End-of-world prediction interrupts TV broadcasts in California

End-of-world prediction interrupts TV broadcasts in California
Some Orange County residents were stunned Thursday, Sept. 21, when television programming was suddenly interrupted for about a minute with an ominous message predicting the end of the world.
Stacy Laflamme of Lake Forest said she was watching the HGTV channel via Cox Communications about 11:05 a.m. when suddenly an emergency alert flashed across her screen followed by a voice.

“Realize this, extremely violent times will come,” a man’s voice boomed, according to a video of the alert.
Laflamme said she was alarmed.

“It almost sounded like Hitler talking,” she said. “It sounded like a radio broadcast coming through the television.”
In addition to Cox, Spectrum cable customers in Orange County received the alert.
Erin Mireles of Diamond Bar was watching the Bravo channel on Spectrum’s cable system when her show was interrupted by the alert.
“I was definitely startled, ’cause the volume increased exponentially,” she said. “I wasn’t alarmed in the sense of thinking something was wrong, ’cause I assumed it was some sort of hack. My channel changed back to Bravo after a couple minutes.”
The mysterious alert became a hot topic on social media.
The problem occurred because of one or more radio stations conducting an emergency test, Joe Camero, a spokesman for Cox, said Thursday.
Cable systems pick up such alerts, and viewers should have seen just a typical emergency-broadcast test.
“With these tests, an emergency tone is sent out to initiate the test,” Camero said. “After the tone is transmitted, another tone is sent to end the message. It appears that the radio station (or stations) did not transmit the end tone to complete the test.”
Then the broadcast picked up some audio feed that bled into the alert.
Camero said Cox technicians shut down the emergency test as soon as they became aware of the problem.
“We don’t want to alarm anyone with any false emergency alerts,” he said.
Cox and Spectrum are investigating who sent out the alert and whether it was done accidentally or on purpose. It was unclear where the audio came from.

“We have confirmed that we were fed an incorrect audio file,” said Dennis Johnson, a spokesman for Spectrum.

It hasn’t been determined if the audio in the alert is related to a prophecy by David Meade, a self-described “specialist in research and investigations” who believes catastrophic events will occur Saturday.
He predicts a constellation – a sign prophesied in the Book of Revelation – will reveal itself in the skies over Jerusalem, signaling the beginning of the end of the world, according to the Washington Post.

Can't find the video of it.

Other urls found in this thread:

youtube.com/results?search_query=nov 2016 CNN accidentally airs PORN

If ever there was proof this was done on purpose.

Found the clip in question. Preparing the masses for project blue beam.

probs fam

Hitter spoke German. How does that even fucking work? Heard Hitler, pffft .

sounds like Dr Pierce
I miss you doctor

Max Headroom 2.0?

So what was the full message in the alert, if someone can print it out for us?

It's just bleed through from a shitty tele-evangalist.

Sounds like bullshit tbh famshuas.
But if it's Hitler's brain mounted onto a bear, driving 1940's style UFOs, I swear to God, I'm gonna jerk myself off into a coma

That's what I thought
Looks like someone managed to sneak a pirate transmission on a MSM frequency.
This is what the move from analogue to digital was supposed to prevent.

Like everything the jews say, I believe it, surely they are our greatest ally :^)

Can't they at least try to be a little bit NOT SO FUCKING OBVIOUS? What the fucking hell

The move from analog to digital was made to cram more tv stations on a single channel, it had nothing to do with security.

Pfft. That doesn't sound at all like Hitler. Kinda sounds like Pierce tho.


Pop-culture kikes have always been obsessed with the idea of the world ending.

Speaking loud and clear = Hitler.

Anything on a TV screen is intentional programming of the viewer's brain.

Anything on a TV screen is intentional programming of the viewer's brain.

Commiefornian Earthquake?
Earthquakes are related to solar activity, and there are incoming particles due to strike Earth late 22nd onward. Vid related.

You state an auxiliary effect, in a time of international crisis now we have no way of communicating of those airwaves.
It's next to impossible now for guerrilla pirate TV stations of old to broadcast, whereas before simple tools could get you a basic transmission/

Finally tracked down original audio.

I wish. Civil war is the best time for RWDS.

You sure of that?



wasn't something supposed to happen on the 23rd?

On election night CNN aired hard-core tranny porn

youtube.com/results?search_query=nov 2016 CNN accidentally airs PORN



really glad I didn't get dubs on this one


If dubs, North Korea hits us with a nuke.

Commiefornian earthquake would shut down their ability to produce propaganda. are we sure they would smash it that easily?

if dubs, yellowstone caldera max eruption

They claim that shit like 8x a year. Id like to know who came up with all this nibiru tier disinformation bullshit. People who actually keep falling for it are pathetic.

if dubs, tsunami on west coast

That's not how it works. Knock it off.


you are gay



If dubs, the Jews set off a suitcase-nuke and blame Iran or North Korea.

This from this: youtube.com/watch?v=Dx5ZiThEQRA


no, fuck beaners. you are gay because you beg for dubs

Well yea, I think were all waiting on that to happen.


Come on, at least pretend your audience is capable of thought.

Sounds like Ghost to me.


what to do, I don't have TV and broke my phone today



Nice. Just did the same myself




well fuck.


today in 13 years of driving a car,
a hit a bird.

an owl, or more likely a buzzard, it landed on the opposite side of the road, the flew off towards me and couldn't get enough air and hit my windscreen.

later, I broke the screen on my phone as I smashed it on the table after an enraging call.

fucking great.

WTF no it didn't. Why would they day that? What do they know?

basically I achieved that even if something major happens, I won't know.
and a civil protection response unit with lights and sirens on just rolled past the street.
whatever, bye

Two AC-130s just flew overhead headed south fast as fuck not more than forty min ago here Rocky Mountains headed toward Colorado

the return of Kek


It sounds like someone hacked the feed and played some Christian clip, or someone who works for the system that can pull it off was playing some joke.

It's kind of funny how peoples reference to the voice was "hitler like" even though it sounded nothing like it.

Echo + ow fidelity audio = literally Hitler

It's actually pretty easy to hijack a digital feed, since all you need is the password to the feed and most people leave the generic "admin" password. I'm on my phone right now but search "EAS Zombie Hoax" and see how simple it would be to just air The Greatest Story Never Told or something. It's a felony to hijack FCC's public airways but almost impossible for you to get caught.

I don't have a good feeling about this at all.



Project Blue Beam, finally?

just possibly might be actually

did anyone else here any new skyking messages?

Checked. Interesting timestamp too


I live in Alaska, and there are an awful lot of military vehicles driving around just now. We sometimes get National Guard units going down to Anchorage, but shit has been ridiculous this morning.

No pics, sorry – I didn't think anything of it until the third convoy blew past me on the highway, and then I was driving and couldn't take a pic. Home now and it's been quiet for a while.

This is literally what Filterman would do on his disinfo show.

The calm before the shitticane shitnado shitquake


Hit the nail on the head user. A great deception is coming and if it were possible, even the elect will be deceived. Keep your head on a swivel and remember that everything you see is a counterfeit. Fight the good fight and Godspeed.

But having said this, I wouldn't be surprised if it's an insider breaking loose. He's probably an hero'd himself since sending that message.

Dubs confirm; we're invading India.

We know not the hour, we only know the season. You are the church Holla Forums, whether you realise it or not. This is church. Not the cucks who mislead you with kike propoganda. Be aware - always. The kikes themselves will say that it was a jewish book, yet they themselves killed the creator. The synagogue of satan will tell you this is a fairytale but yet it's the only diametrically opposed book to talmudic judaism, new age, christian cults, buddhism, gnosticism, babylonian mystery schools sumerianism, luciferianism and on it goes. Remember that all lies are hidden in truth, use the truth to twist it into a lie. Holla Forums are the Truth seekers. Be weary all readers for you are here on this board for a reason. You few who still think critically and suspiciously. Never stop inquiring but DO NOT BE DECIEVED, for everything Christ is going to do, abaddon will counterfeit… so do not go out into the deserts or the cave. Remember that the "messiah" which is being foretold by every religion on this planet except Xtianity will reign in Israel, even the Jews will accept Him. 7 years. 3.5 of peace, until he takes his seat on the throne along with the unholy trinity (this will include the AI and the hivemind). The Jews will mourn for they will realise that their messiah is non other than the great abaddon himself. Do not be decieved Holla Forums. Get your hearts right while you still can.

Some dumb faggot plugged DASDEC into the internets without even bothering to change the default password for yet another time, I see.
For those who want to have fun, search Shodan.io (or scan for open port 8081 and check the reply) for "Monroe DASDEC". I don't remember their defauld passwords, though.
Video related.

I think this end of the world prediction crap that is being said to happen tomorrow is to distract people from the German Elections that is happening on the 24th.

Interesting, Sputnik reporting a 5.8 rumbler North commifornia

The Nibiru (also known as Marduk) hypothesis was conceived by Zecharia Sitchin based on his reading on Sumerian mythology. According to him Nibiru "the planet of the crossing" is a fifth giant planet past Neptune on a wide elliptical orbit that periodically takes it into the edge of inner solar system. According to him at some point in out distant past Nibiru or one of it's moons collided with a planet in between Mars and Jupiter called Tiamat and sheared it in two. The remnants of Tiamat became the asteroid belt and the major fragments migrated in towards and re-coalesced to form the earth.

Of course since then people have conflated and combined it with the Nemesis hypothesis and 2012 and a whole bunch of other things and it's just a pop culture end of the world scenario completely divorced from it's original concept.


Then a series of 8s danced across the screen.

Not Zyklon B?

If this is really it, we achieved many things. We will find a way to reconnect. I'm going out to hang with ppl and drink.

hopefully Yellowstone caldera goes off bigly




And HAARP is doing a lightshow for the next three days. Its gonna be a good OMG WORLD ENDING!!!one day tomorrow :^)

Proof that the September 23rd meme is a memetic / quantum shifting psyop. All the psyop doom dates are actually a dates on which there's a stronger than ususal possibility of something positive happening. They deploy psyops through Holla Forums, youtube, and other sites to generate negativity, anxiety, etc., around the date to shift the memetic probabilities that whatever good thing could happen won't happen. Meditate. Create the world you want. Don't play into their game of hell-world-creation through mass memetics.

This. Glad to see there are a fair number of anons who are not dumb as a plank.

so that's the plan, the kikes are going to set off a suitcase nuke at yellowstone

anons, pls meme responsibly

Sheeeeeit. Maybe BLM will up their game and make the arch a real stargate with their own improvised nuke. NO DUBS NO DUBS PLZ.

Do any anons remember space kek that is blocked on google sky? I was messing around in skyview, and well
pic related
fucking post goddamnit

Pretty sure they're manipulating dubs for their panic meme bullshit at this point. Remember, Holla Forums is a controlled playpen. We're dangerous but we can also be a powerful tool, as evidenced by all the instances of Holla Forums generated meme magic. Don't play their bullshit panic game.

The damage is already done, you better own a gas mask that can filter volcanic glass.

That was organic user


Brought mine home from work today actually, but mostly because I assumed I would run into protesters (literally or not) on one of our highways around the city. St. Louis is like Sodom or Gomorrah. LET IT RAIN ASH AND WIPE ALL NIGGERS FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

Mystery solved. It's a clip from the art bell coast to coast show. The emergency broadcast just replayed the caller from like 15 years ago or whatever. Not sure if this has already been solved in the thread but posting anyway.




Holy shit, when Kek does something, he goes 110 percent. Kikes nuking Yellowstone. What next, a mega tsunami?

Omoshiroi, it kind of reminds me of the anomalous TV interruptions John Keel describes in The Mothman Prophecies. It's a bit hard to believe the official story that a mistake led to the broadcast of audio which had to be pre-recorded. I could certainly see an inside job done for kicks, or the deployment of a psyop, but definitely not a mistake leading to something so manufactured.

I all honesty it's probably just viral marketing for some dumb shit.

Actually betting on it being a al gore like documentary chock full of fear mongering.

If dubs, we all gonna die yo

so just you then?

Hitler has indeed come back, not so much to lead, but to troll the fuck out of Orange County Bugmen!


Ah yes, that's another likely explanation. Although I'm not sure they'd pass it off as a mistake rather than state it was a commercial operation. Someone might be able to track down the paper trail if it was marketing.

The lot of you snap out of this. You and i both know that this is nothing but trivial smoke and mirrors for normalfag. They are probably trying to bury something very important and they are just diverting attention from it. Overhyped hurricanes and now this kind of fucking bullshit. Stop getting excited so easily, don't hype before it happens because you will get dissapointed, celebrate after it does but untill then do not divert your attention from much more important issues. We all know their petty tricks, this is not a coincidence, i wonder what they are trying to memory hole this time.

Fucking Jews and their Bohemian grove voice.

It's already the 23rd here. The only thing that's gone bad is that I got a headache from eating some shitty fish at a restaurant.

Why are you trusting anyone to prepare your food for you these days?

Executive Order 10990. It let's us take over all modes of transportation.
Executive Order 10995. We can take over the media.
Executive Order 10997. We can take command of natural resources.
RX 84. FEMA takes over the highways, police, airports, media, the Armed Forces, with plans to arrest 5 million Americans the day the emergency is declared, immigrants mostly.

So, I assume there's a reason why certain people/anons keep trying to meme Yellowstone exploding/erupting? I know you lads want the happening to end all happenings, but remember that it will wipe out a good chunk of the midwest and also Montana. And as a midwestfag, I prefer to not die and be wiped off the face of the planet because you faggots can't meme responsibly.

Forgot to prepare my own. Taking a shit and drinking mint tea seems to help a bit tbh.

Why would you want yellstone to explode anons? Doesn't Zyklon Ben live in Montana?

It wont wipe out all of Montana, you will just be burred in several meters of ash. If you have ever been snowed in for a whole winter this will be essentially no different except it wont melt and you will have to dig your way out.
As long as your roof isn't too flammable, it has a steep angle to prevent collapse and you have already got a few months supply of food and water easily accessible in your house it will be just like any other winter but warmer.

People are getting slow. This was covered on talk radio and twitter yesterday. It's fucking nothing, it's a "broadcast hack" that's playing audio from some fucking evangelical "donate your money to the church goy fire and brimstone ASSES AND ELBOWS HELP ME I CAN'T STOP SUCKING COCK you can only repent by sending money" show.

You don't beg for digits and you certainly don't beg for digits while begging for some action that will kill thousands of white people. Frankly you don't deserve to ever again get digits.

Hail Hortler

Is everybody that records this shit fucking retarded? I miss the days of people recording TV with the VCR. The fidelity was low but at least people didn't fuck up the most basic of recording standards.

Kill yourself kike.

The Strigoi will come out from their hiding, we must be ready

It's jews and retards. Jews want whites to die. Retards are too busy masturbating to the idea that something happens they don't care if whites are who will be negatively affected by something.

Pay attention to this user you fucking faggots and snap out of this

Is this from Deus Ex? I remember hearing something like that from that game.

i didn't go to check on the buzzard but it is really weird that happe ed
I get impulsive sometimes. I know itxl's not good but I can't help it. Sometimes rage overcomes me. I try to avoid it as much as possible. But sometimes I just can't. Then I break things (or myself)

fucking hurry it up already

You don't know what you're talking about. The September 23rd meme is positive, not negative. It marks the return of Kek coinciding with a major, positive, happening: archive.is/6k6dT . There were various dipshits trying to subvert the prophecy though with doom talk, pic related.



The same people who believe in planet/space disinformation, but not necessarily all the people who believe in such modern myths.




Where are the happenings, Holla Forums ?

You said there would be happenings.


So what happens when "negative" things are seen as positive by enough people? The end of modern society would have been considered a horrible thing by many of us just a few years ago, now we're actively rooting for that outcome.

If you're right, they're going to meme themselves into a positive outcome they never thought could be considered positive (Holocaust for real this time?).

Just don't pretend it's in any way "proof" of some happening coming.
>he didn't follow the buzzards

Check my digits. Something biblical is about to happen this month.


Dubs confirm.

That's not how digits work you fucking subhuman. You're a disgrace to your race and gods.

I wish I could visit Alaska. I watched alot of shows on discovery like deadliest catch, last frontier, gold miners. I grew to like the place. I like that you can live of the land

I wish I could visit Alaska. I watched alot of shows on discovery like deadliest catch, last frontier, gold miners. I grew to like the place. I like that you can live of the land>>10646121

Doctor William Luther PIERCE on "Emergency Alert: The End of the World" September 21, 2017.


Folks, when Collapse The Rectum and ShariaBlue send their people here, they're not sending their best.

that's a really fucking nice lathe

Fucking checked. Wew, goddamn

Why does it sound like Hitler?
Let me guess it scared this jew and it immediate thought was of Hitler…..
All of Hitlers speeches were uplifting and in GERMAN.

Case and point this sounds like a southern old guy.

jews detonate nuclear device in the yellow stone caldera to make it erupt.
Also I'm sure they will probably try to assassinate Trump…
Whatever as long as there is a
and we can get rid of the jews, their degeneracy/communism and golems.



Robohitler is the only true Everfuhrer

If doubles, NK will finally piss off the world.

Checking for owl fidelity.
(guy who hit a buzzard here)
**it didn't sound so bad, the buzzard I mean, hope that faggot is alright and didn't break his wings or

holy shit OP it's not that hard



Anyone remember that?

Fuck you too sap

So far Europe is quiet.
i'm ok with this

Actual insider info: the St. Louis Arch is a sort of inside joke about the arc of the covenant.They have it stored at the St. Louis courthouse. St. Louis was called Rome of the West for a reason. Absolute retards. Know your history. I don't care if you believe me or not. Fun fact: you can jump airgaps by using gravitational pull. Similar to how computer viruses can jump airgaps with speakers and microphones. Jesus Christ. Faggot retards.

REPLYING TO MY OWN SHIT. Fucking dense retards. Vatican II was a bastardization of the Catholic Church. Everything that is happening right now could be explained if the Church would release the actual 3rd secret of the Lady of Fatima. It has to do with the bastardization of the church and the stripping away of the metaphorical meaning of the Holy Trinity. The Son: the imperfect man on the way to perfection (carpenters are good at planning, for example. Teaching a man to fish, for example. Planning is the most important and meaningful thing we can engage in.); The Father: the perfect being. The Holy Spirit is essentially the mentality, or spirit, that one uses to approach "the perfect."

Watch the Church. Whether you believe in God or not, the effects of something many people believe is true will eventually become real. Peter Burger and Thomas Luckmann, if I remember right, stated something like that.

Again, things are going to get weirder than we think. Don't expect the sky to turn red, expect people to act as though the sky turns red.

This end of the world shit is complete cancer, always is and has been since Y2K. It's not happening folks, unless you can provide overwhelming actual proof like a fucking comet headed towards earth you can see through your telescope or in the sky.

Well shit. But what is the arc?

Last thing: You niggers need to understand Jung. He was well versed in understanding how to predict things based on knowing what they actually are.

Tesla understood all things were energy/vibration. All things, really, are just some kind of gravity, experiencing time. Because of this, you all can use vibrations to your advantage. Imagine this: you could blow out a whole crowd's eardrums with a long copper pipe, sights, and a perfectly honed in tweeter. Hide well if you do it, though.

Conflict and chaos always lead to the betterment of humanity. Without war, without tribal conflict we would never be able to advance as a species.
The (((people))) in charge want to have an easy life filled with their faggy Moloch worship, and brown skinned golems waiting on them hand and foot. They don't realize that the conflict they have unleashed upon us is their greatest downfall.
The cream will rise to the top, we will stand atop the ashes of our greatest enemies. One day our offspring will look back on our planet with pride, knowing that even though (((they))) tried to destroy us, (((they))) created the most capable and vicious adversary the universe has ever seen.
But remember, my brothers we our greatest strength lies not in our knowledge, our ruthlessness or our capacity for invention. It lies in something (((they))) cannot comprehend, it lies in our capacity to forgive and to love our people.

fuck off kike

A hard drive, and all data on it, is made of matter. The gravitational pull exerted by that data, which is matter, can be mirrored using its gravitational pull. You absolute small minded feeble fucking retard, you have no idea how far advanced technology has actually become.

you can mirror something by using gravity?
tell me more!

we can but dream

The data is an electron charge in a magnetic field, you need some pretty strong fucking gravity to manipulate that.


OC for the thread


don't forget

Shills, this is some oldmeme arthouse shit


Rolling for mass despair code activation
the null happening

hyperreal becomes real/bland, post modern loses all meaning becoming the new modern - computers unplug us, having lost all sense of self. "nothing" happens

pic IS related

o well, still scary close for me / some crazy shit i just pulled out of my ass


I'm so fucking ready.

Fuck this waiting. Prime your calculators. We are dividing the next get by 0.


bigly is a word you illiterate soy burger

Wake me up when I help drawfag Tay.ai back into existence.

Art Bell must have been bored.

I thought it was John Hagee at first.

i know how to do this and work it out, we just need a new imaginary number called nullity which is 1/0

sounds crazy but it works

These threads would be hilarious if they weren't sliding other threads-

lim x > 0 1/x = infinity

Nice OC there user. Got any more?

nah it has to be distinct from that, it's imaginary
special case, infinity obviously is negative nullity

yeah you can

Gas yourself.

Thread theme

Or a very sensitive detector.
Insider user knows his quantum shit, which escapes a majority of Holla Forums.

Kris Straub did this exact same premise as a short horror video for youtube, except it was a message from the American president saying that they had lost and to kill themselves to spite the enemy.



R e l a x
We'll be alright man.

How many kilotons? .2?
Hardly enough to trigger muh yellowstone, is it?
There's an apocalypse thread every fucking week, and anyone who falls for them is, by default, the board's largest chump.

Check out some of the comments from the video haha. Sieg Heil!
Also, see how it returns to "normal programming" with evil kike witch Ginsburg! The memes are true!


slide thread

Very sensitive detectors are for thinks that have negligible influence.

It's not the 60, gramps.

It's been the end of the world every 3 weeks as long as I've been here. In the unlikely event that I ignored the real Apocalypse, its been an honor shitposting with you glorious anons, and I look forward to meeting you all in the next life (if there is one).


I work and reside at a retreat center in the middle of nowhere Northern California so it would be nice if some of you city fags could give us more updates on military or police activity. Heil Hitler und am ende steht der Sieg.

Nothing happened in Europe.
It was a beautiful day a d I slept through it

It's not habbidin?

And are also prone to get the signal overriden by noise

I came here for the haddibin
.but then they told me:
"It's not happening"

It was happening on my mind

That would cripple America AKA their good goy proxy army, leaving them on their own to deal with the middle east ilk

1h46 left

Will report if I see something strange.
Meanwhile I am reading this:
Do you know what red cells are?telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/film-news/9869992/Zero-Dark-Thirty-fact-vs-fiction.html

North Korean minister says war with USA inevitable.
Posible habbenin?

Meme magic is supposed to get stronger due to Kek returning.

Glad I wasn't the only one to make that connection. Wonder how coincidental it was broadcast in "Southern California"
I wish he would come back

Glad I wasn't the only one to make that connection. Wonder how coincidental it was broadcast in "Southern California"
I wish he would come back>>10643782

Not a lot of decent OC, sadly.

well ill be fucking damned

saved from page 15

Kikes are really desperate, they've resorted to dragging up old threads to keep the catalog slid. We know you fucking yids are behind Vegas, this isn't going to work.

the end of the world will play out just like in Revalation. Jesus will come back etc.

It's all there. You need to read it and quit worrying about dubs etc.

But why, Christcuck?

spoken like a good kike
remember folks the jews want you to hate and destroy Christians first…..just as Karl Marx or look up how they are treated in Israel

also Jesus wasn't a jew…..lurk more post less

Why did you bring this back from the page 15?
It's a week old. There was no doomsday.


standing by for ban, because odds are any given anime kike is a mod backed by Jim Watkins, the owner of Holla Forums and 2ch

gee I wonder if this site is controlled opposition

DAILY REMINDER: censorship and bans are kike trademarks, the truth doesn't fear inspection, it doesn't fear competition from lies, because it defeats all
the only way the kikes can win is by precluding conversation, which is why the kikes who run this site are ban-happy

repeat after me:

Watcha slidin', Rabbi?!

Looks like we got a shooting the state over, then.

There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to… The Outer Limits.




Damnit one End-of-world prediction after another and they never come true. There is no way I'm ever getting out of this basement at this rate. f'me

Why did you feel the need to bump this thread.


Juden raus.


Those straw houses look continental, they are perhaps french or german from the same period. Let me remind you that the viking age ended a thousand years ago, I don't think you have any concept of what the rest of Europe looked like back then.


if there was any doubt

What are you trying to bury?