to stereotype me as trans, I'm more masculine than you

If it works.
Just sounds like anti-globalization plus spooks.

what "baggage"? what does their being white have to do with anything?


Why are americans so obsessed with race? Everything is white this, black that and muh heritage. Fucking hell.

It's unbearable.

You're trolling multiple threads with identitarian shitposting at the same time, I'm impressed.

But what if it works?

didn't work last time

But it did work. Germany had an amazing recovery and the country was running smoothly. What didn't work, was Germany attempt to exapand their land, which ended on that picture you posted.

Were you molested as a child? 100% sure you have nudes online somewhere.

nice meme, besides there were no syndicates in Germany, all of them were destroyed by Hitler, don't forget he had to burn the Reichstag himself and blame polish commies

Could national Syndicalism work of properly applied with out spooks? yes Is it going to be apropiated by an Oportunists racist? yes

They practiced straight up pillaging too. Hard to fuck up finances with that kinda shit.

They also required slave labor and war. I wouldn't call that "smooth".

If you have to ask you're stupid. America has went from a 90% white country with a domesticated black underclass to a nation of mestizo/black/Jewish/Arab/faggot identity politics supremacy struggle where whites are targeted/demoralized/replaced and will become an eventual minority if things keep going as planned.

90% to 60% white in about 50 years. Ask yourself why Americans care about race again, fucking idiot.

Because they are fucking stupid?

Why is that bad? It's not like anyone is getting genocided. No one's dying.

lmfao fuck that national liberation is part of the struggle against imperialism

Shut the fuck up and piss off corruption lover. I would love to kill and hang in public people like you.
USA is a culturess retarded country that's why you're obsessed with muh heritage.

Not all nations are created equal tho

You're right

America was built to die

Define "white"

Because the population replacements are 3rd worlders who drive down wages, and put a drag on almost every public service. If you start letting the dregs of the world into your country, the whole of the nation collectively becomes more shit. This makes communism fucking pointless if you don't want to live like the lowest common denominator on earth.

Pretend you are a white American. Your voice in politics is in the midst of being taken from you by sheer numbers, as a part of a conspiracy to replace you for votes and cheap labor.

Would it be acceptable to replace the population of Japan with say, Indians? They must have an open borders policy towards Indians, and they have a much higher birth rate alongside unlimited immigration. After a few decades the native Japanese become a plurality, then a minority, and eventually have no say in the country they claim.
Would you turn your nose at a Japanese person for loathing this situation?

You're an idiot. You fully realize what is taking place and treat the people effected with contempt. This is why there is a huge movement towards racial realism and nationalism in America.

Oh piss off. You know exactly what "white" is and it doesn't consist of the mestizos flooding the borders.

some are more spooked than others


drop the spooks

tl;dr predator capitalists are flooding countries with lesser quality humans to drive down wages and defending them on the basis of not being raysis is just how you were programmed to think

I see a couple of spooks there, drop them and try again

I didn't know they were flooding other nations with Americans

The bastards !!

Americans (aka whites in America) are 1000x better than the mestizos, arabs, and blacks they're importing.



It's why white nationalism is on the rise.

I wonder what America would look like without the Asian immigrants

I think it was what, something like twenty points shed off the national I Q?

You're gonna be so upset if you all become smart enough to be bilingual. You'll hear all the horrible shit we talked about your mother

No. They are retarded.

So too black nations; so too the Zion, gate of hell; so too Arabians and their shitty spice.

Really makes me think


Subjective at best. There are good and bad immigrants.

If you want to get cucked by the cappie while you are fighting on your "race war" be my quest, I just hope I get to profit from liberals and retards like you, shouldn0t be too hard

White g3n0c1d3 is just another word for "I can't get laid."

Americans don't want to live in Asia. There is still nationalism in America, as unappealing as it may be to outsiders, every group of people has the right to preserve its people and nation.
It shouldn't be a point of mockery. This is why nations exist in the first place.

If any of you commies had any sense at all, you'd want to keep your societies as homogeneous as possible, because that's the best foundation for it.

You cannot debate that America is losing its racial identity, and that whites are about to become a plurality. This has all happened in less than 100 years. This is not a genocide, and I never claimed it to be. But if whites lose their majority, they will not have a say in the outcome of their own nation in a few more decades.
Whites have the right to dislike it. Even the most backward tribes in africa have a right to not to want to be pushed into obscurity by outsiders.

It's as simple as changing the immigration laws and creating policies that deter non-whites from entering the country. There is no need for a Nazi masturbation fantasy.


But we are. At least here.

The communist party wants us to leave NATO, the EU and kick out all the american retarded shit that's flooding the countrie, like McDonalds, Coca-Cola and hollywood shit.
I approve.

He sounds like a faggot edgelord.

Take your shitty mines that kill people then, do your own hard labor, and fuck off forever. Pay your debt.

Kiss the ring. You can't do shit without our Continent anymore.


I approve as well.

Are you saying that they'd violate the NAP?

Have you honest to god never seen Stirner before

yeah a Maoist would say that

Replace a white bourgeoisie with a black/brown one and nothing changes

I want to say no, because he's an irrelevant faggot.

I didn't sign shit

Name a relevant academic figure in white nationalism in at least a century.

You can't. You know why? Peer review. You know what peer review isn't? A conspiracy against you.

You're just fucking stupid fighting for rights you don't deserve you never gave anyone else you gloat about.

Give me a heads up when you manage to delude the national intellect far enough your shart mart ideologies infect theory

Those bell curve guys?

Jesus fucking Christ. Nuke it all already.

non-whites are completely complicit in corruption. They flood first world nations to get fucked over by American capitalists if they can't work in a shitty factory for pennies in their home nations. They do this willingly.
The more you let in, the less your nation is capable of overthrowing the very people who enforce these policies.

The political elites and those who pay them are happy to flood your borders with a guaranteed docile slave class. They trained you to defend their honor by pushing you to attack racists and X-phobes while they continue to undermine your ability to fight back.

It doesn't even matter that rednecks hate hispanics because they speak funny. You should be doing everything within your power to keep these people out. They're a political bio-weapon.

Not as much white supremacy as suggestion of one asian world order. I'd love to agree but

So you hate that white Americans don't like being flooded by browns and blacks because of a shitty forced 4cuck Holla Forums meme?

And peer review? No one gives a shit about Peer review while they watch their numbers dwindle each and every year.

Hey idiot.

Guess who fucked their cousin and guess who gave you the blacks. That's right. You. Because people as stupid as you were, were far too stupid to even do their own labor and skipped straight to private property.

You reep what your inbred British blood sows

Except you have a problem. We don't give a shit about you. We're smarter than you, better than you, generally a lot more educated than you. And you know what you fucking gave us?

That's right you thought you could bring the Cold War to us, and you failed fucking miserably every time. You could only do cruddy little runs with Laos.

We could beat every single Helicopter and Jet you had because your reactionary generals were dumber than shit and couldn't account for asymmetrical warfare in a war where winning was the proposition.

So you had to find the Middle East.

Now you owe us all money.

None of us give a shit about you, all of the older among us hate you left and right, and we all are laughing as you tumble your way down into shart mart oblivion

Take your fucking land mines and never return.

Even if it were true, the vast majority of normalfags aren't very privy to your ideas on how the world should be run.

The American government has been occupied for years by foreign nationalists, bankers, and corporatists who tried to fuck over the American people as much as they have the rest of the world. I'm glad none of you give a shit, we'll clean out our closets ourselves. If we can't, at least the aftermath will make the world a shittier place for everyone.

You are delusional, son.
White people are the most degenerate people by far, especially the american ones. You would know that if you had ever roamed outside your basement.


anarcha dropping the bombs

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Ave Satana, Ave Satana.

Guess what. You've been implicit in it every step of the way, and now that it's finally breathing down your neck you get sweaty

I don't give a shit, nobody in Japan gives a shit, nobody in China gives a shit, and they're going to eclipse you and they fucking really do own you, and especially

Vietnam and Korea don't give a shit

We want you out of our governments. We want your fucking shit out, so our children don't die because of fucking landmines your lazy ass dope addicted soldiers left behind in a war they didn't want, for our governments to just wave away.

You split an entire nation into two fucking halves because you managed to escalate and be in a fucking perpetual state of war with North Korea, until its nuclear hot for South Korea.

Why would any of us

About American whites? Or want people like you back in your government? We don't. We honestly don't. We never want to see your faces end up in our nations again, and if it takes China to fleece every single wallet you own good for them. More power to them.

Your entire nation was founded on petty squables, bougie behavior, reactionary views, labor you never deserved, and violence you looked away from

If it were up to me I would glass your entire nation in nuclear fire.

Me personally? No.
That is exactly what I want too. American nationalism, isolationism, and homogeneity.

I'm not asking you to give a shit about American whites. I'm just saying it's not unreasonable for American whites to resist their own demise, just like I don't blame you to resist what Americans have done to your nation.
Sounds like you and I are on the same page, though. I really hate all of the meddling America has done on behalf of the select few who run the show.

You probably know that most of the big bankers, traders, and top businessman are a rootless cosmopolitan group, bent on destroying nations to reap the benefits. America was just a tool for them, and the next rising superpower will fall to the same exact fate, most likely. These people and institutions do not disappear. Once they ruin one thing they move onto the next. You shouldn't hate the everyday American, since they're getting just as fucked as everyone else is in the long run. Most do not know, but there is definitely a rising tide of resistance from the left and the right as this empire crumbles and people are looking for answers.

This is why people aren't flocking to your movement, by the way. Most of the posters on this board are high-IQ "disenfranchised" or social outcast whites. You're not going to attract more of them by demeaning them like the rest of the extreme left does.

Don't blame us then. Blame your baby boomer parents for implicit consent for everything you hate about your government, that has managed to drive this world into hell through the consequences of colonialism and cold war.

I've lived in rural, predominantly white areas in 3 different states and that is how the vast majority of white people behave.

only class conscious proles and petties allowed


I loathe them the most.

When someone opens my front door and invites stray dogs into my home, of course I get mad at the man who let them in, but I have every right to kick out the ferals as well.

Am I allowed to say the vast majority of blacks are violent animals since I lived in 3 different "urban areas"?

Well if you just want to keep working on communism as a hobby, more power to you. I just don't see the point if you're not actively fighting to win.



guess again retard

no it isn't, thats your problem

Most of the people here are white. Willing to bet money on it.

and you'd be wrong

what shithole country are you from again?

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

every single survey thread you dumb fucker

maybe if you spent more than five minutes here you would know more than the smell of your own asshole

Vietnam. The ones Americans carpet bombed more than Korea, and somehow managed losing worse than Korea. The one with the lasting resentment harder than the North Koreans.

You fuckers had a nice habit of leaving behind your hundreds upon hundreds of land mines for kids to step on, it's nice. One big clap for the Americans.

This is an English speaking board, meaning that most people posting and browsing are in the anglosphere or Europe.
Majority of the people who live in these places are white.

Most hobby communists are 110-120IQ bored college kids or trust fund neets. This demographic is also pretty fucking white.

If you want to gain a wider audience, drop the degrading shit against whites. Most normies associate the far left with SJWs and are immediately averse to it. Then you get company like "Anarcha-Feminist" and let them run wild.

If it's just a hobby and you don't plan on taking this movement anywhere, then I guess you can stick to it. Either way, you're wasting your time.

You mean like this one that is up at the moment, and is over 50% White, even after Holla Forums came and spammed Jew as much as possible?

how did you manage to miss one of those landmines?

Every single survey thread has showed that the majority here are white.

I wish we could send them to the Midwest and watch a bunch of screaming fucking babies in a Nebraska suburb be blown to fucking bits

You could use them to stuff teddy bears and sell them to America instead of the asbestos you use normally.

oh wow


Why do female chinks always get so violently butthurt?

No one wants to be a commie when shit like this is normalized.


Could you faggots stop this idiotic slapfight and post real theory already?

It's obvious that people who stand to gain from whatever social catastrophe and have the ability to profit from it and the ability to withstand its consequences will do so. Crying about it doesn't help. Setting up means to with it is a better option.

Build zones of opacity impervious to both the surveillance state AND the market. Troll free-market ideologues. Expose the Chicago-Boy capitalist neoliberal ideology that lies at the heart of university administration hierarchies. Read Das Kapital. Learn to demonstrate capitalism's contradictions as fast as a soldier can break down an AK47. Learn how to use tools, to shoot straight, to farm, to build, and so on. The goal was always to seize the means of production.

And reproduction :^)


Tits or GTFO

Our culture is really big and cathartic release more than whites, we think ur chicks r tame as hell and sad.

For example in Korea, look at the cultural concept of "Haan". I think you'd actually relate. Korean boys never date Korean girls. They know. Now you know.

Also is that you, Roz?

Of what? Chemicals, trash, and radiation into the air and sea?

Listening and believing my parents when they told me not to trust white adults too easily, and working out enough to kick other girl's asses when they said racist shit like you're saying now. Looking back, my parents may have been extreme and had no real empathy for the country they were in. And I was always of the mind they were just hateful of things they couldn't change. Really at this point, I understand their fear.

Maybe our nation would have been better off if you didn't decide to carpet bomb it to hell and raped our mothers and grandmothers with incompetent drafted soldiers.

So I'm assuming you live in America? Why don't you get the fuck out if you hate white people so much?

White people are the most generous race on the planet. They give away their nations to other races to "feel good" about their act of "charity". Keep acting like this though, and I'm sure the tolerance will dry up completely. It's already starting to.

also fight me irl.

Watching you war with each other on the internet over who's the incel cuck is more fun than living in a nation ravaged by a conflict the world can only now laugh or shake their head at America for.

When did our generation become so Conservative people like you defend Vietnam of all things. It makes me sick.

You're a schizo feminist commie chink with identity issues. I can't imagine the inner turmoil you go through on a daily basis. Must be sending you to an early grave.

Napping. Delaying. Procrastinating. Falling asleep.

tl;dr this thread: You lefties are eating yourself alive.

lol nigger

I guess he likes what's going up his wife's cunt.

Digital hug. Making me think of this Baby-boomer Heroin Junkie I met who said he lied about his age to draft early. I tried asking him some more about it and only thing he would say was 'user I killed babies over there.' Actually I think some more details were coming to mind. He told me they would just blind fire into the jungle to clear underbrush, which is how I think he became a baby killer.

Then one time in class we had a veteran come and speak to us who enlisted after 9/11. Also a baby-killer he accidentally killed a mother and child while engaging in a firefight in a residence with militants. One of his teammates got hit as they were breaching the door so they were on alert as they were clearing the house, he heard movement in a room, once again, blind fire, tossed a nade in, opened the door to find a dead mother and child.

you're fucking insane, take your meds

She had right to be angry at USA for carpet bombed and left many landmines behind on their country. They have to be careful to walk on or around them because there is no tell how many landmines left behind.