Charming Negress Demands Hobby Lobby Remove Cotton Decor

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Amanda parker burned that baboons logic and torched it.


A nigger hasn't picked fucking cotton in a century you ugly boon.

making slavery illegal was a mistake

Slavery was the mistake. It was an African/Arab custom we thought would be good for cheap labor, courtesy of the Jews, and it left us saddled with an indigestible race of subhumans that even other Africans don't want back. Ending slavery was only bad because now what are the niggers supposed to do, take up engineering?


No reasoning, no trying to figure out the truth element of her stupid feelings, just no, "you're shit, you look like shit and should just leave civil society!"

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This constant nigger outrage needs to stop. It's total bullshit and a blatant whiny power grab. Fuck, if niggers were really this triggered by literally everything in life, they would have all stroked out by now. I hope Hobby Lobby tells her to fuck off, and that the internet hate machine make her commit suicide.

why is there so many threads about uppity negresses?

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Whoa. Context?
Is he holding onto something high voltage and his flesh melted?

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trying to steal copper from a live junction box. not sure if he melted to the box, or if he's reflexively clenching something and can't let go.

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wasn't hobby lobby in some shit for something a while back?

this is probably just economic punishment for them.

White house is white because muhfuggin cotton



I'm preaching to a choir here but I really hate niggers

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I'm glad my dogs indiscriminately hate niggers more than I do, they are a good compass when I feel a bit of altruism.

Did he die? Amazing that he's alive.

They are giving everyone whatever they want because fiat will be worthless soon enough.

Christ, imagine the smell. Lotion and menthol, mixed with smoke and hair grease.

Do you think the box was okay?

They won a Supreme Court case that said Obamacare didn't force them to cover birth control for their employees. Much butthurt ensued.

This reminds me of a time when I was driving through a black neighborhood on a day when the light of early evening was especially golden. I stopped, got out of the car and took a few photos of an abandoned brick building. As I was about to leave, a middle-aged black woman came out and asked me what I was doing because "you look s'spishus" (think my shirt and slacks made her think I was FBI). When I told her I was taking a photograph because it was a nice view, she told again I looked "s'picious" and said "I lived here thirty years and I never thought it a nice view. It ugly." Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or something.

Whites have aesthetics. You were confusing her. See pics related, and try to guess which one was built and maintained entirely by whites, and which one is a black-owned operation.

Imagine the zooloo battles you could have at zim2.jpg.

It must suck to have shit coloured skin and know that you'll always be inferior to the white woman.