Official September 23'd Thread

I can't ignore the signs at this point. Fucking 5-6 hurricanes in one month, jews going absolutely crazy (more so than usual), one of the biggest shill invasions in a while, and happenings happening left and right, I'm convinced Kek will return to us today. This is the official thread for the Sep 23 Ultimate Happening. Post your predictions, political happenings related to the event, and of course, rarest of shitposts here.
Get in faggots, it's happening.

Other urls found in this thread:–E trump's-asteroid-chaser-swings-by-Earth-on-way-to-space-rock–2311713/1/20,43.66,455/

Meme responsibly.

granting kek my digits

Nothing is going to happen, just like usual when /pol starts trying to predict catastrophe. Do you faggots never learn? Allow me to provide this symbolic representation as to what will occur tomorrow.

what does it mean

I'm not asking for much.

God and Donald Trump


Global bloodshed confirmed?

dehumanize yourself user-kun

Sept 23rd Wishlist:

In no particular order

If dubs nothing happens. If trips happening forsure. If time trips and dubs trips. Maybe happening.


Pretty please Mr. Kek?


You bet your ass!

Best korea nukes japan tomorrow


Best korea nukes japan tomorrow




My only Sept 23rd wish:


Israeli nukes Yellowstone to false flag the Norks.

Where did all these digits begging faggots suddenly come from?

nah, the jews are going to get fucked by their shitskin golems

This is a designated fun thread.
Hopefully ISISrael gets a terminal case of radiation poisoning.

if dubs the Manchukuo Temporary Government in exile will return and genocide all of the red chinks, norks and ZOGbots stationed abroad


guess ill just roll for dead niggers then

checking them dubs for volcanos

The mega almighty happening could be mere hours away, which country do you think wil be wiped off the face of the Earth first?

If he's gonna eradicate the kikes then sure.
Just none of that hippy "turn the other cheek" bullshit.

Also rolling for "nazis come out of Antarctica in mobile suits"



checking them dubs for volcanos>>10646388


glitch sorry

Saint Martin seems to be on the road to that right now.

Thank you, you wonderful bastard. I was hoping for the same. Its the simple things in life that make it worth living. Time to have some fun anons!

Trips checked and confirm

tfw people reposting my prophecy get

didnt meant to steal those dubs, so rolling for the destruction of Religion of Cuck™


When the day is up, and the hourglass drained
Look to this post and know it is fein
to live a life without the exogenous
for when nothing happens, there should be no disappointment.
On the tame morrow, when all is the same
Look to this post, and then who to blame.

Ultra newfag


If it have fear in it, it's probably untrue.


why do you ignore the fact that you are on the same side as the jews/elites/pizzagaters?



It wont be the end of the world or else we wouldnt know about it:

for the next part I have to first establish some of my believes:
(in here you will find a lot of info on that stuff if you are interested: )

So why is that important?
Woman=europe always depicted as a woman
Clothed with the sun=return to god or swastika (symbolizing the sun)nationalism
Crowned by 12 stars=eu flag
Moon at her feet=muslims possibly muslims btfo
Giving birth=gaining new strength
Crying in pain=all the bullshit going on right now

also there is this hinting to September 23rd–E

How likely is it the Nazis chose this date if they are even just somewhat occult? Also german elaction is on the 24th. As above, so Below.

However that day is also the perfect date for project bluebeam, everyone expects something godly to happen making it easier tomake people think it is something godly.

Verse 23rd, as the date by the way.

This last part specifically sounds like they will try to lure you something specific.

However imagine this: You fall for project bluebeam, go with whoever comes and get killed, making you not having to live through the tribulations: You essentially got raptured.

I would be extremely sad if the world actually ended before I got to see my gf again (the 24th)

To the normalfags

I just want anime to become real.

your only girlfriend now is chaos


it is the beginning of the end famalam, not the total end

All i want for Christmas is for Kikes to be Cruxified

then just hope that trump is indeed john titor and at least one anime would be real

then just hope that trump is indeed john titor and at least one anime would be real

more glitches, sorry



Stop posting any time.

you use the prophecy of that book to tell the happening is iminent, but refuse anything else the book has to say. also you could easily look into the link i provided to see my reasons for thinking so, but you dont because (((you))) just want some (You)s, amiright? well, here you got your one and only :^)

what's project bluebeam again

multiple theories. the most common one is that they stage an alien invasion so that humanity binds together under a one world government to fight the aliens.
another one is disguising demons as (friendly?) aliens and let them invade making us unable to fend them off properly since we dont grasp the supernatural natures of them.
my favorite theory is that they disguise the angels coming, or the nazis, as aliens so we dont build an allience with them and try to fight them off instead

Lurk moar faggot.

It's happening
Whether you want it to or not.

Personally, I think that the world won't end (maybe the race war will start, or yellowstone eruption but that won't kill us off). I believe tomorrow (or today depending on where you are) will mark the day where the jews will begin to lose. I don't know if it will have to do with Trump doing something, a whistle blower drops a massive info dump, or if the nogs chimp out and civil war starts. But I do know one thing, we must meme responsibly. We must collectively meme that the whites shall reign supreme.
TL;DR- ==Meme responsibly faggots. We're making Earth great again.==

Read this.
It feels weird, knowing that we are near the end

you may like

Im glad i reminded you that you're literally part of our hivemind asses. We need you, never let user tell you otherwise. I like you at ss1, Kek help us all when you hit ss2


these next few months are going to be interesting

you make like

DOTR Tomorrow?

Something doesn't add up user.

Are you just one excited new user or did you bring friends? Asking for a friend.
You don't get to bring friends

checking these digits

Their world is ending.


So what is actually going to happen. I've got happening-fatigue and don't want another uneventful apocalypse to pass me by.

all I want for the 23rd is Odin to appear before the white man.

kek and odin approves of this post

Odin is the wanderer, the human mind. He's not going to appear to us like jesus woudl

Since the current world sounds like Demolition Man + Idiocracy, assume San Angeles included in the menu.

Indeed, I just caught wind of that thread.
It looks comfy, I will lurk in it.

Allow your Hyperberion nature to be revealed. Today we use our Rage to break down the door and discover the green ray experientially

Apocalypse is not about the end of the Earth. It is about the end of the current era.

Good, this era has sucked, it's time for the era of Trump.

Your autism level is high user and you might be right.

no trump now, only shitskin genocide

oh I dont mean he descends from the clouds in the chorus of angelic music in the center of New York smites a kike and then plays Wagner through a ghetto blaster. I want a sort of mass spiritual awakening for the white man.

Anyone notice the description on the happenings song?

It won't be a cataclysm, user. It's simply the beginning of the transition to a new era.

Expect events to unfold that eventually lead to great happenings. It will culminate in the uprising of whites against our Jewish overlords.

then we're on the same page

That sounds pretty awesome actually.

That reminds me…
of pic related

Only time will tell. But until then what we can do is to harness meme magic as much as we can.

This basically answers my question

Did a one note that this is happening on an equinox?

Regardless of what happenings occur politically or geographically, I'm pretty sure the esthetics and mannerisms of the 80s are going to make a comeback.

Reminder that the string of hurricanes and earthquakes began not long after the eclipse as predicted.

Dont worry guys, my sister's wedding is tomorrow. Everything will be a-okay

Nothing is gonna happen because Christcuckery and muh female Nun.

coalburners will be smited user-kun
this includes your sister

How did you all miss it?
Get in here

Does early snowstorm count as a happening?

I imagine today will be a placeholder. We'll look back in a few days/week's time and be like 'yeeap the 23rd..' I expect mass scale digital war to be rolled out today (even bigger). Expect domains to be siezed, new viruses, ddos attacks out the arsehole. Systems will fire up that have been sitting in the flanks for this moment. Censorship & social engineering will become too obvious to ignore. It'll backfire and be a huge redpill, it'll galvanize the seperation between us and (((them))). Rolling for digital war escalition. Praise Kek, embrace chaos.

everything is happening

also checking them digits

Normies started talking about it to me last week so its not happening anymore.

Kek rings to the sky! The happening is upon us!!!!!!!

self checking digits
i am so sorry user i should have meme'd responsibly, but race traitors die first

Mixers BTFO

Quads fucking confirm! Coalburns getting smote!

You fucked up and user remembers.

It's fine, shes marrying a white so I disregard it

Wanting mayhem and destruction is pretty jewish tbh.

Where's a fellow get a signet like that?

They're made to order. They print out a wax blank and then cast the rings. The profits go towards the ballistic/riot shields.

Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed, I see.

After so many non-happenings, I think the 23rd will be like every non-happening day, where it's more or less normal then all hell breaks loose over the next few weeks/months. October is likely going to be a shitshow

-Catalonian Independence Vote
-Kurdish Independence Vote
-Federal Reserve winds back balance sheet
et cetera



The shemitah did happen though.


This faggot thinks happening happen all at once.

The 23rd is the beginning of the end. It will likely take years to finally fall apart.

Why are (((they))) so intent on pushing the "Nothing will happen you stupid fucking goyim!" Narrative?

Found this. Indigo Child, Metaphysics and Number Seven. trump

This is awesome! Thank you!

Perhaps, for Kek, we should release all of our findings tomorrow? Spread every fucking scandal we can, everywhere.

Rolling for the reincarnation of Hitler to appear.

nothing to thank. im just shilling my own thread :^)

You assume Hitler is dead.

no fuhr we imperium now

Pic unrelated

David Zimbeck is a jewish holohoax exposer who thinks the earth is flat. (flat earth bullshit, though right about holohoax.)


Kek is coming back, but the happenings will be too much. Nobody here is prepared for it. Ribbit ribbit ribbit.

Oh shut the fuck up, jew-boy.

So… Odin is satan? Wandering mind is opponent of every human being.

Bitch, read the thread, we're discussing massive leaks, redpill campagn, and raids to honor the coming of Kek! Every 23rd should be raid day for this habbening!

what are you sliding here schlomo?

I know he's alive. He's eternal and will someday come back to us when we remember. He want us to remember. We must remember, user.

inb4 I've been here longer than you since the first exodus blah blah blah

i believe you people give shills too much credit. i believe their only job is to enforce the official narrative and to annoy us.
people tend to think shills showing up means they are on the right track, but that would mean (((they))) would disclose top secret information on some random sperglords so that they know what to shill and what to ignore.
i think it is safe to say that shills are just oblivious, enforce the official narrative and mostly even believe what they are saying.

Nothing is going to happen.

Why don't you retards focus on actual real happenings like the obvious Jewry where CIA agents keep spilling the beans about ZOG but instead focus on nothings?

The word Satan means adversary. The catholikikes perverted Lucifer/Lucibel as "satan" because they wanted propaganda against the based Cathars and Rosicrucians who carried on Aryan traditions. As for Odin, he is the great standard for us to live up to, for he and his wild Hunt road forth through the world tp purge the ancestors of the Kike as the world burnt around them, rather than hide in safety.

nothing significant is going to happen tor-kun. this means that the end times are here

HAARP is officially back on from September 21-24.

CERN apparently doesn't have anything going on until December.

What the fuck. In Donald Trump, there were words like "He is dangerous", "red sky", "north korea accident", "propaganda and coercion", and "populist". In Donald J Trump, there are results like "zionist as a fascist", behold jesus is back", "mouth to if my be the are 0444" (444 are digits of angles), "the magnificent holy spirit", and "russian attack north korean".
What the fuck does this mean?
I want off of Mister Bones' Wild Ride



fermilab has 50th anniversary and open house on 23rd though



I'm not a shill or anything… but what is the "wandering mind" then? Ego? And what is ego? Nothing?

The numbers are for us, not for them.

Forgot to include: Kek mit uns

I want off this ride

The dumbest attention whoring nonsense you could think of. Literally a bunch of crystal worshiping newage faggy children who wanted to think their mild autism meant they were "speshul" in some way because they couldn't actually relate to or understand other human beings properly.

I'm not saying shit like APing or metaphysics CANT be real or isnt real in some way shape or form, and that there aren't more people capable of doing it now (but this is most likely due more to the spread of information being easier/faster with the internet)… I'm just saying that the "indigo children" bullshit was literally a bunch of special snowflake hippy faggots with autism who wanted to pretend they were superheroes with super secret powers that the 'normal people' could never achieve or even understand and thats the "speshul childrens" failed at social interactions

I think its also probably why that sorta shit caught on with millenials for awhile, because its a special snowflake idea, designed to make its targets feel like special snowflakes, targeted at people who viewed themselves as special snowflakes already and wanted more "justification" to back up their self-worshiping views.

Anyway all of this is irrelevant to the OP. Which, who knows man, It'd be neat as fuck if shit went down today, and I'd be comfy as hell, probably even quit my job if it was big enough. But I doubt it. I suspect "something" will happen today(tomorrow, w/e), but "something" happens just about every day lately, and in the end I'll still be going to work saturday night, you guys will still be reading stuff on Holla Forums, I'll be lurking because fuck posting from my phone. And in the end nothing big will come out of tomorrow, just our slow crawl towards ww3 and more kike plans being pushed. So basically, same thing as today, as yesterday, as the day before, and as the day after tomorrow and every day after for the foreseeable future

The ride never ends, user.

You don't like this, do you?

I was talking in the other thread about the emergency alert thing but I figured I would say it here, too: the Church needs to release the Third Secret of the Lady of Fatima. Me and some people know they haven't released it because it exists digitally, and you can jump air gaps by using gravity mirroring. Anything that exists as matter exerts gravitational pull and thus can be duplicated. Theoretically, this would even work with ink on a page… We live farther in the technological future than you would think.

The ego is the you that you are now. Logos is the greater you, the oversoul, and Nos is what binds the two together.

Ego is impressed with those digits.
Logos knows that the digits are inevitable.
Nos knows we all enjoy the digits.


This is the exact reason I mention gravity mirroring as a methodology to jump air gaps.

Digits are just fucking nonsense

I'm sorry but digits are just ego-"magic" -shit to hook up someones.

I've been utterly mindfucked by the jewish christian fairytales. So many unanswered prayers. Fuck it. Let the chaos god reign instead.

I just read up on it, looks like the third secret is end of times combined with massive flooding. It's funny for me to think that defeating a race of evil rat people would honestly bring about a complete apocalypse on this planet, given the whole history of humanity.
A few million volcano-god worshipping jews being such a pivotal point for so many religions. It's sad that our ancestors didn't just nut up and exterminate them all.

May I remind you of this thread

Kill yourself nigger

Calling Kek a chaos god is a real misnomer, because he doesn't bring chaos, he brings illumination out of chaos.

dubs are dubs. no explanation required.

Stop being so mad that anons get digits naturally while shills have to steal and script for them.

Dubs in the hands of shills are meaningless. All just more ash and shit in their hands.

Inb7 assholes and elbows cocksucker shows his faggotry

Look at how much faggot talk is spent on "digits"after I mention gravity mirroring to jump air gaps… The Church will change greatly, and soon. They can't even stop it now.

Of course you need magic in desperated times

8 million killed German soldiers in the WW2
10 million killed Russian soldiers in the WW2

Where was KEK and his magic numbers at 1945?

Thank you for understanding and recognition, and Praise Kek for the digits.
These fuckers triggered iceages before. Is this habbening?


"catholic" church is all heresy anyway, it's literally heterodox as opposed to the orthodox church. I'm not even a christian and I know that much. Whatever their secrets and visions are, I don't really care too much about the power of rome. They've been kiked for far, far too long.


Everything after Vatican II made the Church a bastard.

How come Jesuits, the fucked up Pope and other "church leaders" care about random numbers?

Hoping California falls into the sea tonight never to be heard from again.

Antarctica, user. We just had a fucking three thread string on this one.


Guys, just minutes ago a friend send me a text message that there will be an earthquake in 72 hours. She works with the wealthiest (((people))) in my country and they are printing some type of paper with the warning, but only high class people receive it. Spooky AF.

Not just the pope.

Get a list of names. I just bought so much ammo. God, yes.

You're in the midwest, aren't you?

Current Pope = Black Pope => Rothschild's Funder => etc.

The inverse of the cross isn't an inverted cross, it's a sword.
Thor's hammer for the nordics. sword and cross, war and peace.
War soon, I think.

user, the same thing was stated on GLP. That's not exactly sensitive information.
Btw, should winterchan come with Kek now? Volcanoes and earthquakes will trigger a brutal winter to kill the shitskins.

Reminder that anyone can use magic and that it comes from God. It's inside of you. Practice visualization, which could be any sense, like feeling mana.

Oh, thanks for the info. Both will come and it will be a comfy winter.

Ohboy oh boy, just ten more minutes.

Copper prices have gone up 50% in the last year (munitions?) and planes are being grounded for a day or more in my corner of the world due to 'fuel shortage'. Wish I knew where all the copper & fuel was going..

Shit, and I'm applying to universities right now. Seriously wishing the happening would happen at least a little later.



uh, guys?

Bluebeam. Need the fuel for rockets and the copper for the sattilites.
But it's fucking nothing. The world isn't ending tommorow you fags.

can you explain?

im more concerned about comet ping pong popping up there than sudden death. sudden death is at least painless, would pretty much be a rapture. but comet ping pong is slow and painfull, physically as well as psychologically and spiritually

No, but a mushroom cloud is seen in the Pacific forcing the Donald's little hands in actually doing something.

That would be niiiice. Dead Jews and faggots is always good a thing after all. Also lots of spics and niggers. I vote CA earthquake, Kek.

China. Godless fisheads.

Could be a depopulation event. All that chemtrail spraying goes live. Elites are in bunkers now.

Aussie fags report in.

Checked for a pretty good idea.

Because we do that everyday, fucker and it's Friday night. Stop being a Jew and let us enjoy this one thread.

We fucked now.

What if Trump gets it? Do we chimp out?

Checked. Haven't read anything about that. One in Italy looks ready to go however.

Copper like iron has been tanking. It's found everywhere. No shortage and demand is weak because all economies are in the shitter.

I called jimmycomet for myself. Going to take my time on that piece of shit if I ever get my chance.

it's the boulder fire i'm more interested in

ancient jew meme majik



That actually makes sense. I'm very much in the 'shit will keep on shitting' camp. I just watch various indexes for abberations like this. How much copper are they using to boost the global price 50% though? How big is this project?

I really fucking hope that the end is coming. My credit card debt is higher than my rent this month and the trap-house I sold drugs out of got raided so I have no income atm.


Maybe if you stopped being a drug pushing degenerate and got a real job you wouldn't be in this mess.

How big is this project?
i dont know you tell me how big a fake alien invasion will be


while I feel pity for you, I have family in a similar situation myself, this doesn't excuse you for being a degenerate. Get a real job you gigantic faggot.

user…get your shit together and stop being a degenerate. Do something good with your life.

(dubs checking dubs) (checked)
Well It's 5 minutes after 12 am and I'm not seeing anything crazy yet, still hoping for astrological happenings.

That's your first mistake. If you ever get your head above water, start using a credit union, not a bank, and when you have enough cash, apply for a line of credit / overdraft option. The interest rate will be a shitload lower.

You would need enough sattilites to orbit the entire earth within, if I had to guess, 20 kilometers of eachother. Close enough they can project light more effectively. But far enough away they maintain their orbit and or don't fuck up eachother.
The fuel costs are self explanatory. A 3d grid of sattilites across the entire sky is hard to get enough mass into the sky.
This is assuming it's real though. Nothing confirmed other than possibilites and a computer program that *could* do it.


Impatient childe of the caucus mountains. Save your bloodlust for the coming fight.

The amount of time between the Fatima Miracle of the Sun (10/13/1917) and September 23rd is 99 years, 11 months, and 11 days. Very interesting dubs.

Oh, it's the 23rd now.

Give it time, user. St. Louis chimpening is heating up, there's an earthquake predicted in a few days, and a volcano might have just gone off somewhere in SE Asia.

The promised day is upon us, hopefully this isn't fucking nothing.

Agreed. Just be patient.

It happened so fast though. Three years in the blink of an eye.

Indonesia about to blow!!!
Even Sneks and apes are fleeing in a mad panic, going straight through villages without even regarding the locals!!!
Eruption Imminent!!!

Nothing yet… I guess we have 24 hours of potential habbenin.

How am I supposed to get drunk and shitpost all day if I spend all my time washing dishes?
because that's the only job you can get with a dishonorable discharge

I left my job for this. No jk. It's gonna be biblical.

Wow man , uh maybe time to "kill yourself" and start over? Robert Smith it up for a while? If the spics can buy a ss# then I would imagine an enterprising young white man could as well

I wish. I'll believe it when I see it, no sooner.

Seems just as unlikely as a mile-high tidal wave tbh. I think these stories get seeded to distract from the actual happenings, i.e the global push for a communist world government.

Work nights faggot. That's what we do. I'm 22, I was 4f'd from the Marine Corps three years ago, support myself, and my mother (who is a felon. sounds like the same boat as you) and STILL shitpost on here. To a man like me, a man like you seems very small indeed, no wonder you got discharged you massive faggot. You are even less than a nigger you literal filth. Get yourself together and quit drinking.

Amen brother user

user I'll bet the whole goddamn happenning your discharge was related to your drinking. It's probably the same reason you don't have any support from friends or family. It's probably the root of every single one of your problems. Am I right? I absolutely hate wastes of oxygen like you. I can only hope we are the last people to ever hear from you.

Which is why the hike in copper over the last year is so unusual.

Nigger, Donald Trump is President. It's not my fault you are too fucking dumb to understand we live in Interesting Times.

I sure hope it is that. But the kikes like doing false flags on dates they think important. To them, tommorow is very important. So, Watch.

Reminder 12:00 - 13:00 EST New York.

I've stopped questioning these kinds of things. Your dubs alone is proof enough. Let's just fucking hope that kek really knew what it was doing and that Trump will pull through.


Still waters run deep, I think the saying goes.



No excuse to embed, that is a .webm you should have saved.

I want catacwysm.

IIRC the 23rd is supposed to be the return of Kek. Not necessarily a happening in and of itself, but a time when his meme magic begins to grow stronger again after waning post election. So I'm not really expecting a happening, this is just the starting point of our timeline becoming increasingly chaotic.

Keep me posted.


I have the chimpening thread open in another tab and I saw the post concerning the volcano in SE Asia, thought it was memed, is there confirmation? Also in this thread they said there was a north cali earthquake off the coast and a early Sierra, Nevada snowstorm.

Honestly this. The dubs all across Holla Forums right now are impressive to say the least. memes must flow.


I think Kek works more magic than just memes, but then again all information is just memes, so you could say that everything is memes, in which case Kek controls the universe.

Day of the rope when!?


In the morning after coffee

Volcano-chan has been memed for a while now but generally in relation to Yellowstone.

Read about collective consciousness and the noosphere, user.

Destruction will come soon, but it won't destroy us all. Rather, the true happening will be the downfall of (((them))) after Kek returns to us, fully powered up and ready to defend the white race.
Pic related doesn't want this to happen, and will worship whatever god (even the ones that demand the blood of a child) to prevent this happening.

inb4 it's Monday and I'm getting up to go to my university classes



Please post more streams and periscopes.

Gods damnit, I meant to put that in St. Louis thread and wasted good digits.

Brother, our time in the reign of the Jew isn't a time of Chaos. We are stuck in an enforced Entropy, and the Chaos-wielding Frog God will deliver us from stagnant decay to a time of Glory. So many have been told that Chaos is a thing of evil - the truth is that it is no more evil than the sky or the trees. Chaos and Order coexist in a natural cycle, the Jews have worked their hands to the bone to stop that cycle in the name of the false light of their demon-God Entropy.

checked x2

Hoping for a Happening

Isn't it also weird that this 23rd stuff falls around the time for the German Election?

(((Saturn))) will be the only planet today that will be in the "sun's shadow" (meaning that all the other planets will be on the side of the sun where earth is at, aligning with the constellation of Virgo, while Saturn will be on the other side.) I suppose (((Saturn))) won't be receiving "God's Light"

Their world has already ended. Their god is defeated. They just have yet to accept their death. The world will know of their true crimes, and they will know that hitler was right.

It is now September 23rd where I am OP and I feel really sick.

regarding the star of david and the black cube:
the star of davids (what i believe) original meaning is the unification of male and female, and by extend generally polar opposites. its basically another version of ying and yang. only later was it used for a symbol of saturn, and judaism. rothschild used it back on his store back then and made it later a jewish symbol, corrupted and then act like it was theirs from the beginning like they always do.
they do this to:
1. make people who find out about it think thats the real meaning and start worshipping their deity as they believe thats what it was all about from the beginning
b) make them turn away from it and even disregarding the positive expects instead of only the corrupted things
III: rechannel their prayers/thoughts/energy to their deity.
One believe was that magic springs into existence where 2 polar opposites meet. good and evil, the above and below, male and female. especially the unification of the last is one of the most holy events in many cultures where the magic of life happens and the first step for the existence of a new human has been made.
trannies are a perverted version of that concept, taking what god seperated, and uniting it back together, mocking god and his creation. 9/11 for example had the same theme (pic related).

satan meant something like "obstacle". everyone had his own satan. someone who incites him to do bad things, a bad habbit, an addiction, anythinghe should overcome. only later satan became a figure of his own, an agent of god sent to test us and occasionally do gods work like the killings of the first born if i remember was done by satan. later on people thought "if satan does evil, and does so in the name of god, and god is evil too" and they rewrote it to satan being an enemy of god. this very world is ruled by satan, by obstacles, which it abuses to corrupt us.

6 is the number of man, and his weakness. greed, egoism, egocentrism, all the materialistic desires, and i believe of this plane existence in general (the earth is tilted 23,4 degrees, or if you count from the other direction 66.6 degrees, life, on this planet at least, is made of carbon, the 6th element, with 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. 6 directions in the 3 dimensional realm, north south, east, west, up and down. saturn is the 6th planet). 666 is going over the top with the materialistic desires, pursuing and desiring only those and making you follow the path of satan.

The black cube of satan is a symbol for this material, 3 dimensional realm, and the time we fear is running out, which will let us die, and which causes us to do harm to others in order to lead a better life ourself. by this the black cube also symbolizes time and death without either we wouldnt have these earthly desires causing us to do evil. Our sole puprose, as i believe it, is to overcome (our) satan, proof we arent easily corrupted wether satan is just a symbol or a real entithy. So while this world isnt evil itself, this realm of existence kind of makes the corruption a lot easier. When people worship satan, they dont worship some deity or enthity. they worship this material world, the materialistic egoistic desires, and themselves.

the christian cross on the other hand is taking the black cube, this 3 dimensional realm, and breaking it open forming the cross freeing us from its boundaries. interestingly no game; no life understood that concept and when they get transported into the other world the room they are in turns into a black cube, the world they felt they didnt belong in, their prison, and then bursts open releasing them into their own brand of paradise.

Good thing I cleaned my tools this morning. On a side note. There's a lot of nocturnal activity here in the Clark County area of Nevada. If the rumors are true, how long can the Ayy's be distracted by spic dirt weed?

Pic related ( Tool simular to one of mine)

Have one last OC to spread in case I get smoked by a volcano tomorrow. And lastly never forget, mods don't suck cock for money; they do it for the free meals.

Every fall there's a September 23rd thread. Last year it was jews flipping the table on the economy, this year is the literal apocalypse. I'm hype but ill propared.

Meant for


i plan to spend the first hours of the new dawn building shit that i hopefully won't need or want much longer

I'm dreaming of a white winter


wtf is this shit? is that supposed to be Anchovy?

"unification of opposites" is a real fancy way of saying annihilation and reduction to zero.

I just feel really, really hungry.

Just go to backpage, lots of traps there.

Can confirm. I wash dishes at Dennys and every time I step foot in that door to clock in I wish hell itself would tear open in reality and vanquish all of life, me being the first to go.

Anchovy in Mizuki Shigeru-esque art. He drew comfy manga about Japanese monsters and folklore, also his experiences during WW2.


Then eat some food…

Learn to make things, then sell them.

depends. take for example matter and anti matter, it anihalates itself while also setting free a huge amoung of energy. i assume the same principles underly that believe. furthermore i believe the bible mentions what we call the big bang in genesis and that duality is how thinks came into existence in the first place.
imagine you have a 0, nothing. out of this zero you can create -1 and +1. you now have 2 opposing things, which together are still nothing, but seperated are something. going out of the mathematics and into physics it would be you have nothing in the beginning, then there is the big bang and suddenly you have matter and antimatter. electrons and protons. heat and cold, light and dark.
going into the bible you have god at the very beginning creating heaven and earth, then seperating night from day /dark from light, good from evil, the female from the male (taking the rib out of adam and creating eve).
one believe is that the unification of polar opposites creates wonders, like the unification of male and female creates the wonder of life and the binding of the male to the female is one of the most holy events in pretty much all cultures.

also forgot the 9/11 screencap in my last post

hermaphrodite prophet?

checking my old digits for luck


You ever read revelations?

(File not found)
user, read some Serrano. Seriously, read Nos at least. Learn what Amor is, learn what the fall of lucifer really means, and learn the history of our people instead of relying on the perversities of the kike.

Turnbull AR's are the sexiest firearm in current production IMHO.

And what's this about ayylmaos being distracted by weed?

It means that there are countless different configurations, and that things like that are bound to be among them.

just tell me where im wrong with what i wrote

toasting in an ebin bread

Holy fuck another end of the world thread. Are all of you the same faggots from the eclipse threads?

Daily reminder to call out (((1)))'s as you see them.

I've seen some memes about it, and considering their level of mischief, I won't rule it out. I would rather have them High and pliable to suggest a better course of action that would rid me of the Commiefornian blight. I wish more AR got the classic blued finish and old oak furniture.

FFS user, just read the damn book, it's on /pdfs/ in english. You came to the conclusion of abomination, rather than a unification of pure love. Do not trust the kike, they pervert everything.

Shemitah sticky at last

so you mean trannies or 9/11 wasnt an abbomination? im not saying the principle itself is one. it seems to be something emboddied in many aspects of nature and cultures, and i do believe its something good in itself. but as you said the kikes pervert everything. and with trannies and 9/11 they did just that

Thank you for typing that up. You don't know how much I really needed that. This last year I went full disaster prep. Stockpiling, lifting, shooting, redpilling and gearing up for DOTR.

I used to be really spiritual (I had a period of "enlightenment" with shit like DMT/LSD) and you really highlighted how much I've changed since then. These day I'm less kind less tolerant of weakness, unfriendly even. After all you guys have taught me from lurking I know I can't afford to be a nice guy, but I can at least keep my eye on the prize; the greater good.

Nobody said these happenings are end of the world you dumb fedora.

Just stop. You are making a fool of yourself. Read and believe more faggot.

I put my Name through the Gematria calculator and got water and ordo summum bonum.

The fuck? Did you really just say that? They are an affront to nature and a crime against the holy.

It will be even further. Tomorrow will pass as a very peaceful day. 20-30 years down the line this dates significance will be realized by only those who remember. To everyone else it will just be the birth day of the chosen.

Be on the look out for jews killing children in some way.

actually just a few copypastas i typed some while ago. its weird how often that occult and spiritual stuff fits into political discussion. problem is there is no way to say if i got anything of it right at all since what everyone does is interpreting it. and all you can do is take the interpretations you see that make the most sense and add your own to it, and thats what i did. so while i do believe i have it fairly correct for the most part dont just take my word for it.

read again, i said trannies and 9/11 took a natural and divine concept and perverted it. or more that the kikes did so through trannies and 9/11. unless you see perversion as something good i did nowhere say trannies are

The Happening has always been a pipe dream, its newfags like you that show up in the middle of the fun and shitposting in happening threads and get confused, thinking we're talking about the end of humanity.

I'm hoping for nigger killers

Only thing I've noticed outside is a strong smell of smoke, though that probably has nothing to do with this at all. I think one of my neighbors is having a backyard fire or something.


The day has come.

lol fgts

Bless your soul.

Thanks for the explanation, user. I've heard many, many theories about the black cube, but yours is the one that resonates the most with me. This mystery has bothered me for a long time and I'm glad I have finally have some understanding now. Thank you.

I will hold no pity or remorse for the loss of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Modern day Sodom and Gomorrah that need to be purged from the earth.

Gondolas will become real

Going to bed right now, having just passed that one-hour mark of 9/23.

Please let significant things happen while I sleep.


If dubs, Shia somehow brings on the happening to end all happenings.


It is too late now. What have you done.?




Oh baby

im happy if someone reads my stuff. but keep in mind

Billions will die.


now you have done it…

You not only let it happen, you encouraged it

Will they be non-whites?


Today a long planned invasion will take place, vengeance and justice sweeps the world as the hollow earth opens up and third reich spacecraft begin swarming every nation on earth. Immediately a toxin is released engulfing the globe and jews and arabs begin coughing up blood and soon die where they stand. Soldiers in power armor begin dropping from the sky and quickly seize key areas in the initial strike. CNN whines but is soon cut off the air and many land-whales gnash their teeth. Soy-soldiers around the world cry out in confusion when they find that none of their networked technology obeys their commands but instead seems to be targeting tel aviv and mecca. On monday morning several large swastika banners hang from the white house.

We should have left him to his little art project.


Shia Labeouf or Shia Religion of Cuck™?

Let us be real here, most likely nothing will happen. I doubt Israel is willing to start a war with Iran or that any ME party will seriously try to stop the Kurds from voting. The stocks are closed so unless North Korea issue blows up or there is a massive earthquake/volcano I doubt there will be anything. The day for chaos will come but probably not today.

inb4 nothing

Ah fuck it Pierce wanted a happening so lets just pray for KEK.


Good point, Japan will get nuked by NK

no shit


The 3rd nuke will make anime real (mechas and waifus alike)


who /specialplan/ here

Lots of recent activity near the poles: HAARP is back on for the weekend, and NASA just did an official fly-by over Antarctica. I wonder if they're nervously expecting something.'s-asteroid-chaser-swings-by-Earth-on-way-to-space-rock

chabita bread line

get readyyyyyyyyyyy


Hey official thread for my birthday. Can I be Hitler Christ for the day?

More likely than not.

you mean "christler"?

Who's all ready to fight to reclaim their countries?

Today is the day I remove porn addiction and degenerate fetishes for good. This is the day I declare total war on the kikes.
Who's with me? Even if I'm alone, I shall be unstoppable

Kek if its nothing then why not just ignore the thread, baka?


I want to believe

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with the biggest HAPPENING in the history of mankind? Let us pray for KEK.

Because otherwise this thread is an echochamber of cancer.

You'll only encourage more shitposting.

He is here, watching us
Praise Kek


I realized Kek is with me: not only that, Kek doesn't reward you fot believing in him, but for struggling to reach your goal. This is what happened during Trump election, I struggled day and night to make him elected, and I was not the only one. This is what happened for Hitler too, as he said it many times. Now I fully undertand
Kek is the Will

Post pictures of frogs to trigger the happening deniers.

did fat kim nuke los angeles yet?? thats the only thing im excitedly waiting for

The 23rd is my birthday too. Best birthday ever.

I could just be sleepy… But in summary, the union of man and woman as soul-mates, lovers who share a soul, is sacred… while the tranny is masturbation incarnate in unholy blasphemy.



The better all fucking be.

I want the enlightenment of Kek to shine down on all the normalfags. Especially if it leads them to realize Star Wars is shit.

(Just to be clear, it will be the Fuhrer's 129th birthday next year, hence my prediction)

ahhhhhhhhhh i can feel it……….ahhhhhhhhhh

lost highway like

Let the flames wash over the earth.

Praise kek. May he grant me a swift end.

Ausfag here, its 6pm here. Nothing happened faggots.

Can an eurofag check the area at the left of the Sun ? The sky is filled with chemtrails above my home.

Australia is not a country recognized by Kek.

Well, one happening happened.
one of the twatter pol news accounts was going to reveal direct ties between antifa and soros.

not only did they get suspended, but the account is entirely deleted.

There will be no end for us. There will only be an end for (((them)))

Fucking australian fag.


That account @polreport is a complete fucking fraud

And the idiots don't realize an account is just an account, another can be made. the reach won't be as far, but with the right contacts the word can still spread.



Its not even 6am in the civilized world yet.

then why is their site down too?

Hey Holla Forums what the fuck is going on with this channel?

>>>Holla Forums7406930

Can anyone fill me in on why some bizarre creepy pedo channel has nearly 7 billion views, nearly 8 million subscribers, and many videos that have hundreds of millions of views each?

The Beginning of the Fourth Reich begins today.

quadruple buttblasted

American is the only time that matters. Everyone knows that. We're gods chosen. The original Israelites. The new Jewruleshalom.

There have been threads about this for months. There's a whole network of those channels and they all have huge view counts and tons of videos. They have blatant themes of scat fetish, kidnapping, injections, bodily trauma, all sexualized. This channel is dedicated to cataloging and analyzing this content:

Now stop browsing Holla Forums and get yourself together. There's a global empire of death to defeat.

No, that was the election victory night where it began.


According to these posts by TheDarknessComes (powerful magician, who makes accurate predictions all the time) on this page, places where child abuse takes place are getting targeted with disasters.

According to Saturn, NY is getting nuked.


t. btfo reddit kike

You mean these digits?

Definitely a good time for me to embrace the virtues harder than ever. I got to cut the influences that try to turn me to sin out. I even got messages in trance and reinforced/repeated by psychics I've come across about this in the last few weeks. One message keeps coming through clear to me; surround myself with good people, embrace the virtues.

Is it time to

You know that's a ta√i$tøçk / eglin project right?


user, my eyes. Good thing I got a new telescope in time for tonight

I hope the jews do something that wakes up thousands of normalfags to their lies.

Sounds like a good idea. The soul mirror exercise in Bardon's Initiation Into Hermetics may be of help to you.

I only go there for that thread which seems legit to me.

uh oh holy 7777 GET

like the emmys?
It's slowly making the normies wake up

I'm hoping for something that wakes up the normies faster. Too many times have I heard "slowly waking up" in relation to redpill inducing events.

What digits?

I heard a lot of normies talking about the emmies but I don't know what happened? Care to give me the spoonfeed?

Whats the thread title? Just wanted to let you know to be weary of that site if you didn't know. I've found worthwhile things there before too.

I sure hope that user is wrong though. I'm attending a concert tomorrow at a venue with some less than subtle satanic pedo symbolism in a city that is probably involved in pgate. Wish me luck. I don't believe Kek will punish me for going to see one of the best musicians on the planet though.


The world won't end but alien contact will be made.


Elaborate? Kek demands it.

Those digits

Tantrums about Trump, but more so than usual. Also Sean Spicer showed up.

Your (((time zone))) means nothing cuck. FFS you bring wrath upon you! Australia had every advantage against avoiding kike influence, and you fell without a fucking fiht. May the fires purge you for your blasphemy. You will be blanketed in ash!

Ayy Lmao.

antifa suddenly being shown in a bad light helped a little. but frankly I think what will need to happen is an event so blatant that these idiots will be forced to wake up and smell the horseshit.

it was a giant tardfest of anti-trump stuff for hours, all done by colbert and friends, breifly punctuated by millionares giving awards to other millionares. Colbert outright said he didn't want trump supporters watching. It was so blatant and entirely childish……and also the lowest rated one on record. Hell, Hannity's show pulled in higher ratings.

Good luck, bro.

Linked the thread in that post, here it is again:

Kek, asshurt about Drumpf usually means Trump is up to something. There is nothing more annoying than listening to leftist nu-males whine about Drumpf all the time. Not surprising the normies are getting tired of it.

dumping screencaps for the goyim in honor of the 23rd

Entirely through the emiies I was watching them on social media. It's weird, they were larping, imagining what trump's reaction to the events would be.

They're living entirely as a reaction to him, like trained animals. But this worries me, because once trump's terms are over, these people who lived 4-8 years in a state of constant anger will have no target and will seek out something else. I saw this before with the gay rights thing, as soon as the social justice types no longer had a fight to bitch about they latched onto feminism, postmodernism, intersectionality and went on this identity pronoun ban-everything crusade. I fear that we're breeding another set of rabid, angry retards.

Umm lads I just saw this thread.

So the end of the world will be in EST?

Nothing happened you cuck, you can keep pretending to be a wizard, but you're still a worthless neet

Still habbening?

Please Kek pull the life support on this cuck'd world.

I have no problem with kek and weaponized autism or memes actually. Cause theres a difference, you guys only do this as a side effect of everything else you do. You don't sit on your ass jerking off to kek and thinking you're super special while doing nothing else. Further, YOU are not kek, so you arent jerking off to yourself. Its more of deity worship. The 'indigo children' shit was entirely self-worship and was the focus of a bunch of people who accomplished absolutely nothing ever. So they had zero reason to think they were special or useful in anyway, they just tried to pretend they were.

You guys are not even close to being the same thing as them.

I really want something to happen for once, I've seen far too many end of the world events that were duds. Can I have a big boom at very least, please?

if this doesn't come true, then i'm done with happenings.

but if digits then we all need to buckle up, because Mr bones ride hasn't even started yet.

As I rub my groggy eyes and look at the calander my hands clench tightly over my coffee… It's that day again… The day of the HAPPENING.

I rush down stairs and grab my SHTF kit, slightly mothbitten and dusty as it has been lying right infront of my doorway for years now, but finally the day is the day, I hurried to get my happening gear on, even adorned the honorable stained underwear on head for Kek's approval. I step outside and cock my gun, the sunlight glares burningly down on my pale white skin, how long was I away from the normie world?
Several people of colour walk past my yard, I start flailing wildly screaming "RACE WAR!" and start aimlessly shooting all over the yard, one of these poor unfortunate dindu nuffins started chimping out too, he reached for his pants and pulled out a sticky brown clump of shit and started flinging it at me…
The happening was worse than I expected..
It was a chemical warfare
We memed Poopoo Peepee too hard!
I ducked for cover as the athletic chimpman hurled his shit like a shotput, it splattered over my pure and white wall and I got pissed, I took aim and shot that fucker with my twelve gauge… What I didn't put into account was the range of which I shot, I should have listened to the /k/ommandos. Now my ride was peppered with little bulletholes… No matter.. The threat was taken care of and now my dodge challenger could be taken for a spin.

It didn't take long for the police to take heed that some dindus were shot… More so that the screams of fat greasy haired pedestrians echoed through the city as my trusty challenger mowed through them causing many guts to be spilled and many heart attacks from other fat onlookers.

"REEEEEEEE!" I did scream as I drove into the parking lot of a Wendy's. I needed desperate supplies, only the sweet aroma and taste of perfectly cooked chicken tendies could satisfy Kek! I ran in like a fucking pro and screamed in my nazelly voice "GET DOWN! GIVE ME THE TENDIES AND NO ONE GETS HURT!"
The room wasn't very full but the few people in there were ducking for cover, some tried to make a run for it, but I took no chances, *BANG BANG*!

I walked up to the counter, a QT waifu cashieer who was 100% Aryan even though she was clearly a QT Asian (must be honorary) cowered and whimpered in a meek voice "P-please, don't shoot me…"
I smiled smugly, I lowered my shotgun and put my finger and thumb up to my chin in the sacred signal to Kek! "Give me Tendies or I give you death!" I commanded…
But it was too late…
I had company.

Riot vans and ZOG machines loaded with crypto kikes and battlejews awaited me outside, I stood my ground, completely overpowered and overwhelmed, I knew there and then that if I was to die, it would be in the holy land of the Angry Frogs.
"I accept my fate…" I whispered as I loaded my gun and prepared to be mowed down by a barrage of bullets, "PRAISE KEK!" I screamed as I charged them head on.

It was all serene. I lie now in a pool of shit and blood, I made it, Anons… To shitposter heaven!

There is only this day.

I still think the snow nazis could be something big in the near future. Our last holdout for our brethren, the last bastion of no jewish tricks.

user. I… I don't how to feel about that.

Nuclear power plants will all fail

Do not post these FUCKING CUNTS.

Earthquake, tornadoes, volcanoes, Nibiru. Surprise me with anything, just get rid of the humankind.


Get rid of the Jews you mean.

Let the bodies hit the floor

What is this? The punches look north star style.

Rofl, first off, I am A WIZARD, secondly the day just started a few hours ago in the real world.
rofl I have more trades under my belt that you could dream of. I am my own business.

Dubs confirm!


Drunk as fuck for the happening, sad that no whores were out to fuck tho


wasted dubs

You don't deserve those dubs you degenerate!

Kek has spoken and he's a wino

Aryan imperium starts now.



bluebean stage 1


Remember, it's not about whether or not something happens, it's about the time we spend together anons.

no you faggot its about whether or not something happens

I am seriously hoping that something will happen, pic related

I think you're a faggot too buddy.

I have the power 8/pol/.
What do?

I like when i see chan on the news

Praise Deck

Everything will carry on as normal - it will all be business as usual. The forces of darkness will continue to rule unless and until Holla Forums gets off its ass and starts memeing the next stage of human evolution.

checked, and i love you hmus



if dubs best korea nukes tokyo for real

if dubs israel will get nuked, if trips we make gas chambers a reality.


Yu Yu Hakusho is source on the anime, and that guy is only in one arc near the beginning. Buddhist IIRC.

why would you do that?

Two nukes caused anime, three will make anime real.

Xinhua is reporting a 3.4 magnitude earthquake detected in North Korea, depth 0 mile.

Would be much smaller than previous nuke test.

If dubs this cancels out the Tokyo attack and instead nukes mainland China.

oh please, let it be.

Nah, there goes Seoul.

It's the only way to wake the Japs out of their malaise and scrap Article 9

Bringing out my old OC for a roll. Best timeline here we come.

You do realize the japs have hidden mechs or some shit on that level? You can't spend so much money on R&D without spending on recruitment without coming up with something baller.

It'd be great to see the Samurai rise to oppose the Jews of the East.

trips confirm nuke

fuck y'all
these digits mean nothing will happen

well fuck me sideways.


There have been so many nuke trips in this thread and the christian-preacher-news-hack thread it's getting pretty spoopy.

Say goodbye to your waifus.


Back to the plantation with you, nigger.

saiyonara japan.
Press F to pay respects.

Sputnik reporting the North Korea "quake".



I'm ready.

It is now on us to create robotic AI waifus since the japs are going to be nuked. If we want anime to be real, we're going to have to get out there and make it real for ourselves

Like every other prediction of such nature, nothing happens.
I enjoy it when some yt faggot or public sperg gets on board with them though, the justification and hand wringing after is always entertaining.

only a mech will save them.
but will shinji get in the damn robot in time?

If dubs some Lovecraftian reality shattering shit also occurs in collusion with the nuke.


Has anyone tied John Titor to this Sep 23 thingamajig?

japan safe and sound and comfy forever. no nuke pls.

braon trump is john titor from timeline X which is neither berenstein, nor berenstain. but a 3rd, lesser known dimension where nelson mandela is still alive.

Funny you say that, the Japanese fucking hate jews like the plague, especially the mason/nwo type.

I figured that given their history. I was alluding more to the mainland Chinese, specifically the CCP.

but that will interrupt my flow of cartoons. Truly a nightmare scenario.

if dubs it happens before noon EST

I really hope Japan doesn't get nuked.

I hope this happens. Japan will use AT-Field.

oh the 'wage economic war on the west with slave labor and counterfeit money' jews? Oh wait.. Yeah the Chinks, I hear ya. Fuckem all. Another meek race unfit for contribution toward our genetic future. I was gutted that the recent China vs. India thing turned to nothing. Chinese & Indians killing each other is too much to hope for..

rip japan
mfw this gives us the excuse to remove rice

BREAKING: 3.4 Magnitude earthquake detected in North Korea. Unclear if natural, details to folllow.



you're scaring me user

Coal Burners will be thrown in Haot Coal


UPDATE: China's state media reports that earthquake was in same location as last nuclear test.

This thread. Frickin heck this thread. Fortunately, the launching of actual nukes will trigger the revelation of myriad hidden technologies.



There is no time to be scared.

inb4 North Korea annihilated by gundams

Japan will absorb the nuke and become even stronger

One last Praise Kek before i go to sleep



This is the only good part about it really. Once the cat is out of the bag the kikes and their control of this planet is over.

So…. what does user mean?


Thankyou, based mods!

means the norks tested another nuke..

also means we'll see more posturing from the various western nations, US specifically, probably less than when they fired missiles over the japs though


Funny thing is the geofags know exactly and almost immediately it's not a nuke.
Wonder why they're dripping the info out… be another reason for it. Either making it a bigger fuss or to hide something.
Likely miniaturisation testing for ICBM use.
From what I remember they only had about 3-4 tunnels to use anyway, so they can't do too many more.


If old music is the preferred communication medium, the songs on the radio during my morning commute may seem interesting. I lack the 'tism necessary to interpret.


What have you done?

Please Gestalt me?

LARP user posted this earlier. I wonder if all these "nuke" dubs are actually ark dubs.

Not like it's gonna save you, m8.
at least you'll get cute redhead androids to take care of you

My angus is ready.


>when it's finished, autoplay plays Lightnin' Strikes
it's really happening, isn't it?

You dont beg for digits. You get them or you dont get them.


Found the happening.

Shadilay, See You In September, old music seems like the preferred communication method. Big Wheels in the Moonlight was the tipoff.Two Dan SEALS songs in 10 minutes is weird af. Dubs confirm my suspicion.

Dubs and we'll be all right. Trips and a demon attacks Israel.

I guess we will be all right

BREAKING: Swarm of earthquakes rock Mexico days after 7.1 magnitude tremor killed hundreds


We'll be all right. Israel won't

California hit by multiple Earthquakes

Bali 240,000 people flee holiday hotspot as volcano could erupt ‘AT ANY MINUTE

Are you fucking kidding me Holla Forums?

Not one of you posted the fucking thread theme.

You should know by now Kek won't start the end - until the song is played.



Wew. There are chains of earthquakes and hurricanes happening one after another and the happening deniers still claim nothing is happening.

So how's that Shemitah crash going anyway?

Thread ID's are a thing user.

Nothing will happen like this filthy weeaboo said

i am sure we will be alright.something will probably happen though.we dont know the time when kek was awakened for the first time exactly because it just doesnt work like that.however we seeing natural disasters a lot these days, very dangerous ones, which makes you wonder whats going on. chan is full of shills worse than never before but somehow we must advance science of memetics, to be honest there arent that many dubs regarding happenings now which means we are getting something wrong.however kek is indeed coming back today and will back the shitposters again starting today.
tl;dr shit will come in some time not just massive habbening today
and we must not forget to praise him

Hurricane Jose and Maria to "dance together" through the Fujiwara Effect, according to the European model and slam into the east coast.

Christians pointing out that Jose = Joseph and Maria = Mary.

And here we go. A full day of you faggots desperately clutching at any news, any occurrence that on any other day wouldn't even be noticed or cared about, as proof of your desperate superstitions being real. You will keep at this all day, while nothing significant actually happens, and then pretend twas all but a ruse and forget about it until the next dumb prophecy thread, in which you will repeat the same sad behavior. You guys are so desperate for an outside force to disrupt or destroy the system because you have no confidence in doing so yourselves. So instead of getting down to the hard work of improving yourself and having actual impact in the world, you wish upon a fucking star (or frog) to do your jobs for you. Pathetic.

I can't even believe I'm responding to this shitty bait.

What's the basis for this one? I know it was some actual Jewish mythology shit in 2015.


You're projecting so hard, it hurts man.

I for my part embrace the happening that KEK will bring upon us.

Are you some kind of nigger or something? The point of believing in the esoteric is to improve yourself spiritually and mentally. How can you not understand the concept of "I can worship a frog god and apply for local positions in government to ruin the kikes"? By god I know this is bait and all, but it's shit bair. No, it's beyond that. This is the kind of low effort shilling that really boils my blood.
We need to ruin the kikes and destroy them spiritually, mentally, and physically. We need to bring down their shitty gods with our true gods.

Apocalyptic events aren't quite what they used to be.


Pic 1 and 2 related user. If you search "September 23" you should find some more info on it. You see, days before the (((French election))), some user figured out that Kek's power dwindled after we won the US Election. Since then, Kek went into a sort of "hibernation mode" in which his power returned and left us every now and then. But because this happening happens only once every 7000 years (and the fact that it references that a god will be born/reborn), Kek's power will be fully returned, and will only grow stronger. Also, nice Gondolas friend! Have another one and a TL:DR on what the Gondola represents.

How do you intend to do any harm to kikes in any way whatsoever when all you do is post cartoon frogs (a favourite creature of the architect of the aut-kike homo Roy Cohn) and praise kek every time a zionist neocon politician gets elected into office?
It sounds like the jews old MO to co-opt the movement.

user is correct, all these kind of threads are designed to make Holla Forums a laughing stock

Hello hasbarafag.
Goodbye hasbarafag.

Absolutely degenerate.

Hello fellow gondola friend. Post more gondola webms, please. The 8bit one and the dragon quest one are among my favorites.

SOL goy, the thread of how that could happen wasn't stickied, it was ignored, slid, and abandoned.

Rolling for DJT to make a legendary shitpost that will live on for unparalleled salt creation. Even better than the recent "get the (kneeling NFL) sons of bitches of the field".

Do you have the 8bit one?

Oh shit

Ignore antifun shills. Post yfw /comfy/

Why do you believe only (((you))) hasbara jews allowed to dictate what anons can freely say on Holla Forums?

Leave this place and never return, interloper.

Take note.
Every time you call him hasbarafag, he will reply with "WHAAAAAT? YOU CAN'T CRITICIZE JEWS ON MUH Holla Forums?!?!?!?".

That gondola cap. The world to come my friends. Let's make it happen.

No cherry blossom next spring in the land of the rising sun if dubs confirm previous digits.

unfortunately not

END OF THE WORLD Prediction Message Interrupts California TV Broadcast In Orange County

I don't think I have that Webm. Sorry. Here have some other Gondolas.


/comfy/ af

Let the shills come. Let them witness.

Scared user?
I fucking jumped when I caught them in the corner of my eye, why the fuck are they so unsettling?
Rollin for the dawn of a new era.

kek will be born today. praise kek

Can you explain why (((you))) openly boasting of being jewish attacking any user who names you hasbarat kikes should be on Holla Forums, a board designed expressly to counter (((you))) jews.

Every time you post a graphic insisting no goy may dare expose you jews on Holla Forums, it's only natural for a goy to call this out.

Yet here you are openly boasting of being a jew harassing pol/aks and complaining because they are calling out you kikes.

(Checking those digits on the time as well.)

He was already "born" you faggot.

Only because you got dubs.

You're both kikes and you both belong in the >>/oven/

gondola bread?
gondola bread

Fucking mistypes. >>>/oven/

God damn I love winter Aesthetics

So many of the best threads turn to gondola in the wee hours of the morning.

gondola posters are the heart of Holla Forums

He gets paid for every (you), that's why he always throws out the same shitty oneliner every time.

Dubs for Third Fatima secret reveal for real

No you faggot, constellation of Kek went below the horizon for you northern hemisphere hordes.
That was the main coincidence.
2nd pic with the planet bullshit is total crap, probably some CIAnigger discrediting Kek crap.

Kek newfag trying to tell people about kek. Lurk moar.

Anons wanting gondola, post and get more from >>>/tok/299


This time it's not a Holla Forums prediction, it's some astrological connection made by I-don't-know-who.
It's been all over the internet for over a year.

Rot in Hell, blasphemer.

that world gondola is actually my wallpaper since I first saw it last year


very nice

Gondola is the archetypical essence of this meme reality

But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
- Matthew 24:32

Unless God has become so overwhelmingly pissed at the Jews, which means hes coming back today and if dubs that is exactly what's happening.


Why do I see both a skull and a Pepe in both of these fucking hurricanes?

thats a hurricane the size of the entire US east coast

with 300mph winds apparently

does it have a heading

Its because its in your nature, your very blood. Where did our race evolve? Where was our home? The playground of our races youth and innocence? What is it our very genes consider to be "home," where we grew up? Europe, and what kind of climate is Europe? Its cooler, with harsher/longer winters, lots of snow and ice, and so forth.

This is (one of) my test(s) of how to find out if someone is truly one of us, or simply another "white" person on the level of Argentina. If they hate winter, hate the snow, hate the cold, think of it as "depressing" or "boring" or they bitch and complain about it if they live in a play that gets cold and snows a lot, if they don't see the beauty and tranquility of a wintery atmosphere.

If instead they want to spend all their time out in the sun, if "the beach" is more than just somewhere they go on an occasional vacation to enjoy the soothing sound of the ocean, if they wish it was summer 100% of the year, if they prefer jungles or deserts or beaches all over a serene, calm, tranquil winter landscape dotted with trees and frozen lakes with deer and rabbits looking for a running stream to drink from or playing/frolicking in the snow… then I know they have way to much nigger admixture in them along the line.

First Pic related: If you can look at this and not immediately think "… this needs to be my home," then you deserve the oven

Of course, we don't ALWAYS want to live in perpetual winter, but thats the beauty of the childhood lands of our genetic youth. The snow gives way, the frozen lakes melt into cool ponds brimming with life, the trees flourish, nature renews itself, and then we get scenes like second pic, giving us time to enjoy playful but calm forests and hills full of life and energy filling us with both serenity and vigor.

It doesnt surprise me to know you love winter landscapes user. Because I do to, because it means far more overall than you think it does. So much more than some "muh summer" beach fags idea of beauty/happiness could EVER mean

I see a guy holding an MG42 looking thing, pointing vaguely at israel.


Kek is now shitposting his own thread. Taking the piss out of Holla Forums because the 23rd habbening is just shitposting.

Sup, Kek? Glad to see you buddy. Praise unto you. GTKRWN. moloch worshippers a shit. Twerk for Hitler. Honk.

it mows over iceland

My god end my suffrage in holy fire.


Capped. That was nice user. Personally, I've always liked Spring slightly more than Winter, but I shall always love winter for many reasons.

It's happening again.

Have a rare gondola, user! I hope you all enjoy it. I found it on some website, the name of which, I've unfortunately forgotten.

I like spring as well, but more mild springs. Like I said, spring is a season of renewal of life, growth, its full of energy and can be great. But I also love the soothing calmness/stillness of winter. One of the best times is right in between the two (but obv you cant live in that moment forever, and even if you could it wouldn't be ideal for obvious reasons), when things are beginning to regrew again and the world is filling with life again, but occasionally you get a good snow and everything just looks amazing, lively yet very still. Then once it stops snowing its full of life as everyone runs out to play because its just warm enough to enjoy it without immediately melting it all away, but it drains you pretty fast and so you soon take to drinking something warm, sitting by the fire, and simply enjoying the scenery with those around you.

People who hate winter because its "dead" or "depressing" are simple minded fools who have no idea what truly makes something beautiful

Echoing this sentiment.

Praise kek, Shadilay my fellow based fashy MAGAPedes*

Trump is Our President

*Who all incidentally are literally jewish/mystery meat faggots

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy – willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddently bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

Hello kike.

Pr0-Tip: Predictions for a specific date are always, 100% of the time bullshit

dude im a lurker and yet you stand out like a jew'd thumb

Tip: Shill posts are 100% of the time bullshit

Waves over 6m..? Is this normal..? It kinda makes the US hurricanes look gay as fuck..



Spot on. I'm from Canada, so of course I enjoy summertime and beaches during the short time we have them. I often have to leave home for extended periods and work in foreign, warmer, places. When I do, it's the winter that I nostalgia about and look forward to returning to. Seeing winter scenes like these makes my heart ache and yearn. I can feel sensations in my body, and I start to imagine the crisp air on my skin. Its similar to being a teenager and seeing your crush or something. I Can't wait to have a real winter again. In the last 6 years I've missed 5 winters, and I'm going to miss this winter too. I think it affects people, mentally.

It's only 8:04 am Where I'm at. Have patience

It's just so based in how Holla Forums is now being mocked daily by the jews who hijacked Holla Forums, now all anyone associates the movement with are homosexuals, frogs and loving isreal

Shills and spergy outsiders always pop up when Gondola is posted. Gondola has the power. Cats out of the bag. Good gondola night anons. See you on the morrow.
We're gonna be ok. More ok than you know. Gondola world imminent.

I'm scared, user.

Hold me

I don't think I've seen a gayer post in my life. Except the video. Fuck the Alt-Kike and their Moloch worshiping (((allies))).

seriously what the fuck is it


One last goodnight post. Gondola is the positive meme. Our enemies hate Gondola because our power is in our joy. All our works of meme magic have been fueled by mighty, mirthful, lulz. When the dark night comes, remember Gondola, and I'll see you on the other side.

See you on the other side user. I'll take those words to heart.

Except your 28 posts celebrating jews winning the election, posting japanese schoolgirl tuier anime girl jpgs and frog cartoons that Trump's gay AIDS riddled paedo mentor was fanatical about and somehow the movement adopted…literally queer frogs promoting a movement run by jews and queers, oh and the openly queer alt-right faggots this entire thread is celebrating.


how could you hate moloch if you worship him?

It does, like you said, you have a yearning for it. Now imagine you went those full 6 years (soon to be 7) without seeing a real "home" environment.. now 10, now 15 years… yearning turns to a feeling of emptiness after so long. I'm sure other anons can relate, if they think about it. A lot of anons here are single and have been for a long time, but probably had g/fs years ago, think of how that felt at first for you guys. At first, you felt sort of hollow at the breakup, but overtime it most likely turned into a longing, a deep desire for something you were missing. The ones who have gone a decade without such a relationship can tell you that, after that long a time, that yearning/desire turns to a completely empty feeling like you're dead inside somewhere, and eventually it eats away at you more until bitterness is all thats left there. Thing is, the mind has an impact on the body, and such negative feelings do have a physical impact over time. So its not just that such things hit you mentally.

Your "home" is no different. You're meant to return there from time to time, to remember your youth and feel those feelings and sensations again. To feel that life, and the energy it gives, flow back into you, to renew you just like spring renews the land itself. Without that return, you're disconnected from your roots, and a tree without roots cannot stand and will eventually wither and die.

Get home soon bro.


Your post resonates with me. I'm stuck in Australia – my great great grandparents thought emigrating by choice to a blasted desert was a good thing to do – and all I want to do is move back to Europe. The further north, the better.

it's an elephant!!!,43.66,455/

That's the most autistic elephant I've ever seen.


What will happen in October? Usually "The Event" happens in October.

if dubs it's time

There, there. Everything will be alright. There is no possible negative outcome to the end of our world. You'll either die, or get the chance to rebuild the world to your liking.




thank fuck for that. Sick of this circlejerk.

So kek is still present in this thread. Verly calming.

So, uh, the mountain under which North Korea was popping its nukes likely collapsed.

Can you hear the voices too?

Same here user
And from the sea of blood, a white family emerges, ready to reclaim and repopulate the refreshed earth


Kek is trolling. Fuck all happening.

Sorry, what I was using to download Youtube videos broke because of the site's new layout. What should I use now. Please tell.

I don't think I'm special.


Got source or are you just guessing?


Going to bed soon. If there really is something shifting, I'll see it. If it's bad, I'll handle it.


htt ps://

Basically, earthquake on the surface. Except no "LOOK AT US WE'RE NUKING SHIT" signals. Not the usual time. None of it makes sense. And it's centered where they usually conduct the tests. They'd expected it to happen after the thermonuclear test. It's the most likely explanation right now.

And if it's what happened, there is a fuck huge cloud of radioactive dust going up into the atmosphere right now.

7777 GET

Holy shit.


Loads of queer frogs cartoon JPGs, just like Uncle Roy Cohn would've wanted, if only his AIDS riddled colon could have held out just long enough he could've seen just how jewish the entire resistance to jewry became…

Praise KeK and Shadilay my fellow based MAGAPede brothers

Based! Neo-Con jews FTW


Nature's equivalent of a nuclear launch.



Korea will be united under Best Korea.

Nothing will happen. The world is still going to trudge along. Fuck meme magic.

I don't know how to interpret this.


September 23rd has already passed.

Holla Forums got GOY'D.

Said the increasingly nervous man for the twentieth time today

Please be Hitler's second coming.

Magic is real! I'm granting wishes for everyone! What do you guys want?

Holla Forums is still getting goy'd

Go to bed, aussie


Kek fuckin' with Holla Forums confirmed again in this thread. Kek is not so obvious some faggot can predict shit and hold them to it.
Kek doesn't work that way.
Learn2kek you dipshits.

i took a rather sizeable shit just earlier, skidmarks down the toilet bowl, pressure cleaned it with a stream of piss. remarkable. wonder what else happened today


I want the power to overwhelmingly destroy my enemies with my bare fists. I want the power to exact justice on the yids no matter what.
Grant this to me and I'll give you the world.

Nothing will happen today. Some people are in the 24th now.

All commies are killed. Please be true. I want to believe. Please.

Kek troll thread nao

Oy Vey

I had a pretty nice day too, the sun isn't too strong and it's kinda col. Perfect for comfy.
Maybe this was the happening: A nice day

Early morning over here!

Clarity of Mind and Strength of Will buff if you got em

Oh no guys, the sky is falling, a bottle slipped from my hand and broke on my foot , my leg hurts. The signs man i tell you we are doomed man.


Well I guess we all have something to look forward to.

guaranteed nothing happens

I also farted 5 minutes ago and i ran it through a scanner , the photo of the cloud was also a cryptic sign from the apocalypse.

Nothing will happen, nothing ever happens. Happenings are a meme.

Of course the apocalypse isn't going to happen today. It's the marking of a new age beginning. NWO is going to finally be implemented and the antichrist will take over our lives. Jesus isn't coming today; Satan is.


How are you posting here, newfag?

Maybe the new fuhrer is born today and we wouldn't know and discard this day as a non happening. Rev12 sign virgin was pregnant with Jupiter after all. Sometimes we miss the real happening because we expect it to be immediate and violent.

Oh how convenient huh, something really bad is going to happen sometime in the future ( no fucking shit ). So you'll look back to this day and say oh man i told you the signs and all that crap that's what it all meant because your explanation is vague as all shit. You have no fucking idea what you are talking about. You are like a Nostradamus with extra chromosomes, stop it already.

southern california user here … Trump called the millionaire kneeling football fags sons of bitches and rescinded the white house invitation to steph curry :) … to me this is the fun 'its happening' for today , time to sit back and watch the bitch liberal media go psychotic for the next few days because their muh feelz was hurt again lol!

Reminder that this is 100% kikery meant to instill a sense of incorrectness in Holla Forumsacks about our beliefs and ideas.

i'm glad you had a nice day :) let's be friends :DDDD

This and also to divert attention from actually important stuff.

Oh, and was the sky bright white / silverish, too?
Enjoy your "col sun" and the barium, aluminium and strontium, too, you imbecile.

The German elections are tomorrow. This means that if maybe something absolute horrible happens in Germany today, a lot of people might decide to actually vote or switch vote for an unexpected candidate. Would the Muslims be this stupid, though?

I bet this is going to play like the "shemitah" two years ago.

It's called actually reading the section of the bible all this shit is happening in. The world doesn't just end. A lot more still has to happen.

Wow, rude

New episode of Symphogear today. (((Adam Weishaupt))) had his plans ruined, tranny illuminati alchemists killed off, and the main character got swept up by god-like powers into a cocoon, awaiting rebirth on their birthday. The birth of a god coinciding with the death of illuminati trannies, and its backstabbing kike leader. I'm curious to see where this show goes on this holiest of days.

I hope not, migrant crisis exploded immediately after. It was cataclysmic for anyone witnessing it, a fucking invasion and virtue signaling whores opening the gates and waving rapefugee welcome signs.


Alright faggot i am giving you a chance here. What's going to happen. What has already happened. Since you are such a fucking expert this should be no problem. You can be off by max 3 days and don't give me oh but that's what i think and muh interpretation. Give actual events. This should be a piece of cake for you. Go ahead.

The Western World will be renewed. Kek and Krishna grant me my prayers.

any moment now

You're right. That post is 100% kikery. Now leave.

gee wiz fella

Checked, Lo and behold all the 7s

Congratulations also for being possibly one of the few rogue goys still left posting on Holla Forums

About 99% of all posters ITT and the other threads are literally gaslighting jews, laughing their bollocks off at the way they completely destroyed Holla Forums without any struggle and now all the mods ban anyone daring to call out the kikes doing this.

Seriously if there really was one single genuine sincere user posting this absolute cringe-fest of kikery without irony, then they really do deserve to be gassed along with all the jews who did this to Holla Forums


New thread as bump limit will be reached soon

Holy shit nigger, it's been four hours, don't you have anything better to do?


I went for a drive and in one of our neighbor villages a chicken crossed the road in front of me.
Wondering if this was a sign that North Korea will nuke American Chinatowns. What do you think?

But this thread is the stickied one.

a chicken crossed the road? what is this some sort of joke to you? this is a very serious thread i'll have you know



What the fuck, this site is completely shitting the bed. That reply existed to tell you to go straight to Hell, you fucking kike faggot.



The Fire Cock Rises



acknowledged your 9/23 digits

you mean

So what other astronomical events happen in this year?

Astrology is for women and stupid people.



== SHADILAY MY BROTHERS ==>>10648000

Keeping track of how close your sun gets to your planet by calculating cycles is not just for women and stupid people you retarded faggot

a e s t h e t i c
a s
f u c k

I agree, astrology is for women and stupid people.


Of all the end times predictions I've heard over the years, this is the one that has me worried… I've made peace with my demons, have you?

There's still time.

You're full of shit.

Time will tell

The Jew fears the Samurai.

No it won't because you'll just make up some other shit to believe in. Make love to a knife.

Yeah, sorry user.


I'm not a jap, I will not commit sudoku.
I might keep shitposting thou.

Sudoku and thou don't even rhyme.




For a cuckold anti-white he sure is picking the best and purest aryan women to breed with and keep his lineage 1488% pure white.