Edward VIII's Abdication

The more I read about this the more suspicious I get. Edward VIII was widely known as being a Nazi sympathiser, but he abdicated in 1936 so that he could marry Wallis Simpson, a divorcee. Her former husband was Ernest Aldrich Simpson, a Jew. Edward VIII was replaced by George VI, a high ranking Freemason.
If this hadn't happened, would Britain have ended up at war with Hitler's Germany? Does anyone know anything else?

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The western world supported Hitler until suddenly, they didn't.

I watched a documentary on this a while back. Amazing story. They made it seem like he was very cucked to her, and it was possibly a bigger issue to them at least initially than his affinity for AH, so eventually he was somewhat pressed to abdicate, which he didn't seem to mind doing much at all. Again according to the docu he was quite a dashing and popular figure at least for a time.


If you think about it Jews worked overtime to start another great war and stop National Socialism from spreading. Forced King Edward to abdicate, suppressed Mosley, sabotaged relations between Poland and Germany and supported communist rebels across Europe. Kikes must have been terrified when Fuhrer rose to power.

That's pretty nuts. What if Wallis was in on it?

Edward VIII was Nazi as fuck

Considering every time I hear about him its in the context of "THE EVIL NAZI KING WHO APPROVED OF HITLER'S HOLOCAUST" probably not.




It is possible that Edward was being blackmailed, and this is why he was forced to resign. His psychiatrist/psychoanalyst immediately before the abdication was Dr Alexander Cannon, himself suspected to have been a spy working for MI5. Cannon modelled his persona and appearance upon Aleister Crowley, and posed as a mystic attracting a wealthy clientele including a number of NatSoc sympathizers.

Everything the jews do is out of fear of Whites. They know that the second the mask slips and the tables turn, they will be eradicated completely.


We have to begin with the fact that the Royal Family are crypto Jews. They believe they are the descendants of David, and thus the rightful rulers of the world. That's why the City of London continues to be such an important financial center, why the Clintons #1 fundraiser Pamela Harriman is directly connected to the Rothschild-Royal Family group, and why the Grand Lodge of Freemasonry is in London.

Hitler was connected to Grand Lodge Freemasonry through the Thule Society, which recruited him to co-opt all the anger at Freemasons and kikes for creating World War I. The British Empire also wanted to punish Germany for their economic nationalism under Bismarck. Hitler's rhetoric was initially much more anti-masonic than anti-Jew, which was what made him so popular. In 1940, he realized that the USSR (another creation of the British Crypto-Jewish Masonic Empire) and the British were going to cross him, so he struck first. Hitler's rhetoric is definitely appealing, because he talked about international bankers, Freemasons, and the concentration of power into the hands of elite Jews.

Whether you believe he had good intentions and failed, or he was an intentional plant by the kikes is your decision. But Hitler was very heavily involved in occultism and the mysteries, and Bill Cooper (who was murdered by the government for exposing 9/11) did three hours showing all the connections:




I hypothesize that Wallace Simpson likely being a dirty jewess, perhaps even a spy, ensnared him with the pleasures of the blowjob which was taboo at that time, and as an English gentleman he may not have experienced such a thing previously.
The jew always subverts via base nature.

Royal Family are not cryptos. Masons are an anti-kike organization.

There was a cable in the PoliticsJournosPro diplomatic pouch. It read:

"Hitler doesn't have to be your führer. Hitler is over."

Does tubal cain give you a mahaboner, or do you just suck off jawbulon at lodge meetings?

The masons literally worship (((Hiram Abiff))) and his three magic space tools.

The King doesn't actually have power over any policy in the UK. The ministers would have still had the same (((people))) pulling their strings. Also Winston Churchill was his friend and main defender.

God grant that they may accomplish that great task before it is too late.

They are the ultimate kikes.

Not directly. RIAA, Tavistock and other groups let them largely control it.

Churchill was a Zionist, just like the Crown.

Why does king edward look like nige?

I'm guessing you're not a Brit and therefore don't seem to understand that the Royals do not make policy. They are not involved in government. If Theresa May handed the Queen her own death warrant, the Queen would be forced to sign it.

He does doesn't he?
I get the feeling he was the victim of a honey trap.

Many Nige is his reincarnation?

Pretty sure it's because that's where four lodges were close enough together in the early 18thC that they could actually unionise.
And it's not "the Grand lodge of Freemasonry," just the UGL of England and Wales. It has zero say or influence outside of those borders, including Scotland.



Not quite that severe. Her Majesty is still 100% in power, but She just agrees to sign off on legally approved bills and such if it pleases Her.

Freemasonry is basically the Occult equivalent of a pyramid scheme.

There's nothing anti-jewish about Freemasonry. There is however, a lot of overlap between the two, in ceremony.


And practice, and conduct. Fuck off, masons get the rope second.


Hitler disagrees

Holy shit your right

He has the same smile and cheek bones and eyes

I thought the brits made their own totally-not-catholicism so the king could make up rules about divorces as he goes along

I don't think you understand what a pyramid scheme is, because Masonry ain't it.
Except for the ceremonies, and the rules preventing them from joining much of it.

For the king, yes, but not for whom they wish to marry. That's why there was a big bitchfight about Princess Margaret wanting to marry Group Captain Townsend. But it then got changed by Her Majesty, which is also why Princes Charles was able to marry Camilla.


King Edward VIII was the last great English ruler

Also why are there so many posts claiming judeo-freemasonry is free from jewry?

He shat over the office, pilfered the treasury, then abandoned his nation when he didn't get his way.
Because there is no "judeo" part of Masonry? Except perhaps in Palestine.

Freemasonry is explicitly Jewish and a scourge. Fully now run by Jews if ever there was a time it wasn't.

You mean he was forced out of Britain by the bullying kikes and freemasons pushing for Britain to enter WWII for the sole gain of freemasons and jews

Then you follow up by pretending that freemasonry isn't jewish and just some harmless club for goys, despite the centuries of documentation and direct proof I already provided earlier.

Kikes admitting freemasonry is jewish in their own press

Seriously you fucking hasbara kikes are relentless on this board.

One can easily tell by funeral preparations.

Prove it.

He abdicated well before the war, genius.
And it wasn't his decision to make.
No, he never wanted to be king, actively hated the job, and shat on it as much as he could. Read a biography. He had no shame in it.
Translates to
Check the source. Do you really trust (((The Jewish Chronicle))) to tell the truth?

It was a jewish dude, though?

Doesn't anyone else think its really strange why we have so many posts on Holla Forums promoting jews, isreal, freemasonry and every single jewish controlled steam vent, yet anyone who points this out gets deleted.

Adolf Hitler: We shall crush the Freemasons!

Are you having a laugh?

Yeah, you jews are being quite brazen about it lately.

One in the same.

Back in 2003 the kikes weren't as guarded as now. Here's proof enough I need, what are you looking for exactly?

Well no. You wouldn't have a rabbi at a funeral for a Hindu just because he was a Mason.
Same thing with that pic. No one is saying there aren't jewish members. There are members of all faiths. It only favours Christianity.

I've researched this extensively. Hitler was recruited and built up by very powerful people, many zionist jews (however it's important to know zionism started as a movement critical of jewry and aspiring to end the jewish problem via creating a jewish homeland and encouraging jews to become 'producing' people and abandon usury and overreliance on mercantilism). The moment Hitler became the greatest man to walk the earth was when he nationalised the Banks and cut the golem loose of jewish control. This was aroun 1939 or 1938 I believe and as a reaction the jews starting agitating England and France to go to war against the german menace. Fucking kikes.

One can only dream

Fucking hivemind. If we could meme the abdication as blackmail and nige as the bastard son of king Edward we'd have a neat claim to the throne for him upon NatSoc takeover of the island. Would solve the leadership transition crisis for a couple decades.

Freemasonry is the esoteric tradition for Protestants. It's essentially Cabbalism mixed with Christian elements for WASPs, and it was infested with jews at most of its relevant points in history.

Except it was formed by Catholics.
False. Not how Qabbalah works.
Such as?

you from Toon town or just find an obit and post it?

citation needed.
it's a mish-mash of judiac zorah/cabbalah garbage with other proto-theosophic garbage
Pre-American Lodges in Britain, how do you think they got the idea to let jews back in?

Everyone was Catholic in England prior to Henry 8 throwing a tantrum.
You mean Zohar? Zorah appears to be a town.
Neither really have anything to do with Freemasonry beyond what a someone applying Qabbalah wishes to see in it.
Cromwell was a kike lover, duh. Learn your history. He got the idea looking at the Dutch bankers, thinking it would bring profit. Yet another reason he's in hell, sitting under Judas' long drop pit.

thanks for the citation
forgive me rabbi.
Elizabeth discovered the lodges before Cromwell was even born, do I need to explain more? I don't even recall if he was a mason, but his government was probably full of them.


I'm so old I remember when Holla Forums used to be based on the concept of opposing freemasons and jews, now all it ever does is promote each and every one of its causes, openly, without a shred of guilt or honour.

Sorry i couldn't be more specific. But apart from looking at pre-1717 lodge minutes and working out which were Catholic members or in Catholic communities, the obvious assumption is that before there was a choice, everyone was Catholic.
Yea, like a source.
Doubtful. He was anti-freedoms, and against pretty much everything Masonry stood for. From that period, we only know of loyalists as members like Ashmole, rather than (((parliamentarians))).

Jews yes, but you must be a newfag to think any Holla Forums has been against white, nationalist, or Christian organisations.

Freemasonry was always a Jewish organization for gentiles, don't believe their lies.

And masonry is none of those


A most excellent rektoning, user.

Shills are not Holla Forums, user.

The b8 continues.

George V and Kaiser Wilhelm (and Nicholas II) were cousins. World War I still happened


Fuck, nice find. He sounds like the British Rasputin.

He looks like Nigel Farrage.

Edward VIII was Holla Forums before Holla Forums existed.
He was also a big guy


That's not how it works, though. You pay dues for membership if the lodge (or appendant body) owns or rents a building. You don't pay for degrees.

Fun fact, though: In the early 1800s in America, guys would sell the Rose Croix (4-25th) degrees. But then the Supreme Council invented a few more, and made it so you couldn't pay for degrees. That way everything was more regular and organised.


Anyway, yes, they're all separate things. They can technically all be free, but they tend to have places to meet. You can get things like outdoor lodges which are indeed gratis, except for the cost of food.
So again, you don't pay for degrees, you pay for rent, rates, and electricity if you must.

I'm not hatin'. If suckers will pay, take their money. Just don't run that game around here.

But that wouldn't be very Masonic. And it's usually how you work out if a lodge is fake; if they make you pay for degrees.

And what about Edwards brother, Prince George, Duke of Kent, the man Rudolf Hess flew to meet in Scotland 1941? How did Churchill manage to stay in power and at war with Germany? Are there any good books about this topic of royals siding with Hitler and Churchill with American jews?

Also Grand Master of UGLE.

Probably because he locked a shit load of people up. Banned almost every Nationalist/Fascist party and organization, and turned the massive anti-war sentiment into your typical Americuck variant of being unpatriotic. This is where David Irving points out it was a terrible gift Hitler gave to Churchill by returning civilian bombing campaigns pound for pound with England. Despite letting it happen for 3 months without any retaliation. Churchill was desperate and it was a last ditch effort to destroy the peace movement by getting Germany to retaliate.

You can only sacrifice so many thousands upon thousands of your own though before political and social pressure would have forced a response Also was before Germany had it's nearly impenetrable radio anti-aircraft network fully operational. England couldn't produce planes enough as they were being destroyed as it was.

If only user.
All their holy days are in memory of the time some enemy tried to kill them but didn't succeed.
They seem to be (((eternal)))

In other words, he was a cuck to this (((stronk independent womyn)))

In other words, once you go against the kikes, they will relentlessly attack you and smear your memory in all their publications.

He literally begged Her Majesty for some extra cash because Wallis wanted to throw more parties. Don't know where you're getting the idea that he was a good dude, because it certainly wasn't from interviews or recordings of them.

What the hell does a youtube machinist have to do with any of this?

It's so funny that these anti-masonic people literally believe what jews tell them about masonry. If you think for one fucking second you would realise that if masons are actually anti-jewish that the jews would tell you anything to make sure you dont join them. If you haven't actually joined a lodge you just don't know so shut the fuck up.
I don't know what to think of them so I will join them to find out.

The jews promote the freemason symbols in their media positively to the degree all the kids favourite popstars and politicians are forever using the freemasonic hand symbols from Jay Z to Donald Trump

Who is this Papist Freemason? Some Protestants certainly went a little bit overboard, especially in the modern day, with the demonisation of all Christianity after the Early Church - those of Luther's perspective (and many more for that matter) were well versed in the works of the myriad great Theologians of the centuries prior.

Catholicism had become corrupt to the core by the time of Luther, in fact several centuries prior. Even Catholics believed this. There were 'Anti-Popes', false Popes and wars between different Christians claiming their 'traditions of men' were more Godly than the other sides 'traditions of men'. They became as the Jews who turned away from God, and trying to understand God - to instead trying to make God subservient to their desires, and claiming that if the Rabbi/Pope said it - then it must be ordained by God. Theologians before tried to ascertain the will of God through Scripture and natural laws - what these people did was self-serving and all about their own power.

Freemasonry is even more of a joke than modern Catholicism. Rather than just unintentionally become jew-esque like the Papists did - the Freemasons actively try to emulate jews. Filth.

What we need is another Cromwell type character who will rally the common man and forge out of them an army that can annihilate those who call themselves their masters. Only this time we know not to make deals with the devil, we must find our funds elsewhere.

You just proved my point you fucking retard.
thats falling into the jews trap, why would they bad mouth it, it would just make you join them, if they say dont worry goyim the masons are our puppets you're not going to join them are you

Confirmed Jew.

Most members of the lodge my father is in are pretty conservatives but that is owed more to the fact that they are pretty old. My father, however is a libcuck boomer.

Read the rest of the sentence. From studying Cromwell it's quite obvious he knew absolutely nothing about Jews and didn't care them. He was fighting against what he understood the whore of Babylon to be - the Roman Catholic Church and all the draconian, globalist, thievery and perversion that they stood for. We today know that the Jews are the same thing, they are the corruption that eats away at the Godly and defiles them. To Cromwell the idea of letting a few (and I really do mean VERY few) jews into England in exchange for the support of the Netherlands as well as funds - it seemed like a decent deal. What harm could a few pests do? - Well we know they could do a damned lot, but it's idiotic to think that he thought the same. This is a man whose every puritanical action marked him out as anti-jew.

What Cromwell did successfully was rally the disillusioned common man, and forge out of them an army so powerful that it struck fear into the hearts of the great European powers, annihilated the power structure in his own country, and purified Ireland. We could do with someone to do the same in our nations today - remove the cancerous overlords who think they can rule over us, strike fear into the hearts of globalists the world over, and bring cleansing to criminals within reach.

Quintessentially British.

That doesn't ameliorate his MANY sins. He literally doomed the world by letting them back in.
And that's on top of his perfidy in leading a despicable rebellion.
Yea, see, only a Jew would support slaughter of white Christians.

Papist filth were murdering Protestant women and children in Ireland (like they still do). Pretty justified to be honest.

As to him letting in the Jew - yes it was a terrible thing to do. I am not saying we should let in Jews. I am saying we need to rally the common man and purge the filth that are controlling us, which is what Cromwell did. Hate Cromwell for all I care, I am just saying we need to rally the common man and purge the parasite from our nations.

Divide and conquer is what you people like.
No, he overstepped his bounds, then rebelled against his rightful king. Then he committed regicide.
He did nothing good. At all. And is most likely the back part of a human centipede with Judas Iscariot in the coldest darkest pit of hell.

Hilarious watching a Papist Freemason talk about morality. In the society of White Men the law is always justice, and always was. If a King went against his people he would be killed and replaced with a new King. There is a reason England had no written constitution for a long time - we were led by our convictions as to what was right and wrong. Now we are besieged by legislation and our enemies escape justice due to loopholes whilst our own are caught up in their web of evil. We must be led by Justice. To dispense justice we must know the Truth. Once we have justice based on the truth, we will have Order. Those are our virtues.

… As to a Irish Catholics killing Irish Protestants - it's rather hilarious that you would consider that to be a lie. You do realise it still happens to this day? You do realise they very recently went through the 'troubles', right? I have no issue with most Irish today, but they have always had a large percentage of criminally minded people, just like the Sicilians.

I'm not Catholic. I think they're wrong about a lot of things, but still get a bum rap.
Who gets to decide when he's "going against his people", though?
And we fucked up several times. Like with Magna Carta onwards.
Yea, thanks to (((Cromwell))) the jew-loving Celt-hater setting everything off. The whole of Prydain would be united if not for him.

Well in this case first parliament decided, then the common man decided by joining their army. Pretty much how its supposed to work. England had been a Protestant nation for a while by then and did not want to feel the tentacle of the Jew-Papist.
A very loose document necessary because of Continental influences. Judges had near free-reign for a long time after Magna Carta to dispense justice as they saw fit. In modern society this would be terrifying, and so it is entirely understandable that the infiltrated USA needed a constitution - but back when it was just our people, justice was the way to run things and no one needed to clarify what justice was because we were all of one mindset. That is something you loose with multiculturalism and globalism - including papism to be honest.
I'm not going to dignify that with a response. Irish history was and is fascinating, but the idea that they would have united long term is hard to fathom. If anything having a common enemy in the Saxon gave them the only reason they've ever had to consider themselves as a united nation - just as it was with the Indians. Prior to the English they were constantly divided, with the few periods where a King would manage to become overlord of all Ireland being broken up almost immediately upon his death or when another tribe smelled weakness. The Irish, for better or worse, do not like to be united. They are fiercely tribalist and fiercely rebellious - and they have remained so everywhere they have ever gone, and will no doubt continue to remain so.

For their own interests. Charles was well within all His rights, and the (((politicians))) were as petulant as French peasants.
Only necessary for a slow sedition.
Which you then did… And i didn't say just Ireland, i said all Prydain, as it should be. And only a politician or other (((outside influence))) would want to stand in the way of that.

>For their own interests. Charles was well within all His rights, and the (((politicians))) were as petulant as French peasants.
Religious war was rife all over Europe at this time. The Monarch, since the introduction of the Magna Carta, must pledge to 'defend the faith'; this is also (one of the reasons) why our current Queen is a traitor who should be executed. They were not acting in some jewish way, they were acting in defense of the national faith of which they were a part. Protestantism and Proto-Protestantism had existed in Britain for centuries by this point; it can in fact be argued that Protestantism began with John Wickliffe, an Englishman from Oxford whose followers were known as the Lollards or Bible Men, and who inspired the likes of Jan Hus and Martin Luther.
Says the Free Mason. I find it far more likely that the insidious globalist groups that were allowed to exist in Britain were far more of a threat to its continued existence than the Magna Carta. Both Free Mason and Jew.
>And i didn't say just Ireland, i said all Prydain, as it should be. And only a politician or other (((outside influence))) would want to stand in the way of that.
It was united. It was called the 'United Kingdom'. Do you know who broke up the United Kingdom? Freemason and (((American))) sponsored Irishmen.

Well that's a treasonous lie.
They were, though, because there was no indication of Charles turning Catholic just because of His wife.
Literally nothing to do with the matter at hand.
Except there Jews were expelled until your beloved (((Cromwell))), and Masonry is specifically not globalist. Whereas the Magna Carta was the slow decline by taking power out of the hands of the most vested, and putting it into the easily bought or swayed.
Yea. Was. They wouldn't be so pissy if not for the roundheads.
> Freemason and (((American))) sponsored Irishmen.
Americans certainly.

Filter this one and don't reply. He's, at the very least, a fuckwit.

I know the Jews depicted him as a total pussy in their Jewllywood flick about the guy who replaced him.


We all know the truth.


We were robbed of our true monarch
Jews installed a puppet little girl.



holy shit lol
croak already, old man. your world is dead and you lost the battle then.



Are you replying to your own post here? The ID appears same.

That's TOR, newfag.

>>What is the (((Illuminati))) takeover of Freemasonry in the 1782 Congress of Wilhelmsbad.

This. In my area a few years back they discovered a resort with secret Nazi bunkers. In the Midwest. In the 1930s many prominent politicians chatted with Nazis extensively.

Not even remotely what happened at Wilhemlsbad? They just restructured the RoSO into the RER. That was pretty much the only lasting effect of it.