(((Spencer))) wants you to march with him, this time with guns

Anyone still defending this blatant fucking fed?

Spencer wants you to show up to his later fuckup of a rally, now with guns so the cops can throw you into jail on firearm felonies and the media can get lots of nice pictures of evil nazis with guns. Don't fucking fall for it.


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Christ. This fucking faggot needs to go.

I remember (((Spencer))) making fun of ancaps.
Now he want's to co-opt them? Fucking christ.


Dickie latches himself onto any anti-kike/commie ideology he can find.

can somebody report him to cops?

This is why Hitler had night of long knives.

Nice link faggot.

I'm not doing shit jew.net tells me todo

Why announce your plans so far in advance?
Now your enemy will have ample time to form a strategy. I smell a honeypot.

Not my fucking fault kampfy likes to play around with word filters, force his "hilarious" maymays and break fucking everything, like with his le ebin gate = tavistock

Nice derail from Spencer being a fed, though. The archive is here;

This. There is literally no way he doesn't understand that he's cancer to anything he's involved in, even a literal retard would have figured it out by now.


I don't think he's an agent or anything. He's just a (really) narcissistic dope.

Nope. Dickhole can go get fucked by one of his fed buddies

Hahahahahahaha, no.

Reminder that anticom supports muh based fags and traps

He's like this faggot.

Not just a simple fed, but a beta manlet, duginist idiot. The guy is in so much shit you have to be an idiot to follow this manipulative whore.

Eh, I'll go. These things are fun.

Isn't this the Trump-Creativity guy?

You may not get beat because of the guns, but you'll still be put in a corner. Just let spencer die man, he's holding the whole movement back.

AntiCom is like the John Birch Society, only with autism and sodomy.

If you aren't willing to name the jew, find another hobby.

Why wouldn't they? Both groups are anti-fascists, they only differ on which form of semitic anarchy they prefer - AnComs vs AnCaps.

I'm torn on this. The OP is too fucking biased to be trustworthy, and this faggot IS putting communism in the public eye. If we're going to win, making communism a public menace is a very important objective, as the most vocal of our enemies are in fact communists. Further, once communism is hated, the kikes being the founders of communism, are then an easier mark.

I remember they came to 8/pol/ once after some guy on the inside spilled all the homosex in their discord chat. Then one of their leader came around and said he banned all the fags and assured us the group is full of white nationalist guys. Anyone else remember?

I'm young and the future of my country is bleak.

The only "real" NS movement is on fucking 8ch. I've literally stopped giving a shit about what the most ideal way to move forward is. I want to march around with a gun. I don't give a fuck if it's under Richard Spenther. I have energy that needs to be harnessed. And if that is the only faggot whose going to harness it, then so be it.

That's never how it works. Anti-Communist movements have always acted as a shield for the jews, read anything by ex-JBS members like Dr. Pierce or Revilo P. Oliver.


Then it turned out he just had the open sodomites change their names.

Yes, walking into a blatant honeypot and getting thrown into prison for a felony is the only real option here.

You're the definition of a useful idiot.

Spencer is a Dugginist aka Nazbol. He glows so brightly in the dark its amazing people follow him as the "leader" of the "altright".

He's not Rohm man, he's not even Otto Strasser. How about you lift some weights if you're so energetic, maybe get a gf with your boundless racial enthusiasm. There are two ways to win a war, the sword and the womb.

At least archive my dude, NV is suspect round these parts as well. And bummer about the sodomites just being shifted around. I thought they actually got their shit together. Back to hoping R.A.M. starts opening state chapters I guess.

Holy shit, so Implicit Dick's thing really is just a Mortal Kombat recolor of Antifa. What a faggot.
Also NC has a Democrat governor.
If anyone is thinking of attending this thing even for amusement, please reconsider. You stand a good chance of getting hurt over nothing, and there's no chance of the thing being anything but a fucking shitstorm. Fucking Spencer. God damn blue shirt protruding nipple motherfucker. Very very disrepectful.

Yeah, sorry, I'll take a raincheck on that CIA-kun.

Putting a flag on a flag is the most retarded art choice

My friend went to high school with dicky and supposedly he was openly gay at the time.

Don't throw your life away. Spencer is a cianigger our time will come brother.

Spencer, if you are in the thread, I just want to say, stop interfering in Trump's plans. You fucking idiot.

What a pussy. Real men would show up with spears. It would be great to see antifa accidentally impale themselves in self-defense.

I'll tell you guys what's going to happen. I'll go there. I'll march around like an autistic retard barely being able to make conversation with anyone. Then I'll go home. The statistical liklihood of me going to prison is next to nill. That's assuming anyone even goes to prison in the first place.

I do lift my dude.

Jesus Christ. Again with this shit?
Hopefully he gets stabbed by some antifa faggot whom then gets shot by cops in turn. That's the only way he'd be helpful.

Archive you triple nigger. There is not one single case in which you should be providing a direct link to some nigger's jewish website instead of archiving.

Fixed that for you.

So, predictions on how many landwhales have heart attacks this time around?

But user, it's two flags for a total of three flags in one. This is a miracle of flag-smithing and you too can own one for only 6 easy payments of $66.6.

You'll go there, be disappointed that only your fellow CIAniggers showed up, and go home to drown your tears in the semen of your wife's boyfriend.

Ok. I'm prepared for that.

I can march against communism and censorship. For freedom of speech and our right to assembly. These are things we agree on. None of us agree completely but we need to pull things in the right direction. We need to come together on the things we agree on. I don't agree with Spencer on many things but I have bigger enemies. Punch left.


Is this bait or is it Roberta The Diversity Tranny from the next cubicle over giving an assist to a27873?

Aesthetics are important. Better examples shown. If they want a gold-and-coal color scheme I'm all for it, but you have to have standards, you gotta have a platform. Antifa is openly anarchist/communist, so along with committing hate crimes against trash cans they also have enough ideology to sooth the brainwashed masses. If Anticom had a platform that was more than "we hate reds" they could get so much more support from the young and normalfag.

Would love some proof if you're friend will give it.


The statement you think you're making isn't the one that is being shown. 15 WN against 100-1,000 paid and unpaid reds on camera isn't like the last stand of the Spartans, it just looks silly.

National Vanguard is what's left of the National Alliance. Are you sure you aren't mixing them up with the pool party fags from American Vanguard?

No, but Spencer is though.

He just wants plausible deniability for the inevitable CIA false flag

My bad, that was what I thought.

There's no reason to not go, but don't take a gun. Just waive your stars and stripes and chant USA USA, so everyone knows who antifa is really against.

Those trips are nice, but you know with a democratic gov. nonfuns are as good a lumps on the pavement. The police aren't on our/his side, they take orders. See: Cville.


All of the effort for the photo and she couldn't get her cruddy toes done.


trying to paint anti-communist as terrorist.

No, they're trying to replace the rising antisemitism with kosher anti-communism.

If other people want to go kill commies / get arrested thats fine be me. Ill be watching the streams being all comfy like.

But tbh this sounds like a major honey pot. Those of you who dont die will be arrested.


Whoa watch out the CIAnigger's getting salty guys don't stand too close

Both. They want a rightist-flavored Antifa analogue so they have something to point their fucking fingers at and say, "SEE, BOF SIDES R DUM" because they think that will make people follow moderate politicians who want PNAC and more foreign invaders in the country again because they are so moderate and centrist or whatever the fuck.

There's a difference between not doing something and not doing something stupid. I'm not going to jump off a cliff because I'm sick of staying still.

Spencer has way too many questionable connections for me.
He reminds me of a power jockeying politician too much.
Might be a cool show of power like the torch thing, or it might be a fucking shitshow.

Communism is Jewish tho

This is a pretty good summary.

this: the post

Why are you looking at her toes?


Spencer already burned everyone once, honestly just continue with the operation of fake protest gatherings and let Antifa do all the work of alienating them to everyone on their own.

Sorry JIDF, I'm gonna go wave my US flag and let antifa scream swing at me. Cville brought tons of normies to our side.

Also, carrying rifles to "protests" seems kinda tryhard and gay to me.
It might scare Antifa away, but I feel it won't because they work on inflaming emotional outbursts.
I personally don't plan on going out in public with my AR and full chest rig unless I'm actually shooting something.

I understand that implicit Dick is a problem, and I understand not going to this march. However, having them armed is a good thing. This will result in one of two things, either the march is successful, which will lead to other groups following the same behavior and getting more right wing groups to mobilize. Or the police will attempt to create another confrontation, which leads to actual shooting. This leads to a scenario in which we can hijack the narrative and show the patriotards that police are zogbots with no ambiguity in the matter.

Thanks Hitler.

Go there, but don't participate in Spencer's little pity parade. Show up with the American flag. Make your own signs like "Abe Lincoln never wanted this" (he wanted all the niggers sent back to Africa, kek) and "Huey Long was right" (19 out of 20 antifa have no idea who Huey Long is).

Need to get over 10% redpilled before you can start with real confrontations. Now is the time to left antifa be antifa while pointing out they are really just antiwhite.


Of course communism is jewish, but it isn't the only jewish system, nor is it their endgame. Kikes have been promoting the "it's not the jews it's the commies" narrative for over half a century, it's just another kosher deflection.

Yeah the archive of that thread has already been posted

I support them bringing guns, at least that way no violence occurs. If they beat people when jumped the news calls them violent, if they get beaten when jumped the news ignores or glorifies it. Still, this is a long way in advance and spencer is still not a strong and able leader.

They'll all be helicopter lolbergs and John Birch Society revivalists.

Yeah, there's no point in killing nogs. There are literally billions more in Africa. The only reason to march with guns is to somewhere important like Wall Street or Congress so the place can be conquered when the jew ignores the clever posters yet again.


What matters is giving Trump the quiet he needs to get things done without having retarded bills shoved in his face and not destroying any more innocent cars. Make sure that no one shows up to Richard Spencer's gay orgy, no matter how tight a blue shirt he wears.

Why don't they ever go to a white city? Just have a midwest KKK stronghold jamboree and let the reds bus in and get their tires slashed.

Where's that from?



Looks like he's gearing up for another staged event like Cville to further strip any freedom of assembly from whites except this time they're going to be working to strip 2nd amendment rights as well.

On the other hand, it's an armed rally full of controlled opposition feds and cianiggers. Would be great to be rid of these two-faced pied pipers, but the top zog shills will be the most protected people there so probably not gonna happen. Any violence that meets spencer would be staged and heavily controlled.

In deepest darkest Charlotte?

What felony? """Anons""" keep repeating that ITT, but there is no law against open carrying in public depending on the state. It's also a guarantee that cops won't try and pull the shady shit they do to unarmed gatherings. Imagine the potential for retaliation if they used rubber slugs or tear gas? They wouldnt risk it, they wouldn't fucking dare.

On the other hand I can definitely see a (((Nazi))) CIAnigger false flagging this event and starting to shoot the police, at which both sides would have to defend themselves. Or not, who knows? All I know is that cops are a loooooot more polite to people who are carrying, especially a large group of them.

It's astonishing reading his twitter comments. He's completely indifferent or oblivious about the fact that he has CAUSED the removal of the statues going on around the country. He doesn't even seem to care about the Heather Hayer stuff, like h'es not responsible for it

Personally I think people should go but only to make an example of that fag

That's a fake quote.

I was wondering what the organizers' rule on Swastikas is?
If they look down on National Socialist imagery but promote carrying rifles then that's all your need to know about that mess.

The statues were going down before Cville.

lol, no one is talking about how Spencer is going to speak at the same conference as Dillon from Vanguard America? Really? That itself shows how much of a shit-tier faggot-shill op is. Most 2.0 Guys and factions within VA think Dillon is an idiot for siding with NSM & Heimbach rather than maintaining AV's early normie-friendly aesthetic, and, if anything, all this shows Spencer willing to work with the NSM-tier far-right and gun-advocates for the sake of free-speech. Now, arguing NSM is a fed honeypot, that's more believable. Costume wearing 1.0 guys are irredeemable if they think their aesthetic is actually appealing to normies, and if they do, they're most likely feds.

Wow, anytime someone attempts to do something IRL you can really tell how many shills there are here.
People who don't go to IRL and bitch about how it's a trap are the same shit as the people who don't vote as a form of protest against the system
Fucking rope yourselves my dudes

Worst of all, if there are a lot of deaths, Congress will push a Black Heather Freedom from Hate Speech internet censorship bill after CNN reports how one of the killers was heavily influenced by 4chan.

American Vantard isn't "NSM-tier far-right", they're a TRS-offshoot, co-founded by Ghoul the tranny-fucker, that uses homoerotic imagery. Spencer fits right in.

I hope he and you both go and both he and you get killed by police. You know, I can understand the whole, "hey we didn't know the state was going to abuse it's power to crack down on us" on the first go around, but this is pure horseshit.

I can't imagine for the life of me as to how someone could be this much of a fanboy of tricky dicky that they'd want to follow him into another shitty, gay rally

Is VA or AV bloodandsoil.org? If so they changed their name again. Somehow in their bumbling they named the jew too.

Antifa intends to get the worst out of you, they will freely assault you, and you would be held responsible for retaliating against them.

A lot of things fall out of your hands because of law enforcement and Antifa. Did you not remember Charlottesville?

They are going all out

attacking Craig Cobb ok kike.

Marked it in my Outlook calendar!

On the bright side, the livestreams will be fucking glorious on that day!

Top fucking kek!



Catalan people are communist do you know anything about the Spanish civil war.

all the interviews he's done, him claiming he's the "leader" of the "alt-right" the charlotesville shit which drove god knows how many young people away from getting redpilled about race how can anyone like that faggot

What gun charges? Open carry is legal.

Ghosts of Franco emerge at anti-Catalonian referendum rally with fascist salute.

The fuck is with their flags? This looks like they're just a copypasta of the antifags.

They wanted to be as edgy and popular as antifa, so they called themselves anticom and reversed engineered their aesthetics. Like looking in a capitalist mirror.

I can't believe they're telling people to bring guns. Bringing guns to a rally just signals that you're scared and weak.

They wouldn't even need guns if they had someone with some brains properly organizing these shit show rallies. The problem is the people running them are former lefties and malcontents; personality types that are good are agitating a rabble, but don't know how to actually lead. Also, Americans are so infected with this kike-induced "individualism" horseshit even right wingers are incapable of being disciplined. They behave just like the Antifa degenerates: screaming at cops and running around like idiots.

No leaders. No organization. Just more sheep to get marched out in front of the cameras and made to look stupid by the ZOG.

I can't help but agree with you, I'm starting to suspect the shills are against this going down, since at least 3 (((anons))) in this thread mentioned going to prison for "gun charges" even though the right to bear arms and peacably assemble are protected. What gun charges? What felony for open carrying? This is the third time I ask this.

All of these defeatists remind me of the Turner Diaries, where the govt was successfully able to gun grab. It's because of people like these.
And thus preach surrender and inaction against the government. This in all cases. So when tricky dick offers a rally in which the police are disincentivised to fuck with them by doing something COMPLETELY LEGAL, all of a sudden all of these (((anons))) come out of the woodwork and shill how it's illegal (it's not) that it's a trick (maybe) and how you'll get arrested if you participate (if you do nothing wrong, for what?). I ask said anons in this thread; if absolutely all demonstrations/meetings etc. Are a false flag controlled op Honeypot, when comes the part where people are actually safe to do anything? Spies and setups have always been a risk for any oppositional group, but most ended up acting despite the risk because the time for action had come. There is nothing wrong with arming yourself for a rally, it's harmless and legal but sends a message not to fuck with them. If something this simple gets shilled against with
What will the reaction be when it's time to do some real shit?

so morpheus fag was right now what do we do?

Do any of the newfags screeching in this thread remember 2 years ago when we showed up in front of a state federal reserve with firearms? No one got arrested, everything worked out, and a message was sent. Perhaps this is Dickie Spencer faggotry, but all of you little men crying about people being locked up for carrying guns do far more damage to our cause than he does.

Regarding fags and traps:

They were either banned after the drama here, or voluntarily left after fitness requirements were implemented. All the jews are gone too. Only blonde white Fascist women are approved fap material now.

t. Anticom

There wasn't a horde of Antifa there in their faces using themselves as bait

I'm already stocking up on popcorn and booze.

Fapping is still degenerate, but at least it's blonde women in wheat fields now. Couple questions
1. Why ally with Spencer and agree to go into little-africa USA?
2. How due to plead to charge that the fags just changed their names?

Different circumstance, remember there were no speakers at that. It was an armed silent protest.

And Congress sent a message after Heather died that spying on Americans for the greater good. Look at how the left, which adores Snowden, cheered and overturned everything he set out to do. What law does Spencer hope to pass with this march? More gun control? More censorship? Both? Nobody wants to join an armed march than I do, but no way would I risk going to prison for even one night just to send a message to jews who have never listened and never plan to.

Yet your organization is still based around a jewish philosophy.

1. Like him or not, Spencer draws crowds.
2. The fag in question went by the name D3VNT/Razgriz. The name change was without staff authorization while punishment was being deliberated; we decided to ban him shortly after. The other guys in the old thread left after any kind of homosexuality/degeneracy was banned and fatties/skellies were no longer accepted.

Not a libertarian. Last time we took a census of group beliefs, NatSoc won by a ~20% margin.

Go to prison for what exactly?

Holy shit. Those people are fucked if they don't get the fuck away from spencer immidiatelly.

If you use your gun to defend yourself, even if you don't pull the trigger you are guaranteed to spend decades in prison.



Thanks. So long as you are here I might as well ask the questions Holla Forums charges you in order to clear up any confusion.
1. Which political philosophy does the organization or leadership support? By the color of the flag it looks like ancapism/libertarianism.
2.Do you still accept all races in the organization? are these posters still in use?
3. Do you still plan to keep the reverse antifa flag?

Defending myself from crackhead niggers, of course.

If that's true, then why haven't you dropped all the ancap/lolberg symbolism?

Remember, assange is compromised. Either dead or controlled opposition now.

1. Leadership is generally crypto-fascist.
2. Technically yes, but nobody who isn't white even wants to apply anyway.
3. Yes, it works well enough.

"Dictator" against non-whites, libertarian for whites.
It's like they can't even comprehend nationalism.

Gross. With those colors you may as well join Hope not Hate.
oh wait, you already have


This. I bet there are a million laws on the books they can use against a group of men carrying guns marching around in public. "menacing" or some such bullshit, or even say they're terrorists! All I know is that these idiots WILL end up in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison the second violence goes down.

This is what their about page currently says.



They aren't even trying to hide this civ-nat alt-kike bullshit. Everyone here knows that these e-celeb fags turned on Trump at the first opportunity as soon as they thought they had a following. Just more controlled opposition, then d&c as usual. It's all just so tiresome.

No one is telling you to use the firearm against antifa thugs in the first place, it's there as a statement/hedge against the police. If you are in reasonable danger then you won't. Zimzam got off for just that, can you imagine getting mobbed by 5 antifa punching and screaming death to Nazis on camera? Open and shut case of self defense.

Against five you have a reasonable chance in a fist fight if they are all limp wristed faggots. But really don't go rebel.



yes and? What does that have to do with the thread?

Allen Scarsella got 19 years in prison for exactly what you describe.

You answered that by asking the question.

The cianigger/kike is out of arguements and is baiting.
Intersting though. I wonder if shareblue is a works project between cianiggers and kikes now….. But yet the alt kike bullshit is entirely cianigger owned?
*autistic screeching intensifies*

If the retard Dicky Spencer was legit he'd work on elections not retarded marches that accomplish nothing. That's not what Hitler did at all.

Hang yourself.

You like elf feet?

Before the CWCville rally he was mocking Alt-liters too. Now that he has 0 influence and everyone wants to distance from his group, watch as he will try to co-opt them too.

He's not, he's a kike fed.

Having a bunch of rowdy nogs screaming in your face can easily be argued that it's not enough to constitute a life-threatening situation. Actually being battered while having your assailants yelling that they want to kill you is completely different than what happened to this guy. In any case, Auntie fall and the police are people who will notTry to try to defend themselves. The only reason they're gang assault tactics work currently, is because they can pull someone into their crowd and have their way with them. When you are part of an armed group that has ranged tactical advantage, they cannot do that.

Despite the feds being gay as usual, this is still legal to do in some parts of the US and are most of the time peaceful. I don't understand the fear mongering.

Because it accomplishes nothing and even the opposite and there's a higher chance extreme violence could break out resulting in hundreds of deaths, you CIAnigger.

Agred, you never know when your going to get run over by a crazed lefty.

I think going "And???" is like some kind of reflex for them. Like 1/4-1/3 of the twitter screenshots I've seen on Holla Forums, the first response to the initial tweet was something like "And? Your point?" from some rainbow hair faggot.

You can't stop me.
I already got my Ayy Arr ready

You know, I wasn't gonna show up but then I saw the shills reaction.

K, don't say we didn't warned you when the liberal kike media puts your crying mug on national TV, glorifies the nigger ANTIFA that maces you and you are looking at 20 years in a Supermax like they did to Cantwell.


In NC, open carry is legal, however, appearing with a firearm in public can get you charged with an Affray type offense, especially if the event you're at turns into a riot. NC also has an interesting caveat to it's self defense laws.
This is a goddamned trap. You'll be arrested for being at the event with a gun and if you use it to defend yourself, you'll be charged with murder for starting the fight.

Thanks for the info user, and yes you're completely right, simply being at the event will be used in courts as premeditated intent to commit whatever crime they choose to charge with.

What a jewish legal system.

Don't show up unless its to shoot him in the fucking head.

Crashing this gay orgy with no survivors.

Where did these faggots come from?

Good post. These events are about our rights! This isn't a fucking concert where don't go because you don't like one of the bands on the bill. Know the law! Know your rights! Anyone who says otherwise is a shill or a fucking loser. Ecelebs will bend to our knee or be discarded


It wouldn't be that bad given all the requirements, but a white supremacist ultra racist jew hating super nazi protest that you show up armed to is going to get you slapped with this offense. It's a misdemeanor, but it's still you being arrested and your funs stuck in processing. When this inevitably devolves into violence, given just how nigged Charlotte is, using your gun to defend yourself is going to find you labeled as the initial aggressor. I hate being the "everything is a honeypot" guy, but this reeks.

(((They))) will make up charges and you know it, CIA-kun.

lol. I'm reporting every CIAnigger ITT, just so you know.

Can we please disown this faggot for good. Charlotteville proved these faggots were feds. No one fucks up that bad and is still free.

Dude, just wait for Hitler.

Notice how he somehow managed to keep AltRight.com, while Stormfront and the Thai Fuckshack, neither of which had anything to do with organizing it, both got their domains seized?

So exactly as I said. Jewish.

CIAniggers glow in the dark.

But user! You missed Charlottesville! Don't you want to be ensnared in the latest CIA trap? All the cool nazis are doing it!

Yes I did, the Jews are setting up Controlled Op for any nationalists. Can't have anyone getting too far off the reservation.

Aww, don't like how nobody's falling for it, rabbi?

I will be organizing a parade through Seattle down to San Francisco in panzer tanks with the name, address, job description and banking information of all those involved plastered along the sides!

amidoinitrite CIA? Can I have a job?

CIAniggers glow in the dark.

That's (((Spencer's))) job user.

Stay mad, agent nigger.


While we should continue to stage both moderate and far right demonstrations, post C-Ville all right-wing demonstrations must be armed if more than a few individuals intend to participate. However these types of events must not take place in a state with self-defense laws or public order statutes as unfavorable as those in NC. Further, to prevent another mass-doxing open carry must be allowed while masked. I believe this to be the case in TX and a handful of other states.

Just to ensure that you autists get the point, let me make the subtext explicit: the above have been my personal guideline for some time now,and, after the confirmation bias from the debacle in VA, I am inclined to advise anyone that an event without these attributes is either a trap or run by someone too stupid to be trusted. The wrong laws can turn a fun happening into faded regret in the face of a nightmare of legal bills and new friends named Jamal, so don't get rused.

i took a shit this morning

Kek, so this is what (((Spencer))) has been up to since Charlottesville. Doubling down on the retardation. Hes gonna make sure being white is legal ground for extermination, isnt he?

What a fuckin faggot.

I also love how he tossed Cantwell under the bus. Is that autist still locked up?



fucking stupid shit

Exactly. He set it in Charlotte, NC just to rile people up.

yes march with guns, get that terrorist status yes yes

Thanks Spencer, you've inspired me to drawfag again. You fucking idiot.


The laws vary from state to state, so I don't know what they are in NC. That said:
1. It's easy for the cops to say that you're threatening/brandishing weapons, which actually is illegal.
2. For self defense to apply, you have to have been trying to avoid the situation. This is seeking out a situation where people are likely to attack you, and if anyone uses a gun they'll get painted as the aggressor.
3. All bets are off when it becomes terrorism related. Any major shit that goes down, on either side, and you're fucked.

All of this is fine, and goes with the territory (defend your rights, blah blah blah), but this march serves no purpose whatsoever. None. It's a retarded publicity stunt by a faggot that wants white people to get shot so he can be famous. Normies are red-pilled by antifa douchery, but it doesn't work if you go for no other reason than to provoke them. In the public's eye, you'll be the aggressor.

Hey Richard, you a little cold, buddy? Maybe you should put on a coat.

Damn. That's all I got for now. I'll do more when more images surrounding this mounting clusterfuck surface. Make sure no one shows up. Not even feds. Even if you guys have to break orders, consider not going. There's no telling what Spencer might lead you into. But no good can come of it, that's for sure.

Good. Ignore these losers, they are too fat and low energy to do anything. They masturbate to anime and check trips on this dead board, that's all they do.

a jew telling white people to not go to a rally

So im guessing the dummies who showed up for cville want to beat his ass so he switched to trick ancoms?

I’m in the R.A.M video, we’re just the fittest So Cal branch of Identity Europa, we do mma training sessions at the park. Registrations are already open on the national level

Hi Richard. Is this Richard Spencer or Rick Wilson I'm addressing?
If Spencer, we will completely ruin your lemon party this time. No one will show up to help you throw a wrench in President Trump's plans. You fucking faggot.
If Wilson, you have a black grandson. You fucking faggot.

Sounds like it.