All anons on this board MUST register an alt account for Twitter. Then post it here and follow other anons in this thread.

Yes this is for a brigade. Before you say, "autism", see for an explanation.

Some people to follow:

If you already have an alt account, post it here.

Other urls found in this thread:,



Yes. What's the problem? Did you read the thread?


Now's not the time for that. We have a good strategy thread right now and everyone seems to agree that we need to at least have a presence on Twitter.

Your alt account is for anonymity, btw.

I dont have any twitter account and I plan on keeping it that way.

Just sign up for an account. It's not hard. Why are you against this?




i have 200 followers doing pretty well but most of my tweets are shitposts, only some are about leftism

if you go on my page and go on "lists" im on a list made by @omegatheroyal which includes about 70 Holla Forums-affiliated accounts

New handle is @fashybashy


(Hi bruv, if you're lurking)


@ScubeReuben if you like watching someone pretend to be a gulf war veteran.

I can't stress this point enough.

While you're at it, make sure to make alt-left Facebook pages and groups as well as Instagram and YouTube accounts. It's all about exposure and getting your ideas to as wide an audience as possible, you know.

Not user, but what do they offer that is worth my time? What is your sales pitch?



Weebleft looks like some sort of ultra-leftist. Their worst posts don't even make sense. No bigger lolcow than this Phil Greaves pro-Assad lolcow though.

I may make an account like I was already meaning to later, if it helps Holla Forums's twitter presence gain traction early and quickly.

Phil Greaves is the tankiest of tankies.

Oh is that what he fucking is? I didn't know that could GET this bad, it was almost unrecognizable. Aligning with Russia on every issue should've been my big hint, but alas.
Lol @ "Democrats are fascist nazis", "NATO is the world's largest sponsor of terror" and his ragegasms against anyone who tries to make Communism funny or promote their own interpretation of it. If there really are Russian shills on the internet this is what they look like.


I'm an ancom, but I'm fine with all forms of leftism.


Forgot to remove shitpost flag

dont really understand the point though.

twitter is gae, and they don't give a shit about privacy

1. they dont allow tor
lets say you create a twitter with no personal information, including a phone number. you use a throwaway email from a privacy-orientated email provider and you're good to go. BUT if you ever so dare to log into your account via tor, guess what? they'll lock your account and force you to verify a phone number.

2. pms are gae
for the most part, people will just click on links randomly sent to them. also, for the most part, people on twitter allow anyone to send them pms. because of the fact that most people can be pm'd at will and people randomly click links sent to them, that means that you could be sent a malicious link. not some retarded virus shit, just a goo[dot]gl link that links to some stupid meme on imgur or some shit. but heres the kicker, that goo[dot]gl link logs your IP address.

goo[dot]gl link > malicious url (logs your IP) > shit meme on imgur

so, you can get doxed really easily.

if you fucks really wanna shitpost on twitter, buy a vpn (i recommend air vpn, dont click random shit and for the love of fuck don't put personally identifiable information on there (including shit like "i go to X local political group"). If you say you go to meetings about communism in Vancouver, that narrows the amount of things they have to search through.

fucks sake let me upload chen over tor

Oh, uh, on the subject of Twitter infiltration, what do you guys think our chances on Tumblr are? I've got pretty mixed feelings on it. I was one of the OPFirefly guys in Gamergate and it was ultimately a blunder because the reasonable ones didn't really care one way or the other and the really aGG people were completely unreasonable (attribute this to it being full of only somewhat politically engaged kiddies). Plus, the rightist presence on there is weakened and pretty small. There are some genuine communists on there already but they usually care more about more present struggles like feminism.
Anyway it's @LaresGriton.

not necessarily true, I successfully created an account over Tor without any problems, although I stopped using it after 5 minutes because it was so fucking useless. although this was quite a while ago, more than a year probably, so I can't guarantee how it works right now.


I don't really post though

For the fucking love of God.
Anyone on here use gnu/social or diaspora?

Ridden with Holla Forumstards posting anime girls with MAGA hats.

Why would you shrink your echo chamber even further? The way twitter works is bad as it is.

ridden with a demand for my phone number and normalfags

Why not? I'm surrounded by people that I dosagree with in real life and on social media all the time.



We aren't fucking ALT LEFT. We are the actual left.


Why bother with Twitter? It's tolerable as far as social media goes, but the last time we did anything significant with it we only ended up catering to edgy teens that don't know what they're talking about and letting rightcucks circlejerk over the former.

defeatests leave, he who controls the discourse controls politics.

I say we appropriate anti-communist hashtags to spread our message. Perhaps #CommunismKills? Spam that we're coming for them, buckos?


This is a decent idea, we need a way for it to gain traction though

What's dispora

We spam. The trending bar on the left then shows normies it if we get it high enough.

Another tactic we could use is buying ad space on twitter to spread out rhetoric. We should make whatever it links to clear and concise and targeted at workers and dispelling misconceptions about the left.




I'll follow all of you who won't shit up my timeline

I'm surprised no one's posted all the trip/name fags yet

Follow these on alt accounts, don't get your real one mixed up in this, it makes it easier for Holla Forums.

If you want leftcom cynicism this is the account for you.


o shit waddup NSA

currently compiling a list of all the Holla Forums-affiliated accounts i follow

will have it done in a few minutes

it's again, here's the list

you can just scroll down following all the accounts

if you want to be added, DM me (@fuckmuir)

Thank you comr8

notable accounts:
rebel: @RebelAbsurdity
muke: @xexizy11
catgirl drawfag:@catgirlspls
richard d wolff: @profwolff
pisspiggranddad: @pisspiggranddad
Space_ (owner of bunkerchan): @ericmusicfan
bunkermag: @enversbunkermag
jason unruhe: @maoistrebelnews

No, he who controls the social networks controls the politics. You "discourse" is just a commodity they sell to other users, and you do it for free.


here's another list made by someone else, not all the members are Holla Forums but they're all leftism-related


"How to Make Oneself Unappealing - A Guide"

like it or not, he is well known, and has more youtube subscribers than all Holla Forums muh e-celebs put together.

his videos also look semi-professional at best, which appeals to normies, unlike rebel's or muke's videos which usually look like they were made in windows movie maker or something

shut up unroo go make videos about how everything is muh first world muh privilege, you cuck

gee i bet you're gonna really spread the message far with that attitude, Comrade

To be fair, Jason has got it going pretty good with production value.

I only use vegas, at a basic level at that, and fun fact rebel used to upload raw recordings for his videos for the longest time until I told him how to pirate vegas.

how do i into pirate vegas?

go to the pirate bay

search 'sony vegas'

download through a torrenting program.

buy Somalian language pack

unroo is counter productive, he says a ton of dumb shit. i would gulag him

Why are Spurdoposters routinely the most asshurt posters on this board?

anonymity + shitposting flag allowing the HAHA IRONY XD I WAS JUST PRETENDING TO BE RETARDED excuse

gayass straight guy trying to get on the left twitter game

I'm okay I guess

Use a FOSS torrenting program like qBittorent. Personally I prefer After Effects for editing anyhow but since it's piracy get whatever you're most comfortable with.


@SovietSpennbo for tanky material


Now that we have all these accounts, what do we brigade? That's a huge component of this.

I gotta say, this Twitter stuff is fun

it's bants

Mine is @saintjustist follow me everybody

just fucking shoot me

great avi/background bro


Now what?

Holla Forums is not numerous enough to do its own shit, as experience shows again and again

Best we can hope for is to follow established left Twitter and help influence them on the right direction

That's a lot more people than I thought

Which is? What are the important accounts in established left twitter?

Fuck off Chomsky



Now when do we start rusing?

I don't know shit about twitter, what means are there to ruse?

Mass ruse is best ruse


OP is a Twitter shill paid per post. Sage, hide, and report porky viral marketing.

A short guide to Left Twitter

"intellectuals": @ckilpatrick, @mattbruenig, @freddiedeboer

Chapo Traphouse:@byyourlogic, @cushbomb, @willmenaker, @amberaleefrost, virgiltexas

DSA:@larry_website, see_em_play, @amberaleefrost

weird twitter: @Lowenaffchen, @nickmullen, @dongoehubaire

journalists: @Bro_Pair, @MarkAmesExiled, @ZaidJilani, @lhfang

Theres a lot of overlap, but this is basically who you follow to get a decent sample of non-liberal left twitter.

Not gona lie im not sure what I should be doing.

I've just been shit posting, making fun of liberals/reformists, and retweeting things.

Im not clever enough to shitpost so ill probably just retweet stuff then

I would add Emmett Rensin to the intellectuals




Peeps should tweet

You should all be tweeting Jimmy with stuff like "Love your show Jimmy, you should check this out, I know you will enjoy it".

Jimmy is quickly becoming the most popular member of TYT and he's on the cliff of being fucking woke. We just need to push him.

From the Anarcho left sector

RancidTarzie (wrong on Assad though)

Ok, so since we can't brigade directly on our own, we could to adopt the strategy that Holla Forums used to use and still does: bullying/ witch-hunting. Post accounts like this one and bully them to suicide and the news may report on how commies are bullying people in social media.

Goddammnit twitter is making me add a fucking phone number to the account fuck off


Find one from the podesta emails and use it kek

Left Twitter is 99% about attacking liberals. If you follow any Twitter account posted here you'll see endless RTs and screencaps of libs saying shit, so what you do is you jump in, attack them on their own Tweets (so their followers see you) and try to win their audience. The overall strategy here is to win the progressives from the Democrats.

If, instead, you see a right-winger saying shit, you attack and mock them so they feel a bit discouraged to tweet again.

And don't have an account that is too meme-y because it makes it easier to dismiss you.

Oh and just contribute shit. If you're active and you have OC, new information or a good line it will make the rounds. Wikileaks e-mails for example often tend to go ignored until someone finds something good and brings it up on social media. Even journalists take their cues from shit that circulates on Twitter.

This, my god listened to chapo trap house today and it was all this meta humor circle jerk about all these liberals I never heard of, then parsing all these details about their work cause it's sooo funny.

Twitter left seems like they're mostly crypto liberals trying to soothe white peoples fear that the country isn't racist after it elected a virulent racist.

Doesn't make the state and a Hugh plurality of people racist and classist

Chapo is basically commentary on the pundit class, so if you're not clued up on who these are and what they do, you will not get most of their criticism and most of their jokes.